Hide And Seek  

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Hide And Seek

I woke up to the sound of the shower running in our bathroom. I checked the time and it was only 4 AM. He must have had trouble sleeping again. I layed there for a moment before I decided to go sneak a peek and see what he was up to.

I can be invisible when I want to be...


Silently, I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom door. He always leaves the door open a crack to let some of the steam from his hot shower out. I peeked through the door and watched him through the glass shower doors. The glass was just steamy enough to hide my reflection in the mirror from him. I was hidden in plain sight as I played my own secret game of hide and seek.

I watched as he washed his hair, letting the foamy shampoo wash down his muscular back as he rinsed. Next he grabbed his cloth and his favorite soap and created a nice soapy lather. He started with his face and moved down to his shoulders, arms, and chest. The soapy lather was clinging to every muscular ripple of his body. Watching him clean every inch of the body I know almost as well as my own was turn on for me. I bit my lip as I started to feel an immense desire starting to grow inside of me.

I continued watching as he washed his delicious abs and then his back. He skipped my favorite part of his body on his journey south and washed one leg and then the other. He rinsed all of the soap and turned so his back was under the water. That was unusual for him and it surprised me. I moved quickly so he wouldn't notice me watching him. I love watching my own personal peep show and I didn't want to be caught watching him.

The thrill of nearly getting caught turned me on even more. I slipped a finger down there and gently teased my swollen clit. I felt so naughty as I pleasured myself, just out of his sight. As my orgasm started to build up, I longed to see more of him. I needed to see him.

I continued my own pleasure as a peeked through the door once more. At first, I thought he was washing my favorite part of his body, but then I noticed something was different. He had hung his wash cloth over the top of the shower door and was using his soapy hand instead. Except he wasn't washing.

I watched as he slowly stroked his hard cock with his soapy hand. I was being very naughty as I watched him pleasuring himself. His back was still under the hot jets of water and his head was tipped slightly back into the stream. The water was rolling down his face and his eyes were shut. I matched the pace of his strokes as I slipped two of my fingers up my soaking wet cunt. I massaged my g-spot and used the palm of my hand to put pressure on my clit.

He quickened the pace of his strokes and I did the same. I was going to cum. I bit my lip harder to keep from moaning as I felt my pussy begin to quiver around my fingers. I pushed my palm down hard on my clit as I firmly massaged my g-spot until I was overcome with the ecstasy of my explosive orgasm. I closed my eyes as my body and mind were both swimming with pure pleasure. My heart was racing and I was panting as I felt myself starting to come down from the apex of my pleasure.

I finally opened my eyes and checked on his progress in the shower. He was still stroking away, taking his time. Maybe he was hoping that I would wake up and catch him being naughty for a change. Perhaps I should go assist him with his pleasure as he had unknowingly done for me.

On shaky legs, I crept into the bathroom and up to the shower door. I slowly slid the door open and joined him. He stopped what he was doing and I couldn't help but stare at his delicious, rock hard member.

"Would you like some help with that?" I asked him.

"Get on your knees." He responded.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and started the second half of my own personal game of hide and seek.

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Shower time is amazing time ... I do some of my best thinking in the shower, and when I'm lucky enough to have a partner join me, I'm not thinking of much at all.

Excellent story!

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TrucknLuvn replies on 9/15/2016 4:30 pm:
Thanks!! I rarely shower alone, it is way more fun having my Joey wash my back and then my front.

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