I love being spanked  

bobbiejoe58 64T  
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4/11/2017 11:27 am
I love being spanked

I have always liked being spanked. I think some of it is from being spanked by my mom for wetting to bed. I also think it is because of something that happened when I was 14.
I had a friend Connie she was 14 also and I use to hang out with her and talk. I had told her about dressing in girls cloths and it did not bother her. We where in her bedroom one day and she was cleaning her closet out and she pulled this cute little sun dress out. I told her I thought it was very pretty so she handed it to me saying try it on. I looked at her and she said its okay so I pulled my shirt off and she noticed my growing tits and opened a drawer and handed me one of her bra's you might need this. She then opened another drawer and handed me a pair of her panties.I put the bra on slipped the dress over my head and then removed my shorts and underware.I pulled the panties on and she gave me a pair of white knee high socks to put on. I had long hair at that time as that was the stlye. She said wow you look very pretty as a girl.
I sat on her bed as she finished cleaning her closet. I was about to undress and put my cloths back on when her bedroom door opened and in walked her mom. What is going on her? Connie then told her mom how I liked dressing as a girl and she was giving me some of her cloths.Her mom looked at me and said you are a naughty little boy,and naughty little boys need punished. Connie said no mom please don't her mom told her to shush and go get her hairbrush.
She looked at me and told me to stand up She walked over to me looking me over she said you do make a pretty little girl. She then unhooked her dress and ran the zipper down and slipped it off saying don't want you to spoil my dress.I just staired at her standing there in her bra and she was a big chested woman and her panties and garter strap and hoze. Well connie came back in holding this big wooden hairbrush as her mom set down on the bed she grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her as connie hand her the brush. she pulled me across her lap flipped the back of the dress up and jerked the panties down around my knees. She placed her hand on my bottom.You have a pretty little bottom shame I have to punish it, then it happened her hand came down hard on my bottom.She gave me a few more swats with her hand and then told Connie to go get the baby oil. She rubbed my bottom for awhile as we waited for Connie to come back.
When Connie returned she made her rub the baby oil all over my bottom. Her mom then took the wooden hairbrush and began beating my bottom with it.I started to squirm and to cry and she told me to stop it or it would be worse but I couldn't so she wrapped her leg around mine and began beating me even harder.
She finally finished with me and told me to get up I did and pulled the panties back up. Then it was Connie's turn.Her mom told her to strip naked Connie was embarrassed to have to undress in front of me but did as her mom said.Okay young lady get over here,as Connie walked over to here mom her mom handed me the baby oil. She pulled Connie across her lap and told me to apply the oil. I did as was told then watched as Her mom spanked her as hard as she had me.When she finished she told me to take those sissy cloths off I did and standing naked in front of her and Connie my little penise sticking out hard.
Her mom said well we can not send you home like that so she she grabbed Connie's arm and pulled her in front of me and pushed her to her knees she made Connie suck my penise my little boy cum came out pretty quick and Connie spit it out.Her mom laughed said you need to learn to swallow that. She then told Connie to lay on the bed so bobby can return the favor.She took me over to Connie and told me to spread her legs she showed me Connies privates and told me where to lick. I licked Connie for a long time and Her mom told me to slide a finger into Connie I did and licked her clit and fingered her for a long time.
I put my own clothes back on and her mom gathered up the outfit I had been wearing telling me we will keep this here for next time you come to visit.

bobbiejoe58 64T  
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4/11/2017 11:29 am

Nothing like a beautiful Mom to teach you about sex!

bobbiejoe58 64T  
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4/11/2017 11:31 am

naughty little gurls get spanked

utfrangrl 46F  
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4/11/2017 2:32 pm

Like spanking to. I like your blog post.

bobbiejoe58 replies on 4/12/2017 3:09 am:
Thank you. I love being spanked and truly enjoy giving them.

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