Flower In the Stone Garden  

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Flower In the Stone Garden

There it was again that strange taste in his mouth. Aaron tried to ignore the taste as he followed the girl from the bar to see if he could help jump her car. What was her name again? Lucy...Lana no Lexi yes Lexi that was her name. Following Lexi around the corner, there was suddenly a burning pain collapsing his chest as the blow threw him flat on his back like a pancake. Every slight movement, even tiny breaths, sent electric needles fragmenting in his chest. The way the back of his head bounced on the pavement disoriented him and blurred his vision. Aaron could only make out the form of Lexi as she stood over him inspecting him.
A deep gravely voice rattled inside Aaron’s ears as it felt like his head had been cracked open like an egg for an omelet. “Where to Lex?”
“Over there to that empty lot, quickly.”
Aaron’s back teeth hurt as bad as the back of his head pounded as he tried to get up. The fire in his chest burned like an open boiler furnace making it impossible for him to roll over and stand up. What the hell hit me, fired in his brain as his instincts tried to determine its fight or flight reflex. Aaron’s vision was still very blurry but spied a light brown blob that looked like a 2x4 tossed several feet from him. Fire and needles exploded in his chest again as he tried to take a deeper breath. Two sets of massive bearpaws seemed to hoist him up, like a rag doll, to the point where Aaron’s feet dragged behind on the ground. The group of three and one quickly made it to the empty lot. Aaron was tossed back to the ground like all the other waste and garbage that called this lot home. Decaying grass broke through cracks in the pavement as broken wooden pallets and fast food bags littered the lot.
“Take off his pants and hold him down, we need to do this before those other two find out where he is and before he manifests.”
Aaron was still disoriented and the words he was hearing didn't make any sense until he felt one of those bear paws grab at his belt. Adrenaline kicked in as fight or flight, became fight. Aaron slapped both his hands to the brute’s ears and kicked his leg up, catching more thigh than genitals, but he got enough for the attacker to fall to the ground. Aaron rolled over onto his side trying to see where the others were. Everything was still a hazy blur but he could make out shapes. Pushing his hand down onto the pavement to push himself up, it almost felt like the ground was grabbing his hand. As he stumbled and swung his fist, it connected with the other brute’s chest. Aaron swore he heard several cracks as the air jettisoned from the brute’s mouth. The ferocity of the punch sent the brute back like one would see in a kung fu movie.
“Shit!” Lexi bellowed. “Careful, he’s manifesting!”
Spinning his head around looking for his attackers and possible escape routes, Aaron tried to focus. Lexi shouted something Aaron couldn’t make out, but pulled his sightline to her. The shove from one of the brutes sent Aaron skidding along the broken ground.
Immediately fists and feet came in an unending deluge of contempt and pain. With blows coming from every way imaginable all Aaron could do was curl up shielding what parts he could. Seconds became decades as kick after kick fought to break him. Aaron’s only hope was some good samaritan intervening.
As loud as Aaron could yell he shouted “Fire! Fire! Fire!”
The kicks immediately stopped and Aaron could sense all three of his attackers backed away but we're still there. Slowly sitting up and opening his eyes Aaron could see the three of them just staring at him like he was a time bomb ready to explode. Everyone wasn’t sure what to do next.
One of the thugs blurted out. “He’s not a fucking burner, mother fucking goody two shoes.” Without any hesitation, the brute sprinted and tackled Aaron with a loud thud that took the wind from Aaron. The brute on top of Aaron tried to pin him down as the second brute started yanking and wrangling Aaron’s pants down. Aaron is able to grab the brute’s shirt and yanked himself up and headbutts the bridge of the brute’s nose. The brute covers his nose as a crimson river erupts from his nose. Quickly jabs to the brute’s exposed throat, send the brute tumbling onto the ground gasping for breath, reeling in pain. Aaron was able to kick the other brute off him long enough to pull his pants back up, before Aaron had to cover up as the kicks started again. He had no idea why all of this was happening. Fear and survival fought to control Aaron’s thoughts.
Survival seemed to be winning, but it felt like the very earth beneath him was quaking trying to swallow him whole. The kicks didn’t stop as he continued to spit blood and groan as each blow broke him just a lil more. The fire needles that were splintering in his chest now felt like railroad spikes being driven in and detonated . It was becoming impossible not to let his eyes close and let the darkness overtake him. Curled into a fetal position provided only a little protection as The pain was becoming too much to bear. Every nerve ending in his body fired off pain and seemed to quake wanting a reprieve. Aaron no longer heard the sound of the kicks landing against his body. All he heard was his fading breath as he struggled to stay awake behind his closed eyes. A quick warm sensation flowed over his skin, not unlike the endorphins rush he had with Katie just a short time before. The sensation seemed to explode inside. Different spots on him seem to warm and almost burst with what felt like light and heat. The spots seemed to erupt like buttons being flung as a shirt was being ripped open. He felt a surge rock through him. It was then he heard and felt a series of loud crashes booming around him, followed by a blood curdling yelp. Aaron couldn’t hold on any longer. Thoughts of his high school crush, Summer Wheatly was the last image he had before everything faded to black.
Chase and Derrick burst thru the back door scanning the block to find out where Aaron was and sprinted across the street as the girl and one of the guys could be seen fleeing the empty lot. They weren’t prepared for what they were about to see and stopped dead in their tracks. Chase grabs his phone, but his eyes were transfixed by what he was seeing. In a confused tone “A flower has bloomed in the stone garden.”
Derrick could hear the clatter of noises and sounds from the other end of the line as Chase stutters and couldn’t quite convey what has happened, as Derrick stood there stunned. After several moment s of back and forth. Chase shakes his head “No, you need to get down here and see this. We can’t get him without you.” Derrick stood there, still stunned, not sure how they will handle this. Precious time was being wasted, Chase frustrated takes a picture and sends it to the other end. “Get your fucking ass here NOW!” Chase cleared his throat and tried to regain his composure “Sorry ma'am I sent a picture and showed you why we need you here ASAP. “ There was were several curses Derrick could hear being screamed into Chase’s ear and the words rang crystal clear. Suddenly, there was silence. Apparently the picture had the effect Chase wanted. Chase hung up the phone and was greeted by silence. They waited and tried to wrap their minds around what they were looking at. This wasn’t what they had expected when Aaron walked into the bar tonight.
Just a few hours before, Aaron pulled on the heavy door like he did every Thursday night. There was already cackling of small talk and lubricated laughter throughout the bar. The bartender smiled as Aaron made his way to the bar.
“Hey Katie what's the number at and how ya doing.”
Katie pulled the tap to get the four beers poured for table six. “We are at seven but the night is just getting started cutie pie.”
Aaron enjoy the little banter him and Katie had and enjoyed the lil number game they had on how many guys had hit on her asking for her number. She was an attractive woman, She wasn’t a beauty pageant kind of pretty but she had that certain something. The way she flirted, that heart stopping smile with that cute dimple could make any guy take notice. Then there were those curves, those sinfully delicious curves which exuded feminine strength. Like she could look as amazing in a jersey playing flag football, as she would in a lil black dress. Besides, there was just something about a sexy female bartender that made guys lose their minds and find their courage after a drink or three. Aaron always felt Katie was smarter than she gave herself credit for and the vulnerability that she hid behind her strength somehow made her all the more attractive, at least to him .
Aaron sat down in his usual spot towards the end of the bar in front of one of the TVs.
Katie puts down his usual meal, but not before stealing one of his French fries. Aaron was starving, having missed lunch and was very happy to see his meal waiting for him.
“I think I love you Katie, marry me.” He said with a chuckle.
Katie had already started to turn to help another patron when she looked back over her shoulder. Her lip curled up to the side in a playful smirk which showcased her dimple “In your wildest dreams cutie pie”
Stifling a laugh Aaron retorted “and my naughtiest ones too.”
“You are such a dirty boy, l love it, but what would your mother think.”
“I don't know, I just hope she wouldn't ask for pictures”
Practically giggling she was able to say “Oh my god Aaron you’re terrible.” Katie came back over put both her forearms down on the bar and leaned forward looking Aaron directly In the eyes. She knew the tight tank top she was wearing gave a clear peak down her cleavage in this position. Their eyes remained locked communicating unsaid words. A slow smirk reappeared on Katie's face causing Aaron to blush ever so slightly. She gave a small pat on his hand and smiled before heading to the other end of the bar to take an order. Damn if that vixen couldn’t just wrap him right around her finger.
After a while and a fairly boring quarter of football on the TV, Aaron pushed one of his last few fries around his plate and thru the remaining smear of ketchup before eating it. As he is taking a drink, he feels a tap on his shoulder.
“Is this seat taken?”
Turning Aaron smiles “Please.” He watches her sit down in the stool beside him.
She’s an attractive lady in a pressed dress shirt and knee length skirt. Some sort of professional businesswoman was what he surmised. Her long chestnut hair pulled back into a ponytail that let her green eyes be seen. Smiling she extends her hand as she sits down. “Hi, I’m Lexi”. Scrambling to wipe the grease from his fingers, Aaron squeezes his napkin and wipes his fingers.
“Nice to meet you Lexi, Aaron.”
Aaron was just starting to see just how petite she seems as his hand seemed to engulf hers. Her grip was firm but still very delicate. He was almost afraid he would snap her hand off her tiny wrists. Suddenly, there was a bitter almost metallic taste in his mouth and he tried not to let it show. Last thing he wanted to do is make a face at a pretty lady he just met all because of some bad aftertaste from his beer.
Aaron and Lexi exchanged a few moments of small talk. Lexi motioned to the bartender to come take her order. Katie came over took the order and within two minutes brought the margarita over to Lexi, and shot a glance at Aaron giving him a playful wink.
“Let me take that for you sweetie pie” Katie said as she took Aaron’s hot sauce and ketchup stained plate.
Aaron and Lexi continued to make small talk about jobs, family, hobbies and the lot. Aaron wasn’t sure what it was but something just wasn’t right. He wasn’t sure if it was the bitter aftertaste that lingered in his mouth, having a pretty girl flirt with him in front of Katie, or what was causing him to feel uninterested in Lexi. Katie and him were just friends, ok friends with a regular benefit but nothing romantic, right?!. Lexi was this smart, pretty and actually pretty interesting woman that seemed attracted to him. So what was the problem? Maybe he was just just being paranoid at how the two no neck brutes at the end of the bar seemed to be fixating on him and Lexi. Maybe that was what was bothering him. Aaron smiles as Lexi makes a funny comment while his inner voice was trying to run though its back and forth debate. Almost out of reflex Aaron makes a silly joke in reply to Lexi’s story. Her laugh is flirtatious and she put her hand on top of his as she laughs and compliments his sense of humor.
Katie makes her way over to them. Aaron wasn't sure if he detected a twinge of jealousy in Katie, or if she sensed his uneasiness, either way he was grateful to see her. Katie checked on them seeing if they needed refills or wanted anything. Both Aaron and Lexi were fine with their drinks.
“I just need to borrow him for just a minute if you don’t mind hun. Aaron can you help with moving one of the kegs downstairs for me.” Katie said with a smile and pleading eyes.
Aaron knew full well Katie could do it all on her own, but she was saving him. “Any time Katie. Lexi please pardon me for a moment. Thank you.”
Aaron stood up and took a quick drink of his beer and set his glass down, before following Katie downstairs.
“Looks like you needed to get away there cutie pie.”
“Yeah thanks Katie.”
“She’s cute. She just not your type?”
“Now Katie you know I am just saving myself for you.” he said with a laugh. “Wait was my Katie a little jealous?” he continued to tease, for it wasn’t often he got to tease her.
Katie turned and leaned in close and with a soft breathy voice whispered.”I dont get jealous cutie pie, ‘cause there's no lady that can compete with me and you know it. Even if I did get jealous you would never ever know because you know you can't resist me.”
Damn she knew all the buttons to push with me. She teased so well he could never truly tell if she was just flirting and teasing him or if there wasn’t some truth in what she said. He could feel the heat steaming off him as his skin became flush with desire and a twinge of embarrassment.
“Oh” The glee in her voice was rather infectious. “I got into that program. It starts in a few weeks. Thank you Aaron, seriously. You believed in me when noone else ever did.”
There was such joy in her face and eyes Aaron had a hard time looking at her, she was so beautiful when she was like this. She wasn’t the hot rocker bartender, she was Katie. She was always attractive, but here in moments like this, she was something more. Trying to quiet the rambling in his mind Aaron smiled. “That’s so awesome! It was all you Katie. I didn’t do anything but tell you what you already knew deep down.”
Katie put her hand on Aaron’s chest and Aaron’s world slowed to a stop. He could feel her. Not just her touch but he could feel, her. It was scary and exhilarating all at once.The longer her hand stayed on him and looked at him with those beautiful brown eyes, the louder his heartbeat echoed in his chest.
“Aaron?!.” Her voice trailed off slightly as she looked down. There was a newfound vulnerability not just in her tone, but demeanor. “Why have you always been so supportive? This is just fun an casual, right?!”
If Aaron hadn't been so focused on her,he may have picked up that there may have been more to her question than just her words. He wasn't sure what he was feeling. She was amazing, she made him happy every time he saw her. He was oddly comfortable around her, which was outside the norm for him. The sex was amazing and there was a natural connection between them. But he never thought much about them as “them”. She was a great friend and he figured he was merely a distraction for her. Heck he new deep down he was still pining for his high school crush, Summer. She was always so sweet but he was far too shy back then and was trapped in the friend zone all those years.
He sees the look on her face and he was touched and it brought his mind back into the present. His rambling made him lose his train of thought on how to answer Katie's question. Aaron took a deep breath and felt Katie's hand rise and fall with his chest. He didn't know if what ever this was, is, whatever was just causal or if there was something more. He wasn't sure he wanted to know because it kind of felt like it was more for both of them. There she was. Seeing her like this made him feel, happy wasn't quite the right word, whole. Was that what he was feeling? He tried to push the thought aside but his eyes enjoyed drinking in, what he say before him.
Aaron couldn’t resist the urge to just touch her cheek. He needed to feel the softness of her skin and be fully connected with her. She looked so fragile behind her strength, it was such a mysteriously beautiful juxtaposition. He stepping into her with a kiss. Soft lips pressed together in a familiar dance that quickly deepened. Like wind whispering through the leaves their kiss intertwined a slow swirling tempest. His hands coiled around her pulling her flush against him. Her soft curves compressing against his iron forged frame. His mind had a last thought before immersing into the moment. This was just sex right? Just sex, yeah sure.
Aaron stopping kissing for a moment and gave Katie a look just to make sure she was comfortable and this is what she wanted right now as well. Her smile said it all, and that’s all Aaron needed to hear. His hand slid around her cheek thru her hair till he cradled her head. He pulled her closer and kissed her, letting the kiss deepen on it’s own. Katie wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body as close as she could, feeling herself crash against him. She could drink and get drunk upon his kisses all day and night. She could feel the weight of everyday life just melt off both of them, like maple syrup running down the side of a short stack of pancakes.
She couldn’t deny how good it felt against him. How her body seemed to crash upon his body like ocean waves upon the breakers. She tugged and pulled at his shirt trying to take it off. She needed to feel his bare skin against her fingers against her. He wasn’t the most handsome man she had ever been with or even have the best body. Yet with Aaron she felt safe and accepted. Something about him just felt good. There was never any shame in what they did and there was a natural flow. Right now, she needed him in the most primal way. She pulled him with her as she backed up against the workbench. They fumbled as they worked against the barriers of clothes. There was no romance just the base need of pleasure. Both ended up with their pants down around their ankles.
She watched intently as Aaron squeezed the tip of the condom and rolled it down his pulsating shaft. Katie stepped out of her pants as he grabbed her hips and hopped her up onto the workbench. Just like that they were both ready. Playful banter became lustful passion. Aaron grabbed himself by the base and angled himself against her, ready to invade. They stayed there for several heavy heated breaths. She loved and hated the way he tormented her like this. The tease always made her want to just cry out ‘Just fuck me already’. He looked at her, then his eyes grabbed ahold of hers and pushed their way into her in unison with his his body’s invasion into hers.He leaned in and it seemed like he just kept falling deeper and deeper into her. Finally, she took the length of him to the very hilt. She had to drag her nails along his back to keep from moaning at the top of her lungs.
They both knew this would have to be a quick encounter but this long momentary tease always made every nerve ending fire. Like a locomotive they both started to churn and find a pace together. She would rock her hips ever so subtly as he would start to piston into her faster and faster. The momentum was fueled by the unstoppable desire and lust that was quickly raging out of control. Deeper and harder he thrust into her, the more fervent she bucked against him meeting him with equal force. The more they had, the more they wanted. Every system of their bodies yielded to the ultimate goal. Breathing became more labored. Thinking paused. All the while Aaron’s gaze never left Katie’s eyes.
“Don’t....don’t look at me like that sweetie” she said as her voice trailed off. Yet there his eyes never wavered. The look on his face was so soft, comforting yet vulnerable. She could see how he felt as he looked at her in this moment. It was way more intimate than she had ever experienced. He was connected deep inside her, yet she felt she was peering inside him. The physical connection was surpassed but what seemed some sort of soul exchange. No one had ever looked at her like he did, she felt beautiful, she felt like she was worthwhile. She couldn't stop the moans as he continued to pound into her like a battering ram. All of it was just too much to intense too intimate.
“Aaron…,” she could barely think let alone speak the words as she felt him move in and out of her so effortlessly. All the while he was dedicated to watching her, almost as if in awe of her. “Sweetie...”. Katie couldn’t hold onto reality, the moment had already claimed her.
She dug her fingers into his back as she felt the full length of him fill her as their bodies danced in the rhythm of their own design. She locked her ankles behind his waist. She felt the heat of their skin, the slick friction of their desires. She needed more of him. She was a junkie needing a bigger high. Her hips rocked to meet him as her ankles tried to push him in more. Deeper, she needed him deeper, deeper now, faster, more, God yes more. The slick friction was too intense to describe in their collective mind. There was nothing but them and what they were feeling. She closed her eyes as her fingers dug into him. She felt her something course through her. This building pressure was like normal building from her core exploding out to her toes. It was a sequential domino effect. A conglomeration of cells went supernova that set of a chain reaction. It was a pressure being relieved. Like a series of dams giving way to flooding water as the chain reaction ran up her spine. The sensation was so intense, that even with her eyes squeezed shut, it seemed as if the dimly lit basement of the bar grew brighter for a moment. She buried her face against his neck and chest as she tried to muffle the moan as her body succumbed to the release she desired. She continued to buck against him. She knew he was close and she wanted to ride the wave of bliss she was feeling.
Feeling him throbbing inside her was accentuated by how her body spasmed around him. He bit his lip to keep from roaring like a lion claiming his land. He breath came in spurts, like babbling misguided punctuation in a speech. The surge seemed to pull itself from the very ground he stood upon and rush up through him and into her. Instinctively he stood on his tippy-toes as he held himself inside her. Every muscle fiber in his thighs locked up and hardened like hot steel doused in cold water. His lungs paused as his whole body, committed to the act of exploding. He kept pushing in, as wave after wave rolled through him. He held her tight as his body tried to normalize. He held her close as they both tried to catch their breath. They took a few minutes to clean up and make themselves presentable again. It would only be another hour and nineteen minutes until Lexi would lure Aaron outside under the damsel in distress guise.
Chase and Derrick see the van round the corner and wave to signal it to come over. Chase is very anxious when Tammy got out of the driver’s side and walked around the front of the van. Chase was expecting to get an earful for being so blunt on the phone with Tammy. The fact Tammy barely even acknowledged Chase and Derrick as she came to take a look, spoke to the gravitas of the situation. Tammy was in her mid forties and was always a no nonsense kind of woman. She was only five foot five, but her presence made her seem like some sort of amazon warrior. She was the type of woman that lesser men would call a bitch because you could see her own a corporate boardroom better than most anyone. She knew what she wanted and attacked every situation head on. Most men found that intimidating, which is why she was so intimidating and thus a ‘bitch’ in the eyes of those who only saw her and never interacted with her.
Jacob hops down and gave Chase and Derrick a smile. Jacob was in his early fifties, with salt and pepper hair and looked like he belonged on one of those erectile dysfunction commercials. Jacob seemed to be coming into the situation blind and was a little upset Tammy wouldn’t answer and of his questions in the van. Shutting the door and making his way over to Derrick and Chase, Jacob looks over at Tammy.
“Shit Tam you could have told me what we were dealing with.” Catching his first look at what laid before him causes a perplexed look to cross Jacob’s face. “What the fu..wait” Jacob turned his head slightly and took a step back and the overall picture started to take shape in his eyes. “Is that a…”
“A nautilus shell, it’s a nautilus shell.” Tammy interrupted. “We have to get him out quickly.” Tossing a small bag to Chase and motioning with her head towards the brute who was pinned and had blacked out from the pain.“Get a blood sample from him, if you can cleanse him, and then go drop him off at the ER once we get him free.” Turning towards Jacob, who was still rather stunned. “Jacob! We gotta do this quick.”
“Have you...I mean...have you ever seen anything like this before Tam? This...this isn’t normal one doesn’t manifest like this. This isn’t right. It’s too much, too much. Seriously this is like a sculpture not just a pile a rocks to protect himself. He didn’t just make a shape, he sculpted and changed the actual shape of the rocks.”
Tammy was already on top of the stone shell. Her hands started to sink into the formed stone and the rock started to morph and crawl up around her arms as she worked on freeing Aaron. “Jacob get over here I need you I can’t morph him out myself.”
Derrick had already been able to morph the thug from the stone shell and made a makeshift splint with some of the wood from the broken palettes. The thug’s leg had been crushed by the force and weight of the stone that slammed down on him. Chase has drawn his blood and started to try and cleanse him.
“Flower in the stone garden, that’s a fucking understatement.” Mumbled Jacob as he dug in to help Tammy. They had a lot to do and now, had so many unanswered questions.

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3/14/2017 10:07 pm

Hate when I copy and paste it doesnt recognize the tabs/indents and screws up the formatting.

Ok this is a bit of a departutre than my normal writing. This is a genesis story for this whole world or whatever that has been rattling around in my head for years. If I ever get the ambition this could easily be a series of stories.

Few notes.
This is really kind of the first time I have tried to do a non chronological story where we start the story towards the end, go back to the begining and then end with the end. So I am not sure how well it reads (I probably toally butchered it but I had to try)

Bwtween this and the Yard Sale Find Find story I posted a while ago , this is my first forey into a more mystical / sci fi type element so I apologize if I am not doing right by those genres.

I imgaine if you were able to suffer thru the whole story there are a bunch of questions as far as what exactly happened, who were all the characters, whats the stone garden etc. Well as a genesis story I wanted the reader to have just as many questions as the protagonist would have.

Love to hear some honest feedback good, bad, ok, just not my cup of tea, etc, Is a first draft so please et me know if you see any typos spelling issues etc.

Thank you

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JP- WOW dear, I really like it!! I don't know if you are at all familiar with the work of J.R. Ward - she is one the best wrighters - she has a series called The Black Brotherhood series and this very much reminds me of that, same vibe - i love it dear. once again, you have don some fine work my friend, I still have to read one more, but have not been feeling well, but this sure made me feel better dear... keep up the good work, and if you are so inclined, check out --- JR Ward's Brotherhood series - best vampire erotica/porn that i think there is.... take care my friend.... kisses dear...

justpervin29 replies on 3/15/2017 2:13 am:
Thank you hun so glad you liked it and I havent read J R Wards work but I will have to check it out thank you for the tip and thank you for reading and leaving a note you know I always love hearing what you have to say. Thank you

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