Does it really matter?  

babeegurl70 49F
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9/11/2017 5:06 pm
Does it really matter?

Normally, I keep myself vaginally bald. But I do go through a ton of razor blades and/ or Nair bikini cream to keep the bush in check. That can be pretty expensive with the cost of razor blades and the cream. I shop at Sam's and it costs $34.98 for 16 refills on my Venus. That's $2.19 a blade. I can go a month on one blade if I don't shave my pussy, but have to change it out every week if I do. The Nair cost $6.72 at Walmart and I get about 3 uses out of it. I have a big pussy, what can I say? A Brazilian wax costs $72 and up at my hair salon. I'm sure mine would be the "and up: You have to do it every 3 weeks. That's way over budget. Thought about getting one of those Flash'n'Go lazer thingies, but that's $299 for the good one and it only works on the dark pubes plus you will still have to touch it up once in a while. I'm kinda getting up in age so some of those hairs aren't so dark anymore.

So what I'm asking is does keeping trimmed pussy really matter or is this something I can take out of my budget?
Yes, it is very important
Nah, it doesn


bigblackman21221 48M
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9/14/2017 2:54 pm

Bald is one thing, trimmed is another.
Get a Micro Touch trimmer and set of clippers.

Guys like pussy any way we can get it.
Just keep it short and trimmed no one will care but you.
Save your money for that week long trip to Baltimore you've been thinking about.


gawybb 45M

9/27/2017 12:58 pm

No expectations, but infinite possibilities...Just because this is a sex site doesn't mean manners and normal conversations are thrown out the window!

i can be contacted and messaged via any Blogs and my blogs for standard members

hgw90 57M  
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11/1/2017 5:55 pm

If you asked me 20-30 years ago , I would have sad that it doesn't matter. But today I would almost be a deal breaker....signaling that you don't care... or making a statment (think a butch lesbian...with hairy arm pits) a narrow landing strip is ok but my preferens is bald ....I don't wanna tickle your toes with the hair that got stuck between my teeth

Dehradun99 62M  
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11/6/2017 7:57 am

If a man wants his date to shave down there, then he should foot the bill.

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