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4/25/2017 7:38 am

I had a pounding headache and knew exactly what I needed … a cup of hot strong black coffee. I considered making a batch but I needed something right away so I walked around the corner to my favorite hangout, a busy Starbucks. The place was packed with early morning commuters and there was a long line at the drive thru as well as I walked in and nodded at the staff that I had come to know these past two years.

I waited patiently in line and just as I reached the cashier to order, my cup of Joe was already waiting for me as they knew I was a creature of habit. Looking around, there were no regular seats available but one large leather chair in the back corner which I snatched up right away, thankful I wouldn’t have to make small talk or, worse yet, overhear some inane conversation between a couple of high school girls.

I sat down, took a draft from my coffee, leaned back and closed my eyes momentarily. I had a relatively free morning so I let my body relax completely, hoping to ease the pain in my temples. That’s when I saw her walk in … pretty … stacked … curves in ALL the right places. Damn I thought, where has she been hiding, I had never seen her here before, I wonder if she’s a regular because if she is, I may have to shuffle my morning lineup of activities. She got in line, which had shortened a bit and looked around, wondering who might vacate a seat by the time she gets her coffee. Just then, the guy in the other leather chair nearest to me, grabbed his paper and got up to leave … wow … a great opportunity … and I snatched it – I set my coffee down on the table next the chair and grabbed a magazine and set it down on the seat as if someone was sitting there but had to leave briefly for the bathroom or to get something at the counter.

In the meantime, several other patrons had gotten their coffees and not finding seats available inside, went outside to sit around the tables on the patio. And then … the blonde in the green dress got her coffee and as she looked around, she caught my eye and watched as I moved the magazine and my coffee and I motioned for her to sit near me. She smiled slightly, walked over, nodded briefly and sat down just opposite me. Mmmm… she was pretty … nice and tan with full pouty lips, nice teeth, large breasts which barely peeked above the top of her dress and shapely legs. I tried not to stare and she pretended not to notice that I was looking. Now, I have to tell you, those leather chairs are not so easy to sit and drink hot coffee in because they are slanted back and to lean forward to take a sip, you have to shift your whole upper body forward … so I think what happened next was an accident but I’ll never know… but … as she leaned forward I saw a splash … and I mean a very short splash of color … hot pink … hot pink panties under that lime green dress … very spring like if I may say so myself. Then, just as she leaned back from taking a swig, a last drop of coffee sticking to the lid dropped squarely on the top exposed part of her left breast … shocking me and embarrassing her!!! Luckily, I had a napkin handy, which she had forgotten, and in handing mine to her, I said “ the perils of beautiful breasts, drips, drabs and crumbs go there to die …” which cracked her up, and me, and broke this weird tension between us.

So we started chatting. I found out she was new to the neighborhood and was renting a house fairly close to me for the time being. Her kids were away at college and she had just dropped her husband off at the airport for his “golf” outing with the boys in Vegas. I laughed … hard … and she knew exactly what that meant … golf … and booze … and hookers … and …! So, I asked her if she worries about him going out there and the “temptations of the flesh” and she chuckled and said “no, he’s a lousy lover, he can do whatever he wants”!! I saw immediately that that comment had inadvertently slipped out as she turned bright red, and in shifting her body, flashed me another shot of her hot pink panties. My headache was rapidly dissipating as nearly all of the blood in my body reversed direction – flowing southward, if you know what I mean.

I laughed at her comment, partly out of shock and partly out of embarrassment. I apologized on behalf of all men, which is a pretty common occurrence these days and said something to the effect that not all men are lousy lovers and that some in fact, derive pleasure in their woman’s pleasure, people like ME. She smiled …

We got to talking about fun things to do around town but our conversation was tinged with a hint of sex and I was getting so turned on by her … between the flash of panties, the peek of her full breasts and our conversation that I had to maneuver every once in a while to move my stiffening cock around so it could expand a bit more. Finally, we were nearing the end of our coffees and feeling emboldened, I told her I wish I lived alone so I could demonstrate the fact that not all men are lousy lovers. She laughed … I chuckled as I was a bit embarrassed at my forward remark. We walked out together, laughing and chuckling, heading in the same direction as her car and my house were along the same travel route. When I got to her car, I said my goodbyes and started to walk on when she said … “why not get in, I’ll drop you off along the way.” So I did!!

She was already sitting down as I got in … and, I don’t know exactly what happened next but I must have leaned over and kissed her, long and soft, right on those beautiful full lips of hers!! OMG … she tasted good! When our lips parted, she just looked at me … finally starting the car and heading out. As we neared my house, I heard her say, in barely a whisper “no one is home at my house” … to which I replied “ok, let’s go there’!!

It was a mad rush to the door and once inside, all of our pent up eagerness was unleashed. I pinned her up against the front door as it closed and kissed her hard and deep. My hands were in her hair, around her back, pulling her hard against my stiffening body. I kissed her lips, her neck and nibbled her ears as my hands traveled up her legs to those hot pink panties which were now in both of my hands as I squeezed her ass and ground her pussy into my hard, hard cock. I felt her hands inside the waistband of my shorts, working to unbuckle my pants and set my manhood free … it is right then that I stopped her. I grabbed her hand and asked here where to go and she led me down the hall to the master bedroom, the bed still full of rumpled sheets and she said “I want a real man to fuck me right HERE”!

At that, I raised her arms and pulled that hot little lime green dress up over her head and dropped it right there on the floor. I turned her around, her back to me and undid the clasp of her bra… her beautiful, full breasts released … nipples erect… I pulled her back into me and began kissing her neck while my hands explored her beautiful body… pinching her nipples … brushing my fingers across her belly, her mons, her thighs, just barely teasing her pussy. I pushed her down, rather forcefully, onto the bed as I lifted my shirt over my head and unbuckled my shorts. I pulled my shorts and boxers down in one fell swoop, fully exposing my rock hard cock … I had never seen it so hard and fat …

Immediately she sat up to take me in her mouth… my cock, with a hint of pre-cum, quivering barely an inch from her lips. She looked up at me as she lowered her mouth…

I was smiling as I grabbed her hair just before her lips touched me, pulling her wanting lips away, instead pushing her prone onto the bed… as I laid beside her. I took her hands in one of mine and pinned them to the bed above her head… then I began to ravish her… with lips, and tongue and fingers…

I kissed my way down her body slowly … very slowly … and I could see her breasts heaving with anticipation as my fingers and tongue drew nearer her pussy… I began to play withher pussy … teasing, tracing, slipping inside first one … then twofingers.

I want to lick this pussy so I tell her to lift her hips as I pull her panties off. I open her legs … kissing and nibbling the inside of her thighs … and I hear her whispering … “no, come up here.” I run my tongue the entire length of her pussy and again I hear her whispering … “no, come up here.”
I cover her pussy with my mouth … slipping my tongue inside, sucking on her lips, lapping up her juices … as her hips rise off the bed to meet every stroke of my tongue… ! I didn’t notice it at first as she half fought me and half had given in- but now – as she opened her legs wider in surrender – I knew. I knew that her husband, the lousy lover had fucked her that very morning and had filled her pussy. Momentarily, I was a bit unsure what to do and that is when our eyes locked and she knew that I knew… There was a flash of uncertainty on her part as there was on mine … and then … I lowered my mouth back on her pussy and … immediately thereafter …she came … HARD… bucking hard and fucking my face as she came over and over and over!!!!

She pushed my face away from her clit … too sensitive, she said … and motioned me up to kiss her. And I did … my lips still wet with that heady mixture of pussy and cum and saliva and lust!!! She took my cock in her hand and slowly started stroking me… pulling me … guiding me…
Instead, I stood up and grabbed her forcefully and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide open as my cock bobbed just inches away from her pussy … then I took aim and with one SLOW … imperceptible thrust … filled her pussy with my cock. When I was all the way in, I stopped, for just a second, then flexed –pushing the head of my cock deeper inside as she gasped…

Then I fucked her … like a man should … hard … fast … slow … deep … on top … standing … I hit that sloppy sloppy pussy from every angle tillshe exploded again and again.

I noticed a large standing mirror in one corner of the bedroom so I slowly withdrew my cock and told her to get up on her hands and knees for me … which she did!! Then I moved this large mirror to the edge of the bed so we can watch each other … well, ok … in reality, I want to watch her large full tits sway back and forth as I pound her pussy doggy style.

So I position myself right behind her and .... slowly filled her with my cock!!!

She eased back into me and started fucking me ... slowly at first ... then building momentum ... she lowered her head to the bed as it was too difficult to prop herself on her weakening arms any longer ... but I had other plans ... I want to see those orbs sway for me ... so I grab a fistful of hair and provide a little much needed support while I ...

And they did… bouncing in rhythm to my deep thrusts ... until ... her legs gave way...

Looking back at me, she could tell I was fighting the urge to cum, that my balls felt like soccer balls and were ready to burst … when she said … “I WANT you to cum inside me … fill up my tight little pussy”! And I did!!!

We collapsed together on the bed and laid there for awhile, not saying a thing, just breathing, catching our breath. Finally, she said “thank you” and I said “What for” and she said “for restoring my faith in men”!!! We laughed out loud!!

After a few minutes, I got up to use the bathroom ... and she looked magnificent below me... all aglow... and I kissed her ...

After using the restroom, I came out and she was standing over her writing desk, drawing something in black felt tip marker. It took her just a minute and when she finished, she showed me what she had drawn .. and it wasn’t a drawing after all … it was a word … and she took a piece of tape and taped it to the headboard of her king sized bed. The piece of paper with one word on it said … VEGAS … and she smiled and said to me “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”!!!
The End

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4/26/2017 4:39 am

I see Meelp took out some of my gifs that illustrate my story ... for a complete version, leave me a message with an email address!!!

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