The site Ambassador thing is being misused.  

idfunbun 41F  
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5/13/2017 6:08 am
The site Ambassador thing is being misused.

The site Ambassador thing is being misused.
From what I know the Ambassador site thing is designed to contact new members to the site. I have been a site member for years and ever day I am getting numerous messages from people using the Ambassador thing so they can build up their points. I think this is ridiculous, irritating and plain out right frustrating to get these same Ambassador messages from the same people every day. I know it is for me.

bigdog7_11 67M/69F
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5/13/2017 9:10 am

That would be irritating. Have you voiced your displeasure with Meelp? I certainly would report it as abuse. Good luck.

notsure1949 70M
8714 posts
5/13/2017 2:18 pm

agree with you, it is very irritating

slowrider136911 58M
271 posts
5/13/2017 4:47 pm

It's funny, the ONLY time I get those emails is when I let my membership lapse to standard. When I do that I'll get 4-5 a day. Go back to gold and they stop coming. Coincidence? Bwahahahaha!

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