Become a VIXEN so your Stag is Partnered to you  

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3/14/2017 3:53 am

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Become a VIXEN so your Stag is Partnered to you

The Butterfly Tattoo is a perfect symbol of marking a woman's desire to become a "Vixen Hotwife". They are elegant and represent a certain erotic transformation to those in the know, yet are commonplace enough to wear openly among the uninitiated and if necessary, to deny, if a couple would prefer to feign ignorance of the lifestyle.
A STAG is a STRAIGHT MAN that shares his wife or girlfriend sexually with other men and derives his pleasure solely from watching her arousal. He does not seek out other woman in return. This is Stag Hotwifing. While perceived as kinky, Stag Hotwifing has long been part of Western history. Not to be confused with cuckoldry, as the act involves no humiliation of the stag or attempted displays of dominance by these other men towards him. Nor is the wife or girlfriend cheating as she has both permission and active encouragement from her husband or boyfriend in this lifestyle. It’s just a man’s longing to see his wife or girlfriend sexually gratified by males he and she choose for her. This typically occurs by either bringing another man into a threesome to pleasure the wife or girlfriend, or watching or listening to her ‘play’ with the other men or even recount the details of her adventures with other men to her husband or boyfriend after the fact. Stags love and respect their Hotwives in real life relationships.
A Vixen Hotwife is any foxy woman that is allowed to have occassional sex with other men with the encouragement and full consent of her straight heterosexual husband or boyfriend. Her husband or boyfriend, known as as stag, is however monogamous to her and does not seek out sexual encounters with other women in return. This should not be confused with cuckoldresses and cuckold type relationships in which humiliation and degradation of her partner play a key role often accompanied by homosexual behaviour. Vixen hotwives are at the center of all their straight partners sexual desires and while sexual teasing is often present between herself and her partner it is only done in a playful way between a genuinely loving couple to increase the erotic experience. Vixen hotwives engage in a variety of very foxy activities from mere fantasy role playing with their partner to various degrees of actual real sexual activity with other men. This takes various forms such as 1) merely kissing and fondling with other men in a bar, 2)sexual activity with other men but not full intercourse, 3)having sex with other men and then retelling the event in detail to her stag 4) having her stag listen or watch her have sex with other men or having him join in a straight sex threesome with her and the other guy. Key to all these activities is the practice in which her stag, increasingly aroused by sexual competition for his own Vixen hotwife, has sex with her by way of reclaiming her as his own. She engages in this activity because of a combination of her stag’s desire for such sexual play in seeing his girl as being both universally desirous and his pride in sharing her and her own foxy desire to enjoy pleasure and passion with other men, with his encouragement while still in a real committed loving relationship based on love and mutual respect. Her activity with other men, while generally fun and friendly, is solely sexual and her stag always remains her primary emotional and sexual focus in the longer term. This foxy hotwifing is a subset of swinging in which only the female partner plays and is a rapidly growing sexual lifestyle choice enjoyed by many couples. Some couples discover Stag and vixen hotwifing early in their relationships while others find it much later. The reasons for vixen hotwifing have always been around and lie deep in our evolutionary history as a species. Now, factors such as female empowerment, better contraceptive/safer sex technologies, ease of online information, communication and anonymity have combined with other things to bring such activity out of the shadows to the edge of the mainstream. The foxy sexy vixen is the partner to the proud Stag. Vixen is a better more inclusive term than hotwife as many such lifestyle couples are not married.

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Any tips on how to begin the journey?

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