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5/17/2017 2:23 pm

I'm 30 years old. And I fantasize A LOT. The reason I say a lot is because it may be way more than normal. Not everything makes me horny but it certainly true that many women in my neighborhood do get me hard. I keep thinking about them and I get so fucking hard! What is my problem? There really isn't anything I can do about it either. Many of them are married. I'm not a home wrecker. However, if there was an opening, I would certainly want to fill it. See what I did there?

I can't get over it. She's my neighbor. She has a few kids. She's like 40 some years old and the thought of doing anything, excites me to my highest core. But.....she's my neighbor. What if she's not into it? I don't know. It's one thing to act on your feeling BUT.....with sites like Meelp and FetLife, I have a whole different set of feelings.

I just wish I could have her ALL to myself. It's so selfish though.

I always thought I would want to be a guy who would want to fall in love. I'd love to settle down with the right woman.

These days I am looking for a really kinky/dirty girl. My mind is playing so many tricks on me I've lost count.

The neighbor I have in mind, I have no idea if she is married or not. Or in a relationship. She does have children. They are over there quite a lot.

Some days I don't think of her at all and the others......mmmmm......I just want to fucking be inside her. I want to taste her sweet pussy. I want her legs up in the air!

But damn the nice guy in my mind. I wish I could strap that version of myself to a chair and make him watch while I pound my neighbor on my mattress.

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