Birthday is next Tuesday  

TicciTrac13 26F
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4/6/2017 2:16 am
Birthday is next Tuesday

So, I just have been told that I am going to be given birthday money so that way I can go get me something. What is it, that I am going to buy? Hufflepuff stuff. Yeah, awhile back I decided to go on Pottermore and see which Hogwarts house I belong to and I was surprised that I was a Hufflepuff. They are kind and loyal, and on our side we have Newt from Fantastic beast and where to find them. And Cedric.

I am going to buy a choker, bracelet, a golden snitch, chocolate frog, a 9 3/4 cup, and oh yeah try to find a way to make butterbeer. That is a actual thing.

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