dwn4_dacause 35M
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6/22/2017 6:04 pm

I've been on this site for years now, and I've really started to realize that for a straight man, this site is dried up. Women only want women or couples, and the men seem to want anything with a hole. Like nothing against gay men, but when will they understand that straight men want women. And no proposition is gonna make a REAL straight man turn gay or bi. Anyways, for the 3 women left on this site, why do they all flake when it's time to meet. Is it just you aren't into the person, is it because you're having second thoughts, or are you really reserved and timid? Either way, just be straight up, and make your intentions clear. Thoughts? (As if anyone really reads this damn blog anyways)

lyavu 46F  
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6/24/2017 6:39 pm

It goes both ways . I have been stood up many times so go figure .

redrockrascal 60M
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6/23/2017 6:01 pm

    Quoting BiggLala:
    Women don't want other women and couples. The women YOU look at want other women and couples. There's a difference, and there are plenty of women here who want men.
What she said plus. The only real problems I've experienced are 1) I live in a town/area where there are few women from this site. 2) There are a number of women who don't like facial hair. Other than that if I were in Phoenix for instance I would probably be doing pretty well.

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Heathen_G 60M
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6/23/2017 4:06 pm

dwn4_dacause replies on 6/23/2017 1:18 pm:
Thanks for the reply, can you tell some of those other sites? Be interested in checking those out. Thanks again man!


Just do a Google search on "Dating sex sites" ..... just like that , and bam, there they are.

If you pick one, pick 4 or 8 more. The more you join, the more you maximize your chances of hooking up.

Heathen_G 60M
6690 posts
6/23/2017 4:15 am

You do understand this site is 21 years old. Awesome age for a woman, tragic age for a cyber site. There are so many more newer sites competing for the Top 10 spot of dating sites, and positive reviews, too.

Join at least 5 other sites and maybe Maryland specific sites for dating.

Also might be a good idea to find dating sites that are not affiliated with gay and queers, you know, the LGBTQ groups. That might reduce the amount of gays trying to get a peek-a-boo.

Don't waste energy fretting over fakes and flakes from here. The site's old, so are it's members, many of them, and many of them have been on here for 21 years too. That has gotta take a toll on some peoples sanity!

dwn4_dacause replies on 6/23/2017 1:18 pm:
Thanks for the reply, can you tell some of those other sites? Be interested in checking those out. Thanks again man!

aflower2c 45F  
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6/22/2017 10:11 pm

Beats me
I have come across soo many flakey men that I just plain gave up trying to meet!
I lost my interest in couples and "other women" a long time ago because I can tell the difference between a woman that is genuinely into other women and those women that are lookn for extra pussy for thier dude or daddy.

I suppose my questions are:
Why do the men put so little effort into casual sex and still expect women to be fully on board with it? When a women recieves better sex overall in a real relationship...

And where are these men that can do great sex outside of a relationship??
Including the foreplay, the sex, the aftercare because I have seen and come across far more men just looking to bust a nut.

Little miss flower

Written from a small city middle of no where kink thinkin kinda gal.

porterpiper1 52F
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6/22/2017 10:03 pm

yes there are fakes and flakes on here, but trying to guilt people into meeting isn't going to help you, a lot have tried and it didn't work, now about the gay or bi men sending you messages, you have to talk to them about that, But if people take the time to read profiles( I know standard members can't read profiles) but you can read the area they are living, send mature messages instead ( lets fuck)( I am what you are looking for)( I will make your dreams come true on), maybe just maybe you will get someone to meet with you, too many times people want to rush a meet, some people like myself have to feel comfortable with someone before I meet with them, I don't care if it is a public place, many take this site as the only hope in getting sex, and when they don't get the hook up from this sites people are flakes and fakes,

dwn4_dacause replies on 6/23/2017 1:16 pm:
Not guilt, it's a legitimate question. Thanks for your comment though.

pillow_fighter2 36M
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6/22/2017 8:56 pm

I feel your frustration. The cards are stacked against the straight guys here. There are real women, and a lot of awesome women. But finding a woman within driving distance who meets my criteria? Yeah...

And I've got zippo tolerance for the gay guys here. One thing if he's a standard member and can't read my profile, and is nice about asking. But most of the guys who hit on me are Gold and apparently too dull to bother with some reading.

Best of luck man.

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SwtBadGrl 46F  
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6/22/2017 7:57 pm

There are flakes on both sides. Speaking for myself. I think about 80% of guys I have planned a meeting with have flaked out at the last minute, or totally no-showed. It might be more evident to you since there are a lot less female profiles and IMO, many are fake profiles -- either someone trying to put his ex out there, some guy just trying to fantasize or something. Stick to paid memberships for the most part FYI to the others reading this last statement as hypocritical, yes, my profile used to be paid, but being stood up a dozen times, I stopped paying)

Brownie202 62F  
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6/22/2017 7:48 pm

I am a female and NOT fake. I only would want a man if I wanted to meet. I don't want attached in any way and no younger men among other likes, limits etc. Doesn't make me a fake because I am not interested in any of the men who write. I am not meeting at this time which they ALWAYS miss seeing. I am not talking with a man only because he is interested. Not meeting a younger man because "he loves older women and is mature for his age". Men can have their likes but some don't think us women should.

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BiggLala 47F  
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6/22/2017 6:45 pm

Women don't want other women and couples. The women YOU look at want other women and couples. There's a difference, and there are plenty of women here who want men.

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dwn4_dacause replies on 6/22/2017 7:27 pm:
Trust me, the women I want are the women who want men. But that number appears to be getting smaller and smaller. If don't believe, take a few minutes and look at some of the other women's profiles.

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