The cuckold  

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10/6/2018 9:05 pm
The cuckold

I've learned to love eating the sperm of my wife's lover, whether when she deigns to share it with me out of her mouth, or best of all just as with the first time I tasted his cum, out of the dirty used condom that he had tossed in the trash after he had fucked my wife senseless...

The relationship between my wife and I began with me being dominant and her being submissive, but now as our relationship develops we have switched. I was the one who encouraged it. It was my fantasy of seeing her being fucked by other men that ignited the flame within her.

As she reluctantly fulfilled my fantasy of seeing her sucking and being fucked by Mr. Long's big white cock, I discovered that not only did I really enjoy watching her have sex with other men, but it was no longer just my fantasy, but something awakened in her as well. As she continued to sleep with Mr. Long as a regular FB, my wife also began to enjoy humiliating me. At first, the first few times after she had sex with him, she wanted me to punish her and absolve her sins. I would spank her and reclaim her roughly, and it was clear that she craved the hard sex and the pain I inflicted on her as a way to cleanse her guilty conscience. But somehow things switched, and instead of being in control by letting my wife and her lover have sex, she began to make the plans without consulting me, only telling me just before she met him for sex and eventually only telling me afterward. I was put into the powerless position of submission to her will, and with each time I was left out of their plans or forced to just endure watching her worship his cock and grovel and beg for the pleasure of serving him, I became more and more the submissive cuckold, getting more sexual gratification from being humiliated as I watched my wife become a cum-craving sex slave to her well-endowed white bull. The more submissive she became with him, the more mean she became with me, and as I watched him dominate her more and more each time they were together, I could feel her unleash ever more of her disdain for me, taunting me that I was such a weak pathetic man who couldn't stand up for myself and who let another man use his wife in such a humiliating way.

The turning point came when after we had a threesome with Mr. Long. I realized that I really was a cuckold when I pulled out of our trash can the used condom that Mr. Long had discarded. He had cum inside my wife while fucking her from behind. She had been so overwhelmed by the pleasure of being fucked like a by his thick long cock that all she could do was open her mouth and slide her lips up and down my engorged cock to the rhythm of the pounding that he was giving her from behind. I realized that she would never feel that way when I was fucking her, as I saw the size of my cock in her mouth, and the way that his cock dwarfed mine, and how her lips stretched and pulled with each long stroke of his shaft in and out of her. She literally could not concentrate on sucking my cock, and even as I grew angry at the humiliation of her enjoying another man's superior cock so much and tried to face fuck her, the gagging that I could produce in her throat was nothing like the sounds she had been making when I was fucking her from behind and she was choking on his monstrous dick. I grabbed the back of her head with both my hands and began to violently fuck her throat, getting some small satisfaction as she gagged and her throat muscles involuntarily squeezed the shaft of my cock as I shoved my hips all the way forward deep into her mouth. Her face was now mashed into my pubic hair, her lips around the base of my cock. But I realized that she wasn't even noticing, that the ways her eyes rolled unseeing in their sockets and her jaw was slack and loose, she was focused only on the feeling of his cock penetrating deep inside her.

As his hips began thrusting harder and faster, she began to moan in what sounded like great pain, her face grimaced and yet I knew she was close to a powerful orgasm as well. As he thrust forward with all his strength one last time, lifting her hips up with the force, I knew he was coming inside her. She screamed and began convulsing and twitching, as if she were an animal specimen being impaled on an examination table. He yelled and swore, and it seemed like her body twitched in time with each spurt of his semen inside her. He finally pulled out, his long cock sliding out covered in her foaming juices, or was that his sperm--had the condom broken?

I watched in awe, wondering if my wife's cunt was now filled with his cum, and whether he had impregnated her. But the condom seemed full of semen as he slipped it off his cock. She quickly left my cock out of her mouth and turned around to lick and suck his still hard shaft, slurping his sperm off of the shiny hard skin. He tossed the cum-filled condom onto the coffee table, and concentrated on the pleasure of my wife's tongue cleaning his cock.

After she had licked him clean and he left, with me still not having cum, my wife told me that she was exhausted from being fucked by a real man, and that I should just masturbate and finish myself off with my hand. Without even looking back at me, she went off to bed, too tired to even shower. I paused, wondering if she would mind if I snuggled between her legs and licked her wet and swollen cunt as I jerked myself off. I thought that she would be angry if I disturbed her rest, and so I chose to go masturbate by myself while watching the videotape that we had taken with our camera on a tripod. As I watched the movie of my wife being fucked by another man, I remembered that he had tossed his used condom in our kitchen trash can. Spurred by an almost animal instinct, I went to the kitchen and dug out the cum-filled condom. I took one of our shot glasses to our dining room and carefully emptied the contents of the condom into the glass. There was so much sperm inside--I was shocked how much more semen he produced than I did, even when I had saved up for weeks without coming. I used my fingers to squeeze every drop of cum out, like forcing toothpaste out of a nearly empty tube.

When I was done, I draped the now empty condom on the side of the glass and took pictures of the glass, amazed at the sheer volume of cum. I felt reverential, awed by the cum of an obviously superior male. Not only was his cock much larger and longer than mine, the sperm he produced was also obviously better.

I had originally planned to take the glass to my wife and offer it to her, knowing how much she loved to savour and swallow his sperm. But I was suddenly seized with the desire to consume it myself, as if by drinking it somehow some of his power might transfer to me. I swallowed it all in one large gulp, using my tongue to clean the slimy coating that remained inside the glass and licking my teeth clean. His semen tasted like a creamy raw oyster, slightly briny but with a clean salty taste. I had to admit that it was delicious, and I suddenly had the thought that I wanted to drink it out of my wife's cunt next time. How lucky I would be if I had the privilege to drink all of Mr. Long's virile cum as it dripped out of my wife's gaping pussy. Would some of it have been shot so deep inside my wife's womb that it would make her pregnant? It seemed like there was so much sperm to spare that even if I drank every bit that dribbled out of her, there would be plenty left inside to impregnate her with his .

I thought that I should be punishing her somehow for enjoying Mr. Long's cock so much, that I had spanked or whipped her for months, and that she deserved a good thrashing, perhaps even while she was lost in the pleasure of riding Mr. Long's cock, I should slap her face and berate her for what a cum slut she had become.

But I knew that the moment when I still held that kind of respect and deference in her eyes was long gone. I had been too deeply humiliated now to try to take control of her again. I was too cuckolded to be able to dominate her, especially when she was in the midst of being used and abused by him. I knew instinctively that only he could punish her for being such a wanton slut, that I had become a figure of derision, the pussy husband who was not only reduced to just enjoying his wife's lover's sloppy seconds, but who craved drinking her bull's virile cum. I couldn't believe what I had become, a sickening weak pervert who filched the used condom of my wife's lover from the trash and eagerly drank every last drop of his precious sperm.

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10/20/2018 6:05 pm

I genuinely enjoy reading your blog for a variety of reasons. First, the writing is very competent and easy to read. I often get distracted when reading someone's writing that includes misspellings, poor grammar, or using an incorrect synonym. However, it is the content of your storytelling I enjoy the most. I enjoy reading cuckold tales, though I generally see myself in the role of the Bull--in this case, Mr. Long. After living in the SF Bay Area for almost 15 years. In Santa Clara County alone (where I spent most of my time) there were over 240 different Asian cultures represented. Being surrounded by so many different beautiful Asian women, I became greatly desirous of the extremely wide variety of such lovely females. I was fortunate enough to have a FWBs who was of Vietnamese descent for a time. Although, this was not a strictly cuckold situation, the last time we made love (for over an hour) she cleaned up and went to have dinner with her boyfriend. It just so happened that he proposed to her that night. Although I often wished we could have continued making love, if even up to her marriage, I never pressed her for that out of respect. Please keep the stories coming as you have inspiration. I promise you I will enjoy each one very much. Michael

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