My bum  

joblob65 54M
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9/2/2017 12:50 pm
My bum

Still havnt had a cock in my bum for a while, so frustrating. Had to make do with using a dildo. Its big and thick and always makes me cum quick and hard, but its no replacement for a real cock and a bum filled with cum.
The longer I have to do without, the more frustrated I get. That makes me hornier and makes my thoughts dirtier.
I cant stop thinking about being gangbanged at the moment. Sometimes I imagine its by 6 guys, sometimes its 8.
I have an urge to bend over naked in front of people, the more the better. I just want to hold that pose and let them look - as close as they like, for as long as they want. Then I realise that, in such an exposed position they could do anything they wanted. I realise that I would let them!!

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