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I usually find my inspiration in a single thought, image or turn of phrase and the story grows from there. This latest piece was inspired by my friend SapioGurl -
she writes some delicious filth and is one incredible lady far more than just a beautiful lady. Here is a link to her wonderful blog and the super sexy pic that led to the following story. ("For Those of You Whose Membership Doesn't...") For Those of You Whose Membership Doesn't

Ron shut the door behind him after another typical workday, of another typical workweek. “Hey babe, I’m home.” It always made him chuckle a little bit at how Ward Cleaver that must have sounded like. Taking off his shoes and setting down his bag just inside his office he made his way down the hardwood floor towards the kitchen and living room. He saw some groceries on the island and figured Cheri must have just arrived home herself.
“Hey hun.” Ron started looking over the items. “Is this what we are having or do you want me to put this stuff away?” He mused at how she always seemed to enjoy cooking and cleaning like some golden era of television wife. The way she like to be used was definitely a lot more blue light district and not at all wholesome family television. She was an attention whore, his little fucktoy. It felt like a lifetime ago since they started carrying on this way. Serving him, being the homemaker cooking and cleaning despite also carrying on a hectic and irregular work schedule. It was counter intuitive that such a put together and respected lady wanted to have all of her used and treated as nothing more than a means to an end. It was an odd pairing of emotions when he treated her in such a way. Watching her tear up as he fucked her mouth and made her cry as she gagged on him. But the fire and wonder in her eyes as she did it was beyond beautiful. She was happy and free, and when all said and done and she crawled up into his lap he found happiness. His mind had wandered a bit as he organized all the groceries left on the island. Cheri had been super quiet it seemed.
“Honey” Ron yelled out figuring she was upstairs changing. There was still no response. Making his way around the island he catches a glimpse of Cheri sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. “Oh hey hun I didn’t see you there.” Her face was stoic and focused, There wasn’t malice or angst in how she looked but there was an edge to it, that could pierce any armor that defied her.
Ron couldn't help but swallow hard when he got a good look at her. She was in this little number that defied description, save sin with unadulterated temptation. The black sleeveless dress clung to her every curve and contour. The full collar of the dress accentuated the bare shoulders and gave the dress a sense of refinement. Yet in the fading light of the day peering thru the windows and the soft glow of the overhead lights made it nearly translucent. The material was more veil than attire. The thin black fabric that was pulled taught by her curves, that seemed to test the tensile strength of not just her dress, but his slacks as well. Her nipples were hard and Ron could easily not just the form but the majesty of her breasts. The meandering curves of her form were highlighted as she sat there in the chair, legs crossed as she held a slight off center lean that foretold a tale of what was in store. The black wrapped itself in nylon and ascended up her legs and thighs disappearing somewhere past the hem of her dress. Ron started to say something when just the slight disapproving lowering of her chin made him stop. The constantly cock hungry attention whore now appeared to be the Mistress in charge.
Cheri hid her delight as the adrenaline surged through her. Her posture exuded control and her stoic demeanor set the tone for the night. There was something heady and intoxicating about the rush of power. It swirled in her head like a single malt scotch in a crystal decanter. With just a look, not a single word uttered, she made her Sir submit. There was an uneasiness that crackled about the room like static electricity before the thunderstorms that blew thru the plains. She remained silent and stationary, using great effort to show no effort. The one that always knew just what to do, just what to say to her, was left fidgeting like a teenage body getting ready to have his physical with the cute female doctor for the first time. It proved to her that while he was always her rock, she was his world.
She reached over to the end table beside her and picked up her empty wine glass and held it up. Ron fully understood what she was saying, without her saying a word. He went into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine that had been breathing on the counter. Scurrying back over to her, He took her glass, filled it, and gently handed it back before scurrying back to the kitchen to return the wine. She sipped her wine as the only sound in the house was the sound of his feet cruising across the hardwood and then dampened by the area rug as he stood before Cheri. Leaning back as she recrossed her legs gave Ron the full view of her curves in motion. The black fabric hid nothing save any shadows that light peering thru would have cast upon her curves.
Cheri give Ron a look over, her eyes scan up and down his body as if she were inspecting a new car. The way she motions her head hinted at what she wanted. He had learned the words she spoke when she never spoke a word. Ron slowly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off. She watched his hands manipulate the belts and undo it, giving him access to the the button of his pants. She took a sip of her wine and let it rest against the back of her throat before swallowing, as his fingers pulled the zipper down. His hips shimmied slightly as he pushed the pants down from his waist over his thighs until they fell to the floor. Ron knew that even though he may be putting on a show, she valued the cleanliness she worked so hard for. Stepping out his pants, he reached down and picked them up.and proceeded to fold them to the best of his ability. He stood there in his underwear and socks as repeated the folding process with his shirt. Cheri hid her amusement behind an unreadable face as Ron scooped up his folded clothes and placed them neatly on the couch. She watched him slide a pair of the brightly colored undies she had bought him for his birthday a couple of months ago. She watched as the sculpt of his as came into view, as she took another long sip of her wine feeling it cascade down her throat. He folded his underwear and placed them on top of the pile. She gleefully watched him balance on one leg and then the other as he removed his socks and placed those on the top of the pile. With his clothes in one easy to take care of pile he resumed his dutiful spot before her.
The male form had always inspired and perplexed Cheri. Growing up she had always wondered how on earth boys could walk with that thing dangling between their legs. Sitting through those boring health classes in middle school on repulsed her. The health sex education films made 10 years before she was even born did nothing to curb her interest in boys but did give her a sense of fear around the evils of what that thing boys had could do to her. High school brought her, her first, and very brief and disappointing, encounter. But she had a taste for it now and would soon discover just how much of an insatiable hunger she had. Her college days taught her about size and shapes. More importantly, it was how some could leave her uninspired and unfulfilled, while others would give her the euphoric high that tingled her every senses and left her with the complex mix of being fulfilled and yet yearning for more. Ron had helped her come to terms with her inner desire to be a cock whore. He showed her it was ok to embrace her desires. What she did in the bedroom, or a parking garage or changing room or movie theater, didn’t make her a bad person as society told her she was. It made her who she was, and who she was was someone that was loved and adored. So her journey took what was once grotesque, was now where she found beauty. She learned to accept it was ok to have the desires that had been smouldering in her since she was a teen. That she wasn’t any less of a person for wanting to be stretched and filled and used like a toy. That by embracing her desires she became more, more true, and more complete. Ron was the first ‘grower, not shower’ Before Ron s he had never experienced being with a grower, or if she had she didn’t know it because they were always hard and ready the clothes came off. Cheri found it was a rather peculiar phenomenon on how some guys were like that. Growing up she had always assumed they stayed relatively the same size just swelled and became erect but never really growing on any real scale.
She still found it amusing that watching him grow reminded her of her days when her Dad would take just her to the local diner some Saturdays. How as a little girl she would always ask him to do the inch worm trick. He would take a straw and pounded the end on the table scrunching up the paper wrapper. until it was like a tiny accordion. He would take the straw and dip it into his glass of water put his finger over the end and capture a few drops of water in the straw. She remember the excitement waiting for the magic she knew was coming. She would get so focused and get her face right down to the table as her dad brought the straw over above the scrunched up paper wrapper. He tried to let only one drop fall at a time. Some Saturdays it felt like forever as that first drop clung to the straw defying gravity until eventually it fell. Suddenly that tiny drop of water transformed the paper into this magical inchworm that began to move and grow like it was crawling across the table. After the inchworm stopped moving, another drop fell on another spot on the wrapper and the inchworm grew and crawled again. It was simple trick but as a girl was something she looked forward to every time it was just her and her Dad. Now with Ron she found a similar excitement in making him grow as her own special sexual magic trick.
Ron stood in front of her rubbing his hands together, simply because he was naked and had no idea what to do with his hands. Cheri put down her wineglass on the coaster and motioned for him to approach. Uncrossing her legs, she leaned forward to get a better look. Without looking up she used her hand to motion him to step closer still. He dutifully obliged. she takes her fingertips and places them upon his abs just above his belly button. The sensual soft touch caused a sudden inhale that was barely audible, yet she took great delight in. She let her fingertips meander about then follow that little crease between his hip and pelvis.The mere wisp of a touch upon his skin made his start to grow before her very eyes. It was her own version of the paper straw wrapper magic trick. There was amusement and want within her touch. She found it deliciously wicked to be able to command such a performance. How she was the one that could command this reaction of him. That she her actions could make him show her just how much he wanted her. There was no denying when he was aroused. There was no denying she was the reason why. His offering to her grew and swelled before her as her fingers slide over the powerful energy stored in his thigh. Her fingertips slid to his inner thigh and she could feel the anticipation radiating from him like light from the sun.
Turning her palm up her nails grazed his balls and she heard the gasp as she watched the cock before her dance and twitch with electric pleasure. On any other day his hand would be on the back of her head making her take all of him as she gagged and adored him. But that is not today. Today she was the Goddess, today there was no doubt she is the one who owns him. She knew he was watching her from above and she could feel his lust as she coiled her fingers around his sacrificial offering unto her. Using a delicate touch she slowly stroked him for just a few seconds and could feel the pleasure start to wash over him. She leaned back and grabbed her glass of wine, never once looking up at him to acknowledge his presence, only his offering. She took a sip and then grazed her way the length of his desire. She took a drink from her glass and set it down. Leaning forward she looked up knowing those oceans of blue would be looking down upon her. She took him into her mouth along with the drink of wine she already had in her mouth. The wine seemed to soak into his skin as she took several long sucks before pulling her mouth away. He watched her as she kept her eyes closed as the bouquet of the wine and the musk of him swirled in her mouth and cascaded down her throat..She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist looking down and watching her, so she took her her time to tilt her head up towards him.
He didn't want her to stop as she played the role of succubus in her naughty little black number. Cheri took her hand and slid it down his arm down to his wrist before she gently grasped it, She guided his hand to his wine stained cock and slowly encouraged him to start to stroke his swollen shaft. As he obeyed, and his hand slide back and forth over his slick velvety skin she motioned him to take a step back, He willingly obliged his Goddess. She watched as the fires of passion began to erupt into wild flames of desire as he pumped his hand back and forth with greater need. His eyes burned into her as her nipples seemed to all but tear their way thru the basically see thru fabric. She savored the sight of hm building desire before her, as she took another sip of her wine. She watched with such intensity noting every muscle movement, every sound he made. She started to rub and squeeze her breasts knowing how much he wanted to do that very same thing to her. She watched as there was a dash of jealousy in the ferocity in which he stroked himself for her. Being denied the satisfaction of feeling and enjoying her made him want to explode and deny her the satisfaction of feeling his release. She knew the sounds and the signs of his impending eruption.
“Stop!” Her commandment was met with a saddened grunt as his whole body had braced for the strong convulsion of his muscles in anticipation of exploding. He pulled his hand away and she watched him, twitch and dance as the denied pleasure had no way to express itself. A drop of precum had already formed and covered the head of his wanton need. She heard his breathing try to compensate for the radical change of direction. His chest heaved as his lungs tried to fill back to capacity. She gleefully watched as another drop of precum oozed from the tip like a person trying to squeeze through the elevator doors before they close. He had been moments away from pleasure, a few moments away from relief. Now he stood there, denied. She sat there feeling the vibrations of his need as he body tremored and teetered on the precipice of satisfaction.This unfulfilled pleasure, that had been within his grasp, would be a reminder to him that she was the one in control.
Leaning back she crosses her legs again and his eyes can help but watch those sexy nylon clad legs closed off where his uncontrollable throbbing ached to be buried. Every cell in his body was humming and screaming for release, and yet there he stood unfulfilled. Cheri picked up her book and started to read. She was the proverbial cat that had played with the mouse and had gotten bored. Ron knew this was her not so subtle way of telling him, he had cooking that needed to be done. Cheri did her best to hide her smile as she watched his cute pinchable ass cheeks make their way into the kitchen, The sounds of his washing his hands was followed by the sounds of rustling pans and the eventual sound of cooking. She would secretly glance up from her reading every once and awhile just to watch him work and enjoy the raw pure beauty of his masculine form.
She flicks the side of the wine glass with her nail causing an audible ping. Without hesitation he stops what he is doing and brings out the bottle of wine and refills her glass as she doesn't even bother to look up and acknowledge him. As the wine fills to the line he stops pouring and quickly hustles back to the food sizzling on the stove top. She sat enjoying the sounds of his busy work as she read from her book. Another ten or fifteen minutes passed before the familiar sounds of the dials on the stove being turned off and the clank of the plates on the quartz countertop told her he was serving her meal. He brought her plate out to the dinner table and set it down. He made his way before her and informed her that her meal was ready. She was tempted to give his semi hard state one playful stroke just to torment him some more, but choosing instead to make her way to the table. Following her, he pulled out her chair and pushed her to the table once she was seated. Standing off to the side just barely within her periphery, he waited for her as she ate her meal. Cheri took her time and made no effort to hurry, rather she tried to savor every bite. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron gently play with himself. She was sure he didn’t even really realize he was doing it but that didn’t matter, Her head snapped towards him to look directly at him. “What do you think you are doing.” It was more a stern rebuke than it was a rhetorical question that broke the silence.
Ron’s head naturally cocked to the side as he tried to figure out the genesis of her question. “Nothing my Goddess.”
Cheri’s disapproving look motioned down towards the infraction and didn't have to say a word. Realizing what he had been doing without realizing, he automatically sought her forgiveness. “Sor-”
She had no patience for his apologies. “Whose cock is that.”
“Mi-” shaking his head he corrected himself. “Your's Goddess.”
“Did I give you permission to touch MY cock.” The constant rhetorical tone of her voice saddened him, leaving him with a sense of disappointing her.
“No my Goddess. I am so sorry Goddess”
She pointed to the ground next to her, like she was making a dog heel to. He followed his instructions and came to kneel down beside her. There he was forced to not only wait for her to eat but get another up close and personal look at her outfit that was a second skin. He had to be close to those nylon covered legs that belonged wrapped around his waist or neck. He had to be there within grasp of touching fondling her breasts only to be denied that privilege. He had to be so close he could smell the faint scent of the perfume she had put on this morning. He couldn't help the fantasies that popped into his mind as he knelt and waited. How all he wanted to do right now was to bend her over the table, hike up that dress and slam himself inside her, pull her head back by her flowing curly blonde locks and erupt inside her. Ron’s fire and desire singed his skin being so close to her yet denied what was usually his for the taking.
Cheri removed the cloth napkin from her lap and dabbed at the corners of her mouth, before setting it down on the table. Ron spring into action, standing up and helping her by pulling back her chair. He extended his forearm towards her like a railing. she placed her hand upon his forearm and allowed him to escort her back to her chair. She sat down and Ron darted back to the table grabbing her wine glass and returning it to her as she picked up her book Once Cheri was settled, Ron quickly cleaned off the table and proceeded to do the dishes. After about a chapter of reading, Ron had returned to stand before her, having finished cleaning up after supper and doing the dishes. He waited as Cheri finished reading the section she was on, placed the bookmark back into the book, and set the book down.
Motioning to the area rug Sharon issued her command without saying a word. Ron fully understood and complied by laying down on the rug. Following him over, Cheri stood straddling him with all her feminine beauty on full display for him. She had kept her dress and stockings on but there was no mistaking the sensual beauty of her physical form. She lowered herself down until she was kneeling and straddling him. The widening of her hips made her dress ride up some and allowed her bare thighs feel his naked skin. Cheri wiggled and squirmed over his lap so he could feel that there were no barriers between the two of them beneath her dress. She felt the movement of the earth beneath her as she felt his hardened desire rub and strain against her. Rocking back and forth she could feel herself against him. Feeling her wetness run in parallel to his thickness. Feeling her sweet nectar slowly glaze and soak him as the temperature and her desire build. She placed her hands upon his chest and proceeded to grind herself against him.
“Tell me who you are” she devilishly asked with a wry smirk
“I’m your good boy, Goddess”
She gasped slightly as her constant grinding in his lap made the tip of him hit just the right spot that splintered lightning cause the current to radiate throughout her body. She closed her eyes for a split second to feel the lightning crackle and fade thru the very recesses of her body. “Where do you belong.”
“Where ever you want me Goddess”
She placed her hand upon his chest feeling the heat of his skin under the palm of her hand, How the muscle fibers in his body was pulled taught like a rope stretched to its limits. The pounding of his heart reverberated against her hand and tremored up her arm and into her. Her eyes were ablaze with wanton desire. “Pledge yourself to your Goddess.”
“Lifetimes beyond my very last breath my Goddess, I am yours.”
Leaning forward slightly she looks into those seas of blue staring up at her. Reading his eyes she watched for his reaction within his reply, Her voice was a smoky, throaty with a whiskey deepness, far beyond her normal tentor. “Tell me your purpose”
“I was born for you. To protect you, love you, and always be there for you.”
She didn’t hear the words that belonged in a poorly written romantic comedy movie, all she saw was his sincerity and admiration for her. She didn’t see the man that would use her like a toy and listen to her gag as he shoved himself down her throat. Nor did she see the man that would torment her all day, instructing her on staying on the edge of ecstasy without allowing her to find that relief until she was ready, till the torment of pleasure made her beg permission to finally cum. No, beneath her she saw the boy that would grow up and become the man that stood there on before her that Saturday afternoon and pledged himself to her uttering those words “I do.” She could see that the words he spoke were in fact his creed and how he felt about her. She started to tear up as the reality overpowered the role play. The framework of her confident and alpha construct seemed to crack and crumble before his very eyes.
Ron’s heart fell and shattered as he watched her break from her role because of something he had done. How he unintendedly denied her the type of attention and love that she wanted tonight/ “No no no no no please Cheri I am sorry I didn’t mean to ruin it. Please I...”
“You didn’t ruin it” she sputtered trying to hold back the tears. She leaned back settling onto his thighs as she continued to straddle him. She was unable to move knowing one slightest movement would make the tears fall, forcing her to deal with the fact that they were each other’s everything. Cheri made the mistake of looking down at Ron and seeing the hurt and pain he felt for having let her down. Several tears fell from her eyes as she felt the love he had for her, seeing how he was injured any time he saw her in torment or emotional pain. Several tears fell from her cheeks and onto his chest as the rock of a man crumbled into sand wanting to do anything to make her happy. “Ronny.” Talking while trying to steady her breath was difficult. “I am not sad hunny. I - ” she had to swallow but the emotions evepervesing in the back of her throat. “I am happy. I just love you so much and when I see how much you love just overwhelms me sometimes.”
Ron was trying to be strong as the urge to suppress the welling up of his eyes kicked in. He forced a smile, forever trying to be her strength as she was forever his heart. He reached up to her and placed his hand upon her cheek. His thumb tried to wipe away the trail of tears. His touch was gentle and nurturing as it was a connection to share each other’s strength. She just sat on him as he laid beneath her for several moments just looking at each other as they let the intensity of the moment wane. There remained no sound as the two bodies shared the same orbit of the two souls.
Rons took and interwove his fingers into hers and pulled down towards her as his hands rested against the floor, effectively pinning him to the floor “Fuck me and make me yours please Goddess, I beg you.”
His haunting eyes of blue where the lighthouse beacon that helped her navigate the worst maelstroms of her life. A welcome signal of home. All she ever needed to do was to look into his eyes and know whatever direction they took, everything would always end up being ok . She just now noticed his eyes were slightly misty having watched her teeter on the edge of tears. His eyes begged and pleaded more than any words ever could. She looked down at him and saw he had in fact surrendered. Even in submissive service to her, he always seemed just know what to say and do to make her whole again, Cheri felt her inner Goddess emerge once again. She shifted her weight to be over him to help pin him down. She looked deep into his eyes and started to grind against him coaxing his rigid offering to her back into existence. She felt the strength of his desire as her sensitive lips started to lubricate him. She could feel every bulge and ridge of him as she ground her hips against him.
Greedily he leaned forward and tried to latch onto her breast as they jiggled and dangled before him just out of reach. Quickly leaning forward she put her arms on his shoulders and pushed him back down. They both knew in a real struggle, even with gravity as her cohort, she never really could overpower him. Feigning a raging tempest in her tone her words rattled the walls of the room. “Don’t you dare touch your Goddess without permission.”
Leaning forward had raised her hips just so, allowing his cock to spring free from being pinned.Now he was ready to enter her. Looking up at her, as she looked down upon him, covered her in an aura that was beyond sexy, nearly ethereal. She exuded a power she never showed, but had always possessed. A power she never knew she had until they had unlocked it together all those years ago. It was such a sight to behold when she did decide to let it show. Watching her in control and revel in the sensation of it all ripple through her, was s sight to behold. And now, with him fully erect and free he was in perfect alignment to push up into her and taste in her almighty pleasure. Lifting his hips he moves towards her and feels the tip of him perched at her entrance.
“No” she said as she lifted herself just far enough away.
“Please Goddess.”
“Nooooooo. Beg for me.”
She couldn’t contain her self-righteous pleasure as she watched his desire grow even more by the mere denial of access to her. She could feel his want grow along with his desperation to please and be please, mounted.
“Please Goddess, please I need you. Fuck me please, fuck me Goddess. You’re killing me.”
Leaning back slightly so he could feel her heat against the tip of his need, she played with her prey. She knew he was slick with the sweet ambrosia she had left on him from her incessant grinding. She was ready and aching to be filled and one move, just so, from this position and he would slide in effortlessly and completely. She slowly descended feeling the tip of him part her before kneeling forward denying him once again .
“Oh my god Goddess please please fuck me I need you please.” He begged.
“You beg way too much, it’s unbecoming. It’s time you put that mouth to good use.”
With that she crawled up his body and pushed herself onto his face, suffocating him in her thighs. She kneels forward slightly allowing him some room to breathe. Quickly his tongue goes into service. Se feels the tip of his tongue work its way around and between her folds. He wastes no time in finding her clit and licking up every drop of her. The things she has taught him with that tongue were paying off as the waves of pleasure started to roll through her. She rocked her hips as his tongue darted and delved into her. She could feel the heat emanating from her as the rest of the world disappeared.The more he licked, the more she wanted. Her hips started to gyrate and grind with abandon as his lips latched onto to her and suck. She granned a fistfull of his hair and held him in place as she ground herself down onto his handsome face.There were no choirs of angels or Victorian sonnets of love, this was unadulterated sodomistic lust. She could barely hear his gasps, moans and sounds of his fervent licking and sucking as her head swam with impending endorphins.
“Grab my fucking tits slave.” She blurted out.
His burly hands latched onto her breasts and squeezed. He was rewarded with the sound of her moan.He held onto her as she continued to ride and grind in an increasingly frantic pace. His lips and tongue tried to keep pace as the sound of his sucking and nearly slurping caromed between her taut thighs. His hands endlessly fondling and squeezing her breasts as they bounced in result of her movements. She held a fist full of his hair trying to suffocate him between her thighs as her need to find her release nearly boiled over. Her free hand rested on his and pressed against his hand until she felt her breast completely flattened against herself. She was on the edge as his devotion and service was set to take her over the edge
The echo of his heartfelt words a few dozen minutes ago rang in her ears. She was his Goddess, his everything. Everything was about and for her even when denied her pleasure and made her a useless cumdump. He did it all for her. Her heartbeat exploded over and over again inside her chest. She ground herself against his face feeling her wetness against her thighs and his face. She knew he was covered in her juices and could tell just how much he loved it because it was his Goddess that was doing it. The tears of joy started to stream down her cheeks as her heart over poured itself into the world they created. She was in control, she was loved. The hot salty tears nearly burned her skin as the tremors of her pleasure rumbled within. His tongue was unrelenting, in its assault on her. She feels the pull of his hair in her hand as her hips buck when his tongue flicks her clit. She leans back and wildly thrusts herself against his lips, tongue and face as she cleves one of his hand to her breast. Losing herself in the moment she felt her body tingle and hum with the impending flood of pleasure. She yanked and pulled at his head as she tried to bury him within her. She was on the edge as she felt his other hand dig into her ass pulling her onto him more. Her breathing was ragged as she felt her juices flow from her onto his face and tongue. She felt the tension of the moment just before the world exploded. She was so close, so ready to go over the edge. She was unsure if when the dam would break. So close to the edge. Not sure when she would careen over. His finger pushed into her ass and her body rocked. Her thighs trembled as her very core quivered and her fingers twisted in his short hair holding his face to her. She rode out each crash wave grinding to the pulse of her release. Screaming and moaning her body shuddered at the totality of her release. She knew she was soaking him but couldn’t stop as her body just continued to quake until she collapse onto her hands and rolling off of him and onto her back.
She could barely breathe, as her body slowly came down from the high. She covered her closed eyes with her hand as she tried to find her way back into reality. She didn’t realize Ron had crawled over to her until she felt the sensation of his tongue lick up her thigh. Her body seemed to be vibrating as his tongue cleaned up every drop she had released. Ron stood up and walked to the bathroom as Cheri lay spent on the floor. She was a bit startled when she felt the warm washcloth run up her thigh. Her chest heaved as her breathing was still erratic. Ron took good care of her cleaning her up as she recovered. Ron got up and took care of the washcloth and returned as his Goddess laid there happy and spent. He slowly rolled up her stocking and adjusted her dress to make her outfit whole again. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her as her eyes adjusted.
She watched him inspect every inch of her face and felt beautiful. He had dried and wiped away all the tears as well as the traces of today’s make up. She knew this is how he liked her, in her natural form, beautiful simply because she was beautiful. Finished in his cleaning he tossed the face wipe to the side, looked down at her, and smiled. The look said what words could not. He traced his fingers along her face as if seeing her through tactile sight. He leaned down and gave her a small kiss. Her eyes opening to the sight of his and his smile. She couldn't help but smile as she watched him smile at her. Reaching up she touched his face as he had touched hers. Words weren’t needed, but he said “thank you.” anyway.
Moving off to the side he squatted beside her and slide his hands underneath her and scooped her up into his arms. Balancing himself as he tried to stand while picking her up, he found his balance. He took several steps and made it to the couch. From there he did his best to fall as gracefully as he could as he held her in his arms. Cheri let out a small chuckle at the gracefully ungraceful motion of them plummeting onto the couch together. He curled her into his lap and just held her. Cheri gently placed herself into his lap and curls into him like a small child being carried to the car after a fun eventful day at grandma and grandpa's house. She ran her fingertips across his forehead and down his cheek as he looked down upon her and smiled. His hand ran across her cheek like water over a river rock. He cradled her head. His words spoken were “thank you” but the words conveyed were, I love you. The roles had been reversed once again, not out of necessity, but because of what their hearts and souls decided. She closed her eyes and just felt his arms cocooning her. There they sat and laid, listening to nothing but holding onto everything. He build a wall around the two of them and blocked out the world. Here she was safe, her she was respected, here she was loved. She laid her hand on his chest as her face nuzzled against his shoulder. This, this right here, peace in his arms, is all she ever wanted or needed. Tonight the roles were reversed, but the unbreakable bond they shared never faltered. The commitment would never be reversed.

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The story ended up being a lot longer than I originally thought it would be and hopefully the "emotional elements" strengthened the story and not detract from it or the passion. Hope you enjoy

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7/6/2017 8:11 pm

Oh My Cherie you don't know how happy you've made me that story was absolutely beautiful, sexy, erotic and original. What an honor to have a story dedicated to me and thank you for linking to my blog. I'll have to change my picture back to the black dress after reading that. I am your Forever slut in the garage, in the fitting room, behind a dumpster in the men's bathroom wherever you say wherever you want. I loved the switch and I felt like a goddess. Thank you for that I will always be your fuck toy and your biggest fan what a beautifully written lovely dedication. I can't tell you how honored I am and how sexy and beautiful that story made me feel. I don't think I've ever been someone's Muse. That aside you are a true Talent your writing without a doubt the best I've read on this site. How fortunate I am to have met you.
I adore you

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justpervin29 replies on 7/7/2017 3:37 am:
The honor and pleasure is all mine Cherie. You are most welcome you know I absolutely adore you. Love that such a smart, fun, witty lady is so much more than the sexy exterior she is wrapped up in. Your kind words about me and my writing are always reason i smile You know I forever will be your biggest fan. I love the intensity and purpose in all you do and in how you write it pushes me to be better in everything I do. I am just as fortunate to have met you xoxox. As far as the muse part, I am quite certain you inspire a lot more than you realize (and not all of it naughty go figure lol ) You are amazing and such a joy to know and call a friend. I am beyond words happy to hear how happy and sexy the story made you feel. Knowing that and seeing that smile, no more perfect reward or thanks could I ever ask for. So very glad you liked and as always thank you for the inspiration

j'adore mon Cherie

Sapiogurl 56F  
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7/6/2017 8:12 pm

By the way I can't wait to read the story you wrote right after this one. I started to read it but it's late and I'm tired and I want to savor every word. So I will save it for later

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