It was a good night for us both  

dandavailable69 53M
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4/2/2017 2:28 am
It was a good night for us both

It started with a phone call. Your lover calls you and tells you that we are going out for the evening, dress formal.
I arrive home and you are wearing a nice dress, pumps and a smile. Your hands behind you. I walk around you and slowly look you up and down. As I walk behind you, your hands go to the front. I lift the back of your skirt and tell you to bend over. You do as you are asked and your panties are ripped off! Then a good smack on your sweet ass and I tell you to stand up straight. You do and I whisper in your ear that you never asked what to be wearing underneath and you will never forget after this night out I assure you. Over your shoulder I hand you a scorpion. It is a G-string with a scorpion shaped vibrator on the front. The vibrator sets on your clit and the tail rest on your anus. You do as your asked as always and then I tell you it is remote controlled and I have the remote, right then I turn it on and your clit and ass are filled with vibrations. Then I tell you we are going out for dinner.
I have made reservations at a nice restaurant, private booth and candlelight. We share a nice dinner and I hit the remote for short spurts as we eat. Just to let you know what you are in for that evening. After a lite dinner we go to the dance floor for some slow soft dancing. We are close to one another, we can smell one another and we touch softly. I can feel your nipple through your dress and taste your lips as we kiss. I of course hit the remote and tell you when we get home I am going to lavish you.
When we get in the car you put your seatbelt on and I tell you to put your hands behind you. I put handcuffs on you, start the car, turn the music on (probably Lindsey Stirling) and start the drive home. I hit the remote but this time I leave it on. I tell you that you are not allowed to cum!
Once home I turn off the scorpion and take off the handcuffs. I tell you to go in the house, get naked but leave the pumps on and the scorpion. I then walk in and grab your wrist to lead you to the stockade. A tall leather padded support you lay face down on. Your breasts to each side, your ass in the air and your neck and wrists are locked in. I shackle your ankles with your legs spread wide. I move the anal vibrator out of the way and put in a anal vibrator and turn it on. I also turn the scorpion on. You are now bent over, bound, vibrating both your clit and ass. I take a large vibrator and start to really rub your pussy all over.
I then give you a very firm hand on your ass and I tell you this is for not asking me which panties to wear if any at all. Then I walk in front of you, my cock just out of reach from your mouth and tell you that you are going to suck my cock like your entire goal in life is to bring all the pleasure you can to your lover.

Leegs2012 46M
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4/2/2017 9:45 am

Nice!! I love being tied up!!!

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