Loving senior Citizens  

boat_31 70M
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5/28/2017 7:11 am
Loving senior Citizens

I loved grandmas and grandpas all my days from as far back as I can remember . AS I grew my love of grandpa turned sexual but being from a small town and very naive I had no idea or understanding of what was happening in my head. I struggled with this and lived a straight life till 30 and finally met a man 35 yrs older than myself and after 6 months of beer/scotch chats he took me home . My first time and I never looked back. He is still the youngest man I was ever with . Mostly now I gravitate to men in their 80s although there are a very few who achieve the look I like in their late 60s and early 70s.
Although I looked ok ( masculine appearing and acting ) was in a successful career and financially good, coming on to a nice 75 to 90 year old in a gay bar tended to raise a lot of red flags . IT was very hard to get to first base for many till they got to know me thought I could have been a hustler or worse .
But perseverance does pay off and I managed to meet some very nice mature gents and eventually settle down.
As times goes by I'll tell of some experiences and would like to hear of some too.

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