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4/26/2017 12:15 pm

Any functional relationship, be it personal, or professional, requires a fair amount of communication. If the relationship is for the purpose of sexual release, a minimal amount of communication is required in order to fulfill the goals of all participants. On this site, the common goal is understood to be sex with others. In order achieve this goal, a minimal amount of communication is necessary to determine if both parties are aligned to the ultimate goal of sexual gratification.

Notwithstanding the titillation of engaging in 'hide and seek' activities with potential sexual partners, if the ultimate goal is to get naked and have sex with others, one needs to communicate this fact with the potential partner as soon as practicable. Understanding that others might not be ready for immediate sex is quite important: Not everyone is willing to fuck on a moments notice. In the age of the internet, a lot of creeps are out 'there' and one must be careful. However, how can one determine if a person is a 'creep,' or 'undesirable,' if one does not try to find out more about the potential sex partner? Getting a hard-on, or having your pussy get wet while looking at photos, does not achieve the personal, sexual gratification that a few messages might ultimately grant.

In short, tell the potential sex partner what you desire, if your profile doesn't clearly relate such details. If you are interested in the goal of watching your partner have sex with others, then please relate this information. If you are interested in only 'one-on-one sex,' (with possible exceptions), let the guy/gal know as soon as possible: Not all respondents have the same degree of experience as you. Keeping this simple fact in mind will go a long way to achieving the ultimate goal of sex with others.

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