What else is gonna get thrown at me?  

farmchick59 62F
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8/18/2017 8:54 am
What else is gonna get thrown at me?

Sad Sad day here for me. Our family has lost another member to Alzheimer's. My second oldest sister who was a great one too. I guess I should be glad I come froma large (8 siblings) family. Lost my youngest brother to aids, Second oldest brother to ALS, My fathers whole family to Alzheimer's, my dear dear mother to old age(she was 93). I'm just hopeing I take after mom.

Yukongold65 55M
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8/18/2017 4:56 pm

So sorry for your losses. It is never easy, especially losing loved ones to untreatable diseases. My prayers are with you and the rest of your family.

52reddog 68M  
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8/18/2017 7:21 pm

Sorry to hear things have been tough for ya . . . can understand why you've not been around. Hugs n smoooches & talk to ya SOON, I hope.

52reddog 68M  
458 posts
8/18/2017 8:43 pm

oooops . . . I forgot to add . . . since I'm not "gold" anymore . . . you can message me on my blog . . .

Go Figure!

More hugs n smoooches!

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