skinny dipping  

bobbiejoe58 63T
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6/25/2017 6:09 am
skinny dipping

I saw a post titled skinny dipping was just a picture. The posy however brought back a memory of my youth.
I was 17 and had a very good friend Sally. We were at the time nothing but friends.
I at that time kept my female side hidden and only a few knew of it. I had not yet revealed it to Sally. Her and I had a connection I did not want to harm in any way.
We did a lot of things together but or favorite was hiking. One warm summer Sunday we were walking the trails enjoying the day. The trail brought us to a gravel pit so we set down to rest. Sally said she was hot and said why don't we jump in and cool off. I told her she could but I did not want to walk back with my cloths all wet. Sally laughed as she said we can skinny dip and with that started to take her cloths off. Sally at this time had not seen me shirtless and seen my b cup tits. I watched as she removed her top then slid her shorts off. I knew there was no getting out of it now so I pulled my baggy tee off and let my tits fall out. I will never forget her eyes when she saw my tits where as big as hers. I watched as she removed her panties and then her bra.
I was now about to show her something that no other girl had seen my penis. I am very small only 1" when not erect and naked girls did not get me erect. I pulled off my shorts and underware and stood there as Sally looked at me. I did not shave my privates then so my penis was completely hidden by my mound of hair. Sally then jumped into the water and I joined her we played for awhile in the cool water.
We got out and dressed and started back down the trail and finally Sally asked me what size my breast where. I told her 34 b cup and she said that was the same size she was. I came out to Sally then and told her I wore panties and bra's and dresses when I could.She was very accepting of that and said she would love to see me dressed sometime. I told her I had been with boys while dressed but not with a girl before.
We got to the car and Sally told me her mom and dad were out of town for the day and we could go back to her house " I kind of figured what she wanted" So I said you think your dresses would fit me. She smiled and said I think I might have something for you.
We got back to her house and went straight to her bedroom. She pulled out a pair of baby blue panties and matching bra. She then went to her closet returned with this very short flowery dress. She handed me a pair of thigh high nylons and said get dressed as she walked out of the room. I got dressed and everything fit great I went over to her dresser to brush my hair out. I had long hair back then as that was the style in those days, I saw her makeup there so I put on some eye shadow and mascara and lipstick and went out to were Sally was. Her eyes lit up as I walked into the room. "oh my God! you are beautiful."
I set down beside her and we talked for awhile. I then felt her hand on my leg. We started kissing and soon we went back to her bedroom. I was laying on her bed my dress pulled up as she kissed and licked me through my panties. She then removed her cloths and I removed my dress. She took my bra off and lay there kissing and sucking on them. Sally then straddled my face and pulled my panties down I licked her very wet pussy until she came as she did me.
I will never forget that Sunday I came out to her and we became closer girlfriends. We remain friends today and often get together and talk about our youth, of our twenties and going out together and picking up guys of the foursomes we had. I love Sally as two woman love each other a friendship that will never be broken.

bobbiejoe58 63T
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6/25/2017 6:15 am

I love you Sally

steve12131 63M
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7/6/2017 11:26 am

Wish that was me with you,love Steve

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