Sometime in the recent past, True story:  

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9/14/2017 5:11 pm
Sometime in the recent past, True story:

Husband arranged a date for us with a very cute young single guy, met him at three sheets restaurant with the three of us getting to know each other while sitting together on one of their sofas in front of their bar area. We had nice conversation over a glass of wine and as we finished it, husband announced that he had a surprise for us. He paid our bill and upon leaving in his car, insisting the two of us ride together in the back seat with DH driving, he takes us to our “appointment” where he had prearranged for a couples massage for my date and myself! He had even paid for our massage in advance, and they were prepared for us upon our arrival at the spa. While we were getting an hour long couples massage together by a female masseuse for my date, and a male masseuse for me in a candle lit room, soft music in the background and sensual incense filling the air, DH was checking in to our hotel suite at Crowne Plaza Rivinia, again prearranged by him, with an overnight bag for us that contained my black, short babydoll style lingerie outfit complete with white lace boyshort style panties that was his favorite and excited him so much when I wore it to bed as well as packing our favorite personal lubricant, which I was to realize later why he had included. After our massage, he is waiting for us with a glass of wine in the car to take us to a very pleasant dinner and conversation at Rays on the River, which he had arranged reservations for a table for 3. Being my date and myself had been completely naked together while we experienced a relaxing but erotic and sensuous couples massage, I as well as our date were feeling very comfortable together and as a threesome, we were all were enjoying each other company and sharing our massage details with DH! So of course after dinner while our date was in the men’s room, DH asked if I would like to invite our new friend to our hotel room he had reserved, or would it be just the two of us. He did not have to ask, he already knew what my preference was! As DH was settling the bill, I took our dates hand and walked outside towards the car taking the opportunity to hold his hand affectionately as we walked and then as we reached the car, I pulled him close, held him and initiated a very sensual kiss. As this went on for what seemed to be a few minutes in the parking lot, at one point he was kissing my neck and I took that opportunity to whisper in his ear, as he was holding me close and kissing my neck, “would you like to accompany us to our room at Rivinia we have reserved? “ He did not immediately need to answer, he knew what I was craving and I could tell he wanted me badly and he to needed loving as we embraced with another more passionate kiss this time I felt his growing erection while we embraced and I pressed myself against him teasing him. Husband had been purposely stalling inside, but now came up behind me, holding by hips from behind, kissing the back of my neck as I held my date and whispered to me where both of us could hear, “I am glad you two are enjoying each other so very much”, then he ask, “Honey, may we take you to bed?” Spending the night together was very satisfying to say the least! I also quickly learned why DH felt I might need the personal lubricant. As they were loving on me, husband slips my panties off, I am kissing my date at the same time DH begins teasing my clit a little with his tongue, and also discretely slips a small amount of lubricant in and around my lips, needed or not, just to ensure that my date, who was very thickly endowed would slip in tenderly without any initial discomfort even though I was so wet it probably was not necessary as he was so gentle the first time in! Let’s just say the three of us did get a couple of hours of sleep that night, in-between our lovemaking sessions. Certain body parts were very sensitive the next morning as well as for a couple more days, in a very pleasant and satisfying way reminding me of the night before which put me and DH in a very good loving mood for days to come

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9/15/2017 3:55 pm

Very well written. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us! I love helping a husband give his sexy wife the type of pleasure only two men can give a woman. I wish we were closer, so I could add to the fun you two share!

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