How are social media groups working for you?  

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9/18/2016 11:18 am
How are social media groups working for you?


I have been online for a while. I would have to say that I started wasting time way back when AOL was new. HAving said that, There have been some good contacts and have always enjoy them.

Most receintly, I recieved a friend request, from a woman whom I had gone out with more than 40 yrs ago. THe friend request was on facebook. My facebook personality is mainly pretty tame.... My contacts here and there do not mix. Well, I am guessing that she had been lurking for a while... and decided to hit me up for a friend request.

I took a while in responding as I did not know if she would want to meet in person or anything like that. When I knew her, we were simply fuck buddies.... She was engaged, but still lilked meeting other guys... Her and I took a road trip where I was introduced to my 1st couples swap.

Well, I accepted her on my facebook page and she immeditely IM'ed me... We exchanged a couple of IM's... and she started telling me about her interesting political views... I just responded GREAT... and didnt want to know more...

While she was a fun, times have changed and I don't seem to have the interest that I once did.... Has anyone else experienced this?

Let me know?

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