You could at least have tried  

gymrat1974 44F  
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7/7/2016 7:20 pm
You could at least have tried

I have met up with a couple of guys recently for coffee or a walk in the park, and these meetings didn't result in sex. There was a time when I would get propositioned as quickly as I could flash a smile, but I have not even received an offer at all lately. Truth be told, I'm happy about that in a lot of ways. I've had a hard time saying no in the past, even when I wasn't attracted to the guy in the least. I lacked the strength or the self esteem to say thanks, but no thanks; I'm just not interested. But I'm capable of refusing people now. And maybe my vibe is just different now, too. I have more self esteem. I have the ability to be polite and friendly and even flirty while still maintaining boundaries, so maybe I don't come off as easy. I have the wherewithal now to be able to think someone's cute or nice or funny without thinking I should have meaningless sex with him. I even have the self respect to walk away from someone who doesn't appeal to me at all. Nevertheless, I still feel a little let down that I'm not being propositioned for sex by every man I meet. Maybe I don't want you, but I still want you to want me. No, dude, I didn't want to go home with you, but it would have been nice for you to offer! Didn't anyone ever teach you any manners? (Just kidding.) And then again, maybe my self esteem isn't quite where it should be. Maybe I shouldn't brag about how tough I am or how far I've come. Because I do find myself sitting here, wondering what is so undesirable about me. What is so wrong with me that no one seems to want to take me home?

boobwhisperer69 55M  
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7/7/2016 7:25 pm

Some guys just hate rejection! And some are just brain dead!!

flaguy522 63M  
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7/7/2016 7:27 pm

You're very desirable. Manners would dictate that one treat you with respect and courtesy. I'm sure in their minds they were thinking they imagining your lovely, sexy body lying naked ready to be ravished. I know I am.

KtMnDu 66M
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7/7/2016 8:08 pm

Guys have issues.......there are those who come right out with "Wanna get naked with me?"........and then there are those who are looking for a know, rejection sucks........but the issues are there, and some men just suck at these things..........we struggle at's not you......really.........

foreplay4ever58 60M
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7/8/2016 4:11 am

As some have said, it cold be the fear of rejection. I know myself, I have that fear, but I also am confident enough in myself to go after what I want, or at least make the attempt. That being said, guys do look for a sign that there is a desire from her, a wink, sly grin perhaps, some flirting. Being standard, I can only see the mini profile, but from what I can see you ARE a most desirable woman in my eyes. A woman that if i were with, I would let you know just how desirable you are and how much I would want to be with you.

traveler2055 51M

7/8/2016 4:59 am

If we meet, and there is any chemistry, I will ask.

iwalkstilts 43M  
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7/8/2016 8:19 am

It's not you. You're sexy.

gymrat1974 replies on 7/8/2016 9:26 am:
Hahaha, I know. Lol.

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