4-3-17 Doug Stops for an early Morning Fuck  

cucky5669 63M
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4/3/2017 2:59 pm
4-3-17 Doug Stops for an early Morning Fuck

I got a call from Doug saying he was going to be stopping over to fuck my wife this morning. As it happens I was only a few minutes away from home myself. I knew that my wife would still be in bed so I felt safe in sneaking in to watch the action. It WORKED!! Soon as I cracked the door I could hear my wife's moans so I softly padded towards the bedroom and peeked around the corner to find my friend fucking my wife like it was the last time he was ever going to fuck again!! I watched as his ass cheeks tensed up and drove his hard cock back to the hilt!! Over and over he drove himself home!!
My wife was begging him not to stop...over and over she begged him to fuck her and not stop!! I knew she was close when I heard those familiar words!! He was taking her in the missionary position with her legs pushed to her chest. This is my wife's favorite position and can cum as many times as her lover has the strength to keep pounding her. I had my own cock in hand now and was stroking myself with a vengeance!! About this time I heard Doug ask my wife, "where do you want it baby?" My wife immediately responded with a hurried, "anywhere!!"
Now you gotta understand Doug....sex is all about the women cumming...over and over again before he lets himself get off so I knew he was just teasing at this point because they had only been at it an hour or so at this point. As I stroked my cock I was making my plan on how I would enter the room. Did I want to wait until he unloaded in my wife's pussy and suck up the cream pie? Or did I walk in at any time and join them hoping to take his cream straight from the tap? I couldn't make up my mind so I stood there and watched Doug move off my wife and I heard him tell her to get on her knees. I was thinking he was going to take her doggy style but he had other plans! He told her to spread her legs so that he could get two fingers in her wet pussy.
He was going to give her some g-spot orgasm's!! Her most favorite of all orgasm's!! I started to pound my own cock at this point because I was so excited to watch as his fingers literally BEAT her cunt from one orgasm through the next!! What really drove me insane was hearing my wife tell Doug that he's the best lover she's ever had!! Plus I was able to see her ass cheeks jiggle and her titties bouncing!! My cock grew harder and I knew I was getting close!! OH SHIT!! I mumbled to myself as I lost it into my own hands!! I was feeling thoroughly pissed at myself for cumming so soon but the sights and sounds were to much for me!!
So I had to do a fast retreat to clean up myself all while listening to Doug as he was getting closer and closer to cumming himself. After a short while I walked right into the bedroom asking what was going on. I surprised them both and Doug spoke up first saying, "Dude...you just missed it!! Fuck you could have taken my load!! I shot it all over your wife's tits!!"
As of right now neither of them know I was watching!! And they may never know as I don't want them to become to careful in the future!!

What would you guys do??

partylad2 59M  
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4/3/2017 3:44 pm

I'd let them fuck away unbeknown to them that you are watching sure does make it even more horny. Thanks for sharing

KItkat1415 57F  
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4/3/2017 4:37 pm

I think you should have joined them. He did say "Fuck, you could have taken my load" and something tells me from your comment about taking it directly from the tap, that you would enjoy that.
Have fun and carry on,

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Pres4u2Again 72M  
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4/5/2017 9:08 am

Since it is apparent that all are friends and obviously know it is OK to fuck around whenever, I think I would have after a while, just walked in and gotten Doug in the ass as he was doing mish with the wife. Taking his load would of course be an option later.

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