A Tribute to my Danish Viking Lord  

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2/6/2017 7:29 pm
A Tribute to my Danish Viking Lord

Today I was reminded of someone so special and sexually significant to me. He played a great role in my life for many years and I attribute a great deal of who I have become in many different areas, to him. He would say he was but the spark that lit the flame... I will agree with him

While chatting with an Meelp friend today, I learned of this bath house in Edmonton called SteamWorks. I have been living outside of Canada for 8 years so I am basically a tourist in my home country since returning 3 months ago. When I went and visited their webpage, I was instantly reminded on my dear Viking, Kim.

I met Kim when I was 27 and working on a large power construction project. I had gone away for a short time to go try working on a cruise ship and when I got back, I discovered a new scheduler had com into the office and started working within eyeshot of my desk and work space. He was 48, married, and very good at his job from what I could tell by how others treated him and how he was very respected.

Seeing that everyone working there was so friendly, I stepped into Kim's shared office and started talking with him after a day or two. He had a charisma and way of presenting himself that was immediately attractive to me on many levels. I could feel his admiring stares as I would stand to return to my desk at times and I still remember the day that he actually commented that my ass was like "Poetry in motion"... I had to go look up the lyrics to that song...

It was from that moment that our friendship turned flirtatious. One afternoon, he asked me if I would like to go to dinner with him after work. His expense account would be paying and I said sure. That would be nice. I knew that he was married and that the age difference between us was significant but I also knew that if I didn't go out with him, I would seriously regret it. I had never done anything like this before and I'd kick myself if i didn't try it.

We had not even spoken of the possibility of becoming physically involved. We had only flirted with each other at inconspicuous times and in quiet corners. He was significantly older than me and married yet I was very very drawn to him... He was smart and funny and spiritual in a way that was completely different for me... and he thought I was hot... which made me hot... lol

So we went to The Keg... a very famous expensive and delicious steakhouse in the city nearest to the project. The food was great and we talked and talked about life and work and then the conversation turned... to what we'd be doing after dessert. I suggested going back to the town where I lived about 15 minutes away and checking out their steam baths. I innocently thought it was something we could do wearing a sarong or a towel and was thinking it may even be a purely platonic night... but I really knew it wouldn't be... I had read too many Penthouse Forums to be that naive... lol

We decided to each drive our cars there and meet outside before going in together. During the drive all I could think of was what could possibly happen. I had never even kissed him and now I was about to go and get pretty much naked with someone who was both married and a co-worker/supervisor in my office. And I didn't know how far it would go... I knew my place was just a few minutes away and was pretty sure we'd end up there for the balance of the evening... but then what? There was definitely some risk involved and of course that made it even more tempting...

As predicted, our first sexual encounter took place that night... after an hour of foreplay in the steam baths... and hours of making out and having sex at my apartment. He went back to his hotel room and left me sleep as I was completely exhausted after being with a man who was so much more experienced than me and who just completely rocked my world on so many levels...

He and I continued our relationship on many levels for many years... Until almost a year ago last year. After we had been seeing each other for several months, we came to a crossroads. He and I were both at the point of feeling like we should either stay together or decide to be apart. It was at this point that he told me he couldn't tie me down... that I was young and that when he was old and sitting in a rocking chair, I would still be young and having to take care of him. He couldn't have that and when I really thought about it, neither could I... We decided form there that our friendship could continue but our sexual relationship could not. Surprisingly, within less than 6 months, he decided to tell his wife of our affair and she decided that she needed to work on their marriage and herself... and they got happier... significantly happier... For that, I was happier too... Had we not had the affair, they agreed their marriage would have never improved... SO glad I could help lol

Over 18 years, we were friends, lovers, mentor and student, and soul mates. About 7 years ago, Kim was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. He had also had liver problems for most of his adult life and so he was awaiting a transplant. He over the course of several years beat the cancer, got a new liver and was making a recovery... until an error made in a surgery and he almost bled to death. From this point on he never quite recovered and it was a week and a year ago today that I last chatted with him on Facebook. About 4 months ago, I found out that he had passed away only 6 weeks after that conversation... at 64 years old...

So talking about the bath house in Edmonton today brought back some very wonderful memories of my one and only irreplaceable older married man who taught me so much about everything I didn't know at the time. Quite often these days, I feel his energy around me and so I just wanted to take a few moments to remember him today... and our first amazing sexual encounter at the steam baths

Kaerlig Hilsen Kim... You are missed and will never be forgotten


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