In Dave's own words...Post Velvet Rope  

kelleebabes 60F  
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5/22/2017 10:50 am
In Dave's own words...Post Velvet Rope

I can't wait to go again! It was nice going with Kel because she is laid back and chill, but maybe that was the edibles she consumed? Laid back is very important, as the vibe can go in odd directions. I am as liberal and open minded as any straight white guy has ever been. Yet numerous times I found myself doing double takes and hopefully saying to myself only WTF? The Blonde was scrumptious! And I remember saying to Kel a week or so later, why didn't we fuck that night? We left the club around 3 AM...went back to her apartment..into her bedroom took a few straight shots and talked nonstop about all the different things we observed/did. And then fell sound asleep.....For sure we're both convinced this is going to be one of our watering holes....

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

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