Is this 'good enough' for a sexual 'hook up' website?  

hardandread2017 61M
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9/11/2017 10:33 am
Is this 'good enough' for a sexual 'hook up' website?

A local female friend recently invited me to ‘look-over’ her new apartment. This friend has been a semi-frequent sexual partner of mine, for several years. She greeted me at her door, sans a bra, which indicated to me that she was more interested in sex, than viewing her abode. As we talked, her erect nipples were quite visible through her thin shirt. Shortly after my arrival, she began to show me around her apartment, stopping every so often to feel my growing hard-on against her ass. Upon reaching her bedroom, she turned, kissed me and asked if I wanted to help her ‘break in’ her new bed. Of course, I responded, ‘yes!’

Within seconds, we had stripped each other naked and settled into her ‘unbroken’ bed. The comfort of her new bedding was soon replaced by the physical enjoyment of skin-to-skin contact. My fingers, first settling upon her erect nipples, soon found her clit and warm, willing and wet pussy, between her wide-open legs. Shortly thereafter, she took my very hard cock into mouth and gave me head. Stopping just short of my orgasm, I withdrew my cock from her mouth and maneuvered my mouth to her ‘more-than-ready’ pussy. After licking her clit/lips and inserting my tongue into her VERY wet vagina, she was quite ready to fuck! Of course, we more than ‘broke in’ her new bed!

We began to fuck in ‘missionary-position.’ While we both love to fuck in this position, we soon switched to her favorite: Cowgirl! She rode my cock for quite a while, before we settled for the last few minutes in ‘doggie.’ I fucked her from behind and thrust my cock as deep as possible. Watching her pussy lips wrap around my hard cock, while fucking in this position, is always a real turn-on for me! Our groans of mutual satisfaction (and her orgasm) soon drowned out the knocking of her bedposts against her wall. What started out as ordinary sex, after about 60 minutes of intense fucking, my orgasm was such, that cum was running out of her pussy, down her legs, to her knees.

This encounter occurred in May of 2017. The reason why I recount such, seemingly, ‘ordinary sex,’ is to relate that, regardless of my age, any female (or M/F couple) would ALWAYS receive the same degree of ‘attention/courtesy’ during any sexual encounter with me. In other words, “what more do you want” from a potential ‘partner’ on this website?

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