Terrichange 50T  
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7/18/2017 10:18 am

Yes you genetically born women out there, you are in possession of a vagina. And yes, being in possession of a vagina is not an easy life. I was married to a woman for twenty years and have two kids with her; so I'm as familiar as one can be with the challenges of having a vagina, without actually having one. Therefore, women you have my respect and admiration on several levels. Add to the mix the fact that I have felt I should have been born with a female body since I was a kid; let's you know how much I value females. However, ladies, being in the possession of a vagina doesn't give you license to be a cunt. Yes, I just used the "C-word." There seems to be so many women out in society and on this site in particular, that in my opinion, fall in to the category of being cunts. For example, on this site, there are many women whose tone and attitude on their profiles are cunty-yes I know that's not a real word. I am also aware that some of them have changed their profiles as a response to stupid men that have contacted them; that's even happened with me. Yet I believe there is still an attitude with a lot of women that is so bitchy because they know that men want them, and so that kind of gives them a license to be a cunt. For example, there are women that are stuck up about the size of a cock that a man must have and that he must be "financially secure." Financially secure is women-speak for being rich. Can you imagine if men started demanding to only be with women that had certain size breasts, or ass, or that the woman's labium (pussy lips) were small and not big and flappy. Anyway, ladies because you were born with an orifice that men want to fuck, doesn't give you a license to be a cunt. Or does it...

Thanks for reading my blog. Be safe and have fun.


DDreams524 66M  
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10/26/2017 5:25 pm

Well said, Terri.

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