New Equestrian Friends  

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New Equestrian Friends

Jinx and I had a very interesting time on Saturday.    We got to with a couple of girls had been on our list for a while... sure it would have never to pass without Jinx's special brand of flirting and the ease in which she can segue from ordinary relationships to sexual s.

It really goes back over several .   Jinx and I had been going to hunter/jumper shows, both competing (at a fairly low level), but we meet all kinds of people.  Mallory and Paige have both also been very active in the types of shows we participate in, but they were based out of a different stable.   A couple of months ago, we decided to switch stables and begin training for cross-country type courses and also better trail riding.   This new stable has some very tempting ladies, but also the stable of Mallory and Paige.   

Mallory is a bit unusual to the scene, in she doesn't have wealthy parents her financially...she gives lessons and works the stable to her way.    She is about as country as cornbread, but wonderfully friendly, curious, talkative, and pretty.    I take every chance I can get to her feed and water and clean stalls just because I love hearing her talk.   She has a heavy southern accent, but there is something entrancing and lyrical about it....not to mention she looks smoking in jeans and T-shirt.  Last summer, she went around the barn wearing these tiny cut off shorts, and when she would bend over you could see the puffy lips of her pussy being split by the seam. Her thigh gap is awesome. She also has these nice soft looking lips I was certain would look good wrapped around my cock. She and I had already had a few award moments, but she was so I had always restrained has been difficult, mostly because her nipples would poke through her t-shirt and I couldn't but . There was time, when I had back into the barn from riding, snd she offered to give a massage. She started, then told I needed to take my shirt off. She said my back and shoulders looked amazing, and kept complimenting as she worked on me. It nearly drove me crazy, because she brushed those breasts and hard nipples against my flesh .

The first time I saw Paige was probably 4 ago a show.  She was in the middle of changing of her show clothes, and was walking around in the barn with only her bra and panties...pretty unusual, but I admired her exhibitionism and also her looking body.   The of us also compete in some of the same classes, so we've got to know each other pretty good (in a platonic way).

So, last Saturday Jinx, Mallory, Paige and I were all standing around talking.   Jinx had mentid she was craving some coconut creme pie, and asked the girls if they wanted to back to our place and spend the afternoon.   The of them headed off and sent after the pie and a few other groceries we were going to for entertaining.

It took a while for my trip to the bakery then thru the grocery.  When I got home, the trio had just gotten of the tub.  Jinx and Paige were only wearing towels and Mallory was in a T-shirt with her towel around her waist.   Jinx was telling the girls about the black pearl necklace I had bought her, and how we use it to a "who's the boss" sort of game.  when she wears the black s, she is in charge...the pink s mean I in charge.   The girls were all laughing having a good time with it.  Just as she finished, she looked over and said "take off your pants."   I hesitated.   "No, really, take off you pants" she repeated.

I tried to act unflustered, but as I unbuttd my pants, I remembered I was wearing these see-thru underwear and a cock ring.  My cock was half-hard, but I had no choice, and pushed my pants to the floor and stepped out of them.   The girls were silent, but watching.   I thought maybe Jinx had over-ed her hand...she let stand there for just a few seconds.   "Why don't you go get us some of the pie and coffee?"  

As I turned and walked away, Jinx spoke , once again captivating the girls with her subtle and ful erotic way.   I wasn't able to hear them from the kitchen, but the sounds of laughter were reassuring Jinx had them pointed in the right direction.   When I came back, I served the pie and coffee...I noticed Paige really checking out my package.  She piped right with "You're not circumcised"...and it instantly , she was a Jewish and had probably never seen an uncut guy first hand.   Jinx was sharp enough to know her speaking like was opening a door, and the conversation instantly tipped into a diussion of my uncircumcised cock.  The pair sat there munching away at the pie, transfixed by the conversation.   In her amazing way, Jinx had captivated our guests.

"Your dick is hard." Jinx said, focusing all the attention on my cock as it strained against my underwear

Just as she finished talking, she stood and gathered our plates, leaving there alone with the girls now stealing glances my bulge.   It was a bit awkward in her absence, but she soon returned.   As she walked in, she dimmed the lights...I knew something good was about to happen.  She had fixed a tray with a bowl of water, towels, soap and of our "special" washcloths.  She sat the tray down and told me to go grab of the chairs from the dining room.    Although my errand was quick, by the time I got back my cock was getting hard.  Jinx had me set the chair right in front of the girls.

She told me to take off my underwear.

I don't know what I was thinking, I turned my back to them, probably because i was feeling a bit timid. "No, front." Jinx corrected.

"Oh, Yes! Let's see what you've got!" Mallory chimed in.

Both Paige and Mallory were staring as I turned back and had to pull my waistband way as my cock was stiff and was really being constricted by the fabric.   As I slid them down, Jinx put of the towels down on the seat.  She had sit, and spread my legs wide open.  My cock was nice and stiff, and judging from their faces, they liked what they saw. Jinx said "OK, Paige, he's all yours".   Jinx took a seat right next to Mallory to watch. I heard Mallory say quietly to Jinx "He's so smooth."

Paige stood with just a little smile on her face.  She walked over, cupping her hands took some water and poured it over my cock.   She dipped the wash rag in the water, soaped it up and then knelt down in front of me.   Beginning at the base, it was almost like she was a little timid.  She worked around my balls, back to the base, and up the shaft.  "Pull down on the skin" Jinx instructed.....Paige took a soft grip and watched with wonderment as my lustrous purple head was unsheathed.  "Oh, my Lord!" Mallory blurted .   She kind of jumped up in her seat and brought her heels to her butt, opening her knees as she did...I got my first glimpse of her smooth, pink pussy. Couldn't but stare. Paige worked around my head and shaft with soft cloth, letting it invigorate every inch.   After I was soaped pretty good, she started stroking my cock with her bare hand, watching the action of the foreskin as it moved and down, but stopping once in a while just to it.   I think it might have been the first time she washed a cock, but she did a wonderful job!

Jinx stood and rinsed off and then dried.  My cock was about as hard as it could be, and still attention.   Jinx noticed a bead of precum forming at the tip, and told Paige was a sign she had d a good job.  She collected drop on her finger, rubbed it across my lips and kissed , which never fails to further excite .   To my surprise, she turned right around took another swipe across the tip of my cock, and held her finger out for Paige.  Paige leaned right and took the finger in her mouth...then she and Jinx shared a kiss of their own!

Mallory watched the pair kissing, and I could tell she wanted in.   Just like reading my mind, Jinx asked Mallory if she was ready to "try something new".   Jinx disappeared down the hallway, letting her towel the floor just as she passed of site.  She came back moments later, now totally nude, with a little dish of special sex oil Alexa made and a couple of paint brushes (this oil Alexa is exceptional;  I don't know what is in it, but it really invigorates my cock, gives it almost and insatiable sexy "itch", a firmer and fuller erection.  It works on girls, too.  I think it has mint or juniper, but other than ?)

Jinx handed the stuff off to Mallory, and then went and sat right next to Paige.  Her hand drifted Paige's towel her belly level and Jinx leaned in to pick back with her kiss.  Mallory smiled , then came and knelt beside. "Why aren't you circumsised?" She asked as she took my cock in her hand. " is so !..." I was composing my answer but she interrupted. "Now I don't want you to get all shy, but fixing to shuck skin on your dick back like Paige did and have a your purple turtle.." she held a fiendish smile as her soft hand slowly stripped my foreskin away from my glans, giving her a very intimate viewing of my cock's corpulent head. "I always wanted to see you naked, did you know ? Now, youre about as naked as you can get all poked out and proud. I like . Now doesn't feel better, he sure wants some attention...ain't he the prettiest thing!" Her sweet little country voice saying those naughty things turned me on as much as her touch. She took the wide brush, got some oil on the widest brush, then took hold of my cock.   Starting with the head, she painted my cock with long down and strokes.  The chemistry of the oil started working its magic on , my cock was as hard as oak and my glans like a shining polished river rock sitting on top. 

I looked to see Jinx flip open the towel concealed Paiges body.  Paige had a nice tan, and the most exceptional tan lines her breasts, her nipples were hard, and her pussy looked exquisite, with a groomed patch of hair she had kept as an accent..  Jinx pushed her legs apart then she began ing with her pussy.  My attention was brought back by Mallory, she was stretching my foreskin way back and was staring at my glans, there was a shimmering bead of precum sitting at the very tip...."Look at ! Is for ?" She leaned down and brushed across the tip pf my cock with her tongue. "I want more! I don't want you to hide anything from . Let know what feels good... fixing to find all your favorite placesYou like it pulled back tight, dont you? just sit back and enjoy yourself.." She started to tease my glans with the small paint brush.  She was using tiny little brush stokes as if she were working on an impressionist felt like a butterfly was fluttering around the tip of my cock.   Then, longer strokes down the frenulum and around the lobes and corona.   It felt amazing, almost unbearable, but I could tell she had probably already fallen in love with my cock. Every few seconds another bead of precum would be coaxed out and she would pause to collect it on her tongue. "Does make you feel good? You like right there, don't you...right there on in the valley."   It was so turned on it was visibly throbbing in time with my heart, and as her brush tickled the underside of my cock it would react by recoiling against her grip. I looked down to see a ripple of my precum tracking down over her fingers, coaxed out by her delicate touch "..look how ripe you are!" She held her hand to show the ribbons of precum she had worked out of . I didn't have the composure to answer, but sure she knew I was loving it.

Mallory paused for a second, looked over Jinx and asked her if she could do whatever she wanted. Jinx had threw fingers inside Paige's pussy, and the were kissing very passionately. "Yes, be my guest.." Jinx approved without hesitation.

She looked at " do you want to see what I look like?"

Mallory stood and let her towel fall off and away.  Her muscular hips and legs looked amazing...her thigh gap looked even better than I had imagined. her pussy was entrancing, with long heavy lips very visibly hanging down...she swung a leg over my lap and lined with my cock.   She let the tip brush against the those beautiful lips of her pussy...they were very and wet...she reached down and spread them open..then sank down slowly until the head finally pushed in, her pussy was so tight, she took her time feeding the rest of my cock in, her pussy was spasming as it got used to the stretch . She rested there a moment and took off her T-shirt.  Her pink nipples looked so wonderful against her white flesh.   As she jostled around, I was reminded of the exceptional pussies professional equestrians have...their adductor mules are so well formed the walls of their pussy can drive your cock wild with the way they can squeeze.  The sensation of my shaft stretching her pussy was a wondrous moment, it was so tight...she savored the moment, too, pausing and whispering to me. "You feel , how tight my pussy is?....Dang, you are hard. I want to feel you inside "  She started in with a slow and down, but quickly developed into a " trot" sort of , down, bounce, bounce...and as she rode her tight pussy gripped and released my cock with amazing strength.

She leaned into , pressing her breasts against my chest, and whispered in my ear "Oh, Darlin, your dick is so hard..its so hard".  I tensed the muscles the base of my cock and pushed in deeper..."Ohhh, you bad " she moaned.  She started grinding on my cock, like she was trying to oop the last bit of ice cream from its container.   I could feel her juice dripping down my balls.  She went back to her trot rhythm and I kept tensing my cock on her down motion because she seemed to love the hardest cock raking against the inside of her pussy.  We were both getting from the effort, her pussy was pouring juice like it had never fucked like this before.   She was getting ready to . "Squeeze my nipples... gonna !...harder..harder"

She paused for a second, I stuffed my cock in as deep as I could and chiseled away her...her nipples had tensed so hard, but i kept rolling them in my fingers....I felt this swell of heat and pressure from her..and then she was consumed.  She rested a moment with my cock buried, looked me sraight in the eyes and said " was better than I ever imagined.....aren't you gonna kiss ?" I leaned and began with some soft and passionate kisses, then started digging my cock into her as we kissed harder. Her tongue was probing and rolling in my mouth as my cock rolled and stirred her pussy...pushing her into orbit.  "Ohhh, oh, you bad , unh, fuck, your dick is so hard..Ahh, ahh fuck, it's so hard..Unh, you bad "  She picked back   with a bounce, bounce, grind sort of pace, her nipples had become so hard, I couldn't resist taking her breasts in my hands and teasing them. She took a deep breath "Damn, your cock oh Fuck ...God dammit! 's hard!" The head of my cock was still the spell of the oil and felt so good.    I tilted my hips a little and finallly found her g-spot.  I directed my thrusts into it a couple of times and noticed she twinged with the contact. She looked with almost an astonished surprise the new sensation.

"What are you doing...oh god...what are you doing!" I smiled to myself, she obviously had never been with a guy could exploit her g-spot the way I can...and judging from her reaction, she was just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the pleasures I could supply (Jinx has a very similar anatomy and reactions, so my is pretty lengthy for girls with this type of sensitivity). You are going to make bad ....oh God feels so good!" My hands were on her breasts squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers; she reached and grabbed my wrists in a death grip, like she was riding a roller coaster. She begged to with her...but i wanted more. Her pussy began to squeeze my cock again, and I drove the head of my cock into her sweet spot. I flexed my cock as much as i could pushing hard into her anterior wall and massaging it with the tip of my cock but still holding back a little of my length Then, as she edged into her orgasm, i let my thighs relax and drove the last inch of my cock into tight pussy, making her insides stretch to take it. She started to tremble. I squeezed her nipples harder, and gave her a flurry of hard quick thrusts.

"She's gonna squirt!" Jinx exclaimed.

I pushed my cock into her G-spot hard as I could, flexing my perineal muscles. She squealed in surprise . . Her flushed and her eyes wide as she started cumming. ., obviously shocked and nearly overwhelmed by the power of this new orgasmic territory. She stood quickly, and began pawing her pussy...then it happened....a magnificent little squirt all over my belly and lap. She stood there dazed.

"That is crazy! You made her squirt" Paige said.

I immediately wrapped one hand around Mallory's waist, and ran my other hand up her thigh, then curling two fingers into her pussy. Her G-spot was still firm, and I pushed into it firmly, rubbing my fingers across.

"Oh God, what the fuck are you doing?" She said, still confused about what was happening to her.

Her knees kind of buckled, and her body trembled as I worked on her, her pussy was quivering...I pulled out my fingers and rubbed her clit quickly...and she came again, her pussy releasing a better surge, then more to trickle down her legs.

"Give her the Swan!" Jinx suggested.

Of course, Jinx was right. ..The Swan was the perfect choice. I would not want the over do it with Mallory as she was discovering new things about herself. The Swan is a dynamic technique, one starts off in a methodical, sensual, and tantric way...but it builds to massive orgasms.

I stood , took one of Mallory's legs and brought it to my waist, then picked her . She immediately began kissing me, I carried her over to the recliner and sat her down. threw down a pillow and knelt in front of her. She looked at me with a curious expression as I put her legs on my shoulders. I looked down at her bald little pussy, now about an inch away from my rock-ribbed cock...her little brown asshole beaming from underneath. Her dark nipples were already erect, she was very excited. I skinned back my cock and pressed it against the lips of her pussy, dragging it and down, splaying her lips apart and mixing my precum with her juice. I started to push in, she was really tight. I looked her, she was still staring ...her eyes widened as my glans began to sink into her pussy. I guided my cock straight to her anterior wall and watched for a reaction...her jaw dropped and she gasped. I didn't have her in a great position for what I wanted to do, so I scooted her off the edge about more inches ..the weight of her lower body added just the right pressure. I put her legs up on my shoulders. "Oh my God, you're going to do it again, arent you?! Your cock feels so good" she confessed. It was so sweet and sincere, I leaned to kiss her, my cock slipping deeper and deeper into her tiny tight pussy as I bent forward. She did her best to meet me and we kissed, she swirled her tongue around mine, showing an affection did not expect. My cock became enraptured, and I knew it was time. I broke off the kiss and got myself in position to give her more of the Swan. I aimed my cock her G-spot and slid it back in. She squeaked with the was easy now to feel spot...and I began slowly pecking away it. I felt her pussy having some small spasms, so I kicked it a notch....tapping a little harder, but not faster sweet spot...she started panting. I used just a little more force two or three thrusts, and she started to . I grabbed her ankles and spread he legs wide apart. I added more pressure, spearing her G-spot with precision. She almost instantly became vocal, but wasn't able to get any words . " Ah! Ah! AH! AH!" She got louder and louder and finally managed "it feels so good!" as she became overwhelmed. I kept prodding her along, even as her pussy squeezed desperately at my cock. I slipped it , and and used my cock to rub her clit. She had a little tremor, then seized up completely before her first torrential squirt.

I asked Jinx and Paige to come help me , telling them to hold her legs back. I had this compulsion to completely dominate I let then watch me peel the foreskin back, so they could see mybare swollen glans before it went back in. Paige was staring hard at it.

I reached out to her, and pulled her into me, letting our bodies make contact. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss....she gave back and soon her tongue was gliding over mine. Her hard mipples poked inyo my flesh. She is a great kisser, her soft lips gently suckling at mine, my blood was boiling. I broke the kiss, whispering to her as I pulled away. " going to shave your pussy tonight, and then going to fuck you, too"

I guided my cock back in to Mallory's pussy and started pushing it in harder and harder as her pussy started to relax...I ran my hands over her body, she had just broken a sweat. My hands gravitated to her perky beasts and I rolled her nipples between my fingers. I shifted my hips letting my cock retreat, then gave her a dagger strike right on her swollen button. She jumped like she had be charged with electricity, and I began a diabolical atrack. This time pushing much harder, lifting her with each pump, letting my glans chew at her at the top of my stroke. I kept her nipples between my fingers squeezing them to a bit of torment. I told Jinx to pop out her clit. Jinx reach down and tried to peel the hood back on Mallory's clit, she was only able to get the very top to ..the hood was quite tight. Jinx gathered some saliva and coated it, then began pulling back harder. it looked like a fat snail coming if its shell.

Mallory leaned her head up as if she wanted to see what was going on. "What did you do?" She asked breathlessly as Jinx coaxed the hood back farther, finally the whole tip emerged. "Oh, Jesus, that feels good! What did you do to me"

"your clit has a nice erection going..I slid the skin back. It's almost all the way out now, it's beautiful!" Jinx told her. "Have you never done that before?"

"I didn't know it could." Mallory confessed. "It feels so good!"

"Do you want me to do more?"

"Oh, fuck, yes" Mallory said excitedly

Jinx worked her magic, woking that hood way back. Her little tip was out and now a bit if thevsyem. Her pussy almost immediately began gripping at my cock, but it only fueled my effort. Jinx and Paige had her legs pinned back, folding her more and more as I worked. My cock was so hard at this point, I could see her belly rising as it pressured and rubbed at her perfectly. She began mumbling again, louder and louder. I had the girls spread her legs apart, and i moved my hands to her clit. I started teasing her bare cllit softly with my finger. Her leg were quivering, and she came again, her clit pulsed several times, I slipped my cock, holding it right between her pussy lips and let her squirt all over it ...this time just a little harder and longer than last time...

She was covered in sweat, her hair was completely soaked...I could tell she was exhausted...I wanted to give her legendary orgasmic expeience as grand finale. I leaned and we kissed again, her breathing heavily into my mouth. She kissed with such passion, I could tell she was to give a little more. My cock was so swollen and hard by the over-stimulation I had forced it to endure. I took a breath and scooted her out just a little more so I could a bit more pressure and really capitalize on adding "the hidden inch" to my . I had Jinx and Paige pin her legs back again, and Jinx redoubled on keeping her clit popped out. I pushed in slow and deliberately, pressing my glans hard into her G-spot, then force it to rake across and bury deeply in her pussy...she smiled at , enjoying the change in technique...I kept pressing more and more of my cock into her tight pussy, then shifted my hips to press in the final inch. "Oh, you a bitch" she cursed as my cock stretched her engorged pussy. " feels so fucking good. Oh my fucking God!..I love you!". I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by , but it certainly warmed my heart and made my affection for her boil over. I let her tip down, letting her body weight force in the last centimeter of my cock. I didn't expect it, but she came hard as her pussy pressed into to my groin. Her pussy flew into a tumultuous spasm, her abdominal muscles contracted, legs was a big one for her. I want able to get my cock in time, her squirt gushed around it, down my balls an legs.

I rested about a second, before deciding to press her for more, to try to build on top of . I lifted her and began chipping away her sweet spot. I looked and saw her toes curling, as her legs began to vibrate ..then her pussy tightened around my cock....she got this panicked look on her ...."I cant take it" she said loudly. "Oh my god!" I let her body lower, raking my glans against her anterior wall, lowering her down on my cock. By this time, I was about ready to myself. Her pussy was gripping my cock with such force, trying to hold on was becoming impossible. I do some of my best work when I give resisting, and this one was going to be memorable. I summoned some strength and began a light flurry of taps, building in intensity. She was going wild, jinx and Paige were captivated by watching us perform an epic ballet. Mallory must have heard my change in breath, she looked as though woke from a dream "I want to see you !"

It was music to my ears, I love letting girls watch shoot. I summoned some athleticism and began chisel in away, pushing hard into her G-spot, then shoving my cock deep. She looked again, as though my cock was touching her soul as it stretched her pussy "oh God, I love you" I only managed a few more strokes, and her pussy strarted spasming hard. As I lowered her down for the final time, she exploded. I stabbed at her two or three more times and withdrew quickly really pushing her into a squirting frenzy. She gasped as though she was choking, every muscle on her tiny frame seemed to contract, her nipples were hard and pointing straight , her clit pulsed with a wonderful undulation.

I stood there, my rock hard cock angry to be deprived was flexing up and down. Jinx reached for it, gave me three quick strokes, then began working her fingers over my raw and sensitve glans, triggering my ejaculation. She held my foreskin stripped back, letting Mallory see my purple glans flare and shoot a thick white rope of . It was propelled with such force, it shot over the top of her head.. Jinx has perfected the method for finishing me. Stroking my cock quickly between each pang of orgasm skinning if back for the shots, delivering more and more , landing on her , , neck, chest and belly. I must have shot a dozen or more times....Mallory was coated .

Jinx lined my cock up with Mallory's pussy, I pushed my cock back inside her. She leaned up and kissed like she had just fallen in love, my cock still flexing inside her, breathing heavily into my mouth.

"god damn, you sure know how to fuck!" She said as i caressed her breasts as my cock settled.

There is so much more to say... We had a great day together...mostly "straight" type sex, but lots of oral, and even some anal...I'll try to get back to to this

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As usual, a Cock-Hardening account..thanks for sharing!

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wow nice ......

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to quote bruce willis...yippee ky yay mf,er..

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