Getting Laid.  

biJuliegirl 36F  
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7/8/2017 7:57 am
Getting Laid.

This forum is for all males and females to share pics, comments and stories about getting laid.

Leegs2012 46M
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7/8/2017 8:11 am

I have many stories..I would love to get naked and jump in there and get naked with the two of ya!!

utfrangrl 45F  
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7/8/2017 9:18 am

and getting laid is a awesome fun experience.

bzmnfuncouple 45M/34F
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7/10/2017 8:32 pm

Love real pictures of real people!

DM482 54M
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7/12/2017 6:56 am

This was many years ago, like more than a decade. One of my FWB wanted to go to an Meelp meet and greet in Spokane. Neither of us had been to one and she didn't want to go alone. Since we both live quite a way out of town we got a room near the event.

When I arrived she was at the room already and we had some time so....yeah we fucked good and hard for about an hour before finally getting ready and going to the event. I would have called the whole thing a success just with that.

But we get to the event, both of us shy and nervous. Met lots of people, some of whom we had chatted with on Meelp. Ended up going to an "after party" with a small group at a nearby bar. Not sure how it came to be but ended up making out with one of the women who remarked on my kissing and I got passed around the group, kissing them all. As you would expect this was the start of a very charged atmosphere.

That led to the "after after party" in which my FWB paired off with one of the guys and I got to have a threesome with a beautiful Indian woman and another guy who was there. Fun fact: The two I had the threesome with went on to get married a year later and are still together today. I never got to be with them again! what a night.

There's my story about getting laid. Who's next?

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