Going to School part 2  

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9/5/2017 9:02 am
Going to School part 2

I watch all of the girls, and a couple of the preppy guys walk out laughing. I sit there. The only female in a class of about fifteen geeky guys.

"Wow. That cleared out quick." He comments. "Today I thought you'd all enjoy a break from the normal routine, and decided that we can just relax today. I came up with a game we can play. I'm really surprised by how many have stayed today. Normally it's only one or two students who are trying to suck up that stay. Are you a suck up, Michele?"

I just smile from being put on the spot, and I squirm uneasily in my seat.

"The game goes like this; you take what you've learned about programming, and apply it to real life. You won't be judged or graded by whatever you do. It's just for the fun of it. To see how things really work. Remember to know your prospective user, and cater to their needs even though they don't know what they are until you show them."

"So you want up to write a program?" One of the boys asks.

"In a way." He responds. "You see programming is more than just binary code, and things to do on computers. It's in every aspect of life. Anyone can write a program, but can you program someone else to do what they want? Let's take Michele for instance."

I squirm even more being out on the spot again.

"If you look at her sitting there half naked you wouldn't ever guess that a short while ago she would never had dressed like that in public. But she thought about it. Then something happened in her life that changed her from being the conservative wife and mother to the liberal college girl without any concerns. Whatever it was it brought out the real Michele. The one that wished all the long that she could let go of her inhibitions, and be free. Isn't that right, Michele?"

I just stare at him in shock at how right he is.

"Now I'm sure the reason that most of you boys have stayed is to keep looking at Michele with the hopes of seeing more of her. I'm sure a few of you had some personal time with the pictures of her on the web. I'm also sure that some of you are wondering why I keep using er as an example? Well, it's because she has been programmed to be the woman that she has always wanted to be, and she can't contain the urges anymore in this environment. She has no choice. Her body reacts without her, and her mind can only follow along."

My shock grows more pronounced as he stands by his desk, and leans back on it.

"All of you come closer to the front. Gather around my desk."

We all move closer as he stands there watching.

"Very good. Now Michele.Come here."

I slowly walk to him, and he turns me toward the class.

"Michele needs to pass this class. I told her that I grade her on her performance just as I do anyone. So she did what I asked trying to improve her grade."

Some of the boys laugh.

"Don't laugh guys. She was way outscoring all of you already. I told her that she wasn't doing well because I knew that she would try harder, and I know that she can learn a lot. She has too. Her A became an A+ in only a few assignments."

The boy become silent listening.

"And you can see she is still enjoying the free lifestyle that she craves while getting a decent grade. I programmed her in a way. I seen her potential, and I carved it into something she can succeed with. This is the game I'm talking. Nothing harmful. Only to release a person's inner self somehow. You decide how. Be it a video game, or by suggestion."

"Program her to get naked." One of the boys joke.

"I don't have to." He retorts quickly. "I just have to ask."

"Bullshit." A few say.

"I'll do you one better. A woman can control her motions to a point, but she can't control her body."

He turns and looks at me before patting his hand on his desk.

I turn around, and bend at my waist laying my hands flat on his desk. I feel my skirt ride up my hips, and I know that they can see my crotch just by listening to their whistles and cat calls.

"Look close boys. It's probably the first time you've seen a real woman bent over in front of you. You will see her pussy out in the open. It looks normal. Nothing unusual. Just keep your eyes focused on her, and tell me what happens."

I watch him walk around, an then reach into his desk. I know what he's retrieving, and I feel myself getting excited. I feel myself flush with anticipation when the leather paddle comes into view. He runs it over my face, and then down my back until I feel it touch my bared ass.

"What do you all see?"

"Holy shit!" One pipes up. "Her cunt is fucking dripping."

Hearing them all begin to get excited watching me turns me on even more, and I soon feel my juices running down the inside of my leg.

"This is her real self. It has been brought out of her by changes in her environment." He says as he lays the paddle on the small of my back. "I have things to get done, and since you all know the game I'll leave you to your fun."

He lifts my head by my hair, and looks me in the eyes.

"Stay still until I tell you otherwise." He orders me.

I watch as he walks out the door making sure that it's locked behind him. I hear the guys talking behind me as they stare at me. I even hear some phones click as they take pictures. It takes a minute before I feel the paddle lift off my back. Then it comes crashing down on my ass a few times making me flinch. I see the boys gathering around me, and hear their phones clicking away. I stay still just like I was told.

My shirt is pulled from the sides, and I hear it tearing as it is pulled. In a second my shirt is tossed into the corner while my skirt is yanked up to my stomach. I feel their hands all over me. Touching me. Pinching my nipples which are super hard from me being so turned on, and fingers slide into me vagina and ass probing me as deep as they can.

I can only moan as they make me even hornier. Their inexperienced groping makes me want more. The thought of being their first is so sexy to me. Their hands and fingers use me for almost ten minutes bringing me so close to orgasm that I'm almost in a stupor.

Then it finally happens. I feel a cock slide into my vagina, and begin to fuck me. I moan loud, and orgasm almost immediately. It a good one too which shakes me to the core. I barely finish when one of them shove their dick in my face telling me to suck it. I gladly suck it into my mouth, and make it mine as the other guy fucks me hard. He rams me deep a few minutes before I feel him pull out. Then I feel his hot cum landing all over my back, and slowly oozing down over my ass.

I feel him wipe the last drops on my ass cheek before another dick slips into me. I moan against the dick in my mouth as he rams my pussy hard. In seconds I taste the semen as ti seeps down my throat. I swallow it down as it shoots out. It tickles the back of my mouth, and it feels so good.

I am pulled away from the desk, and made to kneel on all fours on the floor while being fucked the entire time. Another dick is shoved into my mouth as I moan. I stroke it while I suck, and then feel him tense. It's not long before he lets out his nut in my mouth. I gulp it down too feeling it warm my belly. Then the guy in me pulls out, and shoots his cum all the way up my back to my shoulders. It feels so hot, and feels like it's covering my entire back.

As soon as they finish with me I am pulled onto my knees, and made to straddle a guy who is laying on the floor holding his dick up. I slide it into my eager vagina, and slowly feel him filling me. As soon as our bodies meet I moan as an orgasm takes me by surprise. I grind my crotch into him as my vagina clenches his hard cock, and shake as the waves course through me.

It last for a few blissful minutes before finally subsiding, and then I lean forward taking the cock in front of me into my mouth. I ride one cock while sucking another working myself to another orgasm. Then I stop moving when I feel a dick poke at my asshole. I am so worked up that I push back when he begins to push forward. I feel it pop into my rectum, and then feel my sphincter hesitate for a split second before allowing his dick through.

I feel so full with cocks in every hole in my body. All fucking me as I move back and forth. The sting in my ass mixed with the pleasure of my vagina makes it so hot. My lust wants more. I suck the cock hard as my orgasm slowly nears. Then I feel the cock in my vagina let loose inside of me. I feel the hot semen as it fills my womb, and hear him moaning as he injects it into me.

I don't stop. I want my orgasm. The guy pulls his cock out of my mouth, and shoots his cum all over my face before making me suck the last dribbles out of it. Seconds later I feel the dick in my ass shove deep, and begin to throb. It's followed by the hot feeling of cum filling my guts. He holds me still until he finishes, an then pulls out leaving me dripping. I move off the guy under me, and feel his cum leak out in seconds.

I am pulled onto another guy, and I straddle his cock while I am leaned backward. A dick is in my mouth right away, and one is put into each of my hands. I suck, fuck, and stroke trying to get to my orgasm again. Feeling his cock moving in and out of my pussy while her rubs my clit with his finger is definitely helping. I moan as the cock in my left hand begins to throb. I feel the hot cum splatter all over my left breast covering it in sticky hot goo. A minute later the guy in my mouth pulls out, and I am told to keep my mouth open as he cums all over my face and into my mouth before he tells me to swallow it.

Watching this makes the guys in my right hand finish, and his cum shoots out hard right on my right nipple. I stroke him feeling his cock throb as his cum covers my boob. The cum begins to run down my chest and stomach tickling my skin as it does. It's enough to give me what I need, and I shake in pleasure as I cum all over the cock in me. I feel my body quivering uncontrollably as my mind goes blank from pleasure.

For a few wonderful minutes I am taken to a special place where nothing matters but my pleasure. It's too short of a time, and as I begin to regain myself I feel him pulsating inside of me. Adding to all the semen already inside of me. It's so hot and feels so good as it tickles my vaginal walls shooting into me. I ride him through his climax before he tells me to move.

I am then bent back over the desk, and feel a cock slam into my butt hole. He fucks me hard and deep as the semen leaks from my vagina, and runs down my legs. My hands are again filled with dicks, and I stroke them as I moan from the abuse my ass is taking. I feel his cock so deep inside of me. My butt muscle has given up any fight it may have had long ago. My body goes numb from the fucking, and all I feel is the dicks in my hands.

For a few minutes he ravages my ass making me groan as the tingle inside me gains momentum ever so slowly. I feel the cocks in my hands go off almost simultaneously. The hot semen lands all over my back coating my skin completely between my shoulder blades. Then the cock in my ass slams really hard. He lifts me to my tiptoes as he pushes as deep as he can.

I hear him moan a strained moan, and feel him lift me higher with his cock. It stretches my worn butt hole even more as his cum fills my rectum. My belly begins to bloat with a hot sensation inside, and I feel some beginning to leak out down my legs. He holds it deep until the last shot is deposited inside of me, and then I feel him yank it out before he walks away.

My hole is sore and abused to the point that it feels like it's hanging wide open. I feel his cum leak out immediately. It tickles my legs as it oozes down to my feet. it's not long before another dick takes his place. He fucks me fast and hard before adding to the mess already inside of me. Then I am pulled onto one of the guy's who ids laying on the floor. I straddle his cock before being pushed back so that I'm leaning with my back over his face. I watch as another guy kneels between my wide open legs.

I stare as he maneuvers his cock to my vagina. I feel him trying to put it in my already full hole, and to my surprise it's going in. Slowly I feel my vagina stretching as it tries to accommodate both dicks. I feel myself stretching to the breaking point. I feel like I'm going to tear, and it hurts. I ready myself for the pain just as his cock slides into me. I moan as he fills me beyond full. They begin to fuck me together, and I almost pass out from the feeling. It's only a few minutes before I orgasm so hard that the room goes black for a second.

It begins in my belly, and then fills my entire body before it makes me tense so hard that I can't breathe. Then it releases out through my vagina in a rush of pleasure making me cry out in delight. My body shakes and shivers as the waves rip through my soul. My eyes roll back into my head, and my teeth clench tight. The room goes black, and then I see stars.

For a few glorious minutes I orgasm hard. By the time it begins to wane I realize that the guys have already finished. One inside of me, and the other all over my stomach. I try to stand, but my legs are too weak so I just kneel there for a minute. I look up to see cocks all around me. All hard, and all being stroked. I lose myself, and begin to suck and stroke them all. One by one they shoot all over me. In my mouth, my hair, on my chest, on my back, and all over me.

I feel the cum running down all over me giving me shivers as it cools drying to my skin. I take all they can give loving every last drop until they walk out of the room. After a while I am the only one there kneeling in a puddle of semen. I stand up, place my hands flat on his desk, and wait. Just like I was told to do.

The time drags on. The semen is mostly dried to my skin before the door swings open. I look over to see the Prof walk in. He walks up to me, and looks me over.

"Looks like you had some fun. Did you enjoy it? Was it all you thought it would be?"

"More." I answer.

"I thought as much. Do you wish for a spanking, or do you wish to leave?"

"Whatever you decide is fine with me."

"Very well. I'll let you heal for today. Tomorrow you will wear something nice and slutty. Then we will see what will happen. You may leave now."

I grab my torn top, and tie it around my body to cover my chest. It barely does. Then I pull my skirt down over my ass only to discover that it's covered in cum too. I quickly walk back to my room feeling all of the semen leaking from me with every step, and the eyes boring into me as I pass. When I finally get to my room I grab a towel, and take a shower. I use the spray head to try to wash some of the semen out of me, but it doesn't get deep enough.

I clean the best I can before I towel off, and return to my room. Chris and Sam are sitting there when I get back, and they both smile when I walk in covered in only a towel.

"Hey babe." Sam says greeting me. "I'd ask how they're hanging, but I'd rather see."

She walks up to me, and pulls the towel away as she kisses me passionately.

"You get me so horny." She whispers in my ear.

I look over at Chris who is staring at me as I stand here naked. Then I look at Sam. She has that horny look in her eyes.

"How horny?" I ask.

"I'd do anything for you." She coos.

"Then I want you do do two things for me."


"Tell me how you feel about me. Honestly."

"Honestly?" She asks taking a step back.


"Honestly. You're all I think about. When I close my eyes you're all I see. When I dream, I dream of us together. I love the thought of you in my arms forever. I love the feeling of being with you. I love being close to you. Honestly. I think I'm in love with you."

"You do know that when the semester is over I have to go back to my family?"

A tear forms in her eye as she responds, "Please don't remind me. I don't want to think about that."

She hugs me, and holds me tight as her tears begin to flow.

"I want you to stop shaving yourself down there." I say as she cries on my chest.

She looks up at me at a loss for words.

"You said that you love me. It's not a lot to ask. Is it?"

"No! I'll do anything you want. Anything."

"Good. Then give me your toy. The big one."

She looks at me curious for a second before she walks out of the room. I look at Chris smiling.

"Set up a camera, and I want you to record everything that happens. Then you will give me the only copy since I can't rust you with it."

He runs to get the campus video equipment, and returns just before Sam. He is finishing setting up when she walks in. Looking at him she gets a concerned look on her face. I smile, and tell her to sit as I dress.

I put on a loose fitting pair of pink shorts, an old white button down blouse, matching lace see through bra and thing set in hot pink, and a pair of old white flats.

"I want you to fulfill a fantasy of mine." I say to her as I kiss her on the lips. "It requires you to use all the love you have for me."

"I'll do anything for you." She whispers.

"Then let your mind go, and do to me whatever you wish. I'm sure I'll love it. Not matter how much it hurts."

I lay my thick leather braided belt on the table beside the bed before I walk out of the room. I go to the bathroom to prepare myself. I know I want it, but I don't know if I'm going to like it as much as I hope. It's too late to back out now so I return to my room pausing outside of the door. I look under to see the light shining bright inside, and I know that Chris is ready.

I open the door, and walk in. Chris is in the corner, and begins to record. Sam is nowhere to be seen. I pretend Chris isn't there, and hope that Sam didn't get cold feet as I set my things down on the table beside the bed. I sit down, and slowly pull my shoes off before going to put them in the small closet. I think that Sam has left, and get ready to call it all off. I reach for the closet door knob, and then it bursts open.

Sam comes rushing out tackling me to the bed. She wrestles me down until she has me tied with my wrists to my ankles. then she stands over me staring. I watch as she pulls a large knife out, and cut my clothes off with it until I'm just in my underwear and bra. Her hands touch my bared skin like she's contemplating something.

"Such a nice big ass. It needs to be taught who's in charge." She says as she pulls me into a kneeling position.

She then reaches over grabbing my belt, and I prepare for what's to come. She hauls back, an let's it fly smacking me right across my ass hard. She begins to beat my backside over and over not holding anything back. It hurts a lot, and my tears are flowing down my cheeks as she spanks me. I rock and wiggle trying to stop the belt, but all I manage to do is fall over.

She takes advantage of it, and reties my wrists to the headboard. She rips my bra off me before spanking my chest just as hard. She spanks all the way down my body to my knees only stopping to tie my legs wide open. Then she lands a few blows directly across my crotch. It makes me cry out in agony, but she isn't phased.

She only stops when her arms get tired. My body feels like it's on fire, and I can't see through my tears. I feel my wrists loosen, and quickly wipe my eyes. I see her lighting a tapered candle above me. I watch the flame grow as she turns it sideways. The dribble of wax forms on the tip just under the flame, and it grows bigger and bigger. I see it drop, and then feel it burn on my left nipple. My back arches, and another drop hits my areola. She drips wax all over my breasts, and down my stomach.

I feel her yank my thong down as the wax rips to my crotch. It burns as it hits my sensitive flesh, and makes me rock violently as the hot wax runs down over my labia and asshole. She goes until the candle is gone, and then scrapes the wax off with the knife before tying me over the edge of the bed with my legs spread open, and my arms stretched out over the mattress.

"It time for you to learn your place slut." She sneers.

I look back to see her buckling the strap on around her waist. She is soon kneeling behind me, and I feel her spit down my butt crack. Then I feel her ram it into my ass hard. It goes so deep that I begin to shake. My hole is forced open painfully. She grabs my hair, and begins to fuck me hard.

"I'm going to fuck your fat ass until you cum like the slut you are."

She savagely fucks my rear so hard and deep. It hurts a lot, and I doubt I'd ever orgasm like this. She uses her other hand to spank my ass while she pulls my hair. I feel the rubber dick as it works me over, and feel myself opened wide around it's girth.

After a while it begins to make my toes curl, and I feel the tingle begin to rise inside of me. I am surprise, but filling with desire. I feel my body pushing back to meet her thrusts, and feel the need to orgasm grow.

"Fuck me." I moan. "Fuck my ass."

She fucks with a renewed vigor, an the tingling grows into that familiar tension.

"Harder. Make my ass yours." I taunt.

She pulls my hair harder as she slams deep, and I feel my tension rise to the breaking point.

"Is that all you have. Come in her and attack me, and then not even be able to perform?"

She slaps my face form behind, and pushes so hard into me that It feels like she's going to break me in two. Then I feel my tension release.

"Oh God Yes!" I moan.

"That's it. Cum for me. You're my slutty bitch now."

"Yes. I'm yours." I manage through my orgasm.

It shakes me for a few minutes before winding down. Then she pulls it out, and unties me.

"Who owns you bitch?"

"You do." I moan.

She kisses me before pulling out an even larger dildo. I look at it in amazement.

"Then fuck this." She says handing it to me.

It's twelve inches long, and at least six around. It has bumps all over it, and has a large fake scrotum at the base. It's brown color gives in to the common stereotype. I feel myself getting wet thinking about it, and accept the challenge.

"Today bitch. Or I'll shove it up your ass."

I pull my thong off, and set it on the bed before putting the base of the dildo on the floor. Then I raise myself over it as Chris brings the camera in for a good view. I lower myself until it's pressed against my vaginal opening. The wetness down there lets it slip in slightly, but it's so thick that I'm quickly opened wide.

"There hasn't been a single cunt that has been able to take that dick, but you don't have a choice. Now get on it."

I push down feeling myself stretching around it until the tip pops into me. It feels so huge. I rock myself trying to work it in, but it slow going. I feel my pussy stretching wide as the shaft slowly enters me little by little. I hear my wetness as it coats the rubber and lubes it up. I feel my insides filling as the thing works deeper. It hurts as it stretches me, but I press on. I am relieved when my butt touches my heels, and I begin to fuck it a bit more aggressively but still being cautious.

"Fuck it all you filthy cunt!" She commands pushing my shoulders down.

I lose my balance, and fall impaling myself on the dildo. I feel it ram past my cervix, and stretch my entire vagina wide open. I almost pass out from the pain.

"Fuck it I said." She says pulling me up and down by my hair.

I feel it moving in and out of me, and I begin to fuck it myself. It fills me so full, and it hurts. She sits on the bed in front of me, and I see that she is now naked. Her legs are wide open, and her wet pussy fills my vision.

"Lick it ." She commands pulling my head to her.

My nostrils fill with the scent of her sex, and I begin to lap up her juices making her moan. It turns me on knowing that she's loving it. I lick with all I have wanting to taste her forever. I feel the dildo moving in and out of me as I rock licking her. She pulls my face tight to her, and I gladly engulf her with my mouth letting y tongue dive into her.

"Eat my cum you fat slut!" She moans as her juices fill my mouth.

Her hips bucking wildly sets me into a frenzy, and before I know it I too am writhing in delight. I feel my vagina clenching the dildo as my orgasm rocks my world. I suck her until she finishes, and then pushes my head away.

"I'm impressed bitch. Now you can prove that I own you. Lick my ass." She snarls getting on her knees at the edge of the bed in front of me.

I lean forward, and spread her chubby cheeks with my hands before burying my face between them. Her ass smells like the juices that are running down it. I push my tongue out, and it slips into her tight little asshole. It really has no taste at all. I push deeper, and hear her moan.

"That's it bitch. Tongue fuck my asshole."

I work my tongue in an out licking her ass while she pushes it back at me. I lick up and down the crack making sure to lick it all to please her. After a while she tells me to stop, and then sits up. She hands my thong to me.

"Get up, and put these on."

It feels like my vagina is hanging open when I rise off the dildo, and stand. Chris records it all. I begin to put my leg into my underwear, but she stops me.

"Stand in front of the window, an put them on slowly."

I walk to the window, and she opens it. It's a full length window which doesn't provide any cover. I'm glad I'm on the third floor until she calls the attention to a group of people down below. I stand there for a second before slipping my leg through the thong.

"You don't wear them that way around me anymore. They go in."

I look at her with disbelief before I lift my leg onto a table beside the window. I spread my vagina open, and begin to slowly stuff the fabric into me until it's all the way in.

"Good girl. Remember this for the next time I come over."

She then dresses, and walks out the door. I collapse onto the bed exhausted, and sore feeling my underwear inside of me. Chris ends his recording, and then Sam walks back in. She kisses me right away, and then reaches down digging my thong out of me. I watch as she places them into a zippered baggie and then into her purse.

"Sorry if I was too rough."

"It was great. I'm glad we finally did this."

"I love you so much. I want to do this everyday."

"You liked being on camera?"

"It was different. Sexy in a way."

I smile, kiss her, and then take the camera from Chris.

"You know." I begin, "We both got off, but our camera man didn't get much out of it. He looks like he has a rager going under those pants."

"What's your point? I don't do guys."

"You said that you's do anything for me."

"I can't..."

"For me you can." I interrupt.

I watch her body sag as she relents.

"Fine. Just this once." She says as she undresses.

Chris hops out of his clothes, and stands there. I push him back down onto the chair, and begin to film them. I watch as Sam walks up to him grabbing his dick with her right hand. She move it into place as she straddles his lap. I zoom in just as his dick sinks into her vagina. I pan out as she begins to moan and ride his dick moving around to see her face.

Her buxom breasts bounce with her rhythm. Her nipples poking out hard. He leans in, and begins to suck them one at a time making her moan more. I move back to their crotches to film the action, and I see the whiteness of her orgasm as it coats his shaft. I again pan out to see her ass as it bounces on his lap. She pushes him back, and I move to the front.

She leans back as I film her riding him. I love watching him going in and out of her while her boobs and belly bounce in unison. He grabs her hips, and I zoom in quick just in time to see he begin to quiver in orgasm. She shakes, but doesn't otherwise move, an then I see his dick begin to throb. I know that he's finishing inside of her. They finish together, and I capture it all. She lays back on my bed with her legs splayed wide so I can record his cum as it leaks out, and then asks for something to clean up.

I set the camera down, and crawl between her legs. I nuzzle my face in her mess, and lick it up from her bringing her to another orgasm. Then I lay there resting my head on her bald crotch as she pets my head.

"I hope that you're satisfied now?" She says.

"That was great."

"Good because it's never happening again."

"Why not? It looked like you enjoyed it."

"I did get carried away, but you have to realize that Chris is a distant cousin. So I fuck my relation to prove my love for you. What are you going to do for me?"

"Anything you want."

"I have a few ideas."

Chris leaves the recordings on my table as he walks out, and then Sam and I fall asleep. I kiss her on the clitoris before laying back down to rest. She moans slightly as she dozes off. I have the most restful sleep I've had in a while, and when morning comes I don't want to get up. She is laying behind me with her warm soft breasts pressed firmly against my back, and her crotch planted tight to my ass. It feels so good, and so right.

I watch the clock tick away, and come to term with the fact that I have to get up. I wrap a towel around me, and walk to the bathroom. One guy passes me staring intently. I smile and wave letting my towel fall. I say oops as I pick it up, and continue on my way. I sit down, and think about what to wear when I feel that familiar tingle from down below. It's not the sexy tingle either. It's the normal tingle when my cycle begins. I see blood on the paper when I wipe telling me that it's time.

When I get back to my room Sam is awake, and sitting in the chair naked. She asks how I'm feeling, and when I show her the box of tampons she giggles.

"That good, huh?"

I put one in, and then pick out my clothes for the day while she watches. I grab my red lace bra and thong set, a white tee with a plunging neckline and cutouts everywhere except for the bosom, a light pink lacy skirt that is pretty much see through except for where it counts, and my red garter and stockings. I top it off with my white high heels before Sam whistles at me.

"Sexy mama. What's the occasion for the outfit?"

"Prof told me to dress slutty today, and I'm not in the mood to be half naked for obvious reasons."

"I'd do ya." She laughs as she walks up to me. "I'd do you all night long."

She kisses me, and then gets herself dresses before heading to the door. She stops before opening it, and looks back at me smiling.

"You one hell of a hottie in that outfit. I wish I could stay to take it off you, but I have to grab some clean clothes before my classes. Someday you're going to have to move in with me so we don't have to keep leaving each other."

"Or you could just stay naked, and then you wouldn't have to worry." I joke.

"I prefer being naked around you babe." She says walking out the door.

My day goes as normal as it has been lately, and the Prof just smiles at me in class. The boys that stayed laugh and joke at my expense. A few make comments about how they want to fuck me again, and others grab a feel only to be disappointed when they find out I have underwear on. The Prof asks me to stay after class, and I do locking the door after everyone leaves.

"Looks like you have a rough night?" He asks looking at my bruised chest.

"Things got a bit out of hand."

"A bit? Did you cum?"


"How many times?"

"A few. I really didn't count."

"What do you remember the most about it? What made you the most turned on?"

"I was made to put a huge dildo into myself. It hurt at first, but it eventually made me cum so hard."

"Can you still feel it?"

"If I think about it I can feel the discomfort, but I'm otherwise occupied right now so it's not an easy thing to imagine."



"Just as well. You need time to heal anyhow. Only pictures today."

He takes out a camera, and tells me the various poses to adopt as he clicks away. I do get turned on hearing the camera click, but feel neglected knowing that nothing more is going to happen. After an hour he tells me that he's done. I put the clothes back on that he had me remove, and exit the room as he sits at his desk. I return to my room right after, and watch out the window as a storm blows in.

I call my husband, and talk with my before checking my emails and beginning my homework. Sam is noticeably absent for the night. I find it strange. I blame it on the storm, and lay in my bed alone for the night. The next morning I wake to find a text from Sam telling me that she has come up with the perfect way for me to prove my feelings for her. I text back asking how, but she never replies.

The day goes as normal ending with the prof snapping even more pictures of me. He must have a computer full by now, but I don't much care at this point. I order a pizza for supper, and it turns out to be the same pizza guy. A huge smile comes across his face when I answer the door and ask him in. I turn to take the money from the table, and when I turn back I see him holding his dick in his hand.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Last time you left me with something. This time I want a good tip."

"What makes you think you've earned a tip?"

"Look, I've seen your pictures, and videos on the web. I know that you like to fuck. You can't fool me."

"I can't. It's the wrong week for that."

"Then suck it, and next time you can fuck it."

"And if I don't?"

He step in front of me pressing his dick into my stomach, and looks me in the eyes. I see a wild look in his eye telling me that he's getting tired of my excuses.

"Suck it! Now!"

I fill with fear hoping that he doesn't hurt me for real. I have no choice. I drop to my knees, and take him into my mouth. I suck him the best that I can trying to get him off fast. He seems to like it, and lets me do what I'm doing for a while. then he pulls out of my mouth, and grabs my hair. He tosses me over the arm of the chair, and yanks my thong to the side.

"Your cunt may be bleeding, but your ass isn't." He says as he shoves his dick into my asshole.

I feel it tearing me open as he slips it in dry. It hurts and I struggle, but he holds me still. In seconds I feel his scrotum mash against my labia as his dick fills my rectum. He holds my arms behind my back holding me still while he fucks me hard.

"Your tight ass is just as good as your filthy cunt bitch. Even better in ways."

Tears run down my cheeks from the stinging and burning coming from my ass.

"There, there, 's don't cry unless they want it harder."

He slams into me making my body jiggle, and my ass hurt more. His dick is pounding my insides violently, and I can't do anything about it.

"Here it comes bitch. Your ass is about to get a load in it." He moans as he pushes as deep as he can.

I feel his cum filling me, and warming my bowels.

"Your fat ass is a great fuck. I can't wait to deliver here again." He says in my ear as his dick drains into my ass.

I feel him shrinking in me, and then eventually fall out. My ass clamps shut right away holding his semen inside. He pats my bruised ass cheek as he pulls my thong back in place.

"Thanks for the tip. I think I'll keep the change too."

I lay across the arm of the chair watching him walk out with my ten dollars in change. I'm angry, but kind of feel that it isn't that bad. I've just been used, and I really only have myself to blame. I have done nothing to tell anyone to give them any other idea. I slowly get up, and sit down at the table to eat. I have to sit sideways since my ass is hurting. Then the thought comes to my head that makes me laugh to myself.

"I just paid a stranger ten dollar to fuck my ass. I'm not the . He is."

I receive a text from Sam telling me that she can't make it again today because she is having car troubles. I ask her what is happening, and she says that she has to bring it in to find out why it won't stay running. I finish eating, and get my homework done before going to bed thinking about how humdrum the last few days have been. I doze off hoping that the newness of the latest slut has past.

The next few days go by with nothing happening except for the usual stares, gropes, and comments. Sam texts me everyday, but she doesn't visit. Before I know it a week has past, and I'm starting to wonder if everything is okay with her so I drive to her place to see her.

I walk in to see her lounging in her underwear in the main living room. Her roommates are walking to and fro not paying her any mind. I walk up behind her putting my hands on her shoulders as I lower myself to kiss her on top of her head. She jumps spinning around in shock.

"Oh my, you scared the shit out of me!"

"Stand up, and let me see because I don't believe you." I laugh.

"Why are you here?"

"Is it an issue?" I ask awed by her question.

"Well." She says as an older man walks out of her room shirtless.

He walks up to her, and kisses her on the head hugging her.

"I'm going to grab something to eat babe. Want anything?" He asks walking to the kitchen.

"What's going on here?"

"It's not what you think?"

"You don't call or stop by. I only get texts for a week. You tell me that your car doesn't work, and then I see you here with a guy. What is going on? Wait. I don't want to know. I'm going home. I'm sorry I came over." I say walking out without looking back.

I feel cheated on. My eyes fill with tears as I drive away. I ignore her texts, and sit in my room crying. I hate myself for letting myself be vulnerable, and I hate myself for cheating on my husband. I look at the clock to see that it's almost midnight.

"I can be home by morning." I think to myself.

I grab my keys, and walk out the door leaving everything behind. I get into my car, and just as I out it in gear Sam knocks on the driver's side window. She frantically is begging me to talk to her, but I drive away not listening. I speed away from the college crying, and am soon on the dark country road. I don't even see the deer. I just feel the car jerk, and then see smoke as I spin into the ditch. I sit there stunned for a minute before trying to open my door.

It opens hard, and just when I get it open a car pulls up. It's Sam. She runs up to me crying and concerned. I don't want to see her so I try to walk away. She grabs my arm spinning me back around, and holds me close. She hugs me so tight that I can barely breathe.

"Please just listen to me. That was my dad. He doesn't know the way I am. I couldn't do anything to let him know about you. Not yet. I'm sorry I lied to you, but please try to understand. He pays for all of my expenses, and he'll stop if he finds out about us. Please, I'm begging you. I love you."

I feel my adrenaline subside, and I feel my legs giving out. I hear her saying something about my bleeding. It sounds like she's a million miles away as the night grows darker.

I come to in the back of an ambulance. I sit up feeling my head pounding. The medic helps me to sit, and I see a police car behind my car with it's lights on. Sam is sitting by my feet just staring at me crying. I then see a tow truck backing up as it hooks up my car. I can see the hood of my car all dented in, and I see my windshield webbed from a spot on the driver's side.

The medic asks how I'm feeling, and then asks if I want to go to the hospital. I tell him that I have a head ache, but feel fine otherwise. He tells Sam to keep a close eye on me for the night as he helps me out of the ambulance. The officer walks up taking my statement, and then looks at the red mark from my seat belt. He has Sam and me wait by her car as mine is towed away. A few minutes later he hands me a card explaining where my car is being towed to, and how to proceed from here for insurance purposes.

Sam brings me back to her place, and I sit in the same place she had earlier. Her dad walks out asking how I'm doing. He asks what all happened, and then made small talk while Sam got me an ice pack. I'm careful not to mention Sam and my relationship when he asks more personal questions. Then he says something throwing me off.

"So why does a married forty something that is here for work dress like you are? Are you looking for something to happen?"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Most women your age don't dress in short skirts, and loose shirts. That's all I'm saying. Not that what you're wearing is a bad thing or anything."

I watch his eyes trail down to my chest.

"I guess I'm just a more free and open new aged woman." I say as Sam walks back into the room handing me an ice pack. "Thanks babe."

She smiles and sits beside me opposite of her dad. I sit back, and listen to her and her father talk. I find out all about her childhood, and they quirky things she did growing up. I find out that her parents divorced when she was very young, and she didn't have a good relationship with her mother.

The sun begins to rise before we retire into her room. She lays on the bed yawning. Her dad lays beside her after stripping down into his boxers. I stand there looking at her, an she pats the bed behind her for me to lay between them.

"There's no room for me there." I say.

"I'll take the couch." Her dad offers getting up.

I lay where he was, and Sam turns the light low. We cuddle under the blanket being careful as not to let anything get out of hand.

"You've healed up nice from our night of sexy fun." She whispers in my ear.

"Yeah. The marks are barely visible now, but I'm sure I'm going to have some more from tonight."

"Probably, but these aren't as fun."

I give her a quick peck on the head before I pull the covers over my shoulders to sleep. In minutes I hear her snoring away, and I lay there tired but can't sleep. I hear her dad get up, and see him walk up beside me. I watch in the faint light as he stands over me while I pretend to sleep.

I feel the covers slid slowly own baring me. The sudden coolness makes my nipples turn solid. His hand gently touches my right breast, and softly caresses it over my shirt and bra. I feel his fingers squeeze my nipple ever so gently. I feel my crotch flush with excitement. It feels so good after a week without any attention. He caresses both of my breasts after feeling more comfortable. I continue to pretend to sleep.

I imagine his little pot belly, and muscular arms with large hands while I feel my shirt unbuttoning and opening. He grabs my breasts slipping them out from my bra making a quiet moan slip from me. He pulls away quickly pausing until he feels like I'm still asleep. He plays with my nipples while massaging my breasts for a while making a few more moans slip out of me.

His hands move down rubbing down my belly to my legs before moving slowly up the insides of my legs. I feel my legs open on their own, and my crotch moisten even more. His finger tips move softly up my inner thighs until just before he touches my crotch. Then he moves them to the outsides of my legs lifting my skirt up over my hips. I feel the cool air contrast my heated crotch as he runs back down to my thong. I feel it pull down baring my overheated crotch. He pulls them right off me, an I hear him toss them to the side somewhere.

His fingers quickly flow back up the insides of my legs again, but this time I feel my hips rise as he runs them closer to my eager pussy. My back arches as his touch caresses my wet labia finding my vaginal opening. I moan quietly when hid finger slides into me. He slowly fingers fucks me driving me crazy with lust, but I still pretend to sleep curious as to what he is planning.

I don't have to wait long to find out. I feel his tongue lick across my clitoris a couple times before he wraps his lips tightly to my crotch letting his tongue delve into me. My hips rock in relation to his gentle lapping. My moans hissing out of me as my insides grow tense ever so slowly. I resist the urge to pull his head closer, and let myself just be at his mercy.

I glance over at Sam laying beside me. She is sound asleep. My movement makes him stop to wait. I raise my arms over my head. Giving myself to him in a way as I pretend to sleep. About a minute later I feel him lifting my legs as his weight shifts on the bed. Then I feel his rock hard cock slip into my soaking wet vagina. I lay there pretending to sleep while he slowly begins to fuck me. I moan more as his cock slides in and out of me. It feels so damn good.

His lips wrap around my left nipple, and he sucks on it gently. He's being so slow and calculated. Thinking that he thinks that I'm asleep makes it all that much more sexual. It feels like he's making love to me, and I'm about ready to orgasm. The tension is growing at such a rate that my entire body is beginning to tense.

His hands hold mine above my head while he tries to contain his thrusting trying to keep is slow and gentle. Seconds later I feel my tension release making to room fill with wet sounds as his cock dives in and out of me. Just as my crotch begins to quiver around his cock he grunts quietly, and I feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. He pumps each shot into me as I orgasm with him.

He pulls out of me when he finishes. I am still shaking sporadically as my orgasm wanes, and I feel his cum inside of me. I look at Sam who is still sleeping like a baby right beside me. Then I begin to finally nod off feeling his cum trickling onto the sheets below me. I hear him crawl back onto the couch. Then I fall asleep.

Sam opens the drapes letting the bright sun shine in waking me.

"Wake up babe. It's almost one in the afternoon."

She jumps onto the bed beside me, and kisses me.

"What about your dad?"

"He went out for lunch. We have a while before he'll be back." She says smiling.

She pulls the covers off me, and pounces on top of me.

"Dressed just right." She says seeing my shirt hanging open, and my skirt hiked up showing my bare bottom.

Her hands grab my breasts as her tongue darts into my mouth. Her more forceful nature coming out makes me horny, and feeling her body between my legs adds to the mood.

"I need to taste you." She moans as she kisses her way down to my chest.

She sucks and bites on my breasts and nipples before moving down to my crotch. I open my legs wide letting her in, and she dives right in licking me passionately. I feel her tongue and fingers working me just right. My hips rock wildly as she makes me orgasm in no time at all. She licks me through my orgasm before moving back up to kiss me.

She moves higher and higher until her breasts are in my face. I lick and sick her soft flesh, and nibble on her hard nipples driving her wild. She eventually moves even higher. I kiss down her belly as it passes my face, and then soon her soft pubic flesh is in my mouth. I feel short hairs poking against my lips for a bit before I stretch my tongue down into the folds of her vaginal cleft.

I taste her wetness, and hear her moan. She moves her crotch right to my mouth shoving it tight to my lips. I open my mouth wide, and lick and suck her making her buck wildly with pleasure. I feel her fingers entwine in my hair pulling me closer and harder as she approaches orgasm. I hear myself moaning in need to give her pleasure. I feel so accomplished when she finally moans and shakes as my mouth fills with her juices. She falls beside me when she finishes, and we kiss and cuddle for a bit.

"I know how you can prove your love for me." She says lovingly.

"I've been waiting for you to tell me."

"I'll let you know the specifics later, but I want to know if you'll do it?"

"You know I will."

"Great! I'll set it up."

"You're scaring me." I smile.

She gets up advising me that her dad will be back soon. I watch her walk out of the room, and crawl out of bed. I look around the room for my underwear, but don't see them. Something tells me to look in his bag. I dig past his clothes, and there I find my underwear. He has put them in a plastic bag, and I can see the moisture on the inside from the wetness of them. I smile adding my bra under his clothes before zipping it back up.

I walk out by Sam, and we wait for him to return. When he does she asks him to bring me back to my place. They both drop me off, and see me to my room. I call my husband, an tell him what happened. He takes care of things on his end as much as he can so I just need to figure out where my car is.

I find the card the officer gave me, and call the shop to find out about my car. I was told that my car would be done in a week, but they haven't heard from my insurance. I manage to straighten things with my husband's help, and the shop changes the finish time to a few days. I go to shower, and straighten myself up before sitting back to relax.

Around six at night I get a text from Sam. It's just an address with a message for me to be there at seven in the morning. I wonder what she has planned, but try not to think too much about it. Instead I order some Chinese food delivered. After I eat I crawl alone in bed wondering if her dad found my present yet?

My alarm rings off early, and I go to shower right off. I primp and preen myself trying to prepare for anything before getting dressed. I choose a black skirt, grey camisole with a lace bodice and deep neckline, and white satin g string panties. I skip the bra, and slip on my black flats before heading out into the cold morning air. I walk the few blocks to the address. In about a half hour I am standing outside a very run down looking house.

I has boards over the windows, and the grass needs to be mowed where the grass is actually growing. The brown siding is worn, and falling off in places giving in to the shoddy look of the house. I walk up, and knock on the door. It swings open, and I see a tall muscular black man standing in front of me. He smiles opening the broken screen door.

"Come on in Michele. I've been waiting for you."

I follow him in, and see the inside is just as shoddy as the outside. Even the furniture looks like it was rejected by the junkyard. He leads me up the stairs to the second floor, and then down a hall to the last room. He opens the door allowing me in. I see a dental style chair in the middle of the floor with a small chair sitting beside it. There is a small table with a black box on it beside the small chair, and another larger brown box near the far wall sitting on the floor.

He closes the door behind me, and says, "Don't worry. I'm good at what I do, and she has paid for everything already."

I turn to look at him wondering what is going on.

"Sit. Please. It's going to be my pleasure working on you. I hope you have a high tolerance for pain?"

"It's normal, I think. Maybe a bit higher. Why?" I ask as I sit.

He just giggles as he lowers the chair back laying me down. I feel him lift my skirt, and then pull my panties down to my knees.

"Don't take it wrong, but you have a very nice looking crotch."

I smile, and feel myself blush. Then I watch him pulling small jars with colored fluid out of the box on the table. Then see him pull a pen like thing out, and open a few of the jars. He uses straps attached to the chair to hold my arms and legs still.

"Just to be sure that you don't move. That would be a shame."

I feel slightly panicked, but the real panic sets in when I hear the pen thing begin to buzz, and he brings it down to my crotch.

"Wait. Stop. What are you doing?"

"I'm not allowed to say, but I will stop if you tell me to even though she told me to not listen to you. Do you want me to stop?"

I think for a minute before saying, "No. Go ahead."

I watch as he leans down to my crotch, and feel the thing poke into my pubic area. It feels like it's cutting me to shreds down there as he slowly moves it all around. It never goes numb, and I feel every poke, jab, and stab of the thing as he wipes periodically with a tissue. My arms and legs strain against the straps the entire time, and my jaw is sore from clenching my teeth.

"All done." He finally says. "It turned out better than I thought it would, but she insisted on the design."

He undoes the straps handing me a mirror. I look down to see an elaborate colorful tattoo covering my entire pubic area from my navel to my vaginal cleft, and from one leg to the other. I look close to see that it's a vine covered in roses. The vine is drawn in a way that it spells out Sam's Bitch, but you have to look really close to see it.

"What do you think?"

I shrug my shoulders.

"I think it makes your pretty pussy look even prettier."

"Thanks. I guess. Are you going to untie my legs now?"

"Maybe." He laughs. "Unless you want me to retie your hands and let me have my way with that pretty pussy of yours."

"Um, I don't think so."

"Too bad. Now hold still." He says as he pulls out a camera.

I watch as he takes a bunch of pictures of my crotch. He even has me spread my pussy open for a few saying the it makes the tattoo look better. After a bit I ask about being untied again. He gets a bit upset, and grabs my wrists.

"I'll untie you when I finish. What is it with all of you lezzie sluts always wanting all the time?"

"Sorry. I was just asking."

"Fine." He says untying me completely. "But before you go she asked me to give you something."

He walks to the big box by the wall, and pulls out a pink object. He shows it to me, and I see an egg shaped piece of plastic. I am pushed back as he shoves it into my vagina. Then he pulls my underwear back up before returning to the box. This time he pulls out a seven inch rubber dick complete with balls. He hands it to me smiling.

"She said that this is for later, but the other one is for now. Now get your big ass out of here before I fuck it."

I waste no time making my way back outside. Once I step out the door I feel the egg in me begin to vibrate. It makes my legs weak as it begins to elicit a small orgasm from me. Just before it happens the vibrations stop. I gather myself, and prepare to walk when the door swings open.

"And keep that thing in your cunt until you're told to pull it out." He hollers loudly.

I see a few people happening by turn to look. I begin to walk the distance back. Every few blocks it begins to vibrate bringing me so close to orgasm, but always stopping just short. It stops when I get to my room, and I sit back feeling the tingle from the tattoo mixing with the tingle in my loins. I look at the artwork, and must confess that he is very talented even though I never wanted a tattoo.

Sam texts me asking if I proved myself. I tell her that I did, and she asks for proof. I take a crotch selfie, and send it to her. Her reply is that it looks edible. Then she asks me what my husband will say about it? I never thought of that. How will I explain such a large tattoo, and especially one on my crotch with someone else's name in it.

"I just had him put Sam instead of my full name so your husband doesn't know that you like girls. We wouldn't want him to know your secret." She texts.

"This better be enough proof for you because I'm going to be a divorcee that never sees her because of it."

"Then you'll be all mine. Forever. Just like it should be."

I feel the egg vibrate fast. Again I am brought right on the edge before it stops.

"No touching yourself tonight either." She messages. "I have to take my dad back to the airport now. Have a great day. Love ya!"

I sit back studying the dildo, and see that it's the type that can squirt stuff out from the balls through the tip. I set it on the counter, and realize that it's almost seven at night already. He took all day giving me this tattoo. I order a pizza, and wait for it to arrive.

When I open the door I see the same delivery guy. I invite him in, and take the pizza from him setting it on the table. I am so horny from being edged all day that I look him in the eye smiling before I drop to my knees.

"Time for your tip." I say pulling his dick out of his pants.

I suck him until he's hard, and then I stand up. I kiss him on the lips before turning my back to him bending over. I feel him pull my string out of my ass. Then I feel his spit hit the top of my crack and run down as he puts his dick against my asshole. I wait for him to begin to slide into my ass before I push back impaling myself with his cock.

"Fuck me. Tear my ass apart with that hard cock."

He rams it in and out hard making his dick hit deep in my guts. My hole quickly allows the cock to ravage me.

"Harder! Fuck my ass harder!"

He spreads my cheeks, and really lets me have all he has. He pounds my hole for almost five minutes before he rams it in to warm my rectum. It feels like a huge load being pumped into me, and I'm loving it. I stay bent over until he pulls out. Then I pull my underwear back into place as I turn to him.

"Another pizza next week?"

"I'll give you a pizza every day if it means that I can fuck your ass."

"I'll keep that in mind."

He walks out, and I realize that I never paid him. So he traded pizza for sex. He paid me in food. I guess I am a cheap after all. I eat, and then watch some TV before going to bed. Another week begins early, and I'm curious what will happen in the Prof's class.

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12/2/2017 3:52 pm

Where were you at when I went to school? Studying woul: have been a hell of a lot more pleasurable and interesting if you would have been around..

daddysmichele replies on 12/4/2017 9:37 pm:
It could have been many things for all of us...if only...

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