Would you participate in an organized erotic photo session?  

imagetaker 64M  
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5/21/2017 6:42 am
Would you participate in an organized erotic photo session?

As a lifelong professional photographer, I've done more than my share of erotic photography for clients. Recently I was asked I if I had every put together an erotic GROUP portrait session. The concept would be to bring together 6 - 10 people who would be photographed in a wide variety of erotic photographs. Not designed to be an orgy, but everyone would be free to do as they were moved to make their images as erotic as they like.

This got me to thinking, what would it take to do this. Of course there are many people who may be interested, but how to get strangers to come together for such a photo experience with confidence, commitment, safety and personal security in mind.

I'm fortunate to have a studio, so that provides the place. Or if I was going to another city, an upscale hotel suite could be arranged. But people being unpredictable, you could have 6 - 8 saying they wanted to participate and only one show up. I had a case where I had scheduled several bi women to come together at a resort location for erotic photography and only one showed. Did a beautiful session of her, but the planned images with several ladies was lost. A waste of time and effort.

So, if this was available in your area, what would it take to get you involved and what may be your concerns? Your questions and responses would be helpful in me first trying this at my studio and then going to other areas if there is adequate interest.

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