Sinday coffee and snow  

aflower2c 44F  
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3/5/2017 11:34 am
Sinday coffee and snow

Masturbation this week has been kinda funny, kinda frustrating also.
Lets just call it toy malfunction

Watching porn or trying to watch porn late wed night, I was perving away, going from one vid to another until I worked up enough mental stimulation to rub one out... then I hit some spamware and it set my cell off. So just when I was going to get started my anti-virus software insisted on running...end of porn. going to bed horny
But that also means waking up with ladywood!

Soooo, Morning comes or shall I say soon cumming

I decided to just go with my "go-to porn" that I know is safe viewing,
Toy number 1 ..... has about 10seconds of buzz
that's fine I have a backup cuz this has happened before hence why I have two now.
:: Puts toy 1 on the charger::
Toy 2....tries to start buzzing, but doesn't want to stay on, then dies.
Ugh geez, keep watching porn. LOL I really need to orgasm at this point.

Toy 1 has had a few minutes of charging, fuckit good enough I really need an orgasm! I get maybe 2 mins out of it enough for 2 orgasms

So, the battle of the rechargeable toys, I am thinking that you can not store them together because they drain the batteries from each other..yep that's my story and I am sticking to it, because I had them fully charged just a few days before that.

Now onto Saturday date with casual friend. Both toys are charged and kept separate from each other now Sex is fun, I have my toys, once he cums I usually just keep going with my toys as I like multiple orgasms. Toy 1, works for a few more long clit orgasms and a squirty one...then dies and I chuckle, he laughs
Onto toy 2, a couple of nice big orgasms , another squirty one added into the mix...toy decides to turn on n off...Then dies right before a big one. LOL!! apparently the disappointment in my "awe dammmiitt" was apparent and my friend just bust out laughing. ah well, if you cant have a good laugh and see the humour in it then you take life just a little too seriously (yep coming from me and my constant struggle to find good sex partners).

Hes used to my appetite for orgasms so he just rolls with it and waits until I am done. I just keep him talking about his fishing while I just masturbate - ya I am that weird person.

And for you "just use your fingers!" crowd, I need more stimulation than that, little bit of drawback of being single and having a toys fetish. AND yes I know my own body and the stimulation it needs.

Anyhoo, I love me some orgasms especially when its shared with someone fun. Sex just increases my appetite! I do masturbate quite abit but I will masturbate over risking my horniess on a new guy. Because I am multi-orgasmic and I prefer longer play sessions...and new guys just are not interested then it brings my happy down. yada yada yada

So, sexy bloggers, sinday and snowed in here,
I am thinkin that I need to rub one out sometime today
How about you?
Plans to relax today or go out and find some fun to do?

Did I say orgasm enough times?

Little miss flower

Written from a small city middle of no where kink thinkin kinda gal.

aflower2c 44F  
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3/5/2017 11:35 am

memo to self - find a new buzzy clit vibe!
I have worn out the high end ones I have. LOL

Little miss flower

Written from a small city middle of no where kink thinkin kinda gal.

flowerkings2012 55M
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3/5/2017 11:47 am

Sounds like a lucrative business market to try and exploit then!!

No you didn't say orgasm enough!

And as per, quiet night in here with a glass of red, and some TV and internet radio

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 11:54 am:
I have thought of getting into designing silicone toys

rickshot5 32M
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3/5/2017 12:00 pm

mastaurbation cool

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 1:32 pm:
Yes, I do enjoy it

gardenboy321 55M  
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3/5/2017 12:06 pm

I was just about to say "what about your fingers?"... then. lol

Btw- this week's HNW theme is Masturbation. Will you be participating?

Thoughts from the Garden...

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 12:46 pm:
if I remember
But I write about masturbation all the time already

flowerkings2012 55M
3962 posts
3/5/2017 12:16 pm

Sure there really is no shortage of men who would want to model for you and help you out with the intricate design production tests

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 12:45 pm:
Like I said before - I live in a different kind of city.
But thanks for the thought but male surplus is something we do not have here.

singlefitguy909 43M
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3/5/2017 1:20 pm

That sounded like the beginning of a frustrating night!

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 1:31 pm:
Well, sometimes you just have to go with it and call it a night
Especially when its 2 hrs past bedtime

Otis_Good 66M
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3/5/2017 2:31 pm

I feel your pain . I woke up early and jumped in the shower and made myself all pretty for my Sunday morning sex with Ora Mae . Well much to my surprise no Ora Mae not even a sorry honey I can't make it or a kiss my sassy sweet ass message . My poor dick went down to next to nothing even one big wrinkle . So I went to town and did a little of this and some of that and when getting back in the car a song came on the radio that reminds me of an old girl Big Lips Mullins . Well I got a good hard on and was tearing out of the parking lot saying to my hard throbbing cock to just hang in there until I get home and we might even break out the butter for such a big boy like I have . Well in my haste I failed to see a pot hole the size of an army tank and the front wheel when it bottomed out the car it made an awful sound and then the rear tire made an even worst sound the scraping noise was unsettling to say the least . Well I think my dick moved back up behind my stomach with that . So it was a no go for masturbation time for me .

aflower2c replies on 3/5/2017 4:03 pm:
ya, I have had that happen before! Watching porn on my cell, and just quite into the hard fuckin man on man stuff, cunt just a drippin....then the phone rings -> its grandma calling looking for something.... complete ladyboner killer. But I couldnt get my streaming porn to stop, so the background music to the phone call was guys moaning.

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