Great DP fuck in San Antonio  

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4/25/2017 7:12 am
Great DP fuck in San Antonio

So we were visiting our family this weekend in San Antonio area for a wedding. After all the festivities, my person set up a little play time with a military guy in SA for a couple of months. I’ll call him Steve. I walked into his apartment and to my eyes delight there was a very good looking, well fit man ready to pour me some wine to get me nice n loose.

After a few glasses, my person slipped my blindfold over my eyes and both of them began caressing every inch of my body, and kissing on my neck and lips, then, taking turns inserting their tongues, exciting me, thinking how good it will feel for those tongues be on my nipples and my clit. Slowly but surely they began to go under my clothes, the feel of their skin touching mine was such a turn on, then they removed my clothing, leaving only my panties so they could be so close, yet so far away.

I couldn’t resist I had to grind on Steve’s nice hard cock, thinking about how it was going feel deep inside me. I could feel my pussy getting so wet. They guided me into his bedroom where they laid me on his bed; my person took his tongue to my wet clit and pussy while Steve slid his hard cock down my throat. I could stand it, I had to feel him deep inside me.

My person left my pussy nice n wet for him to slide his nice big cock inside me, while my person slide his cock down my throat. I fucked them both so well. Steve couldn’t help it, he exploded inside my pussy, as his cum was dripping out my person slid his cock deep inside me and filled me up also.

After about 20 minutes we were sitting on the couch, with my cum dripping pussy just dying for more in silky panties. I had to crawl upon his cock. Sliding up and down on it, I could feel it getting so hard. I begged to go back into the room and feel it inside me again. He lay on his bed on his back. I, on my knees slid his nice hard cock down my throat making it harder and harder. All the while my person was fingering my ass, getting it nice n loose. I crawled upon his cock, sliding it in my cum filled, dripping wet pussy. My person then slid his cock in my ass. They fucked both my holes as I screamed and creamed in pain and pleasure. Then they pulled out and Steve fucked me so good and so hard for such a long time, until he needed a break. But I didn’t, so my person slid his nice hard cock in my pussy and filled me up again.

As we were headed back to the cabin, my person and I pulled over in a parking lot and I rode his cock in ass and pussy until he came again. That’s what I love about him; he can cum and cum and cum…..

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