Hot Down a Hallway  

buffdaddy138 40M  
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6/5/2017 2:34 pm
Hot Down a Hallway

I was with a cutiepie recently and we got into the discussion of pussy size and how big a dick is too big.

Society conditions us all through media and the entertainment industry, which includes the pornography industry, that bigger is better. I agree with this idea to a degree at which point it becomes just an orphaned notion that nobody can really seem to place its meaning.

The phallus has symbolized power throughout history and this manifests itself in various representations such as Egyptian obelisks, the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument. At the heart of this symbolism is man's power to impregnate a woman and create new life. In essence replicating himself through genetics to remain everlasting on this planet.

Now, that notion enters the female psyche as the larger the penis, the more powerful the experience is to the senses. All of this psychology is understandable but the practicality of it all goes a bit haywire when women start sticking baseball bats up their pussies.

Everywhere you look it is about getting a monster dick in you and after a point it is beyond what physically found in humanity. I have seen fisting and double fisting and I even saw one video short of a bald dude who shoved his head in a woman's cooch.

So if you are filling up your vagina with dildos that are well beyond the size of any man then you are accustomed to the pleasure that is beyond the size of any man. Where does that leave you? You are incapable of enjoying sex from any real human being then? Plus your pussy looks ripped up and sloppy that any man that sees it will not want to go spelunking into it.

The average sized vagina is about 5 inches long and that coincides with the average sized penis which they say is about 5 inches. Now above that will induce pleasure and well above that will induce pain. Some people dig the pain thing but just remember that the more that you have the more that it will take.

That is just my two cents. Everyone should be free to do their thing in my opinion but some ideas are planted so deeply in people's heads that they don't realize that they aren't their own thoughts. I am just trying to bring size queens to the realization that they are blowing their pussies up.

BiggLala 47F  
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6/6/2017 10:29 am

I am just trying to bring size queens to the realization that they are blowing their pussies up.
-This isn't necessarily accurate. Of course you know the vagina is designed to stretch many times is 'normal' size for giving birth and then it returns to it's normal size. A vagina can [mostly] retain it size throughout a woman's life depending on factors such as the woman regularly doing kegel exercises (as the most common example). Of course our bodies all lose elasticity as we (women and men) age.

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buffdaddy138 40M  
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6/8/2017 2:22 pm

Hey thanks for the comment. I think we agree about elasticity but dilation during birth is an infrequent event. What I was trying to say was that frequent purposeful stretching due to social conditioning will lead to a less or no sensation. Hence, like throwing a hot dog down the hallway.

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