Waiting On a Break  

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6/26/2017 5:17 pm
Waiting On a Break

** Disclaimer the fictional situation in the story may originally present to be more intense and/or darker than some are comfortable with. **

She brought over
his tiramisu
and a new fork,
and set it down gently
before him.
“Is there anything else
I may get you sir?”
“No thank you Tina,
just the check in like ten minutes.”
“Thank you.
Just let me know
if there is any way
I can be of service.”
He let the fork
sink its way down through
the dessert before him
as he watched the sway of her hips
beneath that black skirt,
as she walked away.
That’s really
what he had wanted for dessert.
He took his time
finishing his dessert.
The bill arrived.
It seemed expensive
but it was a finer restaurant
so he shrugged it of
and did the math for the tip
and put it all on his card.
He tucked
the copy of the receipt
in his pocket
and placed ‘
a Susan B Anthony dollar coin
in with the bill and tip.
Several minutes after
the gentleman had left
Tina came over
gathered up the bill
and started to bus
the table
and pocketed the uncommon coin.
It was another twelve
or so more minutes
before Tina had her break,
but wasted no time
to head outside
when the time came.
She navigated the mayhem
of the chaotic kitchen
and stepped out
the back door
and into the alleyway
to call her boyfriend.
She had
no longer shut the door behind her
when she felt
her body slammed up against
the metal door.
The iron vice
around her throat
was soft and yet powerful,
as her eyes instinctively closed
from the sudden force.
Her breathing was shallow
as air tried to fight its way past
his grip.
“Do you do that flirty cocktease
with all your guests.”
The statement
was more a growl
than question.
“I bet you have a boyfriend
don't you.”
Tina could barely swallow
past his iron clad grip.
It was to hard to speak
so she simply shook her head yes.
Her chest began to heave
as it struggled for more air
as her eyes were wide
trying to foresee the unknown events
before her.
“You are just a filthy little
who would do anything
for a few extra bucks
on her tip.
Does your boyfriend know
how you sell yourself
a few extra bucks.
Where’s your boyfriend now.”
Tina’s eyes narrowed
and bore into the customer.
“You need to be taught a lesson.”
Grabbing the cell phone
in her hand
he let go
of her throat
and used his other hand
to grab her ponytail.
He dragged her out into the alley
around the dumpster,
basically tossing her out
like a piece of trash.
There she stood
watching this man
she had served dinner to
just a while ago.
Now she was trapped.
She was surrounded by contrast.
The aged rough facade
of centuries old brick
stood behind her.
Stack of wooden pallets
barricaded her
to her right.
A dented metal dumpster
blocked her
to her left.
This seething pile
of bone and muscle
bore itself
before her.
“You need to be taught a lesson,
But good.”
Gripping the back of her neck
he steered her to face the dumpster
and bent her over.
pushing up her black skirt
he saw her bare ass
barely covered by a thong.
“You fucking cock teasing .
Only a would wear a thong
to work when wearing a skirt.”
He took both hands
and yanked her thong down
past her knees.
Tina’s body
vibrated with energy.
It was confused
as to what
to feel.
Was it fear,
being desired,
or shame as merely
a less than human object
to be used.
This can’t really be happening can it
she thought to herself.
She could hear her customer
rambling on and moving behind her.
Her skin was flush
as adrenaline surged thru her.
The cool city air
made goosebumps
over her skin.
Cars and people,
yelling and horns
told the tale
of life in the city.
She gripped the cold metal dumpster
when he
covered her mouth with his hand,
leaned in close
and said
“Not a single fucking word bitch.”
She felt the wetness of her body
betray her.
She watched people walking by
oblivious to what was
going to be happening to her.
Her eyes bulged
as her groans
muffled against his hand.
Her juices
helped ease his way in
as now she felt him
slowly stretch her.
There was a momentary relief
when she realized
he was at least wearing a condom.
That only refocused
her awareness
of the pleasure
she was giving him.
The heat of her own breath
remained trapped against her
as his bear paw
smothered her mouth.
His pace
was rushed.
There was no tender moment.
He simply
hammered into her
as he made her
choke down
her own moans.
Her knuckles whitened
at the intensity
of her grip
on that dumpster.
The years
in the alleyway
chipped away
at its paint,
much like
his brutal intrusion
clouded her resolve
as to what was right and just.
She could hear
their bodies slamming,
smacking together
as the heat of the lust
broke the damp dim light
of the alley.
She could feel
how her body responded
and almost craved
to feel his release.
She could feel
the tremors
start to rumble and shake.
He was hitting
all the right spots
she didn’t want to explode,
not here
not in the alley
not at work
and in these shoes.
Dear god
would her other customers
be able to smell the sex
on her
when she returned?
Her arms
worked as shock absorbers
preventing her
from being fucked so hard
she was pinned
and slammed against the dumpster
like a tree branch
against the window
in a severe thunderstorm.
She felt his whole body twitch
as he let out
a loud groan.
She felt the twitch of him
inside her
as each wave surged thru him
in what would have filled her
to the point of overflowing
had it not been for the condom.
She couldn’t stop
her body’s reaction
and she clamped down on him
as her body quivered around him
and she practically screamed
into the palm of his hand.
He stayed inside her
and continued
to cover her mouth
till they both were able
to breath again.
He grunted
as he slid out of her.
He peeled the condom off
his now semi-hardened shaft
and tossed it in the dumpster
she had been holding onto
to brace herself.
She started to turn around
and reach down
to pull up her panties
when she first heard
the smack
and then felt the fire
his hand caused
against her bare ass.
It seemed like a sonic boom
that the couples and commuters
who walked past the alley
not twenty-five feet away
should have heard.
But the din of the city
drown out all noises
in an urban melody.
The spot on her ass
burned as she stood paralyzed,
unsure of what to do.
He leaned in close enough
that she could smell
the tiramisu still on his breath.
“If I had wanted to see your face
I would have fucked that
pretty mouth of yours.”
She stood there waiting
for direction.
Her thong hung
down around her ankles,
felt like convict shackles
binding her to his whim.
Her grip
on the metal dumpster
had originally warmed
to the heat of her touch.
Now the metal monstrosity
chilled her to her very core.
She could look down the alley way
watching the passersbys
scurry to and fro
as she had to stay put
stuck in this humiliating moment.
“God you are such a .
So wet and filthy.
Can’t believe you got your nasty juices
all over me.”
She could hear him moving around
as a strong blast of old onions
and wilting lettuce
from the dumpster
assaulted her sense of smell.
She watched the handkerchief
he had used to clean up
fly over her shoulder
and into the dumpster
as her juices
continued to cascade down
her thighs unabated.
“I know where you work.
I know where you live.
You will not tell anyone
about this.
Got it.”
The loud concussive smacks
of his hand
against her bare ass
rippled thru her
and set her skin ablaze.
“Yes, yes yes” she pleaded
hoping the begging
would make him stop
after not answering him
quickly enough.
“I won’t tell anyone, ever”
Tina blurted out.
She could feel the redness
of her cheeks
as the inferno raged
on her skin.
She watched
as someone walking by
the end of the alley,
looked around
the street and buildings
unsure of what
they may have heard
or if it was just the ghosts
of the city
playing tricks on their senses.
They paused for only a moment
before carrying on their way.
Whenever I come to this restaurant,
you will always be my waitress,
you will always serve me.
Her yes was immediate
having learned her lesson
just moments before.
“Do the people
who own this restaurant
know what a you are?”
She stuttered out a no,
unsure if the was the answer
he wanted to hear.
She heard the zipper of his pants
and the buckle of his belt
He tossed
a rolled up
brown paper grocery bag
there just several feet
from where he left her,
like the filthy piece of trash
discard in a no name alley.
She waited till
he made it out of the alley
and disappeared
into the night.
Her legs were trembling
having been in that position
and fighting against
the fabric of her panties
that practically bound her ankles
for what felt like a lifetime,
but in reality
was probably only about ten minutes.
The cool night air
felt good,
almost soothing,
against her bare ass
that still burned.
She leaned down
and looked thru
the brown paper bag.
On top
was a short handwritten note.
Hope that the reality played out as well as your fantasies and this was as good as that parking garage was last week, Hopefully I didn't take things too far. You need to let me know if I do take it too far, or not enough. We can talk about it later. You are probably late getting back from your break now get back to work daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Will see you when you get home. Thank you for sharing all this with me.
Love Ya,
~ Greg
Tina smiled,
as she put the note
back into the bag.
She found
a travel pack of wipes,
a hairbrush,
hand sanitizer,
and a clean pair of panties.
She quickly
used the wipes
to clean herself up
and made herself presentable.
She took her cell phone
out of the bag
and clicked on
the image on the screen.
She watched
as he invaded her
over and over again,
and hearing her muffled moans.
He had recorded
part of their play.
This was something
she would have to revisit later.
She paused the video
and put the phone back into the bag.
She smiled as she pulled
on the handle
of the heavy metal back door.
He really did seem to love her,
and she definitely knew
she loved him.

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justpervin29 46M
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6/26/2017 5:32 pm

This is the same couple from the Public Parking story that is continuing their exploration into public play. This one is where they play out one of her darker fantasies.

The silver dollar was basically a clue/ signal between the couple to signify this was going to happen so that both parties could enter a safe state of mind.

If I achieved what I was trying to do, any and all fear, uneasiness was manufactured by you (the reader) and not from anything directly stated in the story. If one takes a step back and looks at the "details" there is nothing that specifically states the female protagonist Tina ever said or felt she was scared, feared for her life or even really felt any shame. The reader is the one that brings those thoughts and feelings into the story, filling in the blanks I had purposefully (well at least tried) to leave. So in the end what presents as an awful situation is really just a loving couple role playing. The tension and emotions are all self-generated and with that, each reader will probably have a difference in perspective of how intense (or tame / boring / whatever) the story may be. Hope it was a fulfilling read. Thank you.

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justpervin29 - comments are most welcomed.

VelkutuVoom 50M  
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6/26/2017 6:02 pm

Paragraphs are a good thing

justpervin29 replies on 6/26/2017 6:41 pm:
I wholeheartedly agree. With this piece, I used a free form prose style since it sets a more casual conversational tone. Normally I tend to write in that style anyway but with this piece, it was a conscious choice because I thought the urban setting would benefit from a semi-deconstructed style. Sorry if that prevented you from enjoying or being able to consume the story. Thank you for your feedback.

dayzeeme 50F
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6/26/2017 9:04 pm

I enjoyed this story. Suspected the ending but still wasn't disappointed by it.

justpervin29 replies on 6/27/2017 1:33 am:
Thank you very much for taking the time to read and very glad you enjoyed. Was afraid the ending was pretty predictable, I just couldn't stay on that darker path. Thank you so very much for the comment

fashionablegma 76F
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7/24/2017 10:09 pm

Oh very dark and erotic,loved it

justpervin29 replies on 7/25/2017 2:09 am:
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. So very glad you enjoyed it thank you

japaneseass 51F  
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7/25/2017 7:36 am

oh gawd...i love this!!! i loved the last one, the parking garage one...and now this??? mmmm...made my cunt moist...

i like this, because it is a series, but it's also stand-alone...

very talented you are!!!! keep more coming...mmmm

justpervin29 replies on 7/25/2017 2:36 pm:
Thank you very much So glad you enjoyed this. And I do think of this as a potential series, following this couple around and seeing what sort of fun they have in all sorts of different places. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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