What if I failed you?  

gymrat1974 44F  
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8/28/2017 5:28 pm
What if I failed you?

I found out an old friend/lover died several months ago. We lost touch after a falling out. I'm having a bit of a hard time coming to terms with his passing. I did try to reach out to him. He chose not to respond, and I finally gave up. What if I hadn't given up? Could I have changed anything?

I feel like I failed you somehow
What if you needed me
And I just wasn't there
I went on to do my own things
Meet new people
And you were over there
All alone
Never knowing that if you had reached out
I'd have gladly reached back
Oh, yes,
You were the one to shut the door
But I let you
I'm the stubborn one
I wasn't going to give chase
Even when I followed you
It was from a safe distance
Even when I wanted you after so long
I didn't come and take you
What if I failed you
What if you were suffering
And my love was a healing balm
What if my lack of love
Was the cause of your pain
What if I held the key to your happiness
But I just left you to whither and die
All alone behind the locked door

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