Wild and Crazy Sex  

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6/30/2016 7:16 am

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Wild and Crazy Sex

The saying "wild and crazy sex" has become a hackneyed phrase in our society. Why do we conflate WILD with CRAZY. Are they inseparable? Can't we have wild and fun sex without crazy being involved?

You find a lover who is fun, imaginative, skilled and adventurous. The perfect combination. You have fun and wild sex, its great. But you discover crazy is lurking around, peeking over the edge like some Killroy drawing.

At first they seem pretty normal and stable outside of bed. But as you get to know them, something is a bit off kilter. Could be a number of things, co-dependence, drug or alcohol abuse, BPD, abusive domestic partners, addiction to drama, you name it. Does this bit of crazy fuel the wild sex that is so hot?

Are there hot, fun and very sexual people out there who are mentally healthy? Or are we all a bit crazy here on Meelp, looking for that next fix?

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