Hotel maid  

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7/2/2016 3:39 pm
Hotel maid

I get back from the gym and see the door to my room open letting out a groan as i realise the maid must still be in, I turn the corner wtg to be met by a 60 yr old wrinkle struggling with my bed sheets....

instead to my delight i am met by the view of you, shoulder length blonde hair tied back with sexy bronzed legs dissappearring under the fabric of your short maids uniform skirt, i watch you leaning over the bed straightening the sheets, your bum pointing at me the material of your uniform tight over your arse defining the curves and looking so sexy,.... I pause at the door watching as you stretch and move, transfixed by your bum moving with your movements beneath the material, how the hem of your skirt rides up yor thighs, waiting to see how high it rides wanting to catch a glimpse of more flesh.

Realising myself, I cough lightly and you stand suddenly and swing round shocked..... You see me standing there and I appologise for startling you... now seeing your front and how your dress is unbuttoned one to many buttons to ease the heat as you work, the glimpse of your bra showing, your face a picture, slightly flushed but lovely and your hand brushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear 'Sorry sir I am behind on my round, yours is the last room and i have only just started'.....

'no worries' I reply, eyes moving up and down your body mind racing, you standing looking at me in my gym gear, sweaty from my work out. 'have you done the bathroom yet?' i ask 'would you mind if i had a shower?'

You look at the bathroom and appologetically say.... 'oh I can come back and do that if you would like'.

'You do not have to come back if you have more work to do in here, as long as you don't mind me showering' - i start to move to the bathroom

'As long as you don't mind sir........ '

'Not at all' - i tell you watching you watch me move to the door, seeing your skin gleam on your chest as your bra and cleavage shows... suddenly wishing you would be able to join me in the shower.

As i enter the bathroom i pull the door shut and my mind races, thinking of you in the next room and how sexy you looked, suddenly getting turned on by you in your uniform and the thought of continuing to undo the front of your dress, revealing more skin. I try to push the thought to the back of my mind and start to pull my shirt off, un aware that when i shut the door it had bounced back open leaving it slightly ajar.

As you walk round the room your eye suddenly spies the gap and you find yourself standing watching me get undressed, seeing me reveal my back as i remove my top, sub-conciously you edge closer eyes fixed on the gap as i kick my shoes off and remove my socks, i lean into the shower you seeing me reach and hearing the water start, holding your breath wtg for me to completely strip, you watch as i untie the strings of my shorts and my fingers move under the waist strap, you moving closer to the door, seeing how my hips and then my bum start to reveal, wishing for me to turn round as your mind wonders and wants to see my cock be uncovered.

I ease my shorts all the way down and then turn as i go to kick them off my ankles. Facing the door, naked stretching out after my exercise which allows you to see my body taught and your eyes move up and down it, lingering on my semi hard cock which is still excited at the thought of you outside and what it could do to you, feeling yourself getting excited as your mind starts to race....... as i am about to step into the shower i remember my gel from my gym bag, i quickly turn the shower off and grab a towel and exit the bathroom almost bumping into you as i leave.

I appologise briefly then realise that you must have been watching me, i look at your face and see how it is slightly flushed, you unable to look me in the eye, our bodies still so close, me looking down at you, able to see down the front of your top at your cleavage, your breasts push the material out making the button strain and i get a better glimpse of the lace top of your pink bra where it starts to cover your flesh.

I don't move away from you waiting for you to look up at me, a sexual tension in the air - 'did i not shut the door properly?' i ask inquisitively seeing what reaction i get.

'No .... umm i was just comming to close it 'you reply nervously and hesitantly. i sense that you haven'yt moved away from me and the your eyes are slowly moving up from where i have tied the towel round me, moving over my chest.

'Were you really?' i ask 'or would you like to join me'........ wtg for a reply i place a finger under your chin and gently lift it so that our eyes meet and look you in the eye, a gleam exists that makes me horny, your lips part sexually and our look lingers, my hand moves to your cheek stroking it gently as you look up at me and then i lower my head to kiss you, expecting you to back away, not understanding how turned on watching me strip had made you.

our lips meet and i feel yours part as we kiss, slow seductive kiss, both having an intake of breath at the sensation of the first touch, my tongue moves to run over your lips and i feel your react with your tongue and our kisses become more passionate and forceful as our bodies move together and we wrap our arms round each other.

i run my hands down your uback as i feel yours on my shoulder blades feeling my skin, i become awareof my excitement and that beneath the flimsy towel my cock is starting to swell as i push my hips into you. We stand kissing and stroking each other for a while before i start to edge towards the bath room, you following me as you hands when inside i drop my hand sto your chest and start to unfasten the next button. We move apart as you give me more space, both of us looking down at my hands as they fumle with the buttons, you catching a view of my excitement as it pushes the towel away from my body.

I unfasten each button from the top and your hands drop to unfasten them from the bottom, watching the material fall way from your body and more skin being revealed, until you are standing there in front on me, your uniform completely unfastend and opened, able to see how your pink bra holds you breasts and further down how where you stomach stops at the top of your pink lace knickers. I stand drinking you in running my eyes over you.

Finally i push the material of your uniform over your shoulders and back and you rest your arms at your side, letting it fall to the floor, i then feel you hands rise and start to stroke my chest and butterfly kisses on my skin, my hands stroking your hair back as i feel you move closer to me, gently rubbing yourself against my hard cock, toying with me, feeling my cock press against you and moving with you as i wallow in the sensation of your mouth as your hands drop lower over my stomach and then onto the top of my towel, gasping as i feel you unfasten it and it drops to the floor. feeling you move away from me again so that you can see it hard and pointing up at you.

I watch with anticipation as you move your fingers to it, running them over its tip, moving them over me, slowly down my shaft before you close your hand round my harndess, our eyse transfixed watching your every move. you start to rub me, letting your hands move loosely over my skin a couple of times then looking me in the eye you drop the to the base of my cock and i feel you gently and sexily start to caress my balls, i lean into kiss you frimly and feel how you react by the firmer touch on my cock.

My hands move to massage your breasts through your bra, pushing you backwards so your bum rests on the ceramic of the sink as my hands frantically pull at the straps of your bra, reaching round and unfastening it to release your breasts, wantin to bend and have them in my mouth, as they are uncovered you arch your back as my face falls to them, hand holding and massaging my cock as you let me kiss and play with your breasts, pushed hard against the cold ceramic, moving my other hand between your legs and starting to massage you. Rubbing you through your panties you standing on tip toe pushing your hips to my fingers, only letting go of my cock to let your bra fall to the floor but as soon as you are free you grasp me again, free hand on my chest.

I start to tug at your knickers, our breathing getting heavier as we are both so turned on, between us we wriggle you out of them and i place my hands on the wet flesh of your pussy, running my fingers between you and feeling you react as your hand just holds me. You try to sit on the sink and open your legs attempting to guide my cock towards you. I feel what you are doing and back off, teasing you, moving my mouth from your breasts up to your mouth, then as i start to move away i bring you with me using my mouth and fingers, leading you to the shower cubicle, briefly stopping to turn the water on once more, then turning to look at the lust in your eyes, it telling me how horny you are.

We enter the shower kissing and playing with each other and feel the sensation of the water moving over us. My free hand running over your soft wet skin, cupping your breast and playing with your nipple. My fingers feeling how wet you are you start to turn your hips, turning to face the shower wall, you let go of my cock and place one hand on the wall, turning with a pleading look in your eye, I move towards you as you push your bum back at me widening your stance, reaching round for my cock you lead me to you, positioning me at the entrance of your pussy, rubbing yourself with the tip of my cock.

I run my hands down your body and round the front of your hips, moving my fingers over your clit and to where you have the tip of my cock, widening your stance a little more, thrusting my hips trying to enter you. you place my head at your entrance and slowly let me part you, my chest pressing against your back as i kiss your neck under the water. One finger circling your clit the other hand moving to your breast, cupping and massaging it as you start to push your hips down on me, taking me slowly inside you, feeling your body start to relax as i open and fill you. Pushing your hips down till i have completely filled you and then stoppin revelling in the feeling of me inside you my hands playing with you. Your hands against the cold tiles pushing your hips back at me you start to move on me. Moaning softly with each movement as i stand fucking your from behind. twisting your head back so i can kiss your neck and cheeks and so you can feel the water
cascade down your body.

You push against the tiles with your arms, forcing your hips and me back, bending so that you can feel me deeper inside you. I place my hands on your hips and start to fuck you harder, pushing you up and down my cock, me able to see it moving in and out of you over your sweet arse, listening to your gentle moansand you urging me to fuck you, as one han supports yourself, you move the other between your legs and massage your clit, i can feel your finger tips rubbing against my cock as it moves in and out of you.

The pace starts to quicken and i pump you harder as the sensations start to build in both of us, sensing that we are both close, lost in the sensation, i feel my orgasm start to build in me and run a hand down your spine. That sensation coupled with my cock, the water and your hand is enough to tip your over the edge and i feel you tremble overtaken by orgasm.

as your knees go weak I place a hand under round your stmach and push you against the wall, you allow me lost in the sensation going through your body, gaining another thrill by my force, my hand now trapped between the cold tiles of the shower and the soft flesh of your tits. Your hand comes down and rests on mine as it massages your clit and you now feel thrusts of me inside you, my mind over taken by as i move in and out of you, sensations driving me wild as my body starts to tense as my orgasm builds and then i groan as i cum, spurting inside you, the whole episode and sensation enough to push you to the edge again and we stand locked together shaking, you resting your cheek against the tiles in exhileration as i kiss your neck and cheek, running my hand up and down your sides, you shivering and pulling away from me everytime i go close to your pussy..........

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