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9/15/2017 10:06 am

Here's another story I hope you enjoy. Please comment telling me your thoughts no matter what they are. Thanks!

There I was. Finally alone. The sun peeking over the horizon promising a warm Autumn day. The weatherman said it was supposed to be near eighty degrees today. Hot for this time of the year. Especially here in Wisconsin. I grab my latest novel, and decide to relax in the back yard to enjoy the weather since pretty soon it'll be blistering cold out. The sun rises higher and higher. I have nowhere to be so I relax more feeling myself basking in the warmth.

"Fuck it. I'll put on my swim suit, and try to get a tan. My husband always wants me to get some color." I decide.

I go inside changing into my black and white one piece, and slather myself with copious amounts of sun tan lotion since my pale skin burns easily. Then I move my lounger to the middle of the back into the direct sunlight before laying on my stomach to continue reading.

I relax so much for a while before my solitude is broken by a diesel engine pulling into my neighbor's driveway. I can't see through the fence so I try to ignore it as it idles. The engine stops creating a deafening silence before the banging of metal and clanging of chains begins.

Slowly the noise ebbs, and I hear ladders set up against a house. I look over the see roofers climbing onto her roof, and setting down their tools.

"There goes my quiet." I think turning over onto my back.

My feet point toward her house so I can see them if I move my book to the side, and I glance over now and then out of curiosity. I see ten or so Mexican guys walking on the roof. They are talking Spanish so I don't understand a word of what they're saying. It's not long before I hear a radio begin to blare music that is sung in Spanish too. It's not my kind of music. It sounds like a young woman moaning with instruments backing her. The noise of them ripping up the old roof and tossing it into the dumpster eventually becomes a drone, and it soon drones me to sleep.

I wake quickly noticing the noise has stopped. I look up to see them all sitting on the edge of the roof staring at me while they eat their lunches. I sit up, and stretch glimpsing one pointing me out to another that was looking away.

"They're checking me out." I thing to myself.

I'm surprised. I don't get checked out too often being a forty something mother and wife who is very over weight. I begin to wonder if they really are checking me out, or if they seen something else, so I stretch again. This time a nice full body stretch reaching high as I lay on my back pushing my legs down before I roll my arms down, and then entwine my fingers at my waist as I reach down. This makes my 40 D breasts squish between my arms, and lift from my body instead of flopping to the sides like they always do.

They all stare intently telling me that they are indeed looking at me. I feel my crotch tingle with excitement realizing this. I haven't felt this sexy in a long time. Years. I roll onto my stomach, and read some more as they begin to work again. I lose myself in the book, and before I know it I have to get my kids from school. I watch them out of the corner of my eye as I pack my stuff up. They stare at me while they work giving me that sexy feeling once more.

I think about how sexy them looking made me feel all night. Even at bedtime I doze off thinking about it. The next morning the weatherman say it'll be just as warm, but a chance of a stray rain shower. I look out to see the sun peeking up once more without a cloud in sight. The family isn't even out the door before I decide to sun myself again today. Deep down I hope they give me that sexy feeling once more.

When my family leaves I decide to make sure I get looked at more. I grab my old two piece string bikini that I haven't worn in over a decade. It's a bright white, and isn't really mommy appropriate to wear. I squeeze into the bottoms somehow since it's a few sizes too small. They crawl up my butt right away. I forgot that they did that, but decide that since I'm just going to be laying there I can deal with it.

Then I put the bra on. My breasts are fighting the fabric to stay in. I feel them bulging out under it putting a strain on the knots holding it together. I'm sure they'll look now. Even if it is to laugh at me. I begin to second guess myself.

"No! You made this decision, now live with it." I say to myself.

I put on some sunscreen, and walk out with my book. I lay back on the lounger as the sun rises warming the cooler morning air. Soon the diesel engine rumbles into the driveway, and shuts of. I hear the rattling of the ladders assuring me that they are climbing up one by one. I look past my book trying to be sneaky.

I see them pointing at me, and talking Spanish. I wonder what they're saying, but I'm not sure if I really want to know. In a couple of minutes I can see them all lined up on the roof staring at me as they talk. Shame fills my soul as I begin to regret my decision. But I'm curious about what they're saying. I roll onto my stomach reading, and listening. The sun hats my back after a while making me rotate. I read more after glancing at them working and occasionally stopping to watch me. I soon nod off.

I wake with a chill. I feel a cool rain misting over me, and I'm soaked. The men are still roofing under a tarp that they set up. I think about going in, but the sun begins to peek out again. It warms me while the mist cools creating a different sensation. My eyes are drawn to the roof by something, and I am shocked to see one of the guys taking a picture of me as he laughs with another guy.

I makes my crotch tingle in a more intense way thinking that he thinks that I'm worthy of his attention. I realize that I am actually getting flush with excitement. I decide to tease a little, and before I can talk myself out of it I begin my stretches. I feel my bikini strain against my body, but amazingly it holds. Then I roll onto my belly, and lay there with my feet on the edges of the lounger.

I can't see what they're doing behind me, but I'm hoping they like my show. After a bit I roll back over, and lay on my back with my feet apart and my knees up. It's soon time to get the kids again so I gather my things once more, and go to change. When I look in the mirror I see what they were looking at. My white too tight bikini is now completely see through thanks to the rain. I change quick feeling embarrassed. I begin to wonder eventually if they were liking what they saw, or if they were treating it as a joke?

I think about what they may have been thinking about me, and decide that I'm not going to do anything like that again. I'm a wife and mother. I'm not supposed to do things like that. I go to bed with the day swirling in my mind. The next morning comes, and it's another beautiful day. I'm so tempted to lay out. The argument in my head begins as soon as I see the sun begin to shine. I peek out the window, but don't see the truck. I decide to lay out.

I grab my one piece suit, and see that the kids have spilled something all over it. That leaves me with the white one. I take a deep breath, and squeeze into it. I grab my book, rub on some lotion, and head out the back door. It's early, and there's a slight cool breeze that chills me every now and again as I lay there reading. I hear voices making me look up to the roof. I'm surprised to see five of the Mexican men sitting there watching me intently as the talk among themselves.

I get a creepy vibe coming from them, and decide to head into the house. I round the corner into the kitchen when someone grabs me from behind covering my mouth with their hand. A black hood is pulled over my head while I am pushed forcefully into the living room. I'm tossed onto the floor landing on my stomach. Trying to escape I begin to crawl to what I hope is the front door. Someone grabs the back of my suit bra, and I feel it pop free as t tears off my body.

My breasts flop freely, and jiggle as I fall to the ground. In a split second I feel a muscular body on top of me flipping me onto my back. I try to push the person off, but my hands are grabbed. My wrists are tied behind my back as I try to break free. Again I am laid onto my back. I feel hands touching my breasts all over. My nipples are pinched and pulled making me whimper in pain.

"No please don't. please leave me alone. Please." I beg.

Hands touch my belly as I wiggle side to side to stop the invasion of my body. They run don grabbing the waistband of my bottoms pulling them outward from my body. I feel the back of them crawl up my butt crack, and pull tight lifting my ass off the floor. Then I hear the bottoms let go with a loud rip. I feel my ass hit the floor as it's released from the confines.

"Please stop! Please!"

I feel hands grab my ankles, and then my legs are yanked apart against my best efforts to keep them together. finger begin to probe my vagina and anus, and I hear men's voices as they speak in Spanish.

"Su cono es tan humedo." I hear.

My breasts are being groped all the while they probe my body. I feel a tingle from own below, and I wonder how my body can be enjoying any of this. I know it's the roofers, I know it's more than one, and I know that I hear a couple of zippers opening. I begin to panic. I can't let them fuck me. I'm married. What would my husband think.

"Please stop. I won't tell anybody you were here. You will be able to do other roofs and make a living. Just please stop right now. I won't tell my husband you were even here."

I hope mentioning my husband would make them think twice about going any further. I begin to feel the knot beginning to form in the depths of my stomach just like when I feel an orgasm coming to be. Their fingers stretch my holes painfully as they try to see how many they can fit in me. I soon feel tongues licking my nipples. I feel like I need to do something in order to end this.

"My husband will be home any minute now. You better just leave."

My excuse is answered by mouths wrapping around my areolas sucking my nipples in. Then I feel them biting on my hard nipples. My back arches with the pain, and moan slips through my lips. My legs are spread wider, and I feel a warm body against my inner thighs.

"Voy a joder a esta hasta que se le cae el cono." He announces.

Then I feel him plunge into my vagina. I moan at the intrusion, and he begins to ram it into me hard. I try to speak, but he's pounding the breath right out of me. The knot in my belly is growing bigger by the second. I feel his pelvis smashing against my crotch without mercy. A loud moan slips out of me, and i begin to tense up.

The knot reaches it's breaking point, and all of my tension rushes out of me through my crotch. My back arches, and my hips lift off the floor as they shake in delight. He begins to moan, and I feel a warm feeling along with my orgasmic sensations. It last for a minute or two before it begins to subside. He stops ramming into me, and I feel him pull out. My body shakes as the last throes of pleasure course through me. Then I feel his semen as it begins to leak from me.

"Please stop!" I beg as reality sets in. "'I'm not on anything. Please don't do this anymore. I don't want to get pregnant."

I begin to cry. Unfazed I quickly have another dick inside of me humping away. I lay there in a state of shock as he rides me. My body shakes from his thrusting, and the teeth begin to bite my nipples harder. He soon adds to the load inside of me. Then I am rolled onto my stomach. The hood is pulled up over my mouth and my wrists are untied. Quickly a dick slaps my lips.

"Chuparlo perra." He says pushing the tip against my mouth.

I feel someone grab my nipple and pinch it so hard while they twist it that my mouth falls open when I scream from the pain. He shoves his cock right into my open mouth, and begins to move my head up and down. My hips are grabbed, and lifted until I am up on my knees. Then a dick slides right into my vagina fucking me once more. The dicks feel like they're going to touch inside of me as they use me. It feels so different. It's a captivating feeling along with the jiggling of my swinging breasts and belly.

The knot quickly returns, an the moans do also. I can't control myself. I soon feel myself pushing back to meet his thrusts into my pussy, and I am stroking the cock in my mouth as I suck it. My moans become much more intense as they fuck me. I hate myself for getting off with this, but I know that deep down I'm loving it. Which makes me feel so ashamed.

My body pushes back as I suck an fuck them in return. I feel them grab my wrists lifting my arms and wrapping my hands around two cocks that are so hot and hard in my grip. I uncontrollably begin to stroke them feeling myself succumbing to my lust.

"Te dije que era una puta." The one fucking me says.

A hand grabs my hair, and makes me suck the cock in my mouth faster. In seconds I hear him groan as the taste of semen fills my senses. I've craved this sour flavor for months. My emotions give way to primal cravings. I can't swallow it fast enough, and I want more when he pushes my head away.

I only have to wait for a minute before another is swaying inches from my lips. I suck it in, and love it for a short while before I'm pulled off from behind. I let go of the dicks in my hands as I'm pulled on top of the guy in my vagina. He doesn't even take it out. He just maneuvers me into the position he wants, and I allow it. I now am riding him on top with my back toward his face.

I grab the dicks in my hands again as they come close, and I suck a dick into my mouth eager for another feeding. Large hands grope my breasts roughly. Pinching my nipples, and shaking them vigorously making me moan. It hurts, but I'm receiving way too much pleasure to care.

"Culo, ahora." I hear from behind me.

I have no idea what he's saying, and I'm sure he knows it. I keep sucking and stroking loving every minute of it.

"Culo! Ahora!" He says more firmly.

I continue doing what I'm doing ignoring him until I feel his hands under my ass stopping me from riding him. He raises me up slightly. I wonder what he's planning, but don't really care so long as I can have these cocks all around me. His dick presses against my virgin asshole, and I freeze. Reality hitting me hard.

"What is he doing?" I think to myself. "That will never fit. This is going to hurt just like when my husband and I tried it years ago."

He grabs my fat rear getting a handful, and pulls me downward. I feel his cock opening my back door as I lower. I open more and more feeling his dick stretching me wider with every inch until it hits my sphincter. My clenched muscle stops his progress.

"Relajar perra o va a lastimar. Está entrando en cualquier cosa. y voy a usar la sangre como lubricante" He says under me.

The dick from my mouth is swinging inches from my face, but my teeth are clenched tight from the pain of my muscle being poked against. I feel hands begin to push down on my shoulders, and pull downward on my nipples. The downward force is getting more and more by the second. He begins to fuck my asshole pushing into me hard as they all push me down against him. I moan in pain feeling my sphincter resisting him. I let go of the dicks, and clench my fists trying to endure. It hurts so much.

"Please stop. It's hurts too much. You're too big. Please. No more. Stop Please."

They all laugh as my tears run down my cheeks. He doesn't stop. I feel my legs shake as his dick pounds against my muscle. Someone slaps my breasts making them sting and jiggle. I hear more laughter, but can't make out much through my blurred vision.

"Mirarlos gordos chi chi's rebotar."

"Golpear el cono inutil mas dificil."

I am slapped again. Only harder. My breasts wobble, and the sting makes my skin burn. My nipples are grabbed, pinched, twisted and pulled hard lifting my breasts high into the air pulling against the downward pressure of all the hands. It feels like they're going to be pulled off me as hard as they're being pulled.

"How could I have been liking this?" I wonder as they show me a whole new world of pain.

The cock trying to get into me is hitting hard against my sphincter over and over. I feel it sliding in and out. He pulls out, and I feel him sink into my vagina. Feeling his cock sink into me sends a shock wave through my entire body. I shake hard feeling the pinching on my nipples, and the release of all of my tension.

"Oh my God!" I think. "I'm cumming! How?"

He holds deep inside of me as my body shakes and quivers on his hard cock.They keep pushing down on me from everywhere making my body mash against his strengthening my release as they lean me back. It lasts for a few minutes taking my breath away. I feel exhausted by the time I finish, and I just want to lay down. My legs are sore, and my butt hole is hurting. My crotch feels worn out and sore, but also satisfied. A feeling that I haven't had in years.

"Follame con tu perra culo." He says from under me.

I stay motionless. He lifts me, and shoves his cock back into my asshole roughly.

"Esta es tu puta culo."

His dick slide into me easily. The mess from my orgasm lubing me for him. My muscle stops him once more, but he's determined. The pain quickly returns as he pulls me down while he thrusts into me. I feel my sphincter fighting a good fight. At least it does for a while. Slowly I feel it beginning to cave in to the abuse. Little by little he makes it open more. The pain is intense.

"Please no more. Please." I beg.

They laugh, and push harder. I moan as my sphincter eventually gives in, and I feel his hard cock plunge deep into my rectum. It hurts so much. His cock is so deep in my guts. My sphincter clenches around his hard shaft, and he holds it as deep into me as he can for a few seconds before me uses my ass to make me lift slightly before dropping me back down.

"Esta puta tiene un culo apretado bonito."

They lift me and drop me over and over. I feel my asshole give in to his abuse, and just open up. My body is numbed from my waist down. My breasts are repeatedly slapped pinched, and pulled. I endure it all not wanting to give them the pleasure of screaming. I am hold up, and he begins to fuck my ass hard and deep slapping my ass with his hips making my entire body jiggle. I moan as the burning in my rectum slowly turns to something a bit more pleasurable.

"This can't be happening." I think. "My body hates me. How can this become enjoyable to me?"

I reach back bracing myself with my hands on the floor as they lean me backwards. I watch through my blurred vision as one of them kneels between my legs. The guy under me stops, and I feel a dick slide into my vagina. I moan loud as it enters me. I feel so full down there. I've never felt this pleasure before.

"Fuck nosotros puta. Follanos como la puta que eres."

I don't know what they want, but I do know that my body is reacting on it's own. I realize that I am fucking them together, and it feels wonderful. I hear myself moan as the tension inside me builds again. My asshole is burning while my pussy is getting wetter by the minute. A dick is shoved into my face, and I gobble it in. Lust is all that I am now. I smash down hard onto the cocks wanting my orgasm. Needing it. I suck hard on the dick in my mouth listening to them moaning with me.

In minutes the dick is pulled out of my mouth. I try to get it back in, but it's too late. I feel his hot cum splatter across my face. Some gets into my mouth, but most is spread across my cheeks and nose. I lean back fucking the two dicks in me feeling my orgasm quickly growing deep in me. Then I feel a wetness splatter across my chest. I look to see two guys on either side of me shooting their hot cum all over my breasts. I moan loving every second of it. It begins to run down my belly tickling my skin as it goes.

It's too much for me. I crash down hard on their dicks, and moan loud as the waves of orgasm take me away. The dam breaks letting my tensions flood out of my crotch, and I feel my ass quivering around his cock while my pussy grips the dick in it. My legs shake, and my body rocks as wave after wave courses through me. The guy in my pussy pulls out, and I feel his hot cum hitting all over my pubic hairs and navel. Then I hear a groan from under me. I feel his cock pulsate against my quivering butt hole, and a warm sensation filling my insides.

I stay on him until the last waves rip through me, and then I realize that his dick is almost totally soft but still inside of my ass. He pushes me off, an I fall to the floor. I lay on my side too weak to move. When I rest a minute I roll onto my back and look around. I see all ten guys standing around me. I look at the one that took my ass, and I see blood on his dick and legs telling me that he took my anal cherry.

I lay there for a minute just watching them. A few are taking pictures of me, and a few are just watching me. I feel so worn out and satisfied. I think I even feel a smile on my face.

"How can I be smiling? I was just forced by ten guys." I think to myself. "But it was always a fantasy of mine, and it was really good. My ass is going to hurt for a while though."

I feel the cum seeping out of me as the cum on my skin dries in the air. One of the guys kneel next to me he slaps my hip wanting me to roll over. I'm drenched with cum, and don't want to get it all over the carpet so I get onto my hands and knees. In a second I feel his cock bury into my ass. I moan as he takes me hard. His hands spread my ass cheeks as he rams me making it feel like it's going even deeper. His thrusting slaps our bodies together making me move forward to keep from falling on my face.

My hair is grabbed puling my head up, and I am staring right at a hard cock. I open my mouth accepting it. Soon I have a dick in each hand again. All I can do is moan and take it. Their dicks slam into me mercilessly over and over. It feels good in a strange sort of way. Knowing that they want me, and knowing that they are getting pleasure from me turns me on. I suck and fuck in return.

"Creo que la puta finalmente ha salido de su cascara." One of them say.

I feel the dick in my right hand begin to harden, and then I feel it throb. Hot cum splatters all over my back as he unloads onto me. He barely finishes when the guy pulls out of my mouth. I hold my mouth wide open for him as he strokes his cum out. It hits all over my face and in my hair before he has me suck the last drops out. My body rocks in rhythm of the guy fucking my ass, and I moan as his cock plunges deep into me.

"Fuck it. Fuck my ass good and hard." I moan.

He rams hard into me for a few minutes making my body jiggle against my bones. He pulls his cock out, and I feel his cum coating the top of my ass and run down as it cools. Seconds after he starts cumming I feel a hot load higher on my back as the cock in my left hand lets loose. I kneel motionless letting them finish. Then I sit up on my knees feeling all the cum covering me front and back tightening my skin as it dries. I look around to see more pictures being taken as they begin to grab their clothes.

I feel so sore, relieved, and satisfied as I watch them leave out my front door. The last guy smiles as he hands me my book.

"I hope it was as good as the book." He says as he begins to walk out stopping at the door.

I look down, and feel myself laugh as I read the title. "Violations of a Housewife."

"It was all I hoped and more." I thought to myself as I look up at him. "Much better than the book."

"We start the siding Monday. Seven AM sharp. That's a two week job." He says as he walks out.

My crotch begins to tingle with anticipation. Even it my sore worn out state. I am still horny. I turn on the weather to see that it's supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow.

"I think I'll wear a thong and tank." I think to myself as I decide that I'm going to be reading, "Forced pleasures- a book of forbidden love."

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9/16/2017 5:16 am

Another great effort. I love the way your married, mommy mind works.

Swing by my blog!

daddysmichele replies on 9/16/2017 2:04 pm:
My married mommy mind has been a bit off kilter lately.

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10/28/2017 8:32 pm

I would truly love to fuck that big, gorgeous ass and ice those big tits with hot white cum. This cracker is ready to do you hard. ...\8

daddysmichele replies on 10/31/2017 6:19 am:
Cracker? Saltine, or Wheat Thin?

michelsdaddy 69M
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10/31/2017 9:15 am

Wheat thins!!

daddysmichele replies on 11/1/2017 5:09 am:

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