Annie's tribute  

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11/15/2018 8:40 pm
Annie's tribute

About us. We like to meet all Studs. Lots of fakes and flakes, but if you spend time screening them out you will find a real one, we do. Proof pics were mandatory, following ground rules and being a nice guy were also. Never did I let my wife meet without me, not first time. I was surprised how hard it was to step out from behind keyboard and make a actual phone call the first time. But we had probably chatted for a few times maybe a hour total so they knew what the limits were.

We stated having MFM within first month of dating. It is much easier than adding a woman to the bed for the fact your wife will get the message, you want to fuck other women. Women are jealous by nature. If you are a jealous, controlling man this stuff is not for you. For me it was always a turn on. When we started dating, she was seeing other men, and I was so turned on by it, she knew it and enjoyed it too.

As a guy who loved seeing my Asian wife ride BIG Cocks, here is a bit of sound advice. My wife is no different from most in that she loves to be flirted with, lusted after, and chased. She loves turning men on and then pleasing them, but to really please my wife guys must;

1. Be a dominant, long lasting bull, that;
2. Tells his woman what he wants, takes it and ensures she cums over and over again!

My wife loves being fucked in to a orgasmic submission. During our laying of the ground rules I had told them ALL before we met it was OK to cum on her, but nothing degrading. We enjoy verbal men, love to hear guys express themselves as they make it with my wife. She loves it to, but it must be cool and clean, nothing outside what is erotic. Kissing, cumming inside her are personal and they enhance the experience for all. Adding the verbal expressions can make for a wonderful experience. We just to make sure all understand going in.

Our first MFM was our best and he made her come so many times she literally could not take it anymore and she got him off with a hand job. He shot a huge load of rope like shots. Biggest cumshot I have ever seen. Peter North like quality. And from that point on I was obsessed with seeing her get guys off.
Since then most of the BIG STUDs if not all of them had incredible staying power so by the time they actually came, she was begging for it.

I always loved fucking her with big dildos, cucumbers, videoing and loved having her dress up and just try to all some spice . I always had been turned on when we were in public and I could tell by some men the way they were looking and interacting were giving the message, woman I want to fuck you so bad. This always turned me on and sometimes it was so blatant by the signals men would be giving off, I would be walking thru the store with a raging hard on. I would find a guy I wanted to fuck her, I would contact and then have him mail her on yahoo. His initial contact would be, your hot, are you single, want to do a coffee, Asians are my fantasy. Now goes back to "Everybody wants to be desired' it was a shared account, so I would actually print his initial correspondence and leave it on the coffee table when I went to work. The when I came home I would casually say, looks like somebody has a secret admirer. I would give it a day or two and just ask a few innocent questions or tell her it was OK if she wanted to meet. The guy would email in a couple days and follow up, never ever saying I want to fuck you or nothing like that. I have found over the that men are hard wired to think Dirty. Women are more into pure romance. I started using the approach that appeals to her. It was successful. Not all men and women are this way, but across the board I pretty sure that is a true.

Watching my wife GRINDING on a guy is bliss. One after another HARD, LOUD, DIRTY Talking Orgasm. My women can CUM so many times. I love seeing her face, hearing her moans, seeing her body twitch with each one. Nothing hotter than to watch your women get sexually dominated into submission by a huge cock long cocking her.

Once I watched Annie get into the groove, deep into the groove while chair fucking balls deep. He moved her to the bed while grabbing her wrists while she was impaled on his cock, laid her on the bed and really got going. TTotal power fucking her hard. She was having BIG, BIG orgasms. One after the other after the other. I kind of moved back, and felt like a voyeur because I did not want him to lose the erection. I said before this guy would immediately start losing the erection if he was not being stimulated. I thought maybe it might be a nervous performer with me snapping pics, but I can tell you this part of the night was so fucking hot I did not want it to stop. He was having his way and he was giving my tiny Asian wife a Big Cock Ride. That cock ring he showed my as he was dressing to leave that he never used, probably because he might have been embarrassed to bring out would have probably made the night more interesting. This was still a great MFM. The ring was the size of a donut. Hard rubber about the width of index finger. I could tell it was a ring that he would put both balls and cock inside before he got hard. As a guy with a average cock, I don't fully understand the challenges of having a fat 10

Every guy we met loved her nipples. 100% of them, like babies breast feeding. They remind me of corks for wine bottles. She especially loves having them kissed, touched, pinched, but not too too hard.

Love is Love, and sex is sex. We have discovered the art of dirty talking. She knows that I love to mention those BIG cocks Banging her while do our thing together some times.I can still visualize the thick cum glob hanging about 8” down off the top bar of the headboard. There is watery cum, and then there is Globs of thick, sticky come. Once we met a guy who was a Heavy, Heavy Glob Cummer. I can still hear the splatter of that first shot hitting the wall paper behind the head board. I have visualized and relived this moment almost every day of my life. I have never seen more come in person than what this guy sprayed. My wife and I still talk about this and laugh about where we both slept on one side of the bed.

Watching a FAT COCK bury into her pussy balls deep and she is having Hard Orgasm after Hard Orgasm is magnificent. I have never witnessed anything like this in my life. I just a average sorry fuck that can't last 10 minutes inside her tight pussy. She is really getting slutty and telling him just how much she loves his cock. I found out that nature takes over when she is getting sexually dominated. When a guy is banging that pussy hard. I standing on the floor at the head of her holding my camera over her snapping pics. She is starting to get so loud I am worried literally that someone in the hotel may complain. He makes her cum a few times then he mounts her Doggy Style and pounds her HARD. Pussy FARTs loud and on every stroke as he is pounding into her. His big COCK is pushing that air out of her pussy.

Last weekend we met an old friend. After a while he started groaning and I knew he was about to come. He reached down and started jacking that BIG cock himself, my wife licking his balls and the first huge white rope shot out of his cock straight and hit the wall about one inch over the top bar of the headboard. It flew out like a bullet from a 44 Magnum. He kind of let go of his cock for a second and his cocked throbbed up and down, his balls were kind of pulling back up and he reached down and started jacking his cock and this second rope he shot, higher than the headboard was almost straight up but landed all over the bedding to his right. He was still groaning and twitching and my wife jacked him where he blew that last rope most of it landing on his chest. I went and got a full size bath towel. My wife wiped him off, the sheets and the headboard and wall. She laid with her head on his chest for awhile. It was finally over. She was sitting on the end of the bed, totally naked with her feet hanging off. He was standing pressed up to the mattress at the foot, forcing her to have her legs spread. He bent down and gave her a deep kiss and rubbed that still pretty hard cock bare cock, skin on her pussy lips and clit making those red wet pussy lips cling to his cock. He then clubbed the top of her pussy mound with it about 5 times. I still remember the DULL thumping sound it made. He got dressed. He then excitedly said he was glad to bust our 3 way cherry and then walked out the door and left. This guy was a gold medal fucker.

Annie is the best, I hope you have a chance to experience her soon.

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11/30/2018 9:54 pm

your a lucky man annie is one hot lady with a body to die for

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2/7/2019 11:07 pm

thanks for sharing

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