Glad You're Home  

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8/5/2017 5:21 pm
Glad You're Home

For three weeks Kelli was out of town. Work, and a race in Canada. Just before she left I had my implants done, and was very sore for like 5 days. As I drove to the airport to pick her up I realized how much I missed her and how much i loved her. I pulled the bottom of my cute red summer dress up a bit and played with my clitty piercing while pulling into the garage. Planning ahead, I found a nice dark spot, in a corner by one of the pillars and after 3-4 tries I backed in straight.

I walked over to the elevator, my little heels clicking, and a smile on my face. My breasts felt great, life was awesome, and I was about as happy as I could remember being. Once I got into the main terminal, I saw her flight was only 15 mins late, so I had time for a quick drink.

Sitting at the bar and looking in the mirror behind it I had such a great look on my face. It didn't hurt that some sunburned haole tourist guy was smiling at me too. Of course, he had to say something but at least it wasn't a bad pickup line. We chatted for a while and then I told him I was here to pick up my wife, and he got the most incredulous look on his face. Like he could not believe I wasn't some rich guys personal fucktoy.

Thankfully the bartender came over and told the guy his flight was set to leave soon and he better get on it. So I chatted with the bartender too. Local guys always look out for us.

Kelli's flight landed so I went to bag claim and waited. My clitty was all tingly in anticipation, i was tapping my heels, it was like our first date. When I saw her I squealed and jumped up and ran over to her. I lept into her arms and gave her a huge kiss, I could feel my dress riding up in the back but didn't care who got a free view.

When I broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes, she was soooo happy, she said "I guess my girl has missed me a bunch". I smiled and kissed her again, making her shiver as my nails trailed around the back of her neck. I dropped out of her arms and straightened my dress, holding her hand as we walked to get her bag and bike.

I held her wheelie as we finally got the bike from oversized. Wheeling out holding hands, i bet we looked like the perfect poster for gay marriage. As we slid into the elevator, i felt her hands slide under the dress as we kissed again. My 38d's pressed against her as we both moaned at each others touches. Walking to the car, she dropped my hand and began slapping my ass. It had been 3 weeks and I realized how much I missed it when I whispered "harderrr please".

We got the the car, and Kelli lifted her bike case on the hood. She smiled seeing my parking job, as I unlocked. I tossed her wheelie in the front and climbed in the back. With her bike bag on the front, it pretty much covered the windshield, only a bit of light came in as i leaned my back against the rear passenger window. Kelli climbed in after me, and soon had me pushed up against it, her tongue exploring my mouth as her hands untied the top of my dress from around my neck.

He mouth moved to my neck, biting softly, trailing her tongue as she pushed my dress past my new breasts. Her hands on my breasts I heard her moan as she squeezed and pressed them. Without realizing, i pushed her head down just a little, her mouth moved to my right nipple as she sucked on it.

My juices were flowing as I moaned while she licked and sucked my new breasts. It felt sooo good when she would moan against them. Moving from one to the other, she sucked and licked with such intent and purpose, I was driven wild. Kelli had never really done much when I was a 34a, and this new pleasure I was feeling, and that she was getting were a welcome reward for the soreness post surgery.

After a few minutes she looked up and smiled. Not her normal smile, but one that was mischevious cunning, maybe a little evil. "I love how you look like a little porn star now Liana" which made me blush, and giggle. Then she did something she never does. Her head dropped between my legs as she pushed the dress up.

Her tongue out as my legs lay on her shoulders. She went right for the piercing on my clitty, causing me the shudder as the diamond slowly turned on my little button. I squealed a little as her tongue then slid inside me, her nose pressed against my piercing "ohhhhh fffuuccckkkk baby please" was all I could say. She never goes down on me, it not really part of our domme/sub dynamic. Moans and groans came from her lips, I think I also got a "Liana you taste sooo good" too.

I was riding her tongue, feeling my orgasm building. Her pace would quicken, then slow, going deep then lightly around my lips. she pulled me down and then turned to plant her happy place on my face. It was all I could do to move her shorts out of the way as I licked her thru her panties. Finally I stuck a fingernail thru and just tore at them.

We were locked in our 69, our feet on the windows as our tongues and lips brought us closer and closer. My tongue was moving between her pussy and ass, spending time trying to push into her 2 hole. She opened up and let out a huge moan, she's told me before that I'm the best she's ever had at ass licking. My hips were bucking as she spent a lot of time sucking my clitty and the piercing in her mouth. As she did that the piercing would tug at my clit hood, which sent little shocks thru my body.

Her ass was riding my face as I felt my orgasm coming. I heard Kelli whisper "wait wait" and then 15 or so second later hers hit. I let out a huge moan and pushed my hips in her face, wrapping my legs around her head as mine hit. Both of us had simultaneous orgasms for the first time. As I slowly untied my legs from around her head and moved my face up for some air, Kelli turned around and smiled at me. "Liana, that was some of the best sex I've ever had, I love you soo much". I moved my hands to my face and started crying, tears rolled down my cheeks, tears of happiness, tears of comfort.

Kelli was beaming, and used her torn panties to wipe my face. That evil smile came back on as she opened up the door. "Get on your knees slut, drink my pee". The look on her face snapped me back to attention, I do love being her submissive wife. She stood over me holding my head in her hands and slowly let out a stream of her pee into my open mouth. I could taste her juices mixed in as she slowly filled my mouth. As i nodded my head she stopped, I wiggled a bit to show her and she commanded "swallow". I did as she said, swallowed and then started to get my dress back together.

Kelli pulled her shorts up, got into the front seat and pulled the car out a bit. we loaded her bike in the back, moving the wheelie there too. As we pulled out of the garage into the Honolulu night, I looked over at her and said "Kelli, I love you and that you for making my life awesome".

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9/3/2017 2:14 pm

The new tits are amazing

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1/28/2018 7:29 pm

Perfect breasts and that was one of the hottest stories I’ve read on here.

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2/19/2018 4:27 pm

I need to see these babies uncovered before I comment!!

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4/13/2018 5:34 pm

I love your tits they are perfect

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