Memo about the Nipples  

classycocolady 46F
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9/1/2017 4:54 pm
Memo about the Nipples

Guys this one is for some of you to help those of you who do this.

I have to say this, not all women like to have their nipples gnawed on like chew toys, or pinched real hard or twisted like a radio dial. It is very painful for some of us and can ruin the experience. I don't care how wet you claim it makes a woman. Moment ruined, ready to call it a short night with no repeats.
There are some women who like that painful stuff but not all of us do, so before you put the hurt on the nipples, ask! We'll tell you what we like and don't like. Might even show you what we want you to do for us on your nipples.
Just because a woman has prominent nipples or big breasts doesn't mean to get rough on them, in fact, they may be very sensitive. How about swirl your tongue around the nipple, flick the nipples with your tongue, suck the nipple.

Here is another thing, spanking, if your hand stings, imagine how her ass feels. Rule of thumb you know you are hitting her ass hard if you arch your hand way back and bring it down on her ass or your hand stings after contact. Spanking is tapping the ass, not beating it till it's red and she can't sit on it. And don't over do it.
Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyed by both parties.

Pay attention to your partner especially if she tells you what she likes or don't like.

Please feel free to comment.

gardenguy1119 65M  
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4/1/2018 9:15 pm

Obviously some men have watched too much porn that emphasizes the rougher side of sex. I'm definitely a breast lover, and delight in making love to a woman's boobs. Always start off slow, and communicate. Do you like it like this? Harder or softer? Faster or slower? First one and then the other? Squeeze and suckle at the same time? I love getting verbal direction, and in my experience most women will tell me what they enjoy if I simply ask.

Lucky71111 60M
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4/12/2018 10:48 am

Well love to show you how I would give your breast some attention and nothing rough at all.Love to always listen to what a women likes best in order to please her in every way she likes.

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