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Posted:Aug 21, 2019 10:56 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2019 11:4 am

When I was eighteen I worked for a small family firm had a of wealthy , I was often required to spend time at their homes.
One morning I knocked on “Mrs. Smith’s” door, she answered in only her dressing gown
“Oh, I lost track of time, I’m sorry will you come in and wait while I get ready.” I followed her in and she asked
“Would you mind just moving some of these boxes to the garage for me I’ll only be a few minutes”
With she went up the stairs and I moved the boxes for her.
When I’d finished I politely called her name from the foot of the stairs as there was no sign of her.
“ Up here, come on up I’ve something to show you. Last door on the left.”
It seemed a strange request but didn’t question and went up. I entered the master bedroom but no sign of her,
“In here”
She called from the dressing room. I followed her voice and peeked through the door, she was sitting with her back to me brushing her hair when suddenly she stood up and faced me, completely naked!
“ Do you find me attractive?”
I was staring at the floor not knowing what to do with myself.
“ You’ll have to look at me!”
I slowly raised my eyes, Mrs. Smith was probably around forty and was naturally attractive and obviously invested time and into keeping herself looking good, I stared at her shapely breasts firm stomach down to her neatly trimmed pussy.
I nodded but could barely open my mouth to say anything. She then came close to me and grabbed the bulge in my trousers,
“I think tells me enough, don’t you?”
I nodded enthusiastically while desperately trying not to there and then in my trousers. With she started kissing me deep and frenzied, I tried to keep up but I was still in shock and my arms hung limply at my sides.
“Come with me”
She commanded and I followed into the bedroom
“ Take your clothes off, you’ve seen my body I want to see yours”
I fumbled around pulling off trousers, shirt and socks then stood in front of her in my boxers.
”You’re hopeless let me ”
Before I knew what was happening she had yanked them down exposing my throbbing cock.
She grasped it and kissed me again, then slowly lowered her body licking and sucking my nipples, then on her knees she took my cock in her mouth, caressing the end gently then sucking most of my length into her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I’d had sex with girls of my own age but nothing compared to this. I started to twitch sensing I could any second desperately trying to hold on. She obviously realized and stopped, standing up again.
“Lay on the bed”
She instructed. When I had she stared on me again, carefully now, giving me a second of a break whenever I seemed to be getting close. Next she slid down and licked my balls then sucked one into her mouth, I was amazed never having had anything like before! She gently teased one then the other, it was an unusual sensation, but very stimulating. Slowly she worked her way down further licking my rim, then pushing my legs further apart in order for her to push her tongue inside me. I was stunned, didn’t know people did this and felt dirty but incredibly turned on at the same time! She then stopped and looked up into me eyes and seductively began to suck her finger, I saw her dribbling down her fingers and then she pushed one inside me, slowly deeper and deeper. I was a little sore but as she worked it became immensely pleasurable her left hand was rubbing my cock at the same time and I knew I really was going to have to soon! Within seconds it exploded onto my belly, Mrs. Smith dived back onto my cock and swallowed the last of flow.
“ tastes great”
It obviously wasn’t enough as she moved up and smothered her face on my belly licking up all the . She came up to my face a big grin on her face and my splattered over her chin. She kissed me passionately I could taste my in her mouth and now more confident pushed my tongue into her mouth to get more. As the kiss ended she wiped the last of the off her chin and licked her finger clean.
“I think it is definitely time you returned the favor!”

To be continued…..
Posted:Aug 21, 2019 10:37 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2019 11:4 am
Right! I have finally done it! I have ordered my first vibrator. I was so extremely nervous when the package arrived at the office in a non-descript brown cardboard box. While signing for it I was blushing so hard the delivery guy probably thought I was having a stroke!

For most of the day the box sat there on my desk, and I was sure everyone had suddenly developed x-ray vision and could see exactly what was inside the plain packaging. When the day was finally over I grabbed it and practically ran to my parking space.

Once safely ensconced in my car I finally started to relax.

It all started the previous week. Nancy and I were sitting outside having our lunch on a gloriously sunny day. At some point she leaned over conspiratorially and whispered "Denise, how long have you been single now?"

After giving it some thought I replied it must have been about 4 or 5 years now. " long?" she gasped. "But how are you dealing with stress without a man?"

I thought it was quite a strange question and commented I didn't need a man right now.

"No, but how are you dealing with things know...the bedroom?"

Again the question confused me. I had nothing to deal with in my bedroom!

"Denise, do I have to spell it out for you? How are you, you know, relieving pressure?"

I finally caught on. "Oh! Gosh,!" I stammered.

Nancy gave me a pitying look. "You should get yourself a vibrator. I have one for when Frank isn't around and it sure helps! But don't go for a cheap one! They are just nasty and stop working after a few uses."

I was sure now I was blushing so much I looked like an angry tomato!

"But, but, do I have to go into know, a sex shop? I don't like those!" I stuttered.

Nancy laughed and said "No silly! Just order it online! And they deliver discreetly these days. No-one will know!"

And so, after lunch, I marshalled my credit card and, after a brief search, ordered one had good online reviews. And so the wait began.

After getting home I quickly hurry to my bedroom and remove my new acquisition from its plain delivery packaging. is when I realized the actual packaging was a lot more risqué. It had a picture of a buxom brunette staring seductively at me on the cover. I swallowed hard. What have I gotten myself into?!

I finally take it out. It is a soft, pale lavender and has a pleasant silky feel to it. It has an egg-shaped section with a cable leading to a control unit. Only two buttons; an on/off switch and a function selector. I carefully insert the batteries and try the on switch. It immediately buzzes like an enraged wasp and, with a squeak, I throw it down on the bed. There it lies angrily buzzing away. I am sure the whole neighborhood can hear its angry drone!

After a few seconds I realize I am being silly and the buzz is actually quite subdued. I turn it off again and read the packaging.

"For vaginal use only," I read. Right, like I was going to try and swallow it or something!

Suddenly a small packet falls out of the packaging. "Personal Lubricant" it proclaims. As I stand there looking at the toy and lube in front of me, I start wondering if this was such a good idea.

"Don't chicken out now, Denise!" I tell myself. "You've come this far!" I give a deep sigh and start undressing.

I am finally naked and lying on my bed. After tearing open the packet of lube I apply the clear slick fluid to my vagina. I've never masturbated before so the feel of this cool fluid on my inner parts makes me gasp. For a while I lie there gently spreading the lube all over my clit, enjoying the pleasurable sensations. Clearly I have been missing out on quite a lot!

"If it feels good with my fingers, what must it be like with the toy?" I wonder.

I pick it up and turn it on. The buzz feels like it is making my whole hand come alive! But what to do now? The packaging didn't give much advice apart from the obvious piece on where to use it.

"Oh well," I think and press the humming device against my clit. I immediately go cross-eyed and start gasping! It feels like all the energy in the universe is focused on my clit! I yank the toy away. was intense!

Come on, it can't be difficult! Thousands of women use these!" I scold myself.

Maybe I was too eager to get going. I shall try again but softer this time. With some trepidation I gently place the buzzing egg against my clit. This time it feels much better! Wave after wave of pleasant vibrations through me. I have never felt anything like it! I start moving it gently and a moan escapes my lips. This is incredible! After a few seconds I can feel a strange, wonderful sensation building. I am still pondering this awesome feeling when my first ever orgasm hits me.

I cry out, riding a wave of ecstasy. Please don't ever let this end! I forget about everything around me, the sensations running through me consume me completely. It is pleasure like I have never experienced before! I gasp and moan and cry out while incredible sensations flood through me.

After a while the sensation fades and I let the toy fall out of my hand. It lies on the bed, still buzzing, while I try and get my breath back. Tentatively I reach for my clit and moan as I make contact with my still pulsing self. What a feeling! I pick up the toy again. After all, I have 6 more settings to try...
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Posted:Aug 20, 2019 9:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 10:36 am

Kendra was glad she wasn’t at home because if her would have found out about what she and her school friend had just viewed on the computer, life as she knew it would definitely no longer be the same. In addition, both girls were so obviously worked up they could barely contain themselves or speak in complete sentences. would have been a dead give-away.

Angela had slipped off the maroon tie of her school’s uniform earlier, unbuttoning her white pressed shirt well past what the Catholic nuns would have found acceptable. Kendra soon followed, finding the bedroom’s temperature to have soared beyond comfort, though it really hadn’t.

This was all Angela’s doing Kendra surmised. Angela was always the ringleader and doer, while she was more than happy to follow. The two girls appeared as opposites at first glance; Kendra quiet, reserved and bookish, while Angela was very outward going, threw caution to the wind, and had fun for fun’s sake.

With a heavy silence in the room, Kendra occupied her time straightening her skirt’s tartan pleats. Angela sat besides her resting her chin in the cusp of her elbow. Her face was glowing warm and her fingertips tingled. Slowly she turned towards her friend. Angela noted the blush in Kendra’s cheeks, and how her hands quivered ever so slightly.

“Awesome, eh?” Angela finally spoke.

Kendra nodded keeping her eyes locked to her skirt and pleats. Actually, she thought the word ‘awesome’ was largely inadequate. She had just seen things she could never have conceived in her wildest imagination. Even Angela seemed genuinely surprised at some of the images… some of the acts men and women did with each other or alone. She learned new words for positions, things performed and items used.

The overload was almost overwhelming and the learning curve especially steep. Kendra’s mind felt numb, but her body was fully aroused and she was frustrated she could not do anything about it. Angela watched her silently for some time, feeling the same raging emotions she believed her friend was feeling. Angela’s hand, having been resting on her knee, now moved just to the inside of her leg.

Her tanned leg felt silky-smooth and tickled ever so slightly as she drew her fingertips over it. Soon, Angela’s fingers touched the hem of own tartan hem and paused, as if trying to decide what to do next. Still watching Kendra, Angela’s fingers and eventually hand, disappeared under her skirt.

Out of the corner of Kendra’s eye, she detected the movement and innocently glanced up. Angela’s skirt was raised over her legs with her hand, thighs and pale pink panties forming a tightly woven union of moving flesh and cloth.

Kendra sucked in a silent large breath as Angela glimpsed in her direction.
Angela threw Kendra a crooked grin and a slight shoulder shrug. She pushed her chair back from the computer desk a little and placed her white socked foot on top of it. Leaning back in the seat, Angela pulled her panties to the side offering her a better vantage to with herself.

Surprisingly, Kendra felt more relieved than shocked at what her friend was doing. In her mind she knew is was weird and perhaps even wrong in some way, but it was the right thing to do at this moment in time.

Kendra also knew neither was slanted in a lesbian direction, or even bi-curious for matter, so she was sure nothing would ever come of it. It was also suggested to her masturbation was a healthy natural thing to do… no one ever mentioned any thing about doing it in the same room and time with your girlfriend.

Kendra propped both her feet onto the desk, spreading her alabaster legs wide and open. She hiked the front of her skirt well above her waist and plunged her hand inside her crisp white panties. The feeling was wonderful, and just what she craved. Her blonde covered mound was scintillatingly humid, and her clitoris at the peak of its arousal. Sparks showered her as she began to rub her sensitive jewel, and she moaned her pleasure out loud.

At hearing her friend moan, Angela looked over and watched as Kendra’s hand worked hard and fast inside her panties. The image spurred her on, and the exciting rush soon had Angela plunging her fingers into her soaking wet pussy, finger- herself without mercy. A rhythmic drenched clacking filled the room’s silence as she effortlessly assaulted herself in working to achieve self-satisfaction.

Pausing, Kendra squirmed to peel her panties off, throwing them on the table before her. She rotated in the chair to face Angela with one socked foot on the floor and the other casually hung off the armrest. Unbuttoning her white shirt, she lifted her bra’s soft cups over her budding breasts and teased her tiny pale nipples into erection.

Her pussy looked red and on fire against her white skin, trimmed with fine golden hairs barely hid the gash lay beneath it. She pried her gentle mounds apart, surprising Angela with the sight of her small, dark and gaping hole. Angela could see her friend was very moist, as was herself, and could detect the faint delicate aroma both girls conjured.

Kendra slid two fingers of one hand into her pussy, allowing a third finger to disappear and explore her second opening. With her other hand, she used several fingers to rub, massage and stroke her clit, forcing her hips to buck in response. Both girls locked gazes on each other, watching each other masturbate and wondering who would first.

With a tight grimace overcoming her face, Kendra began gasping as her body built to its climax. Angela could feel the first initial sparkles radiating from her pussy, building on its self and multiplying as it surged within her. Throwing her head back, Kendra was rocking back and forth just as Angela slammed her legs closed tightly over her hand.

Though lasting only mare moments, an eternity seemed to pass as each girl savoured the intense sexual release and pleasure she gave to herself. Angela broke Kendra’s reverie giggling. Kendra’s body began to relax, and soon she too was laughing with her friend. Now back in the real world, she modestly tried to cover her nudity from Angela’s eyes, and Angela doing the same, tried to straighten out her skirt.

Picking her panties of the desk, Kendra moved out of Angela’s line of sight, slipped them back on, fixed her bra and re-buttoned her shirt. Looking into the mirror, she vainly attempted to fluff her hair back into some semblance of being normal. With trepidation, she secretly sniffed her fingers and realized she had better wash them before going home.

Neither friend said anything about what had just transpired between them, leaving it to the unspoken secret it should remain. The afternoon felt good and unfolded as it should have. Walking home, Kendra briefly wondered if something like would ever happen again. If so, she felt she would be alright with it. She was no longer ashamed, or felt any embarrassment over what both girls had done.

Suddenly, a light drizzle began to fall, but Kendra would be home before it began to rain.
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 9:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2019 1:48 pm
Well to start I have tried several places to post this but this is the first one I figured out how to use.
I an new at this so please cut me some slack.

I first heard about wife sharing when our was about 5 I guess and after pondering on it several days I asked me wife if she would be willing to do it but she refused politely saying it wasent right.

My wife Peg is an Asian woman immigrated her with her parents as a young girl from Viet Nam in the early 80,s.

Peg chanced her Viet Namese name so it would be easier for her friends in school and we met after I was discharged from the Marine corp after Desert Storm.

It was instant attraction and we dated in secrete because of the rules here at work. But Peg became pregnant so we married.

Peg is 5 foot even with a pretty face a nice butt formed up very nice with her long distance running in school and she has these perfect 34 B-cup breasts like big on her small frame.

' Well I was hooked on my fantasy but Peg wouldn't budge although she would let me fantasize when we made love and although she denies it her orgasms are stronger when I whisper in her ear about letting some well hung guy fuck her while we go at it.

Well this was years ago and since Amy has kept up her grades in school mostly in the honor roll she was accepted at USC when she graduated School.
We now had an empty nest and we both missed our very much so I had promised Peg a cruise when Amy left home we checked out the Princess Cruise lines had a ship home based in San Fran just across the bay from our home.

They do regular cruises one to Alaska one to the Mexican coast and one to Hawaii.

We picked the day cruise to Hawaii and booked our cruise .
Now this was last May and I have thought about posting it for several months now.

We were on a budget with our in college so we took the cheapest room without an ocean view or anything.

As we went under the Golden Gate bridge I looked around at all the people laughing and taking pics.

I whispered in her ear hey babe this would be a perfect time for you to get some strange cock.
Hell we will probably never see any of these people again .

She laughed and said forget it buster smiling up at me and cuddled up to me the wind was cold.

Well 4 days at sea and we wandered around looking over the ship and it was huge with several swimming pools a putting green and all sorts of things to amuse ourselves with.

We first met John on the docks at the big island of Hilo.
Peg and I had no idea of just what to do. We couldn't any of the excursion packages se we agreed to just walk around.
I saw this guy walking toward us and he was not at all handsome in any way but he had a crooked smile was pleasing .

He wore thei big Cargo pants and the pockets were stuffed with water and snacks as he introduced himself.

It seams he has been on several cruises so far and he is also on a budget and looks for people will share the of rides around the Islands.

We chose the Hoppa On Hoppa off shuttle took you around the island and dropped you off at places where you could tale pics.

Peg and he hit it off immediately and Peg began to pick his brain about his lifestyle.

Well he was injured on his job and is on disability and a friend of his helps him with the cruises finding rooms have been booked but given up so He got this ocean View room for the same Peg and I .

Her and John talked back and forth all day mostly ignoring me laughing and talking.
Once Peg came back and said John wants us to have dinner with him tonight at the Michael Angelo room OK and hurried back where he was.

night as I waited my turn to shower sitting on the toilet I listened to her talk about how smart he was. I also was remembering the times I caught him checking out her ass when he though I wasent looking .

I said want to fuck him ?

Silence from her then she said of course not he is just a nice guy.

At dinner we were placed at a table Peg I and John with two other couples and we talked getting acquainted.
John insisted on Peg and I a glass of wine with dinner and we accepted.

Peg is not much of a drinker in after just a couple sips her cheeks were flushed and she was laughing at everything sombody said.

Everyone got a kick out of her and teased her about being a cheap drunk .

After dinner I excused myself to make a head call and when I got back Peg had another glass of wine in her hand laughing at something John had said.

She turned to me and said John offered to show us his Ocean View room babe and I accepted OK. slightly slurring her words now.

I looked over at John and caught him again looking over my wife,
I said sure not sure just where this might lead but not willing to pass it up if she gave in.
We passed on the theater night and Peg John and I made our way to the elevators with Her giggling like a school girl and slightly staggering.
Once upstairs Peg oooed and Awaaed at the little stall outside where you could sit and watch the Ocean and his room was bigger than ours with a Queen sized bed.

He began talking about his other cruises and Peg asked are you married ? John said no never wanted to .
She asked incredulously what do you do for sex and right off I thought fuck he must be gay but John said oh I get alright there are many chances for a single guy this day and age.

Peg was feeling playful now ans she was also slightly drunk she asked if he masturbated and his face flushed a bright pink but he manfully admitted in a pinch he sometimes dose if no woman is available.
To shut her up I think he poured her another glass of wine and Peg sipped at it as she walked around his room looking things over.

John excused himself to use the bathroom and Peg was standing looking out at the sea as I walked up behind her and reached around cupping her breasts in my hands.

she laughed her throaty chuckle and pressed her butt back against my leg sighing contentedly.

I whispered in her ear I,m going to let John fuck you baby......
Peg went rigid and set her glass of wine down but didn't say anything as I began to pull her blouse out of her knee length skirt
I gently turned her so she was facing the bathroom door as I slowly raised her blouse up and her breath now was becoming harsh gasps as the toilet flushed and the door opened.
John looked at me with a comical look as he watched me raise her blouse and he swallowed as I pushed her bra up over her breasts bearing them for his pleasure.

I said I have wanted to watch Peg have sex with another guy for years now John and Peg likes you.

You can be her first lover if you want.

Peg was watching him and I could see when he realized I was offering him my wife.

His eyes were riveted on her swollen nipples and his tongue flicked out just as I pulled her blouse and bra up around her neck.
John made a strangled sound in his throat and walked over to us in a trance then he cupped her breasts in his hand and leaned down sucking her nipple greedily then he began to swallow her breast.

Pegs breath was coming in harsh gasping sounds as she grabbed the back of his head forcing her breast into his sucking mouth and she moaned loudly saying the other one to and John began to suck one then the other of her breasts leaving her breasts slimy with his saliva and her breasts looked swollen from his then his hand slid down her body from her hip and pulled her skirt uo as his hand slipped inside to her thigh.

Peg whimpered and turned her knees out for his access and his hand traveled up to her pussy I watched him pull her panty,s to one side and his finger slipped into her as Peg gasped again and her body began to jerk uncontrollably as his finger flashed back and forth inside of her Pegs body became wild thrusting against his hand making a****l sounds as her hips rode his two fingers

Peg had her head back against my chest whimpering as her body reacted with a mind of its own to his manipulations her gasps began to become very harsh then she cried out I,m cumming and her body went rigid against me and then began to jerk uncontrollably as she orgasm-ed.
For long seconds she stood this way gasping for breath I could smell her fluids now and I could hear John sucking greedily on her breasts.

Peg said I want you inside of me and I helped her move back to the bed as John kicked his shoes off and pushed his pants over his hips as Peg laid back trying to get a look at his cock as I pulled her pantys off.

It happened to fast so she had her skirt up around her waist and her bra and blouse around her neck when John moved in between her legs and Peg took his cock and guided it into her.

I had a good look at his cock as he moved to her and I was disappointed his cock was about the same size as mine and Mine is
bigger around.

didn't bother Peg though she cried out again as he fell forward onto her and his hips began to thrust into her.
Twice his cock slipped out of her and Peg grunted in disappointment then reached between them and guided him back into her.

Peg was really excited and she came almost as soon as his cock slipped into her and Poor John also came quickly after but my wife wasent through and she reached in between them as John was still cumming and fingered herself to a third orgasm.

Well John said he was finished and couldn't get it up again so we left and we had an interesting conversation once we got back to our cabin.
I talked her into showing me her pussy and her pussy lips were swollen looking delicious and his cum all watery now was leaking out of her but I couldn't resist dipping my wick to see what it would feel like with another mans cum in her.
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The First time I shared my Asian WIFE
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 8:58 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2019 11:4 am
I'm a 35 year old white and I am very lucky to be married to an american-born asian (chinese) woman. She is years younger than me, which improves my good fortune even more! My wife does not have the absolutely most beautiful face in the world. I mean she is cute, but she is not going to sign up for a beauty pageant. But what she does have is a killer body. She stands 5’ 2”, weighs 5 lbs, natural and perky 34B breasts and a nice tight ass. Her lips are the type that look perfect when they’re wrapped around a cock!

We have been married for almost three years. From the first time that we had sex it was hard not to notice that she can be a horny little minx once you close the bedroom doors. About a year into our marriage, during the passion of sex I suggested that I would love to watch her fuck... she never replied one way or another regarding my comment. I challenged myself to push the envelope.
Eventually, I created an opportunity to test the waters.

You need to understand my wife's sexual clock. Throughout a month she has her highs and lows. But beginning a week after the end of her period, for a full week her sexual appetite is nearly insatiable. So, with this in mind I invited a buddy of mine to come over during one of those windows. He is married and we used to work together. My wife had only met them about a year earlier. At that time my wife made a comment that she felt he could have done better than her. To me that meant my wife found him attractive. His wife was getting together with friends of hers that night, so he came alone and he was in on the plan.

It was summer time and I had her wear a dress which I suggested would be appropriate for the evening... nothing formal just a dress. My only interest was that she would wear something that would be easy to remove if things worked right.

My wife and I had a couple of drinks before he showed up and prior to his arrival I was flirting with her: grabbing her ass and tits (she knew I was horny). Once he arrived the drinking continued as did my fondling her. Of course, I was being discrete... but not too discrete to let him know that things were looking good. I only wanted her to drink enough to release her inhibitions; I did not want her to get drunk.

Finally, I knew it was time to get things really moving. While it was just she and I in the kitchen I cornered her against the cabinets, lifted her dress and slid my hand in her panties to confirm that she was wet. She did not try to stop me which also confirmed that she was horny. Our lips locked and I pulled away. I went back to the living room and gave him a nod and a grin. Like clockwork as soon as she entered the room he announced, "I'm sorry, but I really need to use the bathroom" (we all know what that usually means, my wife took it to mean he might be in there awhile). He jumped up and rapidly went to the bathroom.

Not to miss my cue, I grabbed my wife, brought her to the sofa, we locked lips and I reached under her dress and started rubbing her pussy through her underwear. I wanted her panties to be soaked. I was rubbing her so much the crotch of her panties was stuffed into her pussy. Finally, I slid off her underwear, tucked them slightly under the sofa cushion, but purposely left them hanging so they could be seen. She spread her legs, I knelt in front of her and I started eating her soaked pussy.

She was in her horny world at that moment. As I continued to lick her for a good five minutes, I heard the flush of the toilet (the signal that he would be coming soon). I did not stop. I kept eating her and when we heard the bathroom door open, I hurriedly got up and she adjusted her dress back down but she remained slouched on the sofa. When my friend entered the room he looked at the sofa, seeking to find "the signal": the panties. Immediately I said, "you know what? we're nearly of beer. I'm going to walk down to the store I'll be back in a few minutes". My wife was still slouched and dazed on the sofa with a look that said "you're going to leave me like this?"

And I left. What happened next is what was later told to me by my buddy.

Right after I left, my friend sat across from her. He said she was still slouched and seemed afraid to get up because she was trying to maintain her composure. He said I hadn’t even been gone a minute and he looked right at the panties. She didn’t realize that was what he was looking at because she didn’t know that they were hanging from the sofa. He got up and said, “what’s this?”. He moved onto the sofa next to her and pulled the panties . He said she nearly died when he did that. But then she seemed shocked when he said, “are these yours?” She started to apologize, but before she could, he said, “damn, they’re soaked.” For shock and intrigue reasons, he brought them to his nose so he could smell them and said, “smells fresh”. I had told him to be forward, I didn’t know how forward he was going to be! She told him, “sorry, you were in the bathroom a long time and we sort of got carried away” and sort of laughed. He said he put a hand on her thigh and asked if we had finished and she simply said “no” and laughed again. He said he slid his hand slightly to the inside of her thigh and suggestively pulled her thigh towards him. Instinctively she spread her legs. He knew all systems were go. She closed her eyes, he moved himself onto the floor in front of her, lifted her skirt and he continued where I left off. She apparently made no effort to stop him. He slid a finger inside her pussy and soon as he did he said she slid down further on the sofa and spread her thighs wide. He knew she was all-in and he started to eat her pussy. He said he barely licked her for a couple of minutes when he stopped, undid his pants, pulled his cock and started fucking her. He said by this point I hadn’t even been gone minutes! He could tell she was totally loving it and told him to hurry before I got back. He told her something like, “I don’t think he’ll really mind, do you?” She opened her eyes to look at him and said, “no”. Apparently, they kept fucking until they heard me walking up the outside steps.
When I walked in, I barely saw a glimpse of him as he hurried into the bathroom. His pants were noticeably undone: We had lift-off! I wondered to myself how far he got with her. I looked at my wife. It looked like she hadn’t even moved from where I left her. She was still lying on the sofa, but the panties were no longer sticking out from the sofa, they were lying on the floor. I asked about my friend and she said his stomach was bothering him, that was why he ran to the bathroom (like I didn’t know the real reason).

I sat down the beers and stood in front of her and said, “that’s perfect, let’s finish.”
I undid my pants and sat on the sofa. She knew what I wanted and I had a raging hard-on that hadn’t stopped from the moment that she and I had started almost 30 minutes earlier. She moved herself onto the floor in front of me. Kneeling on her knees she started giving me one of the best blow jobs she had ever given me. I reached down to her dress and pulled it above her waist to expose her ass. I reached down to her pussy and she was soaked. I had thought she was soaked earlier, but now what I was feeling was incredible. Now with her dress pulled up, I leaned back in the sofa enjoying my wife’s blow job and waiting for the moment of truth.

I heard the bathroom door quietly being opened. There was no warning flush this time. I heard his footsteps walking down the hallway. My wife made no indication of stopping what she was doing. From the hallway he entered the living room where we were. The sofa I was on sits directly across from the hallway, which means when he walked in her bare ass was aimed right at him. He immediately said, “oops, sorry I guess I had better go”. She didn’t stop, in fact at the sound his voice she spread her knees (which had been together) and arched her back pointing her bare ass into the air. No man on earth could ignore that invitation. He walked over behind her and reached to touch her ass, her back arched even more. Yes, he was officially invited. As she sucked me I watched as he slid his hand to her pussy. Although I couldn’t see it, I could tell he was fingering her and the noise confirmed that she was sloppy wet.

As he fingered her, he used his free hand to start undoing his pants. I unbuttoned the top of her dress, and started to pull her dress up. She stopped sucking just long enough for me to lift her dress over her head. All she was wearing was her bra. Of course, that had to go. But I didn’t need to do anything, as she went back to sucking me, she reached back with one hand and undid the clasp. So there was my wife, fully naked, sucking me while my friend fingered her.

He now had his pants off. He was fully erect. It was hard not to notice, his cock was glistening. When I saw that I knew for certain that his cock and her pussy had already been formally introduced. I halfway expected that he would at least try to taste her pussy. But, instead he dropped to his knees behind her ass, he held his cock and guided it into her pussy. As it slid inside her she let out a moan that was muffled by her mouth full of cock. As he fucked her, her stroking and sucking of my cock slowed. I think she was having a hard time multi-tasking.
It didn’t matter to me though, watching my wife fuck while she sucked me proved a little too much for me and it didn’t take but a few minutes before I started to cum. Her reaction to my cum surprised me a bit. Although I have had a lot of blow jobs from her, not once had she ever swallowed my cum. She would always stop and finish by stroking me. But not this time. She let me completely cum in her mouth and she didn’t lose a drop. That confirmed exactly how turned on she was.

He continued to fuck her with my cock in her mouth. I stayed where I was long enough to be certain that she had swallowed the last of my draining cum. Now I just wanted to watch. I slid from under her knelt body. She continued to lay that way across the sofa while my buddy fucked her. The fucking was getting harder now and my wife’s moans were louder than I had ever heard her moan before.

I began to think my friend was a fucking bull. He told me later that the only reason he was lasting so long was because, although he was as hard as a rock, he was having a hard time cumming with an audience. That is a win-win! I took my pants fully off (they had only been pulled down before) and sat in a chair across from them. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but watching my wife get fucked was a total turn on. As I watched I found myself stroking to their rhythm.

After a few minutes of doggy, he pulled away from her and moved her to the living from floor so she could lay on her back. As they did this, she looked at me and mouthed the word “wow”. She spread her legs and now he went down on her. She was totally into it and so was I as I was now totally erect again.

He turned his body so she could grab his cock. She started stroking him. They rolled, and she climbed on top of him so they could 69. Although it was hard to see what he was doing, I could totally see her take his cock in her mouth. Her hips started to gyrate faster and I saw her leg start to shake. I knew what was happening. She took his cock out of her mouth and her face turned beet red and she exclaimed “Oh my God!” She was having an incredible orgasm. He continued to eat her and she was grinding her pussy into his face and then I saw her relax.

She rolled off him, caught her breath, spread her legs wide and said “fuck me”. She only had to say it once. He slid his cock inside her and said his first words since we: “do you want me to fuck you? Then say it”. So as he fucked her she started saying “fuck me” over and over. She even threw in a few “fuck me harder” which caused him to really start pounding her. Again I saw her leg start to shake, her face turned red and she screamed out “fuck, fuck”. She wrapped his legs around him and pulled him into her. Apparently he needed that to put him over the edge, because he let out a groan and it was obvious he was cumming too.

He stayed there motionless for a minute. It was obvious he was pumping his load inside her. As it was obvious he was done she looked at his face, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him. Unless they kissed when I did the “beer run”, this was the first time that they had locked lips during their little session. As they kissed, she unhooked her legs from around him and rotated her hips into him. She wanted to keep fucking. I wondered if he could continue. He started to fuck her some more. After about only a minute he stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m not hard enough”. He pulled out of her and started to stand up.

He looked at me and said “thanks, that was awesome”. I said “thank her, not me”. She stayed on the floor. Her legs were spread wide. She reached down with one hand and started rubbing her pussy, with her other hand she rubbed her breast. She was mostly staring at me as she did so.
He started to put his pants back on, we both watched her with herself. I moved to look at her swollen pussy. I could see some of his cum draining from her and smeared along the inside of her thighs. One look and I had to fuck her. I took my shirt off and I was naked as she was. I moved to the floor where it was obvious she needed one of us. I laid down next to her and she climbed on top of me. She reached down and I could feel her guide me into her pussy. She was so wet and dilated I actually had to look down to see if I was actually inside her.

I just laid there and let her do all the work. Now my friend was sitting where I had sat before. I watched my cock as she pumped it up and down. The way she was doing it, it was obvious she wanted us to watch. My buddies cum started draining of her pussy and was puddling at the base of my cock. She rode me for only about 5 minutes before I too came inside her. When I came she sat firmly on my cock so the cum would fill deep inside her. We just stayed there still for a few moments. No one said a word.

Finally, she stood up and she stared at me on the floor. She said, “don’t move, let me get a towel to clean you up”. She walked out of the room. I just looked at my buddy and he said, “incredible” and I gave him a thumbs up. My wife came back with a towel still naked, she had the towel between her legs and said, “I’m draining all over”. I told her maybe she needed the towel more than me even though I was covered in cum. As I was still laying on the floor, she straddled my stomach facing my cock so she could wipe me with a towel. As she did so, she squeezed her muscles to drain what cum she could onto my stomach. She wiped up the mess and left the room. I got my clothes back on.

When she came back she was wearing a robe, my buddy stood. He said something to the effect that it was getting late and he had better be getting home as his wife would be coming home soon. It was ok by me, because his mission was accomplished. I think it was one of those post-casual-sex-awkward-moments. My wife simply said, I hope you might be able to come over for drinks again some time. And he left. As soon as he left she dropped her robe to the floor. She came over and kissed me and said let’s go to bed.

We went straight to bed and she got me aroused. Now the sex was just regular husband-wife sex, not a****l-in-heat sex.

As we fucked we talked. I asked her what in the world got into her. She said something like “what about you?” We both agreed that it was a mutual thing and we both loved it. She added, she was glad the way it happened and she felt there was no way you could plan for something like that (little did she know).

She told me she never would have dreamed of fucking another guy, especially with me watching. (I still have to wonder about that. If the fucking had ended while I was making the beer run, would she ever have told me? I don’t think so.) She told me that her orgasms were some of the best that she had ever experienced during that.

All of this talking was happening while we fucked. Our fucking started getting more intense and as we fucked I asked if she wanted to do it again. She simply said “absolutely!” and we fucked until I came.

We laid there on the bed. As we laid there I asked her when? Her response surprised me a little when she said “if there was someone here right now, I would do it right now”. I immediately thought about her words: she said “someone”, not “he”. To clarify her meaning I asked, if it needed to be my buddy. She said “no”. I asked her if she had someone in mind and she said how about Mike? (Mike is not his real . I have purposely left names of this writing to maintain anonymity.) This person she mentioned is a mutual friend of ours. He is married to a friend of hers. Suggesting him confirmed something that I suspected all along: she was attracted to him.
Bottom line is, it took almost 3 months to arrange something, but we did arrange something with him. I will not get into the details of that encounter or others, as this writing is to explain how I first got her to cross that line.

During the past 2 years, I have watched her with 7 different men. Five of them are guys that one or both of us knew. Two were strangers (to her). Unlike the first time, all of our other experiences have skipped the cat and mouse game. In those cases, everyone has been on board as to why we are getting together. So much so, in all cases when our third wheel has arrived, my wife has worn only a robe and it has tended to drop to the floor rather quickly.

I have read some writings about this subject that others have written, and noticed a lot of them suggest that you should not share with people you know. Although I can see their point, we have not run into a problem. What seems to work for us married men; specifically, married men who are married to women that would never approve. Our experience is these men are better at keeping secrets.

Let me know what you think. She really likes reading the comments here.
Asian Girl Checker
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 10:27 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 6:17 pm
I've always liked Asian women. There was an Asian girl
in my school I always thought was the prettiest
girl in school. She didn't win most beautiful for the
annual, of course, because most of the guys were
seriously lusting after the girl with the biggest tits.

Also in those years I saw a girly mag with a pictorial of
an Asian girl I remember to this day. My friend told
me I just liked her because she had her legs spread in
most of the pictures and there were some great pussy
shots. I think though I just like the look of finely
featured and petite girls in general, and there are many
Asians who qualify for body style.

Then, while I was in the military, I spent some time in
the and enjoyed the women there who really
know how to take care of a man in bed and don't make it a
big thing if the guy wants to fuck a lot. Also I like a
submissive woman and what I have seen and read of the
culture in Asian countries is women do what they're
told. So it really pisses me off all the Asian women
who come to the U.S. all of a sudden start acting just as
tight assed and bitchy as the American women.

But I do know at least one who will never be a prissy

After my stint in the military I came back to the States
and took a job as an assistant manager in a grocery
store. I hated the job because most of the people who
worked there were kind of low lifes and not very bright.
Most of the interesting people I got to work with
were the school or college k**s who worked part time
and needed a little extra .

I was in my late twenties so they weren't much
than me, and I hung around with some of them
occasionally and dated a couple of the college girls,
although was risky and awkward since they worked for

After I had been there about two years the manager hired
a girl named Mai Kim who wanted to work as a checker
through the summer and then go part-time for her senior
year in school. She was Korean and had been in this
country for several years but still had an accent.

It turned out she was happy she was allowed to
work because her father was really 'old school' and
strict and she wanted to be doing the American Girl thing
with and have the freedom of her own and so on. She
was also absolutely beautiful. She had really delicate
features and was petite without being frail looking. Her
breasts were small but seemed to have nice roundness them
when I could see them outlined under her shirt. She was
shy and did not wear revealing clothes and she
immediately became my main fantasy girl.

I knew there was no chance I would get to go out
with her. For one thing she was nearly eighteen and
was a little too risky even for me. Also the more I got
to know her the more I came to realize while she was
reserved and a little shy on the outside she also was
pretty proud of herself and could be a little bitchy.

It was obvious none of the other employees liked
her, or she them, and on occasion I would hear her being
snotty to a sacker or another checker when she thought
they weren't working hard enough. She would occasionally
give me a snotty/uppity look when I was flirting with the
girls or chatting with the guys.

One time I put my hand on her shoulder and she pulled
away sharply and asked me not to touch her. I thought,
'Damn! What a bitch.'

Also she wouldn't go out with any of the boys and they
thought she was stuck up. I figured her father
probably didn't let her date.

So we worked together through the summer and she got more
confident, I guess, and more snotty as time went on but I
still liked to look at her. After the school year started
she worked only two days during the week and usually the
weekends. She would sometimes ask off on the weekend for
school events and she took a Saturday off for her th
birthday party.

When she worked I would always assign her to the register
was closest to the managers office because I could
then sit in there and look at her through the one-way
mirror while I did my paperwork.

One day shortly after her th birthday I was sitting
there when I looked up and saw she was checking out
another really fine looking Asian girl. Needless to say I
was watching them pretty close when I realized Mai
was only pretending to scan most of the girl's groceries
(actually mostly make-up and magazines).

She then took the girl's for those few things
she had really scanned and put it in the register just
like she had scanned the whole load. She then let the
girl walk out with a bunch of free stuff. I stood there
stunned! I could hardly believe little miss prim and
proper was ripping the store off!

I started to keep an eye out for other girl to come
in to the store again. And the next time she came in I
went to the office as soon as I saw her and focused the
stores video camera on Mai and her register.

Sure enough the girl chose Mai's line again and I got
really good tape of a fairly slick scam. As a matter of
fact I did this three times while I was trying to get up
the nerve to follow through on a plan was forming in
my nasty little mind.

It was about a month after the first event and around
7: on a Friday night when I got the third tape. Mai was
scheduled to get off at 9 and at about 8:00 I called over
the loud speaker Mai should close up her register
and come see me in the office as I had something for her
to do.

When Mai came in to the office it took her about two
seconds to realize she was in big trouble. I still
had the camera pointed directly through the window at her
register and it was obvious I had taped her little
larceny. It was her first time in the office and I guess
she didn't know it was a one-way mirror and I am not sure
she even knew is where the office was.

I didn't even say anything and the time she had been
in there for ten seconds she was just standing there
bawling! She was so scared I couldn't believe it. I don't
know what I expected her to say or do but she surprised
me immediately beginning to beg me not to tell her

I told her I was going to have to call the police
and I expected her parents would find out whether I
told them or not and she started bawling even more, tears
running down her face and snot coming out of her nose and
the whole thing. I was wishing some of the bag boys could
see her now. But I was just getting warmed up.

After letting her calm down a little I went over to the
camera and asked her if she wanted to see the tape and I
guess this embarrassed her even more and she started
crying hard again. Instead of taking the tape out of the
camera I turned the camera around and pointed it at her
and turned it on. The audio recorder was turned off so I
was getting silent movie footage of her crying so hard
she shook, and looking really sloppy.

She starting to really beg me not to call the police or
tell her father because he would be so mad he would
beat her and probably not let her go away to the college
she wanted to go to. But I kept telling her there
was really no way I could let her get away with it
and after a while I could tell she was becoming
resigned to her fate and was calming down.

After she had finally got herself mostly under control
she ask me in a quivery little voice, "Is there anything
I can do?"

And I said, "Take your panties off and give them to me,"
just like .

She got this frightened and confused look on her face and
she said "wh--what?"

So I said, "Look Mai you know you're in big trouble and
have done something very wrong. Now you are going to do
what I tell you to do, or you can go to jail and I will
call your father. You are wearing a skirt and I want you
to take off your shoes and panties. After we will
discuss the way it is going to be for a while."

She broke down again and this time she started to get a
little loud with her sobs. I told her if somebody
heard her I would not be able to offer her the deal and
she immediately got quiet again and I knew I was going to
get my way. Finally she calmed down again and said she
would do as I asked.

But she was real slow getting started and this time I
was getting worried we would run out of time since
her father picked her up every night when she got off so
I told her to make a decision for real and move faster.

It was interesting how much effort she took to keep from
lifting her skirt too much as she pealed her pantyhose
off and then hesitated a long time before continuing with
the panties. She had to have an idea of what was coming
but I guess she wanted to keep her modesty as long as
possible. It didn't last long.

After she finally had her panties off she just stood
there letting them dangle from her hand so I walked over
and took them from her and put them on the desk. I told
her in the future when she came to work she was not
to wear any panties and she realized I wasn't going
to let her off with just evening's activities.

I then took her the hand and the led her over to the
desk. I told her she was going to get used to me
seeing, and touching what was under her skirt and we
were going to start right now. I pushed her gently until
she was up against and facing the desk. I then pushed her
upper body so she had to bend over the desk.

She resisted a little but I kept up a firm push until she
was completely down on the desk with her butt facing me.
I put my foot between her feet and pushed her legs apart
until she was no longer standing. Her soft skirt was now
d****d over her butt and it had formed down into her
crack which was very nice looking so I studied her there
for a few seconds while she was getting even more

I then reached over and gently put my hand on her ass
over her skirt and kind of rubbed it around for a while,
pushing it down into the crack of her ass and feeling her
ass and pussy gently through the skirt. She was steadily
sobbing softly and jumped a little when my hand pushed
into her crack through the skirt, and again when I
reached her pussy.

After I had been rubbing her ass through her skirt for a
minute or so she once again began to quiet down. I came
to realize the crying increased in volume when ever
I did something new but as she got used to the new
thing she would calm down some to a kind of quiet
sobbing. So when she started to get used to me rubbing
her ass I said "OK, I am going to lift your skirt now and
with your naked ass for a bit."

As expected the volume increased again as I said it, and
even more as I actually did it, but she didn't try to
move off the desk only squirmed a little. And man she had
a pretty little ass.

At this point I placed my left hand on the middle of her
back so it would not be easy for her to get up and
started feeling her butt. She had narrow hips and enough
of a butt to be slightly round, but as she was bent over
the desk her cheeks did not meet in the middle and her
little brown asshole and part of her pussy were plainly

Some Asian girls are kind of darker brown down there and
this one had a light brown asshole but her pussy lips
were very fair and pink. I just stood there and looked
for a few seconds while I rubbed my hard cock through my
pants and then reached down and started to caress her
naked ass.

I didn't take long for me to move my hand from her ass,
down the back of her thighs and then to reach my fingers
between her thighs to touch her pussy. The sobbing
increased a lot at this point as I rubbed her pussy lips
and then tried to work a finger into her hole. It was so
small at first I had trouble finding it. When I did
it was completely dry so I reached my fingers up to my
mouth to get some spit and then put it on her cunt and
rubbed it into her hole a little bit. After I got my
finger in her hole a little way it became clear, not
surprisingly, she was a virgin. I knew wouldn't
last long.

At this point I looked at the clock on the wall and
noticed it was a little after 8:20. I felt like time
was running out since after I was done with her she would
need some time to calm down before her father showed up
so I decided to just fuck her like , bent over my
desk, even though I wanted to see her tits too. So I said
"I am going to fuck you now Mai" and reached to unbuckle
my pants. She wailed, "No, Please!!" and started to get
up, but I pushed her back down and said "You don't want
to do ! Stay down there or go to jail, 's the

She bent back down to rest on the desk totally defeated
while I dropped my pants and underwear down around my
ankles. My dick had been very hard ever since she come
into the office and was dripping pre- from the tip. I
thought I might as well be nice and let her have her
choice so I took it in my hand and began to rub it up and
down along the crack of her ass, special attention
to her puckered brown asshole. All the while she had been
maintaining a steady stream of "please don't's" and "oh
no's" and so on while sobbing and sniffing.

As I rubbed my dick against her little brown hole the
pitch of her whining and begging went up and she added in
some rather forceful "please not there's" so I said "OK,
pussy it is" and moved my dick down and started to rub it
on the outside of her pussy. With the pre- and the
spit the outer part of her pussy was now quite
slippery and I had no trouble pushing forward until I
could feel the resistance of her hymen against the tip of
my dick and I kept rubbing it in and out and around her
pussy for several seconds.

I really wanted to just jam it in there and fuck her real
hard but on the other hand I didn't want to turn her
against sex completely or hurt her so bad she would
need medical attention so after a while I said, "This is
going to hurt a little bit," and started pushing steadily
in deeper and then pulling out, in deeper, then out.

After several strokes I pushed a little harder on an in-
stroke and felt the pressure ease against the tip of my
dick. So I kept going in deeper, then out, and as I got
deeper I could feel some of her natural lubrication
starting to ease the way. Or maybe it was just blood,
because on the out strokes I could see blood on my dick.
this time her sounds had changed. I kept listening for
a moan might indicate she was starting to enjoy
it little bit but to be honest it sounded more like a
quiet, -pitched wail of despair.

When I finally reached the bottom and was able to make
nice full strokes I realized I was going to at
any time, but I wanted to fuck her for a while so I tried
to think of something other than the sexy, tight little
virgin pussy I was , so I wouldn't too

I looked at the clock and it was a little after 8:25 and
I decided to try to fuck her until 8:35 and then ,
which would allow her 25 minutes to clean up and compose
herself before Daddy came to get her. I thought about
grocery store paperwork, my car and some other stuff and
I maintained a slow steady in and out motion
while she maintained a low whine would increase a
little on the deep strokes.

I managed to hold off my orgasm until the clock hit 8:35
and then I grabbed her hips a little more firmly and
looked down at her ass-hole and started to pound in and
out harder and faster. It took only a minute of this
before I felt my balls tighten up and my started to
spurt itself out of me. It was so good having her tight
little Asian twat wrapped around my dick as I cummed in

I was pretty certain she was not on the pill and
I should pull out, but I just could not make myself
do it, so I pumped my up in her until she was full
and over flowing, so I could feel the and blood
spilling out of her and down my balls.

When I was done cumming I pulled out slowly and looked
down to see her raw red pussy standing wide open and
dripping a mess on to the floor. this time she was
just collapsed on to the desk crying and after about a
minute I went and got her panties and used them to wipe
myself off with and then used them to clean her up with a
little bit. I told her to get up and turn around and sit
on the desk.

She sat there for a while and calmed down and then went
to the ladies room across the hall to clean up some more
and wash her face. After she came back I told her
she should tell her father her register had been
short, she must have made a mistake, and I had
really chewed her out and was why she had been
crying. I also told her to remember she was not to
wear panties to work in the future and she could go

So, was the start of it. I worried for a while, of
course, she would change her mind and tell her Dad,
but I didn't hear any repercussions and the next time she
worked I checked and she was naked under her skirt. She
was nowhere near as confident and uppity after and
would occasionally break out crying when someone made her
mad instead of getting all nasty and it was only a couple
of weeks before I decided to press my luck a little

I could go on and tell the whole story of how this
pretty, sweet, intelligent and innocent little ex-virgin
spent the next ten years of her life, but I think I'll
save it for another day.

I still see her on rare occasions but she doesn't have
any appeal to me anymore. These days she has run-
down whorish look I usually associate with I-HOP
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 10:22 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 6:16 pm
I met this couple online and we finally decided to meet in person. It was a little bit of a drive for me, but it allowed me to clear my head of the many things I had going on. There was no guarantee anything was to happen night, but at the minimum, I could finally meet this sexy couple. I arrived at the restaurant and walked in. They had already gotten a table. My first impression of them was great. He was about my height and in shape. She was Asian, tall and athletic build. She was damn hot to say the least. Dinner was nice, we talked about our lives, what we did for a living. After dinner we left and went outside. They asked me if I wanted to come over to their place and visit some more. I agreed and followed them to their place. I walk in, they showed me around and ended up in one of the bedrooms was setup as an office. Being the observant person I am, I noticed an air mattress on the floor as well as a message table was also in the room. We talked a bit more, I was leaning up against the massage table, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was this awesome, sexy, very attractive woman had a killer body. She asked me to take my shirt off and told me she liked what she saw, then ran her finger down my chest. She got down to my pants and slightly stuck her finger down my pants and asked to see what I had down there... There I stand in my boxers, my cock was already hard from staring at her sexy body. She noticed I was already hard and grabbed boxers and pulled them down. As she knelt down, her hand grabber my cock and lightly stroked it, making it even harder. I reached down and removed her shirt, finally I can see those nice perky breasts of hers. Before I know it, her bra is off, she is still on her knees and she takes me completely in her mouth. The feeling of her mouth on my hard cock was awesome. She sucks me for awhile, then we move over to the air mattress. She removes her jeans, I see she's wearing a thing looks so good on her, her ass so tight. She has me lay down and starts to suck my cock again. Before I know it, my leg is all wet... her pussy is literally dripping wet! She deep throats me and could tell she's starting to without me even touching her pussy! I have heard of women being able to without being touched, but to see it first hand was quite awesome to experience. She continues to suck me for awhile longer, then she lays on her back and I kiss little wet pussy of hers. I started out with light kisses on her pussy lips then move up to her swollen clit. I lightly kiss and suck on her clit and felt her body tremble. I could tell her was close to cumming again... I sucked on the clit a bit harder and it threw her over the edge, her hips came up while she climaxed. I then kissed her flat stomach, my hands exploring the rest of her body, and made it to her breasts. My hands cup her breasts and could feel her hard nipples in my hands. I gently pinched her nipples and she moaned with joy. I sucked on them and could tell her breathing was getting more intense. While I played with her nipples, I slid one of my fingers in her wet pussy, finally feeling her tight pussy. She let out another moan, she grabs my hand and makes sure I keep my finger in her. I find her g-spot and she starts moaning, again, she's almost there. I move down closer to her pussy and rub her clit while I finger her g-spot. My other hand if still playing with her tits and nipples. As she's cumming again, I pinch her nipples harder and she moans even louder, her hips go into the air again as she cums. After she's done, she gets on top of me and sits down on my cock. It feels so good to have my hard cock finally in her, she rocks back and forth, her juices running down on me. She grabs my hands from her hips and puts them on her breasts, nipples still oh so hard. She learns slightly forward, her clit rubbing against me. Again her breathing gets deeper and faster. I grab her ass and pull her tight against me, she grinds her clit into me and explodes into the most intense orgasm I have even seen a woman have! The sounds she makes, the way her body shakes is a total turn on. I grab onto her, hold her tight against my chest and thrust harder and faster, I can tell she's still not done cumming. My cock begins to pulsate, I'm so close to cumming myself, she kisses me and buries her tongue in my mouth and sends me over the edge! I cum so hard, fulling her pussy with my juicy cum... When I'm done, she grabs my cock and sucks the juices off of me, the feeling is just unbelievable. We look over and her husband is sitting in a chair with his cock in hand... his turn. She sucks him for a bit, getting him all hard, then he fucks her doggie... He's thrusting his hard cock so hard, she cums again. I'm thinking to myself, this is unbelievable, I've never seen a woman have this many orgasms in such a short of time!! Before I know it, he's filling her pussy with his as well, thrusting her pussy even harder! When he's done, they sit on the floor ask me if I had a good time. With a smile on my face, I tell them I have an unbelievable satisfying evening. I ask her if she's always this orgasmic and she says yes... She then gets up and shows me where the shower is and hands me a towel. I quickly clean up and get dressed. On the way out the door, I shake his hand and thank them for a great evening, she give me a kiss on the cheek and tells me I'm welcomed to come back any time...
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This is a true story about my wife's 3 some when she was about 20 before we were married, and how she told me about it.

Before this happened D and her friends Phil and Jo were good friends and used to go out for drinks quite often D fancied Phil and he fancied her and didn't try to hide it always coping a cheeky feel of her sexy arse and being very touchy and telling her how fit she was.

On one occasion he asked her if she wanted to get together later when everyone had gone she refused because of her friendship with Jo.

Jo asked D to come round for drinks on Friday night with her and Phil and she told D with a wink and a smile, "come dressed sexy as you never know what might happen"

D said she would come round and try to dress sexy. She had a feeling that Phil might try to have his way with her on Friday and in a way hoped he would.

So Friday morning she had a nice long soak in the bath trying not to with herself thinking about what could happen. D saved her legs and then her pussy leaving just a little strip above her pussy.

She looked as hell.She then had to find something sexy to wear the underwear was easy black lacy thong and matching bra, she then went for a white blouse and a short black skirt and black heals.

She was now ready for anything she looked good and smelt good, but D was still nervous about the night even though she had gone around to Phil and Jo's all the time without ever feeling like she did tonight.

Phil and Jo's was only a five minute walk away but felt like ages as she walked with butterflies in her stomach.

As she got to Phil and Jo's she knocked and Phil answer with a kiss on the lips and a grab of D's arse saying how fit she looked.

Phil looked dressed in nice jeans and shirt and smelt nice as well. Jo was in the kitchen making drinks, and was delighted when she came in and saw how how D looked low cut top very short shirt and pull up stockings. She noticed that you could see D's flesh between the skirt and top of the holdups. A lot of skin.

And she also gave D a big kiss on the lips a big hug. D was in no doubt now that this wasn't just going to be an ordinary night and she could feel her pussy getting wet.

Jo brought the drinks in. Double vodka and coke all round. They were sat on the settee for a bit talking and drinking.

when Phil suggested a game of strip poker, Jo said yes for both her and D and went to set the table and get the cards .

she called them to come in to the sitting area where there was a long narrow table. Phil sat one side and Jo and D on the other.

D was the first to lose taking of her bra, then it was Jo who did the then Jo lost her skirt then finally Phil lost and removed his top, D then lost and also removed her skirt, Jo and D were now both just sat in their knickers and blouses.

And Phil was loving it looking at two fit women wearing next to nothing.

They all decided to leave it there for a bit and go back into the front room to have some more drinks.

They then all sat down for a bit of a rest where they positioned themselves either side of D and Phil put his hand on D's leg gently stroking it get higher each stroke eventually touching her thong.

D made her excuse and went to the toilet to freshen up and as she looked in the mirror she could she her nipples were sticking , and very hard. she slid her fingers through the outer lips of her pussy. It was now very wet she was now so turned on she hoped the night was going to continue as it was and she could fuck Phil.

As she went back down stairs Phil now got up to go to upstairs, grabbing D as they passed and kissed her full on the lips slipping his tongue in, It shocked D a bit as Jo was sat right there watching.

As D sat back down Jo put her arms around her hugging her tight and asked "Did you like that?"

D said "yes but he's your husband."
"it's OK" Jo said.
"it turns me on to see you want him. He does turn you on doesn't he?"

"Of course he does. He's very nice and your lucky to have him,"

"you can be lucky and have him tonight if you want," Jo said. "He has been asking me for weeks to get my help and approval for you to fuck. Will you?"

D said "I don't know i fancy him but he is yours."

"Yes, he's mine but i am giving you permission to fuck him tonight so do you want to?"

"Yes i do," D answered. With this Jo leaned in and they started kissing. Jo was now feeling D's tits and moved her hand down her body onto D's pussy rubbing it through her thong. She could feel how wet they were, saying, "you are turned on aren't you?"

D moved her hand to Jo's knickers and hers were as wet as D's. "so is someone else," D said.

As this was going on Phil had been watching from the stairs. He knew his wife had told D she wanted to watch as Phil fucked her. He walked back to sit down.

Jo got up and whispered to D "have fun I'll be back in a minute."

Phil put his arm around D and said, "I told you Jo was OK if we fucked,"

"I believe you now," D said with a smile.

"As you know i have fancied you for ages, Jo and i talk about you when we are fucking we both fancy you that much."

D said, "I always wanted to fuck you, but didn't believe Jo was OK with it until tonight."

"Does that mean you will tonight?" They both said at the time.

Then Phil said with a big grin, "If you your cards right, I will."

D said, We do not need to cards," and laughed as she touched his leg, which she felt his rigid cock under his pants.

Phil then moved closer, kissing D firmly and putting his hand up her blouse to with her hard nipples, which D loved. She moaned and kissed him harder. She was in no doubt now that tonight she was going to fuck Phil. His hand was now rubbing her wet pussy over her thong, so he he pulled them to the side so he could touch, lick, kiss and eat her properly.

D was now squirming from his touch. She opened her legs wider to make it easier for him to access her pussy. So she hoped he could do all of those things to her cunt. D was now feeling for his cock through his jeans and she could feel it was much bigger than she had ever had before which just got her even wetter. She hadn't known it would be possible to get wetter than she could make herself with her toys when she was masturbating alone.

Phil now got up and pulled D's arse cheeks to the edge of the settee and began to slide her thong off her hips, of her pussy, and off her ankles. they were thoroughly soaked.

D had lifted her arse up so he could pull soaked thong off easily, as she was now in a hurry to feel his cock in her cunt. Her raising her arse had intentionally helped to push his fingers and the soaked silk of her thong up between the lips and into the canal of her vagina.

As he slid them down her sexy long legs, he said D's pussy was gorgeous as he knelt down between her legs and started to lick her outer lips. D put her feet up on the edge of the settee. She spread her legs as wide as she could which of course spread her labia so Phil could lick her inner lips and get his tongue really deep inside her cunt.

she was moaning and arching her hips upward as she cum for the first time. she was so turned on she didn't realise Jo had gotten naked and sat down next to her. Jo began rubbing D's clit as Phil continued to lick her pussy out and finger her with three fingers which she was taking easily as she was so wet, Jo started kissing D and D was touching Jo's tits she was in heaven, as was Jo. Phil was so hard that he obviously in heaven with them.

D really wanted to feel Phil's big cock inside her. D said "please fuck me. i need fucking."

Jo said "good girl"

Phil stopped licking D while he got undressed, so Jo replaced him sticking her fingers up D and licking her clit and sucking her juices.

Phil was ready now and sat on the chair so D could suck him. His cock was much bigger than she had ever fucked before at about 9 inches and very thick and she couldn't wait for him to fill her up.

He got down and positioned his big cock at D's vagina mouth. With her fingers Jo opened up D's pussy like a blossoming flower and Phil began to slowly ease inside her. D moaned and arched upward as her tight pussy began to take Phil's big cock.

Jo was now fingering her naked pussy lips, eagerly, watching her best friend being fucked by her husband, Phil was fucking D nice and slowly allowing her cunt to adjust to his size, which it had to do because he was so big.

D noticed that her pussy was wetter than she had ever been and her juices were leaking out of her with every stroke.

Phil was picking up the pace, D was moaning real loud, while Jo was fingering herself hard and fast. Jo was using three fingers while her other hand was rubbing her clit she was really turned on now. she wanted her turn on her husband's big cock, saying to Phil, "my turn now."

As he pulled his magnificent cock out, D let out a huge sigh.

Jo told Phil to let her suck his cock clean of D's pussy juices and told D to lick pussy her and get it ready for Phil.

D did as she was asked. She comfortably got between Jo's legs and sunk her tongue deep into her wet pussy, (it wasn't D's first time licking pussy she had regularly done it on sleep overs at her friends house,)

Jo was now ready and told Phil to fuck her hard. He did just that now; no slowly sliding it in. He just slammed it in and started fucking Jo really hard and fast. she was screaming her delight as she was being hammered.

she pulled D to her and they started kissing just as hard as Phil was fucking her. Then she started to cum and gushed all over his cock and settee. He pulled his shining slimy cock out of Jo's pussy and went down on her while slipping his fingers into D.

Jo asked D if she could take Phil fucking her that hard and she said "i would love to find out."

Jo and Phil just smiled at each other then Phil said, "we had better get you really wet now." Then he started finger fucking D hard and fast with three then four fingers while Jo started licking D's clit which was getting her pussy really wet again.

Phil said "Do you think you ready now for the fucking of your life?"

D just moaned, "yes, please fuck me like I've never been fucked before."

Jo sat up and said "Get ready D,"

Phil placed his cock at D's wet cunt and just slammed it in all the way up to his balls. D let out a massive scream the neighbours should have heard.

Phil didn't stop or even ask if D was OK. He just carried on banging the shit out of D's cunt, she was gripping the settee and now rhythmically pushing her cunt back towards him and fucking him like mad.

Jo was impressed saying "Go, girl. you really can fuck Phil as hard as me."

D started to cum as hard as Jo had. They had all been fucking for a good couple of hours now and D couldn't believe how Phil still hadn't cum.

He just said, "There's plenty more to come yet, it's only early."

They all took some time out now to get their breath back and have a few more drinks and something to eat.

D started to put her thong and blouse back on, Jo asked her not to bother as it was nice to see her body and we would have to take it off again.

So they all stayed naked while they ate and talked. the talk was all about sex. Jo asked D why it had taken her so long to fuck Phil.

D just said, "because he's your husband and your my best friend and didn't want to hurt you."

"So are you glad you have now?" Jo asked

Of course i am. It's been the best day of my life and the Phil is the best fuck i have ever had. you are so lucky, Jo."

"You can fuck him whenever you want D. We have been fantasising about this for ages. even when we are fucking we talk about you and wonder what you would be like. To now finally find out your as good a fuck as we thought you would be is incredible" said Jo.

D was going red again. "Oh please don't. you'll embarrass me,"

"Don't be silly," Phil said. it's all true, and you are a great fuck. You are nearly as good as Jo," he laughed, as he leaned in to kiss them both.

"So who's ready for round two?" Phil asked.

Jo said, "about time."

D just smiled. Phil moved over to D and stuck his cock near her mouth. without saying a word, she took his cock in and sucked it until he was fully hard again.

Jo just sat and watched for a bit rubbing her pussy saying. "This is so watching you two have fun. Fuck her for me Phil."
"Don't i get a say D said jokingly, as Phil picked her up and put her on the table.

D lay back as Phil began licking her pussy.

"Just getting you ready again," Phil said.

D moaned, "I am ready."

Jo was still watching, playing with her own pussy and tits. Jo said, "you are so fucking fit D. fuck her Phil give it to her hard again."

Phil stood up and slid D to the edge of the table lining his big hard cock with D's pussy. Like before, slamming into her hard then pulling his cock all the way and jamming it back in all the way.

D didn't scream this time just held on to the table moaning in ecstasy as Phil was really fucking her hard.

Jo was now kissing D. She then got upon the table and lowered her pussy onto D's face. D started lapping at Jo's sopping pussy as she was getting pounded. Then Jo started to cum on D's tongue and told Phil she needed fucking right now.

Phil pulled of D. As D tried to get up, Jo pushed her back down a stuck her tongue straight in to D's pussy while Phil started fucked Jo from behind. D and Jo both started cumming. Straight away Phil then said he was very close to cumming now and Jo said, "not in me. i want you to cum in D's pussy."

"Do you want that D?" Phil gasped

"Yes please," D replied. So Jo moved to allow Phil to fuck D as he slid in slower this time,

He asked D, "Are you ready for my cum now?"

"Oh, yes, please fuck me and fill me up with you cum," said D.

Phil sped up his fucking and grunted, "oh fuck, I'm cumming,"
D panted, "Oh yes, cum in me Phil. Fucking fuck me. i want your cum."

Phil stated to pump his cum in D's pussy. and she started screaming, "I'm cumming too. Don't stop." They were fucking each other hard now and there mixed juices were leaking of D's cunt on to the table and floor as they both stopped and Phil pulled .

Jo came over and put her fingers in D's cunt then sucking there mixed juices off her fingers, Jo then pushed her tongue deep in to D's cunt licking there mixed juices.

"God, that tastes good." she remarked

She then kissed D saying "Thank you. That was the best night's fucking we have ever had. To which D nodded in agreement.

It was now gone midnight and D was late home and knew her husband would go mad she quickly got dressed thanked Jo and Phil for an amazing night

She walked home thinking do i just look like i have been fucked? She was hoping she could sneak in and be able to clean up her soaking wet pussy before she was found .
My Best Friend
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Janet's tongue skillfully navigated the peaks and valleys of my vagina as I let me legs fall open wider to her. The air conditioning blew a cool, gentle breeze across my thighs in the back seat of her minivan, caressing my bare skin with a soft tingle. Tree branches waved above us, casting glittery shadows on her dark hair as her head bobbed up and down with each stroke of her tongue along the skin between my legs. We parked in our usual shady, isolated spot in the back parking lot of Rose Creek Park, just off the normal path between school and my house. I looked down at her, my best friend's mom, as she drew my clit into her mouth and let it slip back out. In and out, in and out. I sighed as the waves of pleasure filled my body from my tummy out.

"Ohhh, Janet mmmmmm..." My hand fell lazily onto her head as I scooched forward. Down she went, her tongue probing into my butt hole. I brought my hips up so she could go deeper. Her hands came up under my butt cheeks, pulling me into her. "Oh, oh..." My eyes shut, letting the sensation take my focus.

Janet picks us up from school every day, only it's just me on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Allyson has late practice. Those days have become my skirt-and-pretty-panties days so Janet can easily access and enjoy my body as long as she wants to. We only do this and she never asks for anything in return. I've never had sex before her. I experimented a little with girls, diddling under the covers, just stuff. Janet has been married a long time and cut off from enjoying sex with women, like she did occasionally when she was single. When I told her I was curious about it, it took about two minutes for me to have my panties down like they are now with Janet's hungry mouth giving me super intense cunnilingus. Like, unbelievable.

She likes to start with my feet, taking my shoes off first, kissing and licking my toes. She ascends my calves slowly, her lips pulling gently, up to my knees, then folding back my skirt, she kisses across my panties. All the while she watches my face. She is really into me enjoying it. And, I do just luvvvv it, the way she takes her time and build the intensity.

Today she was taking even longer than usual, teasing around the edges of my panties, licking and hiding her fingers inside, playing with my clit before putting a finger in me. It took a while before my panties were off and she was finally closing her lips over my vagina. I find myself getting antsy for it. By the time I was in her mouth, I was really wet. She keeps me clean and never loses a drop onto the seats. I think she likes to let me drip a little, then lick it off. There's something amazing about how into my body she is.

She eased her thumb inside my opening, my lube letting it slide in without resistance. Her fingers pressed against my anus, slipping around on it as she began to thrust inside me. My hands grasped at the seats as I reacted to her. The rapid motion of her tongue over my clit with her finger fucking me shot me up towards orgasm in a few seconds.

"I'm gonna cuhhhhhhmmmnnggghhhaaa...!" The world disappeared in the wash of ecstasy. I fell to one side in the throes of it, curling forward towards her as I tensed and released with each pulse of pleasure. I tried not to squeeze her head between my thighs, but had little control. She stayed latched on, pleasuring me as if she knew what my body wanted before I did. I flopped on one side, the contractions fading slowly within my pelvis as she massaged me with her tongue. Janet licked me clean while I lay there. Lifting my leg to clean me completely. The mix of her warm tongue and the cool wetness were soothing.

When I opened my eyes, she was smiling and licking her lips.

"It's still my favorite thing," she said.

"Mine too," I answered. Then I did something impulsive. I sat up abruptly and kissed her. We'd never done anything like that before. She was taken aback at first and pulled back briefly, then melted into it. A surprising amount of emotion came up as our lips enmeshed, my flavor coating both of our tongues. I pulled back and looked at her.

"What was that?" She asked. "I thought we weren' know. Because I'm married. It's just sex."

"I know we weren't. And, I don't know. I just felt...I don't know."

Then I kissed her again. This time, she wrapped her arms around me and leaned me back against the seat. She was feeling something too. It was there in the way she kissed me and held me. I didn't know what it meant, but it felt amazing!
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t was summer, and it was hot. I was working in an office in a busy city centre; a bit of a cube farm, with desks in lines just separated by low partitions. Unusually, in my line of work, there were a fair few women working along side me, and one, sat right opposite, was quite young, and very pretty.

Long auburn hair, full figure, and beautiful grey-green eyes. She often wore very tight, very short skirts that showed off her nylon clad legs to perfection. On top she would most often wear a business-like white blouse with buttons popping across her amazing, large breasts. Occasionally, she would wear very tight vest tops with either no bra or a sports bra underneath.

We didn't really speak much, just a nod and a smile of a morning or when coming back from grabbing a coffee in the kitchenette. Her smile was electric though; straight, white teeth and genuine warmth. I fantasised a lot about Georgie. I had more than one wank in the company toilets with thoughts of her hard nipples poking through that tight vest top, or the hint of lacey bra through the opening in her blouse. And, yes, I thought of her sometimes while I was fucking my wife (which was few and far between if I'm honest).

What happened that summer started small. I dropped my pencil one day. I swore under my breath and reached down. No luck. All I managed to do was knock if further under the desk. I pushed my chair back, huffed a little then got on my hands and knees and crawled under the desk to retrieve that stupid tube of wood.

As I poked about I noticed, not more than three feet away, a nylon clad foot. No shoe, just a nicely shaped foot covered in dark nylon. Not so thick that I couldn't see the skin beneath, nor yet so sheer that there wasn't some mystery to the barrier. My gaze ran up the shapely curve of the calf, across the tightly bent knee and then stopped. Transfixed. Georgie was sat back on her chair, but pushed tight under the table, her knees quite wide apart. Her tights were those gusset-less kind, and I had a very clear view of the small triangle of white fabric that made up her panties. Stretched tight across her mound, pulling slightly into the slit beneath.

My cock twitched to life in my trousers, making a slightly too noticeable bulge, but I was transfixed. Her knees swayed together and apart slowly as she worked.

I pulled myself together and returned to my seat, pencil too obviously in hand, and worked some more.

For the next few days all I could think about was that view. Her shapely legs clad in nylon, framing the hidden secret at their root.

I tried not to make it obvious, but I had to see some more. In an overly theatrical display I dropped my pencil again. And huffing unconvincingly under the table I went.

On this day, her skirt was ridden up her thighs a little, and her black tights were much more sheer. Her panties, lacey and small, barely covered the triangle of her sex. Through the nylon and lace I was almost sure I could see the auburn curls of her pubic hair, some even peeping over the top. As I moved, I banged my head on the table, and had to make a quick return to the surface. I stood rubbing my head.

"You alright, Dan?" Georgie asked.

I looked across the partition. She was sat in a tight vest top, no bra, nipples poking through. She had a pencil resting on her lower lip. She sucked it gently into her mouth as out eyes met.

"Fine," I said with a sheepish smile. I waved the pencil. "Dropped it under the desk."

"Oh." She said, and flashed one of those hot smiles.

Later in the day I bumped into her in the kitchenette. Literally. I went through the door, moved toward the coffee jug, and she stopped suddenly in front of me. Before I could stop I was close up against her, my groin pressing against the hot round cheeks of her bottom through the tight, short skirt. My hands, without thinking, went to her hips.

I stepped back quickly. "I'm so sorry!" I gasped.

She turned, looking me in the eye, "It wasn't THAT bad was it?" she said with a naughty grin. As she walked past me to with her coffee, her other hand trailed to the side, brushing against the front of my trousers.

Back at the desks, work dragged on. Then there was a sudden movement from the opposite side of the partition. "Bugger." it was Georgie's voice. Her head peeped over the partition. "Dan, be a love, dropped my pen and it's rolled under your desk." she smiled. "I know how much you love it under there."

I looked at her beautiful face, and just nodded. She smiled, and sat back down.

Under the table I went. Sure enough there was the pen. I reached for it, then saw the motion under Geogie's desk. Her legs were very far apart, and as I looked higher I was transfixed. The sheer fabric of her nylons was stretched tight across her pubic area, as before, but the skirt was all the wall up to the top of her thighs. And there were no panties.

No mistaking the curls of auburn pubic hair this time, nor the peachy softness of the mound that surrounded her slit. Her pussy lips protruded slightly, glistening in the uneven light reaching under the desk. He hand, resting on one thigh, moved slowly back and forth, then reached between her legs. Pushing the fabric of her tights into her hot pussy. The fabric was getting damp too, and the smell of her sex wafted to me under the desk, making my cock go rigid.

I moved a little closer drinking in the sights and smells, then reached out a hand and touched her thigh. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she just reached down and placed her hand over mine, pulling it higher toward her glistening crotch.

My hand found her slit, rubbing the nylon tights across her clit and pushing at her entrance. She reached down with both hands, grabbed the fabric of her tights and pulled. It parted, and I had an unobscured view of her tight, wet pussy. I traced the line of her slit with my forefinger, swirling around her clit. She parted her lips with a hand either side, and I slid my finger into her sopping hole.

I thrust it back and forth for a bit, then pulled it out and rubbed her clit. Then I smiled to myself. Her pen was in my other hand, and now I brought it up and pushed it into her pussy. Twisting it around in a spiral movement, as well as in and out. Her milky pussy juice coated the hard plastic of the pen. Then, suddenly, she pushed my hands away, clenched her legs together and shooed me back.

I stood from under my desk. Her boss, and elderly man in grey suit, stood beside her talking about work. He looked at me quizzically.

"Your pen?" I said to Georgie.

She smiled. "That's Ok, you keep it." she said "I have plenty more."

She was out of the office for the next few days, but when she returned I found a post-it note on my desk. It just said 'My turn!! xx'

Not sure what that meant I just got on with my work, and made excuses to stand and peep at her lovely face, and awesome cleavage. Then I heard her mutter. "Dropped my pen."

"I can get it for you." I said, perhaps a little too eagerly.

"Your fine, Dan", she said. "I'll get it."

My heart sank. Had I upset her. Was that a once in a lifetime thing?

The I felt a hand against each knee, pushing them apart. I looked side to side. No one paying attention. I lowered my seat a little, to look down at the grinning face of Georgie. She put a finger to her lips and shushed me, then unzipped my fly. She felt around inside, then pulled my cock out into the open air under the desk. She looked at it, gripping it expertly and pulling the foreskin down. She moved in, her tongue darting out and licking the head of my cock, swirling all around, then flickering on the under side. Harder and harder got my cock, and she pulled the foreskin tight back, before sliding her hot, ruby lips over my head and going down. All the way down. Her nose buried in my trousers. I could feel the back of her throat around my helmet, and she somehow squeezed it with that delectable throat.

Up again she came, plopping my cock out of her mouth, taking a breath, then back to licking, but this time wanking the shaft tight, hard and fast.

I could feel the cum building in my balls. I tried to warn her, but she just kept going. I exploded. Cum shot from the end of my cock, splashing against her cheek and mouth. She quickly enclosed my head in her mouth, and sucked hard as the next jets of cum erupted. She swallowed it all, then crept back under the desk to her side, leaving me to get my cock back into my trousers.

She stood up. "Great!" she said. "Got just what I needed!" and she smiled at me as she pushed a blob of cum up her chin and into her mouth.

She was transferred to another office shortly after that, but I did see her again. Just once. At the company Christmas Party … but that's another story. Or will be.
Wife feels my friend
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It was Memorial Day weekend and we were headed to our friends - Davis and Tonya's lake house (or should I say mansion). There were four married couples and several single friends invited for the long weekend.

Everyone was excited to escape the city and enjoy the next three days on the lake boating, fishing, jet skiing, and drinking a lot of alcohol. All the guests arrived early Saturday morning, went to their rooms to settle and unpack. My wife and I were on the second floor and shared a jack & jill bathroom with my friend Anthony. We didn't mind sharing, but it did make me think of the time about three months ago when Anthony came over to the house and we all got so drunk. That was the night the me, my wife and Anthony had too much to drink, got naked and "played" around a little. It didn't go too far that night. To make a long story short, she exposed herself, and masturbated while Anthony and I jerked off watching her. We were all hot into it, and came together. Since that night, there was nothing to hide and sharing a bathroom was no big deal.

After we unpacked and changed into our swimming suits, we walk down to the lake. We spent the day at the dock on the water swimming or skiing.

As the night rolled on the crowd started to thin as people started to go to bed. Finally it was down to me, my wife, Anthony and a girl named Jennifer. Anthony and Jennifer were both single and had been flirting all night. We were playing music and dancing around when someone suggested another round of shots. Not wanting to be a downer, we all agreed to one more. Jennifer had been drinking pretty heavily all day. The shot must have pushed her over the edge. A few minutes later she said her good nights and headed off to her room. Anthony had invested too much time during the day flirting with her that he did not want to lose the opportunity to possibly get some. He look at me, gave me a light punch in the shoulder, winked and said "I better make sure she gets to her room safely". My wife and I smiled knowing it was more than likely a done deal since they were both so into each other. We were not ready for bed, so we poured another drank and sat down on the deck over looking the lake enjoying the night.

A few minutes later, he returned saying "it was a no go, all he got was a good night kiss". He was a little frustrated saying he was going through a "dry spell" and needed a release. Jokingly I said "my wife will show you a little skin like the last time we were together. Maybe that will give you some relief". He looked at me and said "that was one of the hottest things I have ever done". He told us he had jacked off several times since just thinking about that night. "Every time I think about it, I pop a boner". He then grabbed his bulging cock through his swimming trunks and shook it showing us he was getting hard. Jennifer really got me going tonight. It was obvious by the wet spot of pre-cum that had soaked through his trunks. I haven't cum in about two weeks. My nuts are going to explode. He looked at me and said "you may have been joking just then when you mentioned repeating what we did that one night, but I would be totally into a repeat if it's okay with you and your wife". In my head I was thinking the exact same thing. I knew my wife enjoyed the last time. We had been drinking all day, so I figured why not see if she would be up to it. I pulled her closer and gave her a big sloppy kiss. She still had on her two piece bathing suit so I rubbed her ass, then grabbed her tits. I asked her if he was ready for a repeat. She said "it was getting late, almost 2:00 am and we should all be going to bed". I was surprised with what she said "BUT, it looks like our friend really could use our help, so for his sake, sure!" Anthony and I both high fived and said "fuck yea!" I told her to get the show going and she pulled away from my hold and stood in front of us. We sat back in the lounge chairs. She started rubbing her tits through her top. Then she leaned over and asked Anthony to unclasp her top. I knew she was toying with him. She did not reveal her tits the last time, so this would be a new treat for him. After he unhooked it, she stepped back and took it off slowly revealing her tits and erect nipples. She gave them a squeeze between for fingers then started circling them softy. We sat back and enjoyed the show. She lowered her head, stuck her tongue out and began sucking her left nipple. I thought to myself, wow, she really does get off on showing her hot body off in front of us. I knew it made her feel sexy, confident and a turn on the have two grown men working themselves up by watching her. About that time Anthony stood up and said "My dick is going to rip a hole in my trunks if I don't get out of them soon". Just like that, he untied the string and stepped out of them. I was ready to free my raging boner too, so off they went on the deck. Now Anthony and I were both entirely naked. We looked at my wife and both made the motion that she needed to join us and get completely naked by remove the bottom of her bathing suite too. She knew it was time for the reveal. She slowing began pushing them down until they were down around her ankles. She stepped out of the and stood up straight reveal her beautiful, hairy mound. You could see the shape of her pussy lips slightly visible hanging below her hairy snatch. I still wanted them to know I was in control and told her to turn around and show her ass. She happily did so and even took it a step further by leaning over and spreading her ass cheeks giving us a perfect view of her butthole and cunt. We had already been working our cocks watching her play with her tits, but now we kicked it into a higher gear and began really pumping. She was enjoying the show, watching us men jacking our cocks to her hot body. She sat back in the chair across from us, raised her legs up and spread her cunt open for us to see. She began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt hole. She was really working it when she removed her fingers from her pussy and inserted one into her tight asshole.

After a few minutes, I asked her to give me a hand, a "hand job" that is. She agreed and knelt down beside my lounge chair, took my cock in her hand and started stroking. Man, she was really working me good. Anthony looked over and saw her technique and said "I wish I had a woman around to take care of me like that". My wife said, "maybe Jennifer will feel better tomorrow and help you out". He said, "maybe tomorrow, but that's then not now". I knew where this was going, so I said, "Babe, you have already touched it before, you even jacked him off to make him hard, why not give him a couple of strokes tonight?" Anthony said he was so close to cumming that it would not take him long. She looked over and asked if it and "okay". I simply said, "I am fine with it and for her to do whatever she wanted, she had my permission". I then suggested a double hand job so no one would be left out. At that time she moved from my side to between our two lounge chairs. She put her right hand around my cock and started stroking again. She then slowly reach out and wrapped her left hand around Anthony's cock. This was it. We were going from playing around, poking and lightly touching to actually giving another man beside her husband a full on hand job. The up and down motion started slowing at first. We both threw our heads back, took deep breaths and started to enjoy the pleasure we were receiving from her. There was also another aspect to this whole situation. The fact that we were house guest in this great lake house with ten other people. We were all buck naked on the back deck and my wife was giving a double hand job. What if someone would walk out on us? We would be completely busted because there would be no way to hide. I guess it only added to the excitement of doing something taboo. Things really started going. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy, so much she could practically use it as lube. I looked over at her stroking Anthony's big dong. He had a huge vein running along the side that was pulsating as she stroked him. She worked in an upward motion and rotated her fingers around his dick head. She squeezed the tip and he delivered a dab of pre-cum. She was doing a great job of giving us both attention. As she worked his shaft, she massaged my my hairy nuts, rolling them in her fingers, squeezing and pulling on them. This was turning out to not be a quick jerk which was fine with us. Things had been going on for several minutes. I was watching her tits shake as she jerked on our cocks. I reached out and started playing with them. Anthony watched as I rubbed her nipples. He probably wanted to reach out and play with them too. But he was very respectful and did not want to cross any line unless he knew I was cool with it. I knew I was getting close and did nothing to stop it. I let out a moan and told her I was cumming. She shifted her focus on me as the cum exploded out of my cock covering my stomach and chest. I laid there exhausted, breathing heavily from the intense nut I just shot. I looked over to continue watching the show. Anthony began to tense up, close his eyes and roll his head back. He looked back down at her directly in her eyes and said "I'm cumming". Just as the last word left his mouth his balls tightened and he starting shooting rope after rope of thick creamy cum. He was right when he said he hadn't come in a while. He must have shot six, seven or even eight big wads of come. It was all over his chest, one shot even landed in his beard. The last amounts to release from his shaft just bubbled out and ran along the shaft coating her hand still grasping his pulsating cock. He let out a loud yell and said "fuck, that was good". So loud we thought that might wake the others. So we gathered our clothes and quickly ran inside. As we were running inside, I glanced up at my wife running in front of me. I really couldn't tell, but it appeared that she raised her cum covered hand she was just using to jack Anthony off and lick it. Was she tasting Anthony's cum? Did she really just do that or was I imagining it? I would have to find out later.
BI Wife Surprise
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Fred and his two friends Bob and Joe had left the pub early. Well, they hadn't left, as such.. Having consumed a considerable quantity of beer, they were politely asked to leave by the. manager.. . "No problem guys," slurred Fred, "We can go back to my place, I got some beer in the. fridge. Patty will most likely be in bed already, so we can drink some more and watch the game. on TV."

Readily agreeing with this suggestion, all three men hailed a taxi for the short journey to. Fred's house.

Climbing out of the cab, Fred saw, with some surprise, that his wife's friend's blue. Toyota was parked in the drive. Great, he thought sarcastically, that meant that the two women. would be gossiping for hours and would probably complain about him bringing his friends back. to watch the game. He turned to his friends.

"Be quiet guys, okay. We can sneak in the back door and into the den. If we don't make. to much noise, they might not notice us!"

The alcohol misting their brain's, Fred's two friends once again accepted this idea as. making some sort of sense and followed him towards the back door. Fred let them in quietly,. stumbling and cursing in hushed tones. The three giggled like teenagers as they tip-toed their way. past the lounge towards the den. Fred stopped to listen at the slightly ajar lounge door as he came. to it. The beer had clouded his senses, but the deep, groaning voices from within startled him. back to sobriety. For a moment, Fred forgot that his friends were with him and burst in through. the door.

"What the fuck-"

"Oh my god, Fred! What the hell are you doing back?" cried his wife Patty, as she saw. her husband enter the room. Her face was flushed red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. and the pitch of her voice was noticeably higher. Her companion, Jane, had only just realized that. they had been discovered, and raised her head from its previous position between Patty's. outstretched and naked legs.

Fred stood almost speechless, the words seemed to rush into his mind and then evaporate. in the air before he had chance to voice them.

"What the fuck?" he said again

Patty, having almost rationalized the situation, and knowing there was little point in trying. to bluff her way out of it, seemed visibly calmer than her husband. Sitting as she was on the floor. with her back to the sofa, she pulled Jane's also naked body towards her in a protective fashion.

"Come on Fred," she said, "You know that Jane is bisexual. We have known each other. for a long time. Are you really that surprised?"

It was true. Jane and Patty had know each other long before Fred had come on the scene. and Jane had actually introduced them to each other.

"Yes..yes.." stammered Fred, finally finding his voice. He was suddenly aware of his two. friends still standing behind him in the doorway. "But you? Your not a can't be, can. you?"

"No Fred, I'm not gay, I'm not really even completely bi-sexual. It's just with Jane it all. feels so natural. You know we are very close! Please don't be angry with me"

"Yeah, come on Fred," said Bob with a smile as he and Joe moved forward and flanked. their friend on either side. "This is one hot situation, my friend! I say we let em get on with it -. as long as we can watch!"

"Shit, Bob! This is my wife we're talking about here!"

"Yeah, I know," replied Joe, "but look at them, man. How many times have we talked. about this type of thing and how hot it would be to see? And now it's here, right in front of us."

Fred looked over at the two women. Jane's large breasts contrasted very nicely with her. friend's smaller ones, and despite himself, he could feel a rising erection.

"If it's okay with Fred, it's cool with me," said Patty with a smile. "But you'll have to do. more than watch, I may like Jane's pussy, but I also love a nice juicy prick as well!"

"Me too!" cried Jane. "Every now and then, I just have to feel a big cock up me. It feels. so much better than the plastic ones I'm used to!"

It seemed to Fred that the decision had already been made. He loved his wife and would. never dream of refusing her anything she really wanted, plus Jane looked really sexy sitting there. with her big tits on show. He could see that the nipples were puffy and swollen as if they had just. recently been sucked. Jane's legs were together as she cuddled up to Patty, but Fred could just. see that she had shaved off all her pubic hair, something which excited him greatly and that he. had been trying to get Patty to do for ages. His cock ached in the confines of his jeans.

"Okay," Fred finally agreed. "As long as you're sure babe."

"Oh, I'm sure all right," his wife cried her reply, "Now, get out of those clothes you three.. You're definitely overdressed!"

As Fred and his friends quickly removed their clothing, the two women returned to the position. they had been in before they were disturbed; Patty spread her legs and Jane, kneeling on all fours. ducked her head back between her friend's open thighs. Before the three men were even down. to their underwear, they could hear the moans and cries of Fred's wife as Jane stabbed her long. pink tongue in and out of the other woman's vagina. Fred knew those sounds only too well and. was aware that she was fast approaching an orgasm. He knew just how to help her along.

Throwing the last remnants of his clothing onto the floor, he quickly moved to his wife's. side. He looked down between her legs, fascinated at how Jane's head bobbed up and down. between her thighs as she brought her friend closer and closer towards her climax. Patty's gasps. and sighs had almost reached a crescendo as Fred, lowered his head and took one of his wife's. small, hard nipples into his mouth and began to roll his tongue around the distended bud. He bit. down lightly and smiled to himself as he heard and felt her scream out her orgasm and her whole. body shudder as she came. Jane continued to caress her friend's labia with her tongue as Patty. began to relax.

Until then, Bob and Joe had been quietly watching from the side, stroking a pair of large. erections as they enjoyed the show. Bob was the first to move. Jane had not changed her position. and was still on all fours with her pert bottom stuck up high in the air. Patty disengaged herself. from her lovers oral caresses and joined her husband and Joe as they watched Bob crawl up. behind Jane. His cock was sticking out in front of him as he began to run his hands over Jane's. upturned buttocks. Jane sighed deeply as his fingers found and entered her wet pussy. The labia. spread invitingly before him as he sank two digits deep into her body.

The three spectators watched with awed fascination as Jane's hips began to rock back and. forward in time to the thrusts of Bob's fingers. Her buttocks were spread wide and Fred could. see her tiny puckered asshole wink and contract; the same buttocks that he had seen many times. before encased in tight jeans and lusted over when he thought his wife wasn't watching!

As Bob fingered her sweet pussy and thumbed her clit, Jane was fast nearing her own. climax.

"Ohhhhhh...quick, Bob...put it in me now...I'm almost there...stick that big cock up my. wet cunt and fuck me hard!!"

Bob was a little surprised at her choice of language, but, nevertheless, was more than. happy to give the bitch what she wanted. Positioning himself quickly at the entrance to her. honeypot, he thrust his full eight inches deep into her. Jane gasped out loud and Bob moaned as. he felt her internal muscles grip him and pull him deeper in. There was no finesse as he began. to plough his cock into her. He pounded her pussy hard and fast, grabbing her large hanging. breasts for balance and pulling her back onto his cock with every lunge he made. He knew that. he would not be able to last long, and as Jane's body began to shake and convulse as she. orgasmed, Bob threw back his head and jerked his seed deep into her moist tunnel.

Watching this display of lust had caused Fred and Joe to become even harder and Patty had. positioned herself between the two friends and had been slowly masturbating them both as they. all looked on. Bob was now completely spent, and Jane had repositioned her body so that she. could lick the last remnants of fluid from his softening penis, her ass once again high in the air. so that everyone could see the cum dribble from her open hole.

"Fred, why don't you let me give Joe here a nice blow-job while you give Jane a little. more attention." said Patty to her husband. "It looks like Bob will need some time to recover, and. Jane's always said that she would like to feel a cock in her ass. I told her how great it feels, and. she really wants to try it!"

Fred was over behind the kneeling Jane in a flash. The ass that had been the centre of his. imaginary lust for so long was now in his hands, and as he knelt behind her and spread those. wonderful sexy globes he felt his cock twitch in anticipation. He bent his head down and heard. Jane gasp as his tongue flicked over the little star shaped opening. She trembled and came again. as he snaked his tongue over and then into the small hole.. . Meanwhile, Joe was feeling great. He had never dared to tell Fred, but he had always fancied. Patty. Her pretty lips seemed made for sucking cock and now he was finally going to experience. that pleasure. He could see Fred out of the corner of his eye as he prepared to enter Jane's well. lubricated butt and figured that, while he was so busy, he could hardly object to Patty's lips that. were currently converging on his own cock.

Joe gasped loudly as Patty sucked him deep into her mouth. Fred had always claimed. proudly, that his wife was the best cock sucking bitch in the area, and Joe now had to agree with. that description. She rolled her expert tongue around his glans for several minutes, bobbing her. head up and down as she fellated him and then, with a deft movement she adjusted the angle of. her head and sank right down on his shaft. Joe felt himself throbbing as her throat contracted. around his cock, and with a cry of ecstasy he released his seed. He had never experienced such. a classic, deep throat blow job and was surprised that his cock kept jerking inside her throat as. more and more of his cum flooded into her mouth and seeped from the edges of her lips.

With the atmosphere in the room electrically charged and the whole area filled with the aroma. of hot sex, Bob, Joe and Patty moved closer to Fred and Jane. They were keen to see the finale. of the evening, and Patty especially, was eager to see her husband take her friend's anal cherry.

Jane was still in the "doggy" position that she had been in most of the night and Fred was. standing with bent legs over her upturned butt. They had finally found the perfect position and. Fred was pushing his cock slowly downwards against her tight anal opening. The other three. were all close enough to see the skin around Jane's asshole stretch and expand as Fred kept up. the gentle pressure. His eyes were tight shut and with clenched teeth he gave a final small thrust.. Jane squealed as finally she felt Fred's cock penetrate her.

"Aaahhhhhhh...oh my GOD!" she cried as he sank into her. "Ohhhh...don't stop, Fred.. It feels so good now!......fuck me Fred...Fuck my ass!..."

Using his hands on her butt to steady himself, Fred began a slow in and out motion with. his manhood. The sensations were quite fantastic and reminded him of his first ass fuck with. Patty. Jane's tight muscle gripped his cock like a vice as he fucked her. Her butt was now so high. in the air that her body was at almost a right angle to the floor. He tried to go slow and make it. last, but with Jane's grunts of encouragement and the guttural voices from his friends and his. wife telling him to fuck Jane's butt deeper, he knew that the end was in sight.

The spectators were all playing with themselves and each other as the watched the display. in front of them, and Frank wanted to give the something to remember. Bob and Joe had already. shot their second load of cum that evening as they masturbated on either side of Patty, finally. ejaculating thick streams of hot cum over her small, perky tits as she buried three fingers deep. in her own pussy.

Frank felt his balls contract and knew that this was it. With a popping sound he pulled. his spasming meat clear of Jane's butt and began to cum over her buttocks. This had the desired. effect on his wife who shuddered to her own climax just as Fred's seed hit Jane's hot skin. Spurt. after spurt of juice shot from the end of his twitching dick and trickled in rivulets down Jane's. buttocks and onto her thighs. With his dick quickly softening, Fred used his fingers to push it. back into Jane's ass with a squelch and squeezed the last remaining drops of cum into her anus.

Finally exhausted, all five friends sat recovering their breath. Fred looked at his wife and Jane.. Patty had cum covering her tits, her nipples still hard and swollen and her lipstick smeared. Jane. looked completely fucked. She didn't even have the strength to close her legs and her trembling. thighs lay open with cum dribbling from her pussy and ass. This evening had come as quite a. shock to Fred, but as he saw his wife crawl towards Bob's hardening tool, he knew that the night. was not yet over! He made a mental note to leave the pub early more often in the future!
At The Party (Stranger)
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Was at a party with my best friend and her good friends it had been about a month from a bad separation with my ex I decided to have a good time and head out with my old friend. It was about 3 hours into the party and I was meeting new ppl as best I could but failing miserably I was talking to my friends when a I started to get a little light headed I asked if there was a place I could lay and rest my head. About min of resting my head I hear the door open the light come in from the party as well as the loud music “occupied” I said as I covered my eyes from the light the door closed promptly. I felt the bed move and someone clime on the bed I asked who was it thinking it was one of my friends checking up on me. Shhh I hear a women say someone I didn’t know then I feel a hand on my chest gently pushing me on the bed “I’m going to take your pain away if you will let me” curios I asked how “With a gentle rub on your legs nothing to worry about” why not I thought and said ok she asked I take off my pants as she needs to rub my skin. She unbuttoned my pants and took them down to my shins slowly she started rubbing my legs I could see a silhouette from the light coming in from the window her hands felt good on my legs and I let my mined wonder the more she rubbed the more I felt my self get hard as her hands got higher up my legs soft and gentle I felt her hands slide all the way up under my shorts her fingers touching my balls as she rubbed. Before I could say anything her hands ****d around my hard cock I felt her slowly jerking up and down as she opened the button on my shorts and took out my cock her hands working my shaft I felt her tongue lick my balls and up my rod as she rubbed the precum on my knob with her thumb I felt her hand grab my balls as her mouth took my knob and sucked on it her hand on my balls gently rubbing then as her mouth slid down my shaft her other hand grabbing my cock and jerking it off as she worked my cock I could feel her tits rubbing against my leg covered by her top. She got faster and harder I grabbed the bed with one hand and her head with the other she had her hair up in a ponytail I took it in my hand and gently pulled her hair she started to moan and stuffed my cock deeper in her mouth. The sound of her moan made me more honey I let her hair go and bit my knuckles I’m edging now but still holding back. She stoped sucking to catch her breath she continued to jerk me off her hand working my shaft and knob she said don’t hold it any more as she put it back in her mouth I could feel her drool drip down to my balls every time she put it deeper she then started to use her tongue around my knob then suck it hard and fast I said I’m going to cum she grabbed my hip with one hand jerked me off with the other harder and faster I couldn’t hold it “ I’m cumming” I said about 3 times thinking she would stop and jerk me off but to my surprise she sucked harder as I started to let my load go it was big bigger then I had had in a long time she pushed her head down on it my cum shooting into her throat as she swallowed it almost gaging at times I grunted with every pulsation of my cock as more and more cum flowed she didn’t brake a beat swallowing every cum shot her hand still jerking my lower shaft as I slowly stoped climaxing she stoped sucking. My head hit the pillow as I let out a relieved breath she asked “Feel better now?” As she got up and walked to the door I pulled my pants up as the door opened I tried to get a look at this mystery women but to no avail as my friend walked in and asked who was that I said I don’t know. She asked what she wanted I said to make me feel better and it worked. I joined the party all the while looking at all the women in the room thinking witch one she was. But never finding out to this day.

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