Funny things....  

curiousby63 55T
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6/11/2017 2:04 pm
Funny things....

It is funny what you can do on the net I saw a comic on Facebook that was interesting about some macho guy who told another mach guy he has an angry pussy as home, They high fived each other. It turns out the guy had a cat that was very unfriendly.

I tired to search for that comic strip and others like it on Google. I got a site that showed how to make a pocket pussy. Me being adventurous when I did my weekly shopping at Walmart I bought the needed items to make my own. I got a bottle of soda, some rubber gloves, some cotton balls and some sponges.

When I got home I watched toe video again to make sure I do it right. It looks like my cock has a new friend. I am in my birthday suit and I am about to give my cock a little party. The little guy is screaming to meet its new friend. I know I will not e able to last but I am going to try. Time for a party........

Lee Ann

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