4-21-17 Doug and Hubby Fuck the Wife  

cucky5669 64M
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4/21/2017 5:36 pm
4-21-17 Doug and Hubby Fuck the Wife

I was just getting into the shower this morning when Doug popped in the front door. I met him naked as a jay bird and told him I was just getting a shower and that the wife was in the basement. When I came out into the kitchen he had her bent over the kitchen table and he was ramming his sweet cock into my wife doggystyle!
He didn't miss a stroke and kept slamming her until she had her third orgasm of the morning. Come to find out he had already gotten her off by mouth while she was sitting on the countertop. With my hard cock in hand, I might add, I suggested that we move the party to our bedroom. My wife asked me to do a few errands before I came into the room such as get them fresh drinks and find a towel because she was needing to squirt!! When I reached the bedroom my wife was sitting on his face and getting very close to another orgasm.
Well I'm not going to recap the next 3 hours but she squirted a couple times, and we fucked her in the bedroom a number of times. The most memorable for me was when she was on top riding Doug's face. Her ass was right at the edge and I was holding my hard cock in my hand, so I slid myself right into that super wet cunt! An idea came to mind while I was slamming her and I backed out just enough to let my cock slid right into Doug's mouth! He took it like it was the last cock in the world! Guess what? Since my wife was just coming down from another orgasm she never even knew he was sucking me!
So we changed things up and went into the living room. My wife dropped to her knees and took Doug's cock into her mouth to get him hard again. When he was up and ready she climbed aboard in search of another orgasm! We tell her she has a "greedy" cunt!! He took her doggy and missionary while on the couch, giving her many more orgasm's. It was definitely break time so I put together fresh drinks and settled back into my chair to chat. I had to leave the room for a few minutes and when I came back I found them fucking in the kitchen again. I took note of my wife's swinging tits as Doug pumped her from behind so I knelt on the floor and took one in my mouth while pinching the other. This sent her directly into another orgasm! I looked up at Doug and said, "Bro, you need to get off before you go!" My wife turned around and asked him how he wanted to take her. He wanted to go back to the couch and lay her flat on her back while both of us jerked off and splashed her with our cum! Sweet!!! We did just that!

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