How we did on that...
Been doing a lot of stuff involving the 3 of us - Me, Hubby and Fuckbuddy. Went out and bought a some play toys so she can rule us harder.
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How BIG is a BIG DICK?
Posted:Nov 29, 2019 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2019 9:08 pm
From adolescence onward, a man never stops thinking about his penis. Sometimes, the man wishes he could prolong puberty just so he could add a few extra inches.
A large dong earns you the admiration and respect of onlookers, whether in the bedroom or the locker room. Unsurprisingly, men routinely slap rulers to their cocks to see how they measure up
Ladies insist that “size doesn’t matter,” and yet, 68.3% of men say they are concerned about the size of their penis.
This is because – despite what women say – men equate having a large penis with the ability to satisfy their partner.
When you consider that all men are competing for the same women, and that unsatisfied ladies tend to stray – you can understand why they’re so obsessed with having a monster cock.
It’s not called “big dick confidence” for nothing.
The obvious question is:How big is a “big” dick, anyway?
9 out of 10 men Have an AVERAGE sized Penis
Big Dicks are rarer than you might think!
My little bit of research from multiple studies supported the same result.
• The average length of a male penis when erect is 5.1 to 5.6 inches
• The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.5 inches
• The average girth of an erect penis is 4.59 inches
And as I said prior 90% of men have a penis that is between 4" and 6" in length.
Only 1% of men have a penis that's 7-8" and just 0.1% of guys have a 9+" cock.
{For me I refer to any penis over 7 inches as a cock.}
So when you see it when the pants come down it is in the eye of the beholder.

SO if a man you see is 6" and you are used to 5" then you may think you have found a . If he is 5.5" and you're used to 6" you wont notice the difference.

The RIGHT Size depends on the Woman's Preferences
While men obsess about the size of their rod, a woman’s preferences are the ultimate measuring stick. Her preferences also vary by situation,
for example, you may have seen Tinder profiles of women looking for “big dicks.”
Studies show that women seek a slightly larger penis for one-night stands (6.4”plus) as compared to long-term partnerships (6.3”).
This could be because women who want a short-term partner are frequently looking for pleasure above all.
Some women are aroused by the sight of a large member. Similarly, some women are keen on the novel experience of fucking a guy with a giant dick.- short term
A huge penis may cause sex for the woman to be unpleasant in the long-term, though.
This is because a larger penis can tear the vaginal membranes, causing discomfort during sex and resulting in painful urinary tract infections in the following days.
For this reason, women often say that an average-size penis is more desirable for long-term relationships where comfortable sex is the priority. If you’re in a committed relationship might not care about his size.
For single man, though, he's more likely to encounter women who want a monster cock – at least initially.

A Final Word on Big Penises
Penis size, like everything in life, is relative. One man’s hook up is another man’s wife. One man’s pinkie finger is another man’s penis.

Globally you be the researcher if you want a man witrh a bigger dick...

Average cock size of an American man
The average penis size of an American is 5.1 inches
Average penis size of a British man
The average cock size of a Britisher is 5.5 inches.
Countries with men having big penis
Anything above 5.5 inches can be called a big penis.
A South African man has a 6 inch dick on an average,
A German man has an average penis size of 5.7 inches,
while a Greek man has an average dick size of 5.8 inches.
A French man has a penis size of 5.7 inches.
Countries with men having huge penis size
A man from Ghana has an average penis size of 6.7 inches.
A Hungarian man has an average dick size of 6.5 inches.
Jamaican men have an average dick size of 6.4 inches.
But what can make a womans mouth open and gasp in appreciation is the average penis size of a Congo man, his dong is 7.1 inches (once you have had black you never go back - quote my sister)
Femdom Games No8 - Repetition
Posted:Aug 31, 2019 3:21 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2019 3:26 am
Repetition to Result
With the advent of our last sojourn where I noticed that while I was being fucked from the rear C was sucking on K’s cock during I thought I would let him have a chance to do that some more. C=Hubby, K= Fuckbuddy
I got the men naked and with K with a collar and lead. C had to lay on the bed with hid head close to, if not just hanging out over the edge.
I hung onto K’s lead so I knew where he was. I got him to start pulling himself to get big. With that I spread my legs a little and placed my pussy over C’s face and didn’t have to say go. What does a man immediately do when presented with a pussy. He just did what was natural. He was doing fine as I moved around a bit to get the best spot on his tongue. I could feel his nose up my vagina. That is nice as it adds a little bit of depth to the action. I looked to my side and saw that K had developed his cock into a more solid object and I reached out to check. Gave it the firmness squeeze test and was happy to where it was at.
I then got up and stood facing C and leaned forward, grabbed C by the ears and K knew he was up for doggy, his favourite position.
K slipped it in ever so slowly. Bit by Bit, he nudged forward and it felt like I was being spread apart because of the width of his cock. Eventually all the way in. I called out “GO” and he set his pace which he knows gets me going. That lovely pleasuring his head gives as it slides down the sides. I just pushed back a bit to hold my ground as I hung on to C’s head. I leant forward a little more so C could have a go at licking each breast as it brushed all over his face from the humping I was getting. With that done I moved forward and placed my now wet and soft pussy on C’s face again. Immediate response and he took a deep breath and into my pussy with his tongue once more. He must be drowning by now I thought after a minute or two, so I got off his face and leant forward to repeat what had just passed with K. He was ready and waiting. I tugged on his lead and he came forward and slid that lovely big cock right back in there without a hitch. Smooth and silky meets thick and hungry. He started up again as if he hadn’t been out.
This was great. I was getting the type of action one would look for, clit stimulation and thick penetration. It has always got to be with 2 men as you can’t get it from one cock alone, Not that I have found.
Again after a bit I felt that it was time to get that licking action again. This was now getting into a good rhythm. I dropped on C’s face and I could hardly tell if he was there because I was so wet. After he had lapped it all up and I could feel him happily working away again I knew I was starting to tingle. I needed to have that big cock again. Up and backwards and K was in and going before I could reposition my breasts again on C’s Face. I gave the lead a couple of good tugs and K got the hint, harder and harder became his thrusts. I was laying my breasts over C’s face now as I was more focused on the humping that where my boobs were. Poor man must have suffocated in pleasure. I reached out and grabbed hold of C’s dick and held onto it. Surprisingly it was hard. He was into all of this just by my taste. Needed to reward that. I was starting to moan and felt I needed a more comfortable position to be able to take it all to the finish.
I got C to move onto the bed more and I knelt up on the bed and had my pussy aver his face again. He immediately raised his head and wanted to work on the pussy again. I lowered a fraction so he could reach and nibble. I pulled the lead and K knew he had to move in.

K again slowly entered and I could feel the tingle start. He was all the way in
and gave that little extra shove before he started to get that piston pumping, again at the rhythm and speed I like. He just kept it going for 5 minutes or so and as he did he reached around and touched my hard nipples that were rubbing on C’s chest. As he did this I could feel his cock slip out because of the angle of leaning forward. I could feel the pressure of C’s chin moving against my clit but not his tongue. He was detoured into sucking that big cock. K didn’t seem to mind and I could tell because his pumping at my arse had stopped. C was polite and didn’t do it for too long and then again my cock was back inside in action. I got C’s dick in my hand again and directed it to my mouth. I gave it a nice slow swallow for making my pussy wet and just held it in my mouth and let K‘s pushing make it slide in and out as we rocked back and forward , the 3 of us. I thought that this was funny-strange. We were all physically joined together at the one time here. Each one enjoying what we were doing and enjoying what we were receiving. The receiving was going well. As I held that dick still in my mouth I was again making those deep throated mumblings. K was having the effect I wanted. I was starting to really enjoy this motion from behind. I grabbed the lead and gave it a quick couple of tugs and he gave me a quick couple of bangs. C was helping immensely underneath. His tongue was just sticking out like a hard on I’d say as it was always in contact with my clit every time I pushed back on the stroke. When I went forward I would say it was caressing K’s ball sack. C let out a groan as he raised his hips in a thrust and tightened up. Not long for him I thought, not long for me either I thought also. Tugs again on the lead.
I just kept tugging on the lead from here in and K just put the effort in to hammer
me with his cock. C was now out of play with his mouth as he gasped for air having just blown his load. I let it flow out of my open mouth as I held onto for the great orgasm that I was starting to get. Face went down beside C’s going down dick and I just collapsed on his body. K sensed where I was up to on the orgasm meter and slowed to a halt with it buried deep inside. I was full of his cock and my inner muscles were twinging - grabbing it, releasing it and giving me sensation that were just divine. He gave me a couple of more slow strokes and all I could do was slide away from it, forward over C and just push my pulsing pussy hard against his chest. He dropped it in C’s mouth to be finished off. He came soon with that.. Tick box.
Femdom Games No7
Posted:Aug 26, 2019 4:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 2:56 am
This was to be a short interlude in Domination and pain. A short interlude that I would make up for at the end with just sex with my men. I didn’t expect the participation I received. Especially on how they were treated, but they took it like real men. Participants C (Hubby) and K (Fuckbuddy)
I have now acquired a couple of whips and paddle types and are really no good unless you get to use them. This was the day for it. Both naked men were in the room and I had C on all fours and place his head on the chair seat. K was to be on all fours looking at his rear. I pulled out a wide flat paddle and began to hit C on the bum. Taps at first and then the occasional whack. Both sides to keep it even. He was managing, so as it began to get red I instructed K to lick his tender bits and also “Kiss it better”. I downsized next to a more narrow paddle which I thought would be good for leaving a distinct red mark.
I gave C’s bum a short hand rub and then began with the hitting. All around the zone so as to not leave permanent damage. He was tucking in a little when I stopped and had K again lick the area to sooth it. Very good
I next downsized to the wide head riding crop and started to tap on C’s balls and left and right of the zone. Told K to lick it better and he did. He was staying there too long so I gave the back of his head a whipping as well. I didn’t think poor hubby could take any more of that so I rolled him over and he lay on the floor. I flapped his cock and balls with the whip and the inner thighs as well. He was popping up a bit at each hit so I told K to lick it all better. He proceeded to do that and went straight for his balls and then licked up his shaft and then popped C’s dick in his mouth. Oh NO NO NO. short whip hit on K. This was not the requested action. Swap places.

They swapped places and I proceeded then to tap and whack K’s cock and balls and inner thigh. Went a little longer than I did with C. Instructed C to lick it better. With that he went straight for his balls and then licked up the shaft and around the head without touching with his hands. He did a bit of a “nibble” on the thighs and licked his balls again just for good measure. This is what I wanted. So I got K to get up on all fours and place his head in the chair seat and started all over again with his bum. C got the idea that when I stopped he had to lick and kiss his way around the red zone. I did the same to K’s balls and C being ever so inventive licked at them and suddenly sucked one in. Amazing to watch, having done it myself, it is still exciting to see up close. He let it out gently and did the same to the other.
I let that one pass as it was time to have the men lay on the bed side by side.
I got in between and got each cock in my hand and started with some hard old fashioned pulling. Like I was trying to lift them off the bed. Stretched the muscles in their cocks right out. Did that a few times as I stroked them up and down. This was going well and each man was really getting the feel of how much in charge I was. I took the Cat 9 tail whip up and started flail it across their cocks. They were so sensitive that it gave them a little shudder as I ran it back and forth over their stiff shafts. I popped my head down to each and gave a small blow job reward, Wet mouth mothering. Just enough to cool them off before a little more stinging from the Cat.

Last chance for a little more beating of my cocks. I knew they couldn’t take too much more but I thought an attention getter would inspire them to achieve. I told that in a few minutes they would take turns in my pleasure, as requested and when directed. With that I got hold of K’s Cock at its base. It was looking a little limp from the inactivity during talk and gave it a few swats with my hand. That pulled his head up from the pillow. I gave it a wet mouthing for a small amount of time and told him to get up, he would be first . I reached over and took hold of C’s dick by the shaft and repeated the hand slap.
I rolled over onto my back and grabbed the pillow and got it placed under my bum to raise my hips and pussy up. Spread my legs and told K to go for it. He nestled in and gave my pussy an introduction lick from bottom to top. He repeated those long lingering tongue lashes a couple of more times,. I was relaxed. He nudged his face in closer and by wiggling his head he had parted my lips and was licking up and down on my inner flaps and rolling over the top at my clit and back around again. Motion after motion with his tongue was making me more relaxed and felt that it may be time for C to have his turn.
K pulled out and C took his place. His technique though similar was just as refined and dedicated to putting that tongue in places that were bound to find results. He flicked his tongue in and out of my pussy, now that it was starting to flow. Nothing turns him on more that woman juice. He just laps it up as he was doing to my pussy. Get the K back in and he just went straight for my clit. He knew that by this time this was the area to target, He had seen the hips raise a little as he stood to the side. He place his whole warm mouth over it and ran his tongue back and forward, left and right, all the way around until I had to put my hand on his head and say, reservedly it was C’s turn. Oh such a decision to make. I must be fair though.
I rolled C over and sat on his face, looking toward to his stiff hard cock. I leant forward a fraction and told K to lick the part he enjoys. My hole. C began before I said anything to him and was nose deep in my pussy before K could get around there. I had each man working away at what they loved to do. Who would have thought that they had just taken a beating. Gladly they worked at my pussy and arse. I was getting the resultant feel of all that attention and in a short time was pushing down hard on C’s face as I felt the warmth of an orgasm looming. K had his tongue pressed so hard into my hole that it strengthened the overall feeling. I dropped on C’s body and the 2 of them just lapped up my cum.
I feel terrible being a “DOM Mistress” on men who give such results…… not!!
Femdom Games No 5
Posted:Aug 25, 2019 4:44 am
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2019 4:47 am
Book Worm Librarian
Really taking things out on the limb now I feel more confident in trying new activities and knowing my 2 men will along and at least try what I want to do. My 2 Submissive C (Hubby) K (Fuckbuddy) This was about using them and getting my result.

I got C to have “handcuffs” on with his arms behind his back and placed a collar and lead on him, I sat on a chair in sexy underwear and made out I was reading a magazine. With K who has a current fetish to up as a “”.
Something he is exploring. We are embellishing , so I included it in my activity. He came to the other side of the chair and I inserted his tail, a long curvy styled tail – butt plug. Yes he got one. So I had him on all fours beside me, so I could with his tail and rub his balls. He had a head piece on as well, made him look like a .

I sat there and read out my magazine aloud. During this time to ensure attention I raised my foot and nudged C in the balls. Swinging in and out to the beat of the story. For emphasis I got hold of the Dogtail and pushed it in or grabbed hold of K’s balls and gave them a squeeze. They were hanging onto every word.
When I had finished page, which took a while, mind you. I got up and went and knelt on the edge of the bed. I walked K beside me and lead C there on his chain lead. I had C stand in behind me and make out he was trying to do Doggy with his half solid dick. I figured should him swell. I lead K up on the bed and got him to take off his front snout and lay down under my swinging breast and wanted him to lick my nipples as they went past. With those few attempts of dry humping and nipple licking, I got up on the bed and sat on K’s face, Time to make tongue work properly. I lead C around and up on the bed standing so I could suck his dick. I wanted it to be hard. He balanced on the bed in front of me, standing above K’s cock was getting bigger with each breath he took in. I gave it a hand tug and a few slaps and it was now the size I wanted, as was C’s.
I got off his face and turned and sat on the edge of the bed and lead the 2 men to stand in front of me. I rolled the magazine up and started to hit their Cocks with it hard and repeatedly. Stimulated now to stiffness, I set the roll in the magazine so there was a tube in the middle. I pushed it over each erection so as to make out it was like a vagina they were entering. Pushed back and forward with it.
I took C’s cuffs off and had him lay out on the bed so I could give him a 69 type blow job, but the licking would be from K, who saddled in behind me. C would have to watch K lick my pussy and arse while I sucked his dick. At point of the fun I had all the attention on my pussy with the 2 there in position. I let K carry on for some time as I like a good arse licking. I could feel C slipping his tongue out when K went north to lick.

I told K to straddle up as it was time for the to doggy. With he stood up and I think his Cock went into C’s mouth first to stiffen up. I cried out he needed to put it in now. As a good puppy he did. I hung onto C’s dick and as puppy’s penis filled me for the first time today I knew it was going to be a long afternoon. He slowly slid it in and out at a lovely speed. He was in the zone now and he just kept going nicely. I took C’s dick again in my mouth and did what was needed. Wet and slippery up and down his shaft. I got to the top and sucked hard and then ran my tongue madly across the tip and head. was something he hadn’t expected and with he returned the favour as best he could licking and mouthing at my clit was exposed when K pulled backwards.
His view from under there must have been extremely exciting as his dick was extremely hard and he was beginning to leak pre-. K kept the pace up and I kept the swallowing going. C just pushed his face up as best he could and I am sure he was licking K’s balls and my clit continuously. K stopped on the in stroke and gave the extra push in I enjoy and he kept it there longer than normal. I think to let C lick him longer as would have been new and exciting. (I asked C about this later and he was doing it, even sucked his dick when it popped out) K was now starting to put the hard yards in and out and with came the fanny fart and the inevitable missed stroke missed the pussy hole re-entry. I did wonder why it took him so long to get back in. Now I know why. It dropped into C’s mouth and he lapped it in and just as I made a comment about where it had gone, whoosh it was in and pumping. This was what I was looking for, more focus on the feeling and now I could as C let go his load in my hand as I was pulling him. He just got so tender after all of stimulation and visual excitement he kept shuddering as I kept pulling on it. Way to go C, I kept it up slowly massaging his head and he kept pushing his face and tongue into my clit. K kept the steam piston going. He was again in the zone and I was getting to the point where it was all for me and needed to get it happening. Well went on, and in and out for some time as I kept up the small moaning from the waves of pleasure started to break. I was building up to a great orgasm, I could feel it. I was in so was my mental plus. Sure as eggs he just kept the pleasure up with his lovely huge cock and I came and then I came again. After the second loud moaning and shuddering he slowed right down and with a smaller orgasm ran through me and I dropped on top of C completely. He pulled out satisfied Doggy had made my afternoon.
Think it would be OK if..?
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2019 2:29 am

Would you think this would good as an actual Tatoo on boob. I have Roses above pubic area so it would be in keeping with the flower theme.
What say you ? [image]
Ity would look like this....
Yes go ahead
No dont do it!!
Your body up to you...
Tats are fantastic to look at
I like your tits so its Ok
I offer an idea below
10 Comments , 80 votes
Femdom Games No9 - The Punisher
Posted:Sep 28, 2019 5:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 11:53 am
During the week my Hubby (C) was being an irritation to me. My conversations with the Fuckbuddy (K) were one liner responses when I was looking for much more. Both these men were in for a shock next activity down. Punishment Dom was to be unleashed.
To start the play I sat C on the corner of the bed with his legs spread wide and made sure his dick was lying out front of his balls. Blindfold on. He wasn’t going to see what was coming. I collared K and with the lead on it, cuffed his hands behind and dropped him to his knees, behind me.
I started talking at C about his attitude during the week and specific topic. Once I started on the first topic it was slam, slam, slam on his dick with the flat headed whip. I pulled the lead up between my legs, which meant K’s face was heading to my back hole. I spread a little further and told him that in future I wanted Shit answers you will talk to this. As I did so I pulled his face into my cheek crack. “Tongue Tie, that!” I said, and held the lead taught.
He got the message and started licking. My attention went back to Hubby. He hadn’t moved. I slammed his dick a few more times and went on about anything I could think of. Made some of it up. Up and down all over his flinching body. It was fun. One hand taught on the lead and the whip in the other madly flying around, trying not to hit the same place too often. Whack on the dick a few more times and he was starting to pull back from the bed corner. I told him to lay back on the bed for a bit.
A little encouragement goes a long way…
I then climbed up on the bed and leant forward and gave that poor red dick a soft mouthful of wet love. I just held my head there as he started to grow in my mouth. K had moved with me and was now able to get his tongue at my pussy. I spread a little more to out. With that I tugged on his lead a little as a form of encouragement. With C now having a stiff dick, I pulled back and pushed K back as well. He had to remain kneeling as he couldn’t get himself up. I turned and gave him some slaps with the Whip for being in the way. I got his arm and helped him so he could now sit on the corner of the bed. As he sat I hit his firming cock. Attention was now mine.
C was lying on the bed, blindfold on and unsure of what was happening. I took his blindfold off and told him to get in behind me on his knees. I started at K with remarks about his inability to me the right way and then slap, slap, slap on his cock. I tapped his thighs and atop his legs and then again on his cock. Dejavu. I had turned it around. I stood back and leant forward and instructed C to start licking. He did so immediately, with severe application. His tongue came out that far I could feel him half way up my pussy. He was probing in and out and running it flat across my clit that I felt it was the start of payback. I told what a wonderful job he was doing and to keep it going. A slight positive grunt of agreement, and he kept going. I got hold of K’s Shaft with one hand and squeezed it tight and with the flat whip, paddled the top of it in a fast repetitive continuation of hits. That was to send his knobs’ sensitivity right up the scale. I dropped the whip and applied my tongue.
One Woman and Two cocks
Eventually I let his cock go and stood up and got both the men to stand. I sat on the bed and positioned them so I could have their cocks at my face I grabbed each one and sized up who went first into my mouth. Least firm was C so I slipped him in my mouth as I took hold of K and rubbed him up and down. Time for a breath and time for a new cock in my mouth. Stiffer solid K. He was going to be my usual/obvious choice to stand behind and start on my pussy.
I got C to lay again on the bed and I positioned myself for doggy. To receive that nice big cock from the rear. I pulled up on C’s now firm dick and started to give him a licking all over. K as usual slowly entered and I could feel his cock slide in.. He was all the way in and gave that little extra shove before he started to get that piston pumping, again at the rhythm and speed I like. He just kept it going for 10 minutes or so this time. I like the way he touches me on the back as he starts to build up to the harder pumping.
I put C’s dick in my mouth and didn’t have to do much in the way of head movement myself. The pushing from the rear was making me move up and down that shaft with momentum. I let it out for a gulp of air and confided that he was doing exceptionally well. I then took hold of C’s ball bag and encircled the top near the shaft so I could pull his stiff tool to my mouth. Again it was hard to make the two meet as K was affirming my praise. He was getting into it now. I was getting into it now. My pussy was reacting as it should to his big cock. Oh, I love that cock stiff and hard.
Time to spice things up a bit as I felt out for the whip which was nearby on the bed. Let him ride me or shall I be riding him. I held it back to behind me and slapped him on the sides of his bum cheek. Instant result. I didn’t have to say anything, as I couldn’t with a mouthful of dick, and he plunged harder and hung onto my hips to keep the balance. I don’t know why I seem to finish with these two men this way or more so I FINISH this way more with the two men, but it is the doggy position which gives the best sensation and with K’s cock it is with a better sensation than C. He will finish anywhere I have his dick but I just seem to get a better result this way. Tried and true. It ain’t broken…..and K’s shaft wasn’t broken by any means. I was nearing delirium as I forgot I had a cock in my mouth and focused on my overwhelming orgasm arriving. C’s dick popped out and I didn’t care. I came all over K’s beautiful cock. I was so wet I could hardly feel him. He just rolled off to the side exhausted. He had been pumping for about 20 mins. I love that about him. He’s a stayer.
So two men, one bed and plenty of my . Taught them a lesson.
Femdom Games No6 - Hot Cocks in the Sun
Posted:Sep 12, 2019 10:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 11:53 am
Was a nice day and as we do on weekends, just lay on the sun lounges over-looking the pool and soak up the sun, naked. As it was peaceful I sent a message Fuck buddy K his misses and come over and soak it up with us. C was just laying around and tanning his dick.
K rocked up and I told him to strip down, make some cold drinks and serve me. He did so and took a chair beside me. We chatted about how he felt about nakedness in the backyard with us, as normally it was in the bed room.
I felt I had had enough sun and sent C to take the top off the Spa. He went up to the deck area and I got up and took hold of K by the cock, saying “Let’s have some fun”. I held onto it as we walked up to the Spa. He hadn’t been “skinny dipping” with us prior, we had had others in the Spa or Pool. I was about to change that. Drink fridge beside us was full and ready to be emptied.
I popped into the nice bubbling water and the men sat up on the edge, feet in and looked as what was happen next. I splashed each man and said “Get them up”. With their wet hands they were sitting in front of , masturbating. big breasts were floating on chest, I found a bubbler on the seat and positioned it right pussy. Those bubbles leaving the hole caressed past clit, giving an add tingle the visual I was getting.
I got them up and they stood facing , both were hard, but not hard enough for what it was do next, so I gave them a hard grab and pulled them into and started suck them off. Success. Hard. I got up and sat on the edge and opened legs wide. It was a choice as would be done there first. C let K move in, as he WAS the guest. He floated off behind K and I recall that he snuck in behind him and started massaging his balls and cock. Not that K minded, not I as he was spurred on perform his tongue tricks on pussy with all the more vigour
He was lashing it nicely. I had K come up for air and I sat him on the edge and started give him a return service on his big wanting cock. C moved in behind and slipped his dick in ever so slowly, but with such a wet and tingling pussy, I had, it just threw off guard. knees went a little and I grabbed hold tightly on K’s cock and just sucked harder on it because C’s thrusts were getting harder and harder. I was devouring K’s cock, or it felt like it. I never felt that I had got his cock so far into mouth before, that it felt like I was throat fucking him. He was starting push inwards as well as I gulped him down…
I couldn’t take much more of this. So I released his cock and stood up. There then I found I had 2 men were on the verge of exploding and so I was I, but I wasn’t going be standing when I got there, no way. The heat of the Spa had got going and I lifted bum up on the corner of the spa and leant up on the wall. I directed C get in and lick this time and K stand in front of and I squeezed breasts together to indicate a boob fuck. He stood up, stradled C, was now hard at work licking madly away at clit. He just wishes do that for hours, sweet man. K placed his big stiff cock between boobs and I held them together tight. He pushed up and down and on some thrusts I was able to lick the top of his knob.
Things were getting heated and not from the water. C was taking clit in his mouth and giving it a work over. I was not thinking too much on K’s thrusting cock and had eased the pressure on the boobs. I released from there and grabbed onto the edge of the spa. pelvic muscles were contracting hard and I thought I was going slip into the water, even though C had his buried in between legs. This was a fantastic start our wet water games. Time get into more deep water.
The FLOATIES in the POOL......
I thought that the cool water in the pool may help subside and these men some payback attention, Also thought the cooler water may help there solid hard-on last a little longer. SO good be the leader of outward pointing cocks as they took the small walk to the pool. Nothing looks nicer than an erect cock leading the way. Especially C with his Cock ring.
I got into the pool quickly and went to the edge of the pool. The men came over after grabbing a drink for each and me and sat on the pools edge. I wasted no time in sizing up C’s cock and putting it into mouth. He had been relentless in ensuring That I had an orgasm in the spa so it should be him first in return. With a mouthful of ice I slipped his dick in and gave him and excitable blowjob, he lay back on the towel and took it… K sat there and watched. As C was getting close I released him and Slipped back into the cool water. K came over the edge and in, excited about the prospect of what came next. I sat on the step and he next to me and I grabbed his cock and he fingered pussy he was harder and then I turned over and sat on his cock as I faced him and slowly pushed his cock inside of .
After a few bounces he stood and moved into deeper water so I could flop around weightless like on his cock, which would save us some energy. big boobs were again like floaties up in front and the nipples rubbed hard against his chest.
C moved into the pool and got in behind , I had a feeling he was going sandwich in the middle of the and spear from behind. He rubbed his hard dick back and forth between cheeks, but had second thoughts as there was no lubrication. It was impressive though have that much going in the area. He grabbed arms and supported as K grabbed knees and started thrusting away at pussy, in the water, as if he was wrestling with a croc.
boobs were flowing back and forth with the waves of water crashing up chest. The 2 men had me and was get his final climax and I think it was be soon. He suddenly stopped at full inward stroke and I knew he had cum. He slid a few more in and and impressively he was spent. Pool Party Pleasure…
Femdom Games 4
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 10:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2019 3:14 am
This time I wanted be the in charge of the cocks that were be presented in today’s . K (Fuckbuddy) and C (Hubby)
Having got them both naked and standing beside each other I had them put on a blindfold and then got them start masturbate slowly with their less dominant hand. I sat on the edge of the bed and with a flat headed whip was able tap on their hand if the speed got too great and flick at their balls just to get the excitement up. This was Domination. Getting 2 men to pull themselves in front of you. I kept up the whip tapping and flicking the head of their penis. They were starting to grow. I kept this up for about 5 minutes.
Just to see how stiff they were I had them stop and present their cocks. Age is a wonder, when Hubby was young it stood straight up to his naval. I bet K’s did too. Now they point straight out as if they want to hang the tea towel on it. But pointing out they were, so I set to check if they were stiff enough. Solid slaps with the whip on the shaft and a bit to the balls and I was satisfied. A few flinches as well, good result.
I swapped places with them and had them lay back and spread their legs for easier access to their balls. Told them to keep wanking. Slowly!! I kept tapping their cock head and with each in turn took hold of their sack and close gripped where their shaft meets the sack. A good frim squeeze as I tapped their cock head. I thought I would enjoy a wine while they were doing their slow tug. When I finished the glass, I took each cock in hand and gave it a small blowjob and a lick.
OK guys roll over and have your knees just to the edge of the bed and legs spread wide. Balls hanging proudly in between. Slow tug continues. This was turning out to be a good bit of fun. They both had to or ended up with their in the sheets as with arm support they went down. No stamina!!
With another wine in hand I stood and slapped their balls again with the whip. With K I got nails around his Hole and dragged them down and over his balls with some force. He moved forward on the sheet as he took it. With C, I clasped again around the top of the sack and pushed his hand away and started to wank him myself. That got his attention and a moan.
Time to pick it up a little. I pulled the lube and applied it each of their holes. A gentle bit of a rub and pop thumbs slipped in each at the time. We were ready for the next activity. Ok boys you can stop wanking as I get the butt pugs lubed and slowly slid in into K’s hole. He accepted that quite easily. I placed the other into C’s hole and asked if they were comfortable. Great, so I then grabbed a cock in each hand and started to wank them. Pull for pull. This was going well. I stopped for the next bit. I got K’s dildo that he uses on himself at times.
A big big ” that I would not want let near pussy. I lubed it up and swapped the plug for it. Slowly it went in. I could hear faint sounds of pleasure. I left it half way in. I took C's plug and put a lubed standard sized 8” up is hole and started slide it in. He was doing well for doesn’t normally do anal. It went in and I left it here. Back the ” and push it a bit more and asked if he was good with that.
Now for something different. I slipped into the Strap-on we had gotten ages ago. Plugged on the new 8” addition and lubed it up. C was in for a surprise.
I pulled his in and for a bit and then swapped it for the strap-on. He noticed when hips met his bum cheeks. I took hold of K’s ” and finished it all the way in. I now had a dildo deep in each mans’ hole. Different for me.
After thrusting C’s hole for a bit and keeping the big Dildo moving in K, I pulled both and dropped them in the bucket of soapy water beside. Found that keeps any smell down if not totally clear inside.
Anyway they had enjoyed it as had I.
They still presented their big balls to me.
I grabbed a squirt of lube on each hand and grabbed those stiff cocks and started to give them a slow pull. Once the lube was all over them I picked up the pace. Up and down left and right hand going in turn. I got at them with a hard and firm manner. This was the time for them to cum and I had their attention. Time now for the attention to be on me.
I knelt on the Bed, just as they were and told C to take of his mask and fuck me, while K kept the tugging of his cock going.
C got up and slid his wet cock into pussy slowly. Considerate that it hadn’t been played with as yet. Lube helped. He was getting anxious at nearly cuming when I wanked him. With each push in he was getting closer and just as he exploded he pulled and spewed it all over bum cheek. He rubbed his cock through it and then palmed it flat towards back.
With that I called on K get here and attend pussy. What a considerate man. He put his deep into pussy and started licking the juices I had started flowing. He went up hole and spent time on hole rimming it and poking at it with his tongue. I was enjoying this now. On the last session of licking juices and back hole he stood up and put that COCK into me. Ooooh yes that’s what I want. It’s not that C doesn’t do it for me, but K just makes me fuller and it feels wonderful. That extra girth and head shape.
He started on me as he normally does with the deep thrusting slowly and his push wiggle when in deep and with that he then could feel that I needed to be “banged” hard. He just stepped up the tempo, grabbed hips and got his cock pushing me wider each time. Fanny farts were oblivious noises. I was now moaning better than he was with the ” in his hole. Pleasure time was at door. I grabbed the sheets and turned head in the pillow and let the moans as they came me. I felt as if I had done those cocks well today but I am sure that this one had done me just as good. I had arrived at orgasmic destination for the day. I need not have worried about it at all…
Femdom Games No3
Posted:Aug 10, 2019 4:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 11:53 am
Attention Deficit Disorder
Had had a bit of an idea on a game I could endure the 2 men in my sex life through. So after planning it in my head a while I ventured try it at our next Femdom games session.
After the men had stripped down my level of nakedness, I had K (fuckbuddy) lay on the bed and C (Hubby) sit in the chair in the room. I knelt in between his legs and grabbed his large but very soft cock. I said that this is how it will be today, “Tell me about your day from start to now”. As he began I then started to massage his cock and did this slowly as he talked. The effect of hands on was starting to work, it started growing. But with that he stopped to think about the next part he was going to tell me. I stopped pulling and said “Off you get – C up here now”. With a strange on his he got up and C lay back there in his place. His dick was flaccid as well, not knowing what expect. Again I asked him tell me about his day from the start. With that as he spoke I started massaging his dick and balls and again within a short time he was growing and his train of thought stopped in mid-sentence and so I stopped too. I bundled him off and got K back down. “Continue.” I said.
Don’t explain the Rules
With that he started up on his day and I started up on his cock. Being the second time around I thought I would give his by now harder cock some extra activity and rubbed it against my swinging breasts. That is where the talk stopped , so did I. “Off you get!” Bring back C. He lay and began talking as did I masturbate him again. He was doing well and continued the flow of his day so I put the head of dick in my mouth. Well wasn’t that a conversation stopper. “Off the Bed, Next!”
I was beginning to prove my theory that the smaller head will over-ride the bigger head, every time it gets attention. In this game I win every time.
Bring back K was cheating over in the chair by rubbing his cock keep it hard. So off he continues and so do I. Now I have a handful of cock beat up. This is now where I want them. He is now madly trying concentrate on his story as I pull him harder and press a finger to that soft area just his balls. I let that finger drift a little further down and rim his hole and, you guessed it, lost the train of thought. you go. Close but no pussy taste yet. Bring in C, has been doing the in the chair. He is getting eager. He is getting close the end of his day as I know where he is up . With that I grab his balls with had and pull tight, let go with the other and swallow his dick into my mouth. Remember, there are no rules. He thought he was there at the end of his story so he stopped. Fail!! Mouth off dick, C off bed and bring on the K cock, stiff now as ever. These men are getting excited.
I put some saliva on hand and started slip up and down on his shaft with my hand. At the point where he said he got tour place, I did exactly the thing him. The urgency in his words get the point where he lay on the bed was fantastic. So I kept going at him with my mouth. I caressed his balls again and set about giving him a decent blowjob. I looked side ways C, and he was sitting in the chair in anticipation that it should be his turn. He can wait. I kept at that big cock a little longer and as I stopped I lifted up and rubbed the tip on my pussy. No entry yet !!
Swapped him C had a little bit of a story to tell and he finished it comfortably with me sucking his dick so hard to try and put him off. He just lay there and I got his pre-cum flavor released so I eased off and set him to the side of the bed with a near orgasm.
K lay beside C with me kneeling in the middle. I again started sucking K’s cock and put a hand on C’s pulsating dick. No need to give that too much attention or he is gone. Thought was just to keep the tantalizing going.
Rewarding the Winner..

Eventually I let his cock go and lifted up and straddled K. I let his thickness slide straight into my pussy. Time now to ride. Focusing now on my needs I just slowly started to push back and forward. Starting to rub my clit and get the knob factor working inside. The rim of his cock head is what gets me inside. I lifted and began to bounce up and down. He lifted as I rose trying not to lose that depth that makes a man feel encapsulated by pussy.
I again slowly slid down on it and I could feel the tingle start. He was all the way in and gave him that little extra muscle grab before I started get that piston pumping. I held up and he started push up from the bed. Once he had the idea it was now up him I lowered down and leant forward as he again got that piston motion that I love motoring. I was dangling my big breasts into his and he was trying lick the nipples as they floated by. Now the little head was in control and he was doing what I wanted, pleasuring me…I had get off as I don’t get the best pleasure from this position. I rolled off onto all fours on the bed and set myself up to suck C as K positioned himself to doggy style.. MY favourite. I mouthed over C’s dick and licked it up and down to show that I still liked it and then proceeded to suck it in, just as K slowly entered me. C must have felt the reaction I was taking to that. I just had to close my eyes and absorb that. With that I then took a breath and got to it on C’s dick. Hanging on grim death his balls balance and giving his as best I could endure from the pumping I was getting. My work on C was paying off, he was starting lift at the hips and moan and rub my head. I knew he was close, so I just pulled away as he shot that long awaiting load past the side of my and got my earing and side of my cheek. and moist. K was doing his hardest. He had me getting the tingles by now as I could focus just on the big cock inside. He was doing what he should well. I started pushing back and he met that with the little wiggle he does when in deep. I love it. So within a few more minutes I was in raptures. The head was buried deep inside me and my head was buried deep into the bedsheet. Thankfully he had stopped at the right time as I went thru my orgasm ride… then eventually me he slid it as I fell the bed.
Posted:Aug 5, 2019 11:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2019 11:42 pm
Keeping IT STIFF Challenge
Set this up as part of performance playing with a focus preference to having my Fuck Buddy come over and play more regularly. Incorporate the Hubby in 3sums and I get to fuck him more often. Can’t see the problem in that.
So just before I had Fuckbuddy “K” come over, I put Hubby, “C” out on the bed naked and tied him to it and blindfolded him. He’s into that. Stood back and then hit his limp dick with the flat headed paddle-whip. Well didn’t that get his attention. His cock started to rise in anticipation. K having entered the room was handcuffed behind and sat on a barstool near the bed. I then took to his cock with the whip too to stiffen him up. I said that this was to be the prelude to a cock competition. I gave C’s cock another couple of hits and told them they had to keep it stiff with thought and anticipation – no self-touching this time. I placed a vibrator under K’s balls and turned it onto slow. Just enough to feel the sensation but not enough to go places on it.
Demanding a STIFF Cock
I went over to the bed and sat above C’s face and had immediately tried to lick me. With that attempt I hit him again, and got the reaction I wanted. Rising cock meant lowering pussy. As he licked it eagerly his cock grew more solid. I said, ”Hubby keep it stiff or I go and suck K. K keep it stiff or I sit on his face longer and all you’ll get is a whip on the cock.” Once I had C stiff and mouthing madly at my pussy, I got off and slid down to his cock and rubbed the wetness allover his shaft. Back and forward, but didn’t let him slip in. All this time K was watching and maintaining a fairly good hardness, but not hard enough…..
I then got up and stood facing K, got him to stand and I dropped onto my knees and without touching him I mouthed his cock and sucked it straight into my mouth. Like you do when sucking a lollie in. I rolled it in and out along my lips and felt it coming fuller and harder. Just what I wanted. I brought him to the edge of the bed and I leant forward and spread my legs and told him to use that hard cock where it best works. I then grabbed hold of C’s Cock and hung on as he entered me from the rear. Made it difficult for him to line it up at first, not having his hands to guide it in as usual, but it found his way. It was a wet pussy to slip into. I stood braced as he began to get his rhythm and balance. He didn’t have the hands to hang on. But he soon mastered that and I began to hum inside.
I grabbed C by the balls and started to pull him off. He couldn’t see what was happening but he could hear it was good all around. I was just enjoying hanging on and being taken for that ride to ecstacy. I knew it was going to get me. It always does when K was driving his cock into me from behind……
Riding the WAVE to the end
I hung onto C and did what I could to him, but I was away in my own world soon as my orgasm started to kick in. I knew I had to make it last as best I could so at what felt the right moment I moved onto the bed and sat on C’s cock and rode him Cowgirl thru the aftershocks of the convulsions. Was more manageable to move my hips around and rub my clit as I needed. Hubby thought it was great as he pushed hard upwards in the air sinking his cock deep as he could.
With that I got off, stood up, un-cuffed K and again he slowly entered and I could feel the sensation start. He was all the way in and gave that little extra shove before he started that pumping, at the rhythm and speed I like. This is why I have settled on him as a permanent fuck. His cock just fits into my pussy the right way and fills me and gives me the sensations I want. PLUS…. He just goes on and on. He won’t get to an orgasm, unless I am wanting him to have one. He is good with that. And so am I…… where was I….
I was close again, and I thought this time I am going to come all over his cock while it is inside me. I told him to keep going as I moaned and clung onto C’s cock and he must have thought I was going to squeeze his balls to mush as I just moaned and moaned my way through the knee bending orgasm that I was having this time. Head on the bed, legs far apart and knees falling into the bed edge. Lucky to be standing. K did the right thing and pulled out and let me collapse.
I was feeling totally ravenous now and got hold of C’s hard cock and started giving him the attention I felt had been given me in the rear. Poor man had been laying there blindfolded and had to endure listening to me go off. How excited he was, was reflected in his stiffness. I sucked and licked his balls, to make up for near crushing them. I put his cock into my wet mouth and within what appeared to be no time I could feel him hips rising. I hung onto it as he exploded up his belly. Once he had cum I sucked him a little more so that the sensitivity twitch would get him way over the top. It did… he lay there and breathed heavily out.
Now where was my main cock. He had gone to the side of the bed to observe my mouthing of C. I rolled over onto my back and let my head rest just near the edge of the bed. I opened my mouth and he lowered his lovely cock head straight down into it. I lay there open mouthed as he just raised and lowered that pleasurable cock in my mouth. I reached up and played with his balls and slid my hand further back towards his arse cheeks. I was able to pull him lower and further into my mouth, with each thrust. I moved one hand back to his balls and then up between his legs and pressed on his hole. A bit of thumb pressure and he stayed low for a little longer, each time. I had him right where I wanted. I got him to bend forward and lick my pussy, sixty-nine while I sucked his cock, my way and pushed my finger into his hole. This got him going. I could tell by the way his tongue went ballistic on my clit. A couple of more deep sucks and a few finger thrusts, I had him spraying all over my chest. It was warm and plentiful. He had had a big day.
I got out from under and let him collapse to the floor. Time to take the blindfold off C and I thought it would be a good idea to rub all that sticky cum over his face with my big boobs that he loves so much. I enjoyed that, he enjoyed that, and K enjoyed putting it there. With that I raced everyone to the shower…..
Femdom Tale No.1
Posted:Jul 30, 2019 4:57 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2019 11:23 pm
[Getting the best of my males]
Had organized that my Fuck Buddy (K) was come over for a formal 3sum with us. Had a plan of attack I wished pursue, on and by each of the males.
Had K change in another room and already had Hubby (C) standing against a wall, blindfolded, in the bedroom, naked and waiting. He is up for anything with sex. While K was changing down and getting ready I went in quietly and lifted his cock and balls and started stroke him gently. Dropped my knees and gave him some wet slow blowjob mouthfuls his attention was at attention. K came into the room and I him kneel in front of C and I lifted the cock up for him to suck. He ever so gently slipped it in and started to drive C’s cock in and of his mouth. He was working C’s shaft beautifully. I called a stop to that and lifted a foot on the bed and had him lick and mouth my pussy. This man was going to be doing some work today. He was doing a wonderful job but as he was getting excited I turned the top of his head and pointed it back to the unattended cock. Back to slipping it in and out of his mouth and licking the shaft up and down. He didn’t mind as he was doing what he was told. C didn’t mind as he was getting a blowjob. Attention back to my pussy. I lay back on the bed and K got into it with his tongue madly probing in and out and rolling up over my clit. He does wonders this way. I did not have to urge him on. more round of cock sucking and then as K came back lick me again I stood, raised the foot on the bed ,had C take off the blindfold and directed him to lick my arse as K licked my pussy. What a feeling that is as 2 men try their best to penetrate you with their tongues….
Mount your and still be a Queen
I then had C sit on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide so I could sit on his rigid cock, I bounced around on it a few times get the comfort right and his cock up and hard. I spread my legs and had K come in and lick my clit while I squirmed around on C’s shaft. I made sure he went down and licked balls as well. He had plenty of juice down there lick up. I was starting get the feel of warmth inside. I popped up a bit and had K suck that wet cock that had come and then promptly put it back in. My pussy attention was working. I did this again and again…
I then got up and stood facing K, his cock was hard, but not hard enough for what it was to do next, so I gave it a savage grab and pulled it into me and started to pull him off. Instant success. Hard up. I leant forward and grabbed C by the cock and K knew he was up for doggy, his favourite position.
As I bent forward and grabbed C by the cock .K slipped it in ever so slowly. Bit by Bit he nudged forward and it felt like I was being spread apart because of the width of his cock. Eventually all the way in. I called “GO” and he set his pace which he knows gets me going. That lovely pleasuring his head gives as it slides down the sides. I just pushed back a bit hold my ground as I hung on C’s cock. I grabbed him by the balls with hand and the shaft with the other and was giving multiple irregular hand movements as I reacted K’s thrusts. Soon I felt K needed a reward for his action so I turned and sat that wet pussy back on C’s cock and introduced K’s cock my hungry mouth, while he stood in front of me. I just let my tongue do the walking up and down that tasty shaft as I clasped his balls and stretched his scrotum down. C was bouncing into me as best he could on the bed. I was interested in rewarding that cock for its attention in my pussy….. I sucked him super hard…
The Cumming of the Doggy
Eventually I let his cock go and stood up and got both the men to stand. I knelt on the bed and positioned my legs so they could move in and service me. went first was up them. Instruction though was at a time. my pleasure K was the first have his big cock enter me and started the doggy dash going…
K again slowly entered and I could feel the tingle start. He was all the way in and gave that little extra shove before he started get that piston pumping, again at the rhythm and speed I like. He just kept it going for 5 minutes or so and as he did he reached around and touched my hard nipples floating back and forward my big breasts. I like the way he touches me on the back as he starts to build up to the harder pumping.
And with that he pulled !! It was C slipped in obviously next. He being a little taller has an angle that when entering pushes down hard on my g spot and slides over it in a rubbing motion, He just kept the rhythm going as K had done, I think they were trying hard outlast me. I started my the bed as pleasure started get me and then, OOHH MY GOD it was K back in the hole. Oh what a feeling it makes when you get changed up. Both cocks are about the in length but K has a little more thickness and a mushroom head that as I said, strokes the inside of my pussy. He had me burying my head into the bed by the time he pulled and let C keep the momentum going.. Ooooh Hell yes, They were doing as instructed.
C pulled just as he was about explode and funnily enough so was I. Poor darling didn’t get feel that, but it was K felt the brunt of my push backs and trembling pussy as I shook and moaned as I came. He just floated his cock continually in and as I blissfully Flopped in the position and took it. Rapture flowing all around inside.
I spun around on the bed and lay with my head to the edge and summoned the men to masturbate and come on each breast. Pull away guys it’s your turn. I helped a bit by grabbing each cock in hand and getting them up blow. C came first and dropped it all over my chest and breast and I let K pull himself orgasm as he grunted and sprayed his thick cum as far as my belly. He was tense at the explosion time.
I had them lay on the bed beside me and they played with my pussy while I continued slowly stroke each of my withering cocks.
I got what I set do CUM FIRST, after that it was their problem……
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Invited to be BI
Posted:Jun 28, 2019 3:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2019 4:58 pm

I have a FWB, whom Hubby had allowed me to holiday with at his various resorts he was managing. In some cases Hubby would catch up a couple of days later to be with me and him as a threesum on the nights he joined us. FWB had made his way to where we live and up til this point had been fairly "straight" in the threesum activities. It was a surprise when he came to our place the other afternoon andin the early proceedures expressed that he would like to suck hubby's cock as He put it out of the Glory hole in the playroom. I introduced him to hubby's cock and watched him have a lick and suck. He got into it by trying to get into all in his mouth. I stepped out to get some ice to suprise hubby on my next mouthful of blowjob and when I returned FWB was still going for it and giving some good moves. I tool over and rally blew that cock owners mind with an icebath with my mouth. FWB sat on the bed edge and as I removed ice and cock from mouth and got hubby out from behind screen, I pushed FWB back on bed and straddled his face. He loves to lick on my clit as much as he can because he explodes quickly when I give his cock some great attention. As i rode his face I could see his cock standing tall and directed Hubby to return the favour by sucking him. Not a problem for him so away he went. What an unexpected pleasure for FWB and then to my clit. The reaction was immediate, Tongue activity central. He went crazy. Hubby sucked him to the point of just about coming and as his hips rose, stopped. He repeated this a couple of times. Meanwhile the mouthful of pussy was crying out in almost ectasy at each peak. As a treat I had hubby, who didnt all this put a small dildo slowly up into his arse. My God I almost had to hold him down as he totally rose from the bed in excitement. Mind you I was getting hot and lashed by a tongue that now was flayling in absolute speed and abandon. Suck it and see seemed to be Hubby's approach now, as it was now insert and suck to the edge, Another three times and I had to have him blow. I dont think he could have taken anymore as nor would my pussy. He came so hard I felt his tongue deep up my vagina. I got off so he could gasp for air and he lay there with a red face and a belly covered in cum. God he exploded. He lay for a bit as I paid Hubby some more attention. As he got up to go and clean I had a new hard cockto give me the last bit of pleasure I needed. I quick hard doggy drive to get me over the edge myself. Point proven that FWB was a little curious about having a suck but I dont think he knew what the experience was going to be like when you're up to your nasal hair in pussy juice and cum is flowing out your cock at the same time. Laid back and stroked 2 happy cocks when he came out of the shower.
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Pussy licking
Posted:Jul 27, 2018 1:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2018 11:58 pm

We see a lot of vids of girls/women sucking cock. Love to see it but..... Want to srtart a campaign of more men taking shots of them licking a pussy. How do you feel about that. I know it is more difficult to shoot but....... Come on guys get that tongue out and give the camera a go !!!! More video or pics needed.
Can't do it because I need to concentrate.
Going to try but can't guarantee film footage
Accept the challenge - will show my results
Look at our/my site and see how well I've done
Master of the "Pussylick" check out my site (added below)
I could never lick a pussy.
Check out my Pics below I putthem in.
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