Stupid girl  

darlingnikki334 33F  
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5/20/2017 8:39 am
Stupid girl

I just want to get some things off my chest and this is a great place to let go.. its kinda surreal for me that I am even on this site or even worse the multitudes of other cam/web sites that I have joined in this past month.. I never saw myself as the 32 year old chick talking to mostly old guys and shaking her tits on cam trying to make a dollar.whew.. lemme go back a lil.. i have never really been a snooping wife but im human damn it!! but honestly if i could go back and unsee what i saw I would.. i found out that my hubby was on Meelp and he said all kinds of reasons that he was on the site.. ok whatever but digging deeper i think something inside me broke because i decided that I was gonna join too just to show him how it felt... truth time.. I havent been with another cock in almost 11 years never even really thought about screwiong another dick I was totally in love with what he has between his legs PERIOD.. now women different story I always kinda joke about this and it comes out when its a bad fight that I would much rather be with a woman... but something inside me wanted /some gratification of some sort.. idk im rambling to myself even now.. but ok i have never cheated but he has so fair is fair right?? and its so great to have a threesome with another bitch but whu not another guy? because men are selfish.. but now its my turn.. im obseessed and so jealos of what Reaper might be saying to another person that isnt me and im sad because I helped push our relationship to this weird scary place... im sure that my multiple personalities dont help but one minute im cool with him fucking everyting that moves men women whatever..) even been looking for him a girl of his own to do whatever with but the next minute my heart hurts and I cant breathe.. because i am so sad that im not enough for him.. face it i think that I am not enough for me.. i never really have been but now that all my flaws are on the internet for the world to see all i wanna do is not show him that i really am a coward?? how do you get to the place where your words and thoughts and then actions line up?

<3 Nikki<3

whitechickslayer 42M
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5/20/2017 9:03 am

Keep having fun and keep enjoying life. Thanks for sharing!

darlingnikki334 33F  
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5/20/2017 10:35 pm

thank you so much for the advice.. i am new to this so any help is appreciated..

<3 Nikki<3

bigblackman21221 48M  
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6/22/2017 3:13 pm

Stay true with your words and thoughts.
Positive should flow from that.

Thanks for sharing sexy.

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