First cougar experience - part deux  

blonde4u67 52F
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5/11/2017 7:08 pm
First cougar experience - part deux

After parting ways in the middle of the week and agreeing to meet at my place that weekend, my young cub and I spend the next few days texting each other about all of the naughty things we were going to do. I sent him a video of me masturbating to remind him what he got to do to me a few days before and as a hint of things to come.

Saturday evening came, and I waited for his arrival with great anticipation. I was ready for him - pussy freshly shaved and baby smooth, hair and makeup done to perfection, the soft glow of a few candles, and some nice, sensual music playing softly in the background.

When he arrived, I answered the door wearing only thigh-high stockings, fuck me high heels, and some nipple jewelry. He had this grin on his face like a at Christmas, about to open the best gift he'd ever received. He had barely shut the door behind him when he turned to me, swiftly backed me into the wall, kissed me passionately, and immediately slid several fingers inside my already juicy pussy. I let him finger me for a minute or two, then took his hand and lifted it to my lips to lick and suck all of my juices off of his fingers. I told him how good it tasted, and he just stared at me, spellbound.

I told him that I had a special surprise waiting for him in the bedroom and lead him back there. As we walked in the room, he saw that I had a big comfortable chair pull up close to the bed, facing it. "That's your seat of honor.", I told him. "Your job is to sit back, relax, and pay close attention to everything I do, because I'm going to give you a dildo show. You can take out your cock and stroke it if you'd like, but you are not to touch me until I tell you. Understood?"

At that point, he was so speechless, he just nodded and sat back in the chair. I had several of my favorite sex toys laid out on the bed and ready to go. I walked in front of him seated in the chair and leaned over as I moved in front of him so my tits were just inches from his face, just to torture him a little.

I turned around, took a wide stance, then bent over and leaned my upper body on the bed, arching my back to give him a nice view of my ass and pussy as I gently ran my hands over my labia, my ass cheeks, and lightly fingered my ass. Then I slid on to the bed and turned back around, scooted closer to him so I was seated right on the edge, then placed my feet on either side of him on the arms of the chair, giving him a front-row seat to view my pussy up close and watch me fuck myself with a variety of toys. I let him choose which toy he wanted to see me start with, then I showed him how I pleasured myself a little bit differently with each one.

As I pulled each toy out of my pussy, I teased him a little more by letting him smell and taste my juices on each one. He finally got to experience for himself how good I taste and wanted so badly to skip the sex toys as the means of delivery and get straight to applying his tongue to my swollen labia and clit. I obliged and didn't give him any instruction on how he should do it. Either he already had that figured out, or watching me play with my pussy taught him a lot about what to do. He gave me some really great oral sex and made me cum for what would be the first of many times that night.

To be continued in part three......

calmdownbestill 51M  
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5/11/2017 7:11 pm

luckiest guy ever!

RickinBothell 66M
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5/11/2017 11:51 pm

This man is forever changed for the better

Heck, I am, after reading your post

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