Rough day - but shouldn't be  

bestfriend2156 62M  
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8/15/2016 2:19 pm
Rough day - but shouldn't be

My day has actually had some extremely positive things happen that could lead to the end of a long term problem and the beginning of a new very positive chapter of my professional life.

But I find that I can't seem to enjoy it. It is ironic to my personally that there is such a spirited discussion about respect on the blogs. Someone who matters more than I can say to me has been showing me enormous disrespect over the past week. I finally had to say something, as gently as I could. It led to an explosion form her saying the meanest things just to hurt me. She then told me she was done with me. I think it is that incident that it making it harder to enjoy what I am experiencing today.

I can tolerate disrespect from people I don't really know. For the most part I ignore them. But when it is someone close, who should be in your corner it has far greater impact.

To me, respect is a fundamental human right. We should show respect to everyone we meet. but with those who are close it is not at all an option. The impact is too great.

So respect everyone, but especially those you love and love you.

Just had to get it off my chest.

sweet_VM 60F  
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8/15/2016 2:35 pm

bestfriend well said. If this person was truly your friends she wouldn't have done this to you! My policy is treat people the way you want to be treated. Ty for this post!! hugsssssssss V

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bestfriend2156 replies on 8/15/2016 2:52 pm:
Thanks for being so supportive. The golden rule of treat others as you wish to be treated always works. Thanks for treating me that way.

rachel0718 52F  
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8/15/2016 2:49 pm

I am so sorry that you have been hurt like that. It's not fair and I hope you can move on from it with an open heart and mind. There was something wrong with them, not you.

Rachel Mae

bestfriend2156 replies on 8/15/2016 2:54 pm:
Thank you so much for your kind words. I will move on. This one seems a bit harder to start that process. It helps to have kind people like you in my corner.

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