My 1st online meet  

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3/19/2017 4:19 am
My 1st online meet

Years back I used to be on a chat site frequently, on there I met a lady and we became quite good friends. Usually we would talk once or twice a week on the site, nothing really important how life was ect at least once it would end up with cyber sex.
After about a month we continue on yahoo messenger and then we moved on to the telephone. We both enjoyed each others company. Then after about 3 months she asked me if I would like to meet for a weekend. I was surprised to say the least since online romances usually don't last long. I agreed
We fixed the date that was a month away and we continued to chat online, messenger or phone even talking while at work over the phone on lunch breaks. She told me she was going to fly in as she lived in Ohio and I was in Illinois. So I met her at the St Louis Airport on the appointed day. I arrived early so I could find the gate and I waited for her flight anxiously. When they announced her flight my throat got tight as I was nervous never having met someone like this.
She walk out of the gate and stood there for a minute. Her olive skin was so beautiful and you could tell she was of Italian descent. Her long dark brown hair with a wavy curl about her face and a black dress that fit just right hugging her hourglass shape. it was low cut in the front just right showing some of her firm 36b's, with black heels and a leather jacket. I was Wowed to say the least she looked better in person.
I walked over to her and said "Hi Marylin I am Joe glad to finally met you." We both hugged and kissed. She said "We should get my bag it will be coming down the shoot directly" We walked over and picked up her bag as it came off the plane and we walked to my car holding hands.
I open the car door for her and she slid in at that point I noticed she had on garters with her stocking but no thong mmmmmm it was a nice shot she gave me on purpose. I walked around to the other side and got in and she slide over to me and we starting kissing. She had such a way to kiss her tongue in my mouth twisting and kissing me. My hand slid up her thighs and then to her breast and I noticed she was not wearing a bra and how firm her breast were. We were both getting turned on and I back away. She looked at me asking "what is wrong joe" to which I replied" nothing but you have me so turned on if we go any further we are going to do it right here"
Marylin smiled "well then since I am not hungry for food but I am hunger for you lets hit the hotel" I drove as quick as I could to the hotel where I had a room reserved.
I grabbed her bad and mine we walked into the Holiday inn by the airport only a few minutes away.
We got in the room turned on the lights dropped out bags, and we were all over each other. my suit was on the floor next to her dress in a instant. She keep her stocking and heels on for me as I had asked her to. We fell into bed with me on top of her. We were kissing each other and my hands all over her. I bent down sucking her beautiful firm 36b's , sucking and biting her nipples as she moaned over and over.
She couldn't hold out and said "Baby I want to ride you so bad, I said go for it" I rolled over to the middle of the bed and she climbed on top grasping my stiff hard member, rubbing it on her clit, I said "You think you are wet enough" She smiled and said"what do you think " as she slid me in and she came down hard on me.
I looked up at her enjoying the view her long hair moving as she ground on my hard cock, she placed her hands on my shoulder and started humping me hard as she could I reached up playing with her breasts. I was very nervous as I had never done anything like so it took me about 20 minutes to relaxed and start really enjoying it. It didn't take me long. I told her while squeezing her breast "oh God baby I can't hold it any longer I am cummmmmming." Once I started she cam also I could feel her cumming her pussy contracting and opening as she milked me. She lay on me kissing and we held each other.
She slid off but kept her right leg across me her fingers playing with my nipples. We talked about how good it was. She said "I didn't think you would last so long at 1st god I loved that" I told her well that was because I was nervous and it was the first time I ever did any thing like this. She told me she understood what I was talking about and was I okay now, I replied " oh baby I am ready for some much more are you.'?
She smiled and climbed on me kissing and sucking, my nipples. I in turn did the same for her. We rolled around for a while I asked her climb on my face she did and I went down on her wet clit licking it turning her on more, then I slid out from under her getting behind grasping her hips and mounting her doggy which she loved. We fucked until we both cam again and laid down on the bed kissing and snuggling.
We both got up and took a shower together I was behind her fingering her bringing her to orgasm as the water cascaded down on us. it was very very erotic.
We both changed she put on another pair of stocking with her garter belts and another dress that fit as well as the first one did. She added a peal necklace and earring and looked stunning. I changed into a different suit, grey pin stripes with a blue shirt and green tie. Marylin commented on how sexy I looked.
We headed out for a nice steak dinner at one of the better places in town. We had a few drinks along with dinner. We were out several hours enjoying each other company.
It was getting late and we walked to the car I opened the door for her and walk tot he other side. Once I was in she reached over and was kissing and licking my ear. she whispered to me. "Id love to suck you off right here what do you say?" mmmmmmmmm was my reply. So right there in the dimly lite parking lot I got one of the best blow jobs I had to that point.
Once she was done and cleaned me up I asked " so want to go out more or hotel" She wanted to head to the local strip joint which was fine. We spent a few hours in there with her rubbing on me and me doing the same to her. By the time we left we were both so hot and bothered I knew it was going to be hot sex.
We got back to the hotel our clothes on the floor we jumped back in to bed kissing and licking all over each other. I climbed off the bed and pulled her to the edge flipping her legs over my shoulders and went down on her fingering and licking her clit and pussy till I brought her to orgasm.
At that point I stood up kissing her with you juices still on my lips and then I grasped my cock and rubbed it on her clit. She moaned I reached over and grasped the astro glide and lubed up her ass and my cock she knew what was going to happen and she turned over into doggy. "Take me like this"
I climbed up behind her rubbing my cock on her beautiful little rose bud. and I ask "how would you love to do this" to which she replied " I want you to slam me hard, fast over and over till you cumm in my ass." What more could I want. I positioned my cock and entered the head then I grabbed her by the hips and slammed my cock home hard to my balls
She moaned loudly and her chest dropped to the bed with her arms spread out and her ass hiked up high. I started slamming her hard and fast as she liked and she reached up and was playing with her clit while I slammed into her tight ass hole. He ass felt so tight, she was moaning with each thrust of my cock. she started backing into me. I moaned after just a few minutes "oh baby your ass feels so fucking good" "Oh god baby" she replied"FUCK MY ASS FUCK IT IAM CUMMMMMMMMING' Oh god I came so hard in her ass I exploded in her thrusting over and over. till I collapsed on her my hard cock still in her ass. After kissing her and us both catching our breath my cock went soft and I pull it out. I lay next to her stroking her hair I asked "honestly how was that baby." She told me it was great honestly I had been some time since I have been fucked that good and that long. I smiled and we kissed. We both went and took another shower and crawled into bed for the night, we slept arms around each other I was hard just about all night pressed against her beautiful ass..
The next morning she had to catch a flight mid morning back home so I work up around 5 am went to the bathroom and woke my lover up. We made beautiful love that morning one more time. We got dressing and I took her to the airport to catch her flight. Before she left for her gate I said " I have a wonderful weekend and would love to spent more time with you." Marylin smiled Kissed me hard as she hugged me and said " Maybe baby, but I would have to find another excuse to tell my husband like I did this weekend. I told him the company sent me for training" I was stunned as she never said she was married and stammer "oh okay I hope you will keep in touch" We kissed and she walked away.

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3/19/2017 4:21 am


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3/19/2017 9:12 am

Beautiful, I love it...very nice story. I like to hear this type of things

Btw, I like the fact that she waited until the end to tell you about the husband and at the moment and how she did it. that was brilliant...but if a guy do that, the lady would kill him and curse him right there for sleeping with her and not saying he was married Hahaha

The other thing is, did you ever heard back from her at all?

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banjo6660 52M
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3/21/2017 10:53 am

Yea I agree with you, I don't think it would have mattered if I knew it up front, but if I did at least I would not have had the expectations of maybe hooking up again. Kind of a double standard I think.

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3/26/2017 4:45 am

    Quoting banjo6660:
    Yea I agree with you, I don't think it would have mattered if I knew it up front, but if I did at least I would not have had the expectations of maybe hooking up again. Kind of a double standard I think.
I agree with how you think as yes there is a double standard there.To go from a hot and heavy cyber, phone calls , messages and a weekend together and then never to possibly see each other again because she did not tell you she was married, she was only in it for the sex and nothing else.. Lucky man though to say the least..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

banjo6660 52M
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3/26/2017 5:39 am

I agree Author51, the whole weekend was great and I still from time to time think about it, it was just the fact that she didn't tell me. I prefer people to be honest about what they want in life, there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish from time to time and wanting some hot weekend like this. It was obvious that she either was not getting any or she was not getting it like she wanted. Both of which I took care of for her.
I never did hear from her again.
You are right you can never have enough joy in life.

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