How we women can draw a crowd of naked males.  

idfunbun 41F  
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9/11/2017 2:21 pm
How we women can draw a crowd of naked males.

When we women are in a mood. All we have to do is say lets get naked and go skinny dipping and it most always will draw a crowd of naked males to us.

JohnfromVA 64M
114 posts
9/11/2017 2:34 pm

PlayfulSouls 63M/53F  
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9/11/2017 2:39 pm

Well, duh!

wrMercury 41M  
1528 posts
9/11/2017 5:06 pm

Shame it doesn't work the other way around...

1bighammer1000 54M
3066 posts
9/12/2017 5:00 am

With women looking as heavenly as they do, is there any wonder why?

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castomper 57M
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11/25/2017 8:59 pm

a cooler of cold bud floating by on a raft,might help too

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felcher74 45M
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5/4/2018 12:10 am

love the naked ness

Paulxx001 62M
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8/5/2018 7:37 am

Sure. That sounds like a plan that would always work for me! Yes! I'd be the guy with the hard on though... My little friend has a mind of his own.... . Lol

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_0U812_ 53M/24F
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12/2/2018 7:56 am

yes! love to skinny dip as often as possible!
you are so right too,,,
once me and two friends, 3 girls, were at the creek
on our farm, a very secluded spot. Two guys in canoes
came floating by!! ~~~~ Sara

Chucklesb400 40M
60 posts
2/11/2019 11:11 am

Very good casting

Paul_4Horny20 40M  
13 posts
4/23/2019 5:34 pm

Wow yeah I just come out of the woodwork don't they.

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